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Latest stories Straight Sex Adventures of Olivia

Chapter One Lexi squealed, hardly containing her excitement.
She grabbed my arm and gave it a light squeeze.
“Oh my gosh, Olivia! I am, like, so excited! What are your resolutions for this vacation?” She peered at me over her sunglasses, even though we were inside the airplane already.
my plans are to fuck at least 3 guys in this whole vacations,” I calmly stated.
I looked at Lexi to see her bored expression.
“What? Oh c’mon, you perfectly know that I’m gonna change my mind anyways.
” Lexi rolled her eyes, dramatically.
“My plan is.
” She leaned over and dropped her voice to a whisper.
“To fuck at least 10 guys.
” She leaned back to look at my expression, which was probably stunned and surprised.
“10 guys is nothing, Olivia! I mean, just sitting right here in this tight place with only a girl makes me horny.
I just wanna fuck you already.
” This seriously scared me.
Lexi wanted to fuck me.
“I’m going to start my plan.
right now,” Lexi said with a determined voice.
She stood up and told me, “I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.
I seriously gotta go pee.
” She rushed to the restroom.
I rolled my eyes and started reading my magazine.
Finally, Lexi and I were graduated from high school and we were on our way to the Bahamas.
We were planning this trip ever since we were in middle school.
We were BFFs since then and we were going to take this amazing trip together.
That is, we planned everything out before we became horny sluts.
Ever since high school started, boys were always focusing on my body.
My hips were curved perfectly and my ass was small but tight.
Don’t even get me started on my boobs and legs.
My legs were silky and smooth that made every single guy I’ve dated caress them on the first date.
My boobs were medium-size and were curvy and round with sharp nipples.
I have the facial expressions too.
I have silky strawberry blonde hair and baby blue eyes.
I would win any guy in high school.
There wasn’t a single guy whom I didn’t fuck on the first date.
One time, I went out with a guy to the pizzeria and we fucked in the bathroom.
Another time, a guy invited me to a boat ride.
We fucked with my back against the boat floor, far from the shore.
Online Now! Lush Cams Alex_Gabino And yet another time, I fucked the captain of the football team behind the bleachers.
There were other moments.
For example, I once ordered pizza and found out that the pizza delivery guy was as sexy as a sex god.
I fucked him right there on the floor of the entrance of my apartment.
When I went to summer camp, I fucked one of the guys who went there in the woods while everyone else was fast asleep.
One of the camp counselors who was at least 10 years older than me heard my moans and came over.
As a punishment, he had to fuck me or else he would tell on the camp leader.
I loved it.
He was the best man anyone could fuck.
Even better than the guy I was fucking before him.
Probably it was because the guy was older so that meant that he was a bigger dick that would fill me up better.
I would fuck the camp counselor every single day in the woods after that.
And the boy who I fucked before him came along too.
So it was a threesome.
Eventually, I told the camp counselor how much of a slut I was and he invited the other guy camp counselors and boys from the camp.
One by one, we would fuck and I would go into climaxes.
But the first camp counselor was the best fuck I’ve ever had.
There were no words to describe how slutty I was.
I was always horny and would cum simply by a touch of my clit.
I was the perfect slut in your dreams.
Just then, Lexi slipped back into her seat next to me.
She leaned over and whispered, “Guess what! I saw this hottie on the way to the bathroom and he grabbed my ass! So we fucked in the bathroom! Eep!” She was so excited about this.
“You fucked a guy in the airplane bathroom already?” I asked her, surprised.
“Are you serious? One guy down.
9 more to go!” “I would fuck as many guys as I can in this vacation,” Lexi explained.
“I don’t care at all if I pass 10.
I’ll screw with the same guys always and with new guys joining with all the time.
I have room for more than 10 different big cocks.
” Boy, I couldn’t wait until the vacation actually started.
I couldn’t wait until we landed in the Bahamas.
My pussy was already twitching at the thought of fucking more than 10 guys during this vacation.



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