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Latest stories Taboo Master, Mistress and Me

           I had just arrived home after walking home from the bus station in the hot and humid day.
I had barely stepped in the door before the phone rang.
It was Master on the line.
“It is time.
Be ready and waiting outside on the curb.
I will be there in just a few moments”.
             I knew what that meant.
I was prepared and so was my small travel bag with a set of soft sweat pants suit, nylon rope and a large bag of ground coffee.
I grabbed my bag and locked up my flat and went to wait for Master at the curb.
I didn’t even go to the loo or change clothes.
          Master arrived before I had much time to think of what I was getting into.
I had answered an ad in the “raunchy” tabloid and this was to be my first time.
I was scared and excited at the same time; nervous at what to expect.
          Master’s sports car had the hood down and the cool breeze was invigorating against my sweaty body.
I was wet and dripping in anticipation of what was to come as I sat in the front seat.
I looked over at Master and noticed his pants were open and his cock was dangling out as if begging for attention.
          My mouth began to drool just looking at it.
Master saw in my eyes and mouth my desire and he permitted me to go down on him as he drove but I had to be real careful so as not to bump my head on the steering wheel as he drove nor to make him cum too quickly or there might be an accident on the   way.
It was tricky but worth every second of my enjoyment.
Within seconds of my lips around his cock he was engorged and filling my mouth.
It was so sustaining that Master had to pull over to the side for me to finish or else…          Minutes later, with his cock enveloped once again in his trousers, he continued the drive the next few blocks to his home.
By then I was almost panting in excitement and desirous of cumming myself.
But Master ordered me not to touch myself.
        The pain of holding back; the thrill of what was yet to come and cum.
My mind was spinning.
Oh how I wished my finger could too on my raging burning pussy.
I tried closing my legs tight; I tried opening them wide but there was no relief.
        We arrived to Master’s home.
It was small with two wicker rocking chairs on the front patio.
Mistress opened the ornate wooden door to let us in.
she took my bag and the three of us walked into their kitchen.
Mistress opened the bag and removed the nylon rope and coffee.
Master sat me down on a metal chair and tied my hands behind my back and each leg to a leg of the chair.
Mistress set about to preparing a large amount of coffee.
The aroma was intoxicating.
          Minutes passed but all I could do was sit – and watch, inhaling the coffee.
Three cups of the brew were brought to the table but I could not drink of my own accord as my hands were still tied.
          Master and Mistress sat on each side of me temporarily ignoring their coffee.
Their faces came close to mine and then they lowered them to my breasts as each licked their tongues on to my nipples arousing me even further.
My body practically jumped as the nibbled my tits until firm erection.
I panted and moaned and ground my butt around in the chair trying to complete my orgasm.
I was just at the edge when Mistress and /Master decided I had had enough.
         Instead I was given to drink sips of the delicious intoxicating brew of coffee.
It just whets my appetite for more.
They saw my pleasure in the coffee and I was given more.
My bladder was bursting but I could not get up to relieve myself as I was still tied to the chair.
         I looked up pleading for an escape to the loo but it was then I saw a huge plastic bag hanging on a pole with what appeared to be the rest of the coffee.
Online Now! Lush Cams LucyGabriela I wondered but kept my silence.
I watched as Master and Mistress groped one another.
I saw their bodies react and felt my own confused bodily sensations.
         They seemed to have forgotten me.
Or so I thought until they neared me and untied my restraints.
I was helped to my feet and escorted over to the sofa.
The sofa was covered in a warm floral print cover but the room was chilly.
My clothes were removed from my body until I lay bare and exposed.
My heart beat fast and I felt every pulse of my body as if an earthquake were course thru it.
I was positioned facing the back of the sofa.
Then I saw there were two sewn on straps which were then clasped around my hands.
My ass was moved in such a way as to make for easy insertion of this large coffee enema.
That is what I was told was the huge bag.
         I was restrained again as I felt tiny probing in my ass.
My cheeks were rubbed and massaged and gently pushed open.
Then there was a pushing and I was told to take a breath in, and again and again as I felt something being slowly threaded into my ass.
And then both Master and Mistress stood in back of the back of the sofa watching me lay there.
        They tweaked and twiddled my nipples as the warmth of the coffee enema entered my ass-hole and very slowly filled me to the point of cramps.
I was about to complain when for the second time in one day I had Master’s cock filling my mouth.
However, this time I had no control as he pumped and thrusted his cock in and out of my mouth.
I almost gagged, but soon enough my throat relaxed as I took him all in and even swallowed as he came within seconds.
        Mistress had pried my legs open even while I had been trying to curl up in fetal position so as to ease the ache in my belly.
Her tongue was lapping at my already dripping wet pussy as she practically inhaled my juices.
It felt like jolts of electricity that wouldn’t stop.
         Master “came” and “left” the cavern of my mouth.
I had swallowed greedily and was quite satisfied and full.
My tummy ached, my nipples were stiff and I needed the loo desperately.
        The enema tube was removed from my ass and a butt plug inserted as I was released from my restraints and helped into a sitting position.
I curled up holding my belly whimpering.
I was ordered to remain like that for fifteen more minutes and was given another warm cup of brew to aid in the passing of time.
I sipped and sipped until I emptied the cup.
        The plug was taken away and so was I – to the loo.
I sat and peed and shat and shat some more.
Before I had a chance to leave the loo, Mistress entered with a small enema and immediately inserted it into my rectum.
This time it slid in and was almost a delight.
No pain, just a clean swishy movement in and then out.
        Master entered the loo and took me into the tub.
Mistress had already prepared it.
It was still warm but I was “hot”.
Master massaged my breasts as he sat behind me.
He told me to put my finger/s in my pussy and work myself.
I did – and was so slippery wet I began thrashing almost instantaneously.
But master has his ways and would not let me cum.
His hands took my fingers and guided them to my mouth.
Mistress stood me up and bent me forward and told me to hold onto the handles in the wall.
I obeyed and felt her fingers probe open my ass and guide Master’s cock in me.
          Centimeter by centimeter, inch by inch until I felt ready to burst.
I almost scream but a huge piece of chocolate was put in my mouth.
I let go with one hand and finger my pussy slowly rhythmically and faster as I feel Master pump my ass.
Faster and faster my finger taps and rubs around my clit.
It is pulsing and dancing.
Master tells me to continue rubbing he is about to cum.
As do I.
  I collapse in Mistress’ arms as her tongue and mine connect in a dance of their own.



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