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“I like this nightgown, it’s pretty.
”  I raised my head up from his chest to meet his eyes.
“You really think so, babe?”  He smiled and rubbed my back reassuringly.
“Yes, I do.
It reminds me of that milf from Little House on the Prairie.
” I chuckled and nuzzled my head back into his chest.
He’d recently confessed to me a fantasy he had about his favorite show, and though I laughed at him at the time, I was secretly curious about it.
“I’m glad you like it, baby.
I got it just for you.
” “Oh yeah?” I could hear the excitement in his voice and I smiled even wider.
“Oh yeah, Andrew.
” I lifted my head again and gave him a peck on the lips.
  He raised his head to give me a deeper kiss, his tongue slipping into my mouth a little bit.
I love his tongue.
I love to suck it, feel it twist against mine, feel it taste my skin.
I sighed when he pulled back and smiled at me, he’s so handsome.
Caramel skin, dark eyes, and dark hair.
Such a cute, goofy smile.
“I’m so lucky.
” He chuckled, “How so?” “Because I have you.
” He blushed a bit and did that thing with his mouth he does without realizing it, I love that.
He tightened his arms around me and pulled me closer to him, I love these kinds of mornings.
When we wake up and just lay with each other, it’s like it’s just us in the world at that moment.
I wish this moment could last forever.
I wish we could last forever.
“You know, I’m pretty lucky too.
” I could hear his voice rumble from deep inside his chest and it gave me chills, he has such a nice voice.
Deep, manly, a little sweet.
“How so?” He gave a big sigh before answering.
“Because I have such a cute girlfriend.
”  “Heck yeah, you do.
” We both laughed at that.
We’ve always had good chemistry, from the first day we met.
We talked on the phone that night for hours, we fell asleep together.
Things have only gotten better since it’s a little scary.
There’s a little voice in my head, a voice filled with anxiety and insecurity.
It tells me to slow down, push him away, don’t believe the things he says.
Don’t let him in.
This morning I’ve decided to ignore that voice.
“Andrew?” “Yes, Summer?” “I want you.
” He sucked in a breath, his hands tightening into my nightgown.
I know I drive him crazy, it makes me feel so powerful.
I know that all I have to do is look at him a certain way and he’s mine.
He has the same effect on me.
“Okay, baby.
” His hands immediately go under my gown to grip my ass, Andrew isn’t one to beat around the bush.
When he wants me, he takes me.
“Someone’s not wearing panties,” he whispers in my ear, sending chills down my spine.
“I want to give you easy access.
” I push him onto his back and straddle him, his dick is already tenting his boxers.
I sit on it firmly, my juices making the fabric cling to my bare pussy.
I can feel his heat, I can feel him throb under me.
  “Tell me what you want, daddy.
” I lightly scratch my nails down his chest, admiring the contrast of my pale skin on his dark chest.
He groaned and flexed his hips underneath me, raising me a little and making me bite my lip.
“I want you, Summer.
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” His hands come up to slide under my gown, his fingertips tickle my tummy before searching for my breasts.
He loves my breasts, they’re his favorite.
He cups them in his hands, my DD flesh overfilling them.
I gasp as he tweaks my nipples just right, his nails slightly digging into them.
I start to grind on his dick, firmly and slowly gaining speed.
We both moan at the sensations coursing through us.
If I keep doing this I could make us both cum, but I need him inside of me.
I raise my hips and grab the top of his boxers, pulling them down just enough to expose his dick.
I moan as it springs out and bounces against his belly, he’s hard as rock.
My hand is shaky as I grip it, he’s so warm.
I guide the tip to my pussy, rubbing it between my lips, eliciting moans from both of us.
I could make us cum like this too, but I put him against my entrance and slowly take him inside.
“Fuck, Andrew! You’re so thick baby.
”  His eyes are glued to the sight of himself entering me, my pussy lips obscenely stretched around his cock.
His mouth is open and he’s panting, I can tell he’s trying very hard not to just grab me by my ass and pull me down.
Finally, he’s all the way in.
I lean forward to kiss him, our tongues dancing together.
I feel him pull up my gown and I reluctantly break our kiss to take it off.
His hands go to my tits again and his hips roll against mine.
“Come on, baby.
Give it to daddy.
” I brace my hands on his shoulders and start to bounce on his dick, relishing the sensation of him sliding in and out of me.
Our breathing is heavy, and the bed creaks every time I land on his dick.
I love this type of fucking when neither of you say anything.
You just look into each other’s eyes and fuck.
  I can hear and feel my pussy sucking him, my pussy is drenched.
My tits are bouncing heavily and I can see the hunger in his eyes.
He sits up and takes a nipple into his mouth, rolling it between his teeth and licking away the pain.
I wrap my arms around him and go faster.
God, I love this.
His dick is so fucking good.
I tell myself not to stop, never stop fucking him.
But I can feel my orgasm approaching, and I know he can feel me convulsing around him.
  Just a little more, I tell myself.
I bounce harder, I can’t help myself.
I’m going to cum.
And he is too, his moans sound strangled and he can barely catch his breath.
There’s a countdown in my head.
10, 9, 8, 7.
God, just a little more.
I slow down but he grabs my hips and thrusts up into me, screams erupt from my throat.
6, 5, 4.
“Yes, baby.
” He growls, his eyes locked with mine.
“Cum for daddy.
” 3, 2, 1.
My nails dig deep into his shoulders and I cum, hard.
He cums with me, my name bursting from his lips.
I can feel a gush of juices leave my body and I know his lap is soaked.
I can’t stop trembling and my eyes won’t open.
My entire body is vibrating, every touch is like an electric shock.
He lays us back, still inside of me.
I focus on breathing and coming back down to Earth, this man will be the death of me.
But I’ll die happy.



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