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” I’d told him I was sorry.
And I truly was.
Why couldn’t he understand that? Why couldn’t he realise it meant nothing to me? “That’s harsh,” I whispered.
  I regretted it immediately.
  “Harsh?! What’s harsh is you fucking my best friend behind my back!” His voice was getting louder, angrier.
  I apologised again.
And again and again.
My eyes were filling and a lump was forming in my throat.
I didn’t want to cry, pity myself.
I wanted to be strong, make him see how sorry I was.
But the hurtful words he was throwing at me were making me feel worthless, making me cry.
He was sitting on the sofa, arms leaning on his lap, sitting forward.
I slowly made my way towards him, and crouched down in front of him.
My head was down and tears were spilling down my cheeks.
  “I’m sorry,” I breathed.
I was expecting him to push me, or slap me.
He was getting that angry.
But he took me by surprise.
I felt his hand cup the side of my face, pulling it gently upwards so we were looking at one another.
His thumb stroked my cheek and his fingers tickled the back of my neck.
He half smiled at me with the same smile that made me fall head over heels for him and moved his fingers into my hair.
“I know, babe.
I know.
” I kind of smiled back, still unaware of how he was feeling towards me.
I didn’t know if he could forgive so quick.
But I guess he had from what happened next.
He tried to pull me up so I was standing over him, put his arms around my waist and pulled me over to sit on his lap, my legs at either side of his.
I bowed my head and kissed him, with him kissing me back so gently.
We’d never kissed so tenderly.
His tongue started to explore my mouth, our kiss deepening.
He brought his hands back up and cupped my face, his fingers intertwined in my hair as our kiss gained passion.
I was in love.
I pulled my lips from his and began pecking his cheek, and leaving a trail of kisses along his jaw.
I moved to his neck, knowing this was his soft spot.
I could get anything I wanted after kissing his neck! My kisses were becoming longer and deeper, until I began suckling, leaving little love bites on him.
His arms were under mine now, his hands on my back, his fingers stroking me, almost drawing patterns on me.
He knew my weaknesses too.
After making out for quite some time, my body began to react and I was writhing on top of him.
He shifted me onto my back and laid me on the sofa.
I parted my legs, my skirt up at my waist, my knickers on show.
He smiled, wickedly.
  “I like what I see, babe.
” I just reached for his t-shirt and pulled him down so our lips met.
We made out in this position for some time, his hands slipping under my shirt and cupping my breast.
He reached behind and unclasped my bra, so his hand could get underneath it easily.
His fingers met my nipple, and it instantly hardened at his familiar touch.
I began tugging at his shirt, trying to signal that I wanted it off.
Online Now! Lush Cams ClaireSweety He stopped kissing me and looked at me.
  “Off,” I stated, and he laughed.
I just looked at him, but smiled when he eventually took off his shirt.
“That better?”  My hands found their way to his stomach.
I loved his stomach.
So hard and muscly, so different from mine.
His lips had found my neck, kissing all over it and nibbling on my ear.
I continued feeling his top half, my hands on his chest, my fingers stroking him.
  “Like what you feel?” he whispered into my ear.
I could feel his hot breath on my neck, driving me wild.
I just moaned.
I guided his hand down my stomach and to my leg.
He squeezed my thigh and stroked it, working his fingers up my skirt.
He began rubbing through my pants, and even though I couldn’t feel myself, I knew how wet they were.
  “Someone’s happy to see me,” he whispered into my mouth, smiling.
  “Can you blame me?” I retorted, moving my panties to the side to give him better access.
I needed his fingers in me.
He began rubbing my clit, and I moaned into his mouth.
He slipped one finger inside me, easily due to my excitement.
He then put in a second, his thumb still working on my clit.
I began grinding on his fingers, knowing I wouldn’t last long.
My hands were round his back, and my fingers were digging into his skin.
He was driving me wild.
I pulled his fingers out of me, needing another tool of his inside me instead.
I pushed him off me, and he moved underneath me with me straddling him.
He lifted my shirt off me, and pulled my bra away.
My skirt was still up at my waist, my panties still pushed to one side.
I leaned down and kissed him again, while he reached down to undo his jeans.
He pulled out his cock and guided it to my entrance, while I was still kissing him.
I moaned as he entered me.
I’d been craving this feeling for so long.
He fitted so perfectly inside me.
He put his hands on my hips and helped me grind against him, my hands cupping his face, still kissing him.
Our tongues were all over each others.
I was getting close.
The feeling of his cock inside me was amazing, and as our bodies were writhing together, my nipples were rubbing against his chest.
Our lips parted and I began suckling his neck to stifle my moans.
  “I’m gonna cum, baby,” he groaned into my ear.
  The sound of his voice, shaky and so close to cumming sent me over the edge.
I could feel myself on the edge, cumming all over his cock.
I was moaning so hard, my breathing so heavy.
I could feel him let go, cumming inside me, his hands on my bum, gripping onto my skin.
We were both gasping, our breathing returning to normal as we calmed down.
I pulled him out of me, and laid down next to him, my head on his chest.
He kept one arm around my body, hand on my bum.
His other hand was round the back of my head, stroking my hair.
And we fell asleep together.
Everything was going back to normal.



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