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My name is Carol and I recently left my house.
I’m eighteen, but a very young eighteen.
I’m still in high school.
In sixth grade, I was left back.
I should have graduated already but I didn’t.
The last few months have been very hard on me.
My mother recently got a new husband.
He’s an alcoholic and they’re always fighting.
I really don’t like him very much.
My mother really pays me no attention.
This is her third husband.
It’s always the same kind of a man that she attracts.
I’m always very unhappy.
My mother and her husband are always in screaming matches and I just find myself getting sick living there.
My friend Lisa was kind enough to let me live with her and her family for a while.
We’ve been friends since middle school.
Her family is so loving and giving and have let me move into their house.
They’re really the only people that show me love and affection.
My own mother treats me like crap.
I’m always so sad and depressed.
Lisa lives with her parents.
I’ve had a crush on Lisa’s father for the longest time.
His name is Christopher Smith.
He’s so handsome and funny.
I know this is wrong but I fantasize about him all the time.
He’s always looking at me and winking and I get the feeling that he likes me in some kind of a way.
I get a little nervous when he’s around.
Lisa and her mother had gone away for the weekend to visit her grandmother.
I said to Lisa that I wanted to stay behind.
I get a little sad and just wanted to be alone.
Smith stayed behind also.
He said he had work to do at the office.
I was feeling very alone and depressed and started to cry.
I curled myself in a ball and just started rocking.
I do that sometimes to comfort myself.
“Carol, are you okay? I hear you crying.
I’m coming in.
Why are you so upset? Tell me what is wrong.
” “I just feel really sad.
I feel all alone.
My mother just does not care for me.
I don’t know what is going to happen.
You and your family are so kind to me.
I don’t know how I will go to college next year.
My future is just so unclear.
” “I’m going to run you a bubble bath.
You’ll feel so much better after that.
Come with me into the bathroom.
” I took Mr.
Smith’s hand and we walked into the bathroom.
He was so sweet and ran the bath.
He poured bubble bath into the tub.
His wife had a bath pillow which was shaped like a shell.
He blew the pillow up and put it against the tub.
I was very comfortable with him.
He helped me unzip my dress and I removed my panties.
I have an athletic body and small breasts.
My pussy is trimmed and neat.
Smith helped me into the tub.
He got some soap and washed my back.
He used his hand at first and then the wash cloth.
He told me to just relax and close my eyes.
He read some poetry from one of his favorite books.
He sat on the toilet, reading it to me.
I closed my eyes and listened to every word.
When he finished reading the poetry, he told me to get out of the tub.
I got out, and he got a big fluffy purple towel and wrapped me up in it.
He was very sweet and kind to me.
We went into my room.
He had put out my nightgown and my panties on the bed.
I started to get dressed and he told me I was such a beautiful young lady.
He said I was very pretty and would make somebody very happy, when I grew up someday.
He started to brush my hair and then he leaned in and gave me a kiss on my cheek.
I’d been fantasizing about being with Mr.
I just got very lost in the moment.
I turned around and I kissed him on his lips.
He did not turn away.
Our tongues were entwined, in a long and passionate kiss.
We kissed for a very long time.
We were embraced together on my bed.
My mind was an absolute blank, but I knew I wanted him.
He removed my nightgown and panties.
My breasts were now exposed to him.
His hands were rubbing and massaging my breasts.
I felt tingly all over and wanted him to keep going.
His fingers were dancing all over my breasts.
He was so gentle, and I started to moan a bit.
His focus at that moment was on my breasts.
His fingers twisted and pulled my nipples to make them erect and hard.
He slowly sucked my nipples, giving each one attention.
I felt like butter in his arms.
I was on my back and he was kissing my body everywhere.
My breathing started to become heavy as I was getting very aroused.
I’d never had sex before.
Everything he was doing was making me very excited.
He instructed me to spread my legs.
He kissed my inner thighs.
His mouth began to lick and play with my vagina.
I’d seen these things in movies, but never experienced it for myself.
I was moaning, as he started to lick and play with my pussy lips.
He found my clit and started to rub it with his tongue.
I was moaning uncontrollably.
I had played with my pussy alone by myself, but his tongue felt like nothing I’d ever experienced before.
I was very still and his head was between my thighs.
He said he was going to make me feel really good and I trusted him.
His fingers were deep in my pussy and his fingers began to fuck my vagina.
At first, it was his index finger, but later he had many fingers inside of me.
I became very excited, and I felt very wet.
He then stopped fingering me and he started to lick my pussy.
I was moaning and groaning and he said that I was experiencing my first orgasm.
My pussy was releasing lots of juices.
He was licking my pussy fast and I was grinding on his face.
He came back to me and started to kiss me.
I could taste my juices on his mouth.
Online Now! Lush Cams TammyBros He told me he was going to make love to me now.
At this point, I wanted him so much.
I never had sex before.
I wanted my first time to be with him.
Smith got on top of me and slowly put his cock into my pussy.
I was a little scared as I was a virgin.
But he went very slowly.
We were kissing each other.
The kisses were very deep and passionate.
His hands were on my breasts.
His cock was thrusting into my pussy very slowly.
My hands were on his buttocks the whole time we made love.
My hymen must have broken while riding horses or bicycle riding, because it never even hurt.
He said he was going to cum.
He wanted me to suck his cock.
He stood up and I got on my knees.
He pushed his cock into my mouth and slowly pumped it faster and faster.
He started to moan and shot a huge load down my throat.
“Carol, swallow my come, girl.
” After he came, I wanted to give him more pleasure.
I played with his balls and put them into my mouth.
Sucking them slowly.
I wanted to play with the head of his cock.
I licked the head and swirled my tongue around his pee hole.
I’d never sucked a cock before, but wanted to play with it.
Smith was loving my attention to his throbbing cock.
I took his cock deeper and deeper into my throat.
His cock wasn’t terribly big.
I think he was about five inches, but very thick.
I was able to take it all the way down my throat.
My cheeks were bulging, my spit was oozing down the corners of my mouth.
He was moaning and his hands were playing with my long brown hair.
He moved my hair out of the way, so he could watch me slurp and gag on his cock.
“Carol, I’m going to come.
Oh fuck, here it comes.
” He shot his creamy coconut cream into my mouth.
I swallowed it down and then he gave me a kiss.
His come was still on my breath.
“Carol, that was amazing.
I’ve been thinking a lot about you since you came here.
I want you to feel safe and loved here in our house.
We’re going to make sure you have everything you need here.
There is no reason to cry.
I’ll make sure you are well taken care of.
” “Mr.
Smith, you and your family are just wonderful.
Thank you so much for caring for me.
I love you, Mr.
” It was pretty late and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.
A few hours had passed.
Smith started to kiss me.
He said he wanted to have sex again.
He told me he wanted to taste my pussy, but first wanted to give me a pussy massage.
He went into the bathroom and grabbed some massage oil and poured it over my pussy.
His fingers were deep inside rubbing and pressing on my g-spot.
I was moaning and begging for him to lick it again.
His tongue licked my inner thighs and he began to make love to my pussy with his tongue.
His tongue felt so amazing, I was grinding into his tongue and began to fuck his mouth.
We did this a while, I started to scream and I had an intense orgasm.
He was licking my juices that were pouring out of my wet pussy.
His face was wet from my juices.
Smith wanted me to straddle him and fuck him this time.
I put his cock into my wet pussy and started to fuck him in the cowgirl position.
His cock was deep inside my pussy.
His hands were on my hips and lifting me onto his cock.
The penetration was deep and felt really good.
  “Carol, I want to try something else.
Please get on your hands and knees.
” I knew what he was asking of me.
He wanted to fuck my ass.
I was so nervous and scared but he said it would be okay.
He ran to the bathroom and came back with a bottle of lube.
Smith said, this would make my ass slippery and he would be able to fuck me easily.
He lubed my entire ass.
His cock entered my tight asshole.
I cried out and told him that it hurt.
He took more lube and put it on his cock and on my ass.
He gave me his cock a few inches at a time.
He said my ass was very tight and felt good on his cock.
He fucked me slowly.
After a while, he was full length into my ass.
“Carol, are you okay? Does it feel all right?” “It feels very tight, but it doesn’t really hurt.
” I knew he was more interested in this then I was.
I wanted him to like me anyway he could.
“Oh Carol, your ass is so tight.
Fuck! It feels so good.
” Mr.
Smith started to fuck me a little harder now.
He had his hand over my breasts and was groping at them hard.
He was becoming a little rough with me, when he was fucking my ass.
He pulled my hair and told me I was his slut.
He fucked me harder and faster.
His balls were slapping across my ass.
I didn’t know why he was calling me a slut, but I guess he was in the heat of the moment.
I like him so much and if this is what he wants me to do, I will do it.
Smith let out a scream and filled my ass with his hot creamy cum.
He told me I did great.
He apologized for calling me his slut but got excited in the middle of our hot anal adventure.
We fell asleep in each other’s arms.
Smith woke me up at six in the morning.
He told me that Lisa and his wife would be on their way home from their grandmother’s house.
“Carol, we will need to keep this quiet.
I’ll find ways to be with you sexually.
For now, you cannot let my wife or my daughter know that we’ve had sex.
  “I’ll pay for you to go to college next year.
You’re a wonderful girl and deserve the best.
” I was so excited that Mr.
Smith said he would pay for my college next year.
I was even more excited that I was not a virgin anymore.
Things really started looking up in my life.
I even started talking to my mother again.
I’ll never forget the night Mr.
Smith suggested I take a warm bath.



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