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Latest stories Straight Sex The Class Reunion – Part One

I’d like to say that we were snuggled up, basking in the afterglow of our gentle, romantic lovemaking.
Actually, we lay sprawled across the king-size bed in my hotel room, sweating and gasping, my now semi-turgid member shiny with her pussy-juice, while her freshly-fucked vagina leaked my cum onto the sheets.
It started off very innocent.
Alice and I had been high-school sweethearts until we both moved away the summer before our senior year.
Neither of us had seen the other since then, and neither of us had been back to our hometown since then.
What brought us back together, and back to town, was our twenty-year high-school reunion.
I wasn’t aware that she was coming, so was quite surprised to see her at the opening night cocktail party at the hotel where the reunion was taking place, and everyone from out of town was staying; although in retrospect she didn’t seem surprised at all.
Anyway, it turned out that we were both divorced and there as singles.
We drank a little, danced a little, and talked a lot.
About eleven, she professed to be tired from her travel, so I offered to walk her to her room.
As it turned out, her room was right next to mine.
We shared a rather chaste hug and kiss, and she went inside and closed the door.
I walked the fifteen feet to my room and went inside.
I had just taken off my jacket and tie when I heard a knocking on what I thought at first was the wall.
It turns out that we were booked in adjoining rooms, and the knocking was on the passage door from Alice’s room to mine.
I opened the door, and there stood Alice in nothing but her underclothes, a look of pure lust on her face.
She shoved me back onto the bed and began furiously unbuckling my belt and unzipping my trousers.
I kicked off my shoes and quickly shed my shirt as she unhooked her bra and shimmied out of her panties.
Before I could even react, she pulled my pants and underwear off, allowing my now fully-erect cock to spring loose.
Wasting no time, Alice pulled the comforter off the bed and pushed me onto my back, straddled me, grabbed my dick and sank her soaked quim onto my shaft in one balls-deep move.
I grabbed her swaying breasts, alternating between palming the firm flesh and tweaking the hardened nipples as she rode me, furiously pounding her pussy to three orgasms before I came, splashing her insides with what felt like quarts of jiz.
Regaining the power of speech first, I looked over at Alice and said, “Wow!” “Wow, indeed!” she replied.
“After all the ‘dry humping’ we did when we dated, it was great to finally ‘do the deed’.
” “Yes,” I agreed, “although I wouldn’t exactly call what we used to do ‘dry humping’.
More like ‘wet humping’, if you ask me.
”  ************************************ Alice and I first started dating in the tenth grade, when we were both sixteen.
It was the late early seventies, and while the “sexual revolution” was allegedly in full swing, the reality was that most girls in high school were still saving themselves for marriage, especially in small towns like ours.
While there was plenty of “petting” going on, very little of it involved actual touching of naked genitals.
There was always at least one layer of clothing, and more often two, separating groping hands from aroused flesh.
I had been feeling-up Alice’s first-class tits through her blouse and bra pretty regularly for a couple of months, and had finally been able to get her to let me put my leg between hers when we slowed danced, so that my thigh was rubbing her mound while her thigh was rubbing my erection.
She even seemed to enjoy my cupping her ass when none of the chaperones were looking.
All of that paled next to “wet humping”, which we discovered quite by accident.
It was over the Christmas break of eleventh grade.
We were playing pool in her basement one day, and her parents were out.
She was winning every game; mostly because I was having a hard time concentrating as every time she had to bend over the table to make a shot, she would wiggle her denim-covered ass at me.
I even copped a feel of her cheeks a few times.
She was about to sink the eight-ball for yet another win when I grabbed the cue ball.
As she tried to grab it from my out-stretched hand, we toppled to the ground; me on my back and her sitting astride my crotch.
I held the ball at arms length over my head, and as she leaned forward to try to grab it, her clothed pussy lips and clit came into contact with my increasingly-hard cock.
Alice got the most curious look on her face, and slowly began to rock her crotch back and forth over the bulge in my pants.
She quit reaching for the ball, and instead grabbed my shoulders for support and leverage as her humping increased in speed and pressure.
Meanwhile, the circumcised head of my dick slipped under the waistband of my jockeys, so that Alice’s movements acted to slide my underwear up and down my shaft and the waistband over my glans, sort of like a foreskin.
Alice suddenly started shaking uncontrollably and collapsed on top of me, the vibrations taking me over the edge as I came in my pants.
Alice must have felt the throbbing as I came, because she leaned down, kissed me hard, and then whispered in my ear, “Did we really just do that together?” I just smiled up at her and nodded, my ability to speak having momentarily left me.
Meanwhile, the faint odor of sperm and pussy juice began to gain strength.
I told her that I needed to go home and change due to the spreading wetness in my pants, to which she replied that she also needed to freshen up.
“It feels like I peed myself” were her words, as I recall.
Well, Alice became an insatiable fiend when it came to getting off on our new discovery.
“Wet humping” became a regular part of our intimacy after that.
And as it turned out, she was not only “extra juicy”, she was also multi-orgasmic.
Once we got a rhythm down, she could cum five or six times before I ejaculated, often soaking clear through her Levi’s.
I still never got my hands inside her shirt or pants, much less her bra or panties, despite all my efforts.
That is until that fateful day in June before our senior year.
We had just come home from a graduation party for our friends that were seniors.
It was late, and we were hoping that Alice’s parents were asleep already so that we could head down to the basement.
Disappointment set in as we opened the door and saw them both seated at the kitchen table, maps and papers strewn about.
Alice’s father looked up.
“We’re moving!” Tears welled in Alice’s eyes.
“When?” she asked.
“Why?” “I got a promotion,” her Dad explained.
“I have to be in Birmingham in a week.
You and your Mom will come down at the end of the month, so that we can find a house and get you registered for school in time for fall.
” To say we were both crestfallen would be an understatement.
Online Now! Lush Cams Mitch_Corrigan I kissed Alice goodbye and left.
For the next two weeks we were more inseparable than ever.
I wasn’t sure what to say or do; there really wasn’t anything that I could say or do.
We spent long periods walking hand-in-hand in silence.
The gravity and sadness were such that “wet humping” was the last thing on our minds; at least for me, anyway.
Alice’s Dad came back for her and her Mom’s last night in town.
They had a party at their house for Alice’s friends to say their final good-byes.
For the first time in a long time, Alice was wearing a skirt instead of jeans, and a nice buttoned blouse instead of her usual pull-over top.
I guess she wanted to make the night special.
About eleven, the last of the guests had left.
We were down in the basement cleaning up when her Mom came to the top of the stairs and called down, “Don’t stay up too late, Alice.
We leave at the crack of dawn, remember.
” With that, she went back up and closed the door.
I guess she figured that we wanted some privacy to say our final good-byes.
I wasn’t sure what to do next.
Alice, however, seemed sure of what she wanted to do next.
Taking me by the hand, she led me to the floor on the far side of the room, to an open sleeping bag that seemed to have magically appeared.
“Lay down,” she said, “and wait here.
I’ll be back in a minute.
” She turned out all of the lights except the one over the pool table, and then went into the small basement bathroom.
She came out a few minutes later, carrying something in her hands that she set on the pool table.
As she walked over to where I was lying, even in the dim light I could tell that there was something different about the way her breasts looked and moved.
I had been studying those two mounds for years; I knew every nuance.
Something had changed.
When she was finally standing over me I realized exactly what was different; she was no longer wearing her bra.
Now I know that our generation was famous for going braless and burning bras, but that wasn’t Alice.
Even her bathing suit was more of a support garment than a swim suit.
And even though my hands had groped those orbs hundreds of times, I really had no real idea of what they would be like unfettered.
As she leaned in to kiss me, I knew immediately that they were more fabulous than in my wildest dreams.
She stood up and pulled her blouse out of her dress.
She kicked off her shoes and then, ever so slowly unbuttoned her blouse.
I started to reach for her, but she stopped me.
“Unbuckle your belt and open your pants,” she said.
I did so, quickly.
“Now, pull down your underwear as far as you can.
” I looked at her.
“Hurry!” she said, “I’m not sure how much time we have.
” I pulled my underwear down as far as I could while still having my pants on, exposing my hard cock for the first time to a member of the opposite sex.
It sprang up to about a 20 degree angle, pulsing in the darkness.
“Oh my,” she said.
“It’s much bigger than I thought it would be.
” “Are we going to…?” I started to ask.
“No, you know I can’t; not until I’m married.
But tonight we are going to come as close as we can to doing it.
” She knelt above me now, her dress acting like a tent to hide my manhood.
She slowly lifted the front of the dress until it was at her waist.
She was no longer wearing her panties, either, revealing to me the first view that any man had ever had of her maturing pussy.
“Can I touch it?” I asked.
“No,” she replied.
“Just lay still for a minute.
” Keeping the dress held up with one hand, she grasped my penis with the other.
Holding it steady, she lowered herself until her sopping labia lay along each side of the shaft, her clit resting on the frenulum of my circumcised cockhead.
Tucking the hem of her dress into the waistband, she placed a hand on each of my shoulders and began a slow rocking motion.
I watched as her slick pussy lips engaged in mutual stimulation with my hardness; a short gasp coming from both of us each time her nub hit my helmet.
In a matter of seconds she was having her first orgasm of the night.
“You can feel my breasts if you want,” she said.
I wasted no time reaching into her shirt and grabbing what, until now, had always been protected by at least two layers of clothing.
They were soft and firm all at the same time, with no sag despite their nice proportions.
I rolled the nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, eliciting a moan that grew more intense the harder I pinched.
“Suck them,” she moaned, leaning closer.
“Take them in your mouth.
” Taking one breast in my mouth, I sucked, nipped, and ran my tongue across the hardened nipple, while my free hand worked over the other breast.
This caused Alice to speed up her humping motion, and she had her second orgasm, then her third when I switched breasts.
“Tell me when you are ready to, um, you know…” she said, looking at me with lust-filled eyes.
“I have something special planned.
” “Okay,” I replied.
“I can hold out a while longer.
Let me know when you want it.
” “Just keep pinching and sucking on my nipples.
I want to peak at least five more times.
” And with that she really started rocking her pussy; her juices flowing like an open faucet, soaking my crotch as her sex scent filled the room.
It was actually six more orgasms before she finally was ready for me.
“Now?” she asked.
I nodded yes.
“Okay then, hold still while I adjust my position.
” It was really just a matter of moving forward about three-quarters of an inch.
But what that little move did was put my crown right at the entrance to her virginity, with her clit now tapping my piss slit.
While continuing to slide back and forth, but in much shorter lengths, she added a little up and down motion so that my head, while still horizontal, was pushing up into the entrance to her pussy.
It took all of about a minute of that to get my sperm blasting out, the hot, viscous fluid searing her pea before being deflected to my stomach, driving her to yet another orgasm.
Finally spent, she lay across my chest as my erection shrunk away.
When she caught her breath, she kissed me hard.
Tears welled in her eyes.
“I love you,” she whispered.
“I love you, too,” I whispered back.
She stood up and gazed down at me in all of my cum-soaked flacidness.
“Well, you certainly are a sight,” she giggled.
I stared right back, eying her dripping mound and jutting chest.
Standing up, I started to pull up my underwear.
She grabbed my hand and stopped me, then gently cupped my softened member.
“For luck,” she said.
Then she picked up the bundle she had placed on the pool table and handed it to me.
It was her bra and panties.
“For luck,” I said, and then kissed her like I had never before.
And then her Mom called down, “Alice, are you two done cleaning up yet? You need to get to bed.
” “Right up, Mom,” she called back.
I zipped up and left.



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