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This story takes place about a year before my wife and I met.
I had graduated college, and was hanging out back at home with a buddy of mine named Carl.
I had met him at college, and he had flunked out.
The last semester of my college year, Carl and I had spent pretty much every night out drinking, and that is precisely what we were doing at home as well.
The only difference was that now, I had a good job, and could afford all the alcohol that we wanted.
This is something that I am not real proud of, but there were many a nights that we were out having a good time, and at the end of the night, we would look at each other and try to determine who was better to drive.
I was capable of going out and tying one on 4 nights a week, and still be able to function at work.
That’s something I wouldn’t dream of doing now.
Carl and I had a couple of close calls and decided that the DUI was not worth the risk of not having a designated driver that we could call to come pick us up.
We had several friends lined up if we weren’t able to drive, and we often got rides home after a drunken call for help.
One night, we had tied one on, and it was 2:30 in the morning.
No one was answering their phones.
Carl’s sister was home from college for the weekend, so he called her.
Twenty minutes later, she pulled up.
At that moment, I knew why Carl had never introduced me to his sister.
I had a reputation for being a bit of a player in college, at least as far as my friends were concerned, and Carl’s sister was hotter than hell.
Kristi was 5’2” tall, and 95 lbs.
She was a brunette with a tight little body that was at college on a soccer scholarship.
She had a great ass, with some small little A cup tits and legs to die for.
Her personality was bigger than life, and she was the life of any party.
We got in the car with Kristi, with Carl in the front seat, and I got in the back.
Carl passed out on the way back to my house and I was busy flirting with Kristi.
She made pajama pants and a red tank top look sexy.
That’s not always the easiest thing to do, but she looked amazing.
We got back to my house, and we woke up Carl enough to get him inside.
My house is an older home, and back in the ’70s, it had been turned into apartments.
To get to the spare bedroom you had to go through my own bedroom, as the spare was a kitchen for one of the apartments when I bought it.
But it had a bed in there after I bought it.
Carl, being the gentlemen that he is, told Kristi to take the spare bedroom, which did not even have a door between the rooms.
I was doing my best not to have sex with my best buddy’s girl.
She went into the room and I lay there in my bed with a raging hard on.
It didn’t help that when I looked through the doorway, I could see this tiny little thing start to take off her clothes.
I don’t know if she thought I was passed out or what, but I got quite a show.
Online Now! Lush Cams BrendiLindsey First, she dropped her pajama pants.
She was wearing red and white bikini-bottom underwear that just made you want to lick them all over like a candy cane.
Next, her red tank top came off exposing her beautiful breasts.
Not taking that opportunity was maybe the hardest thing I have ever done up to this point in life.
She then shut off the lights, and I wondered if, after getting such an eyeful, I was going to be able to roll over and go to sleep.
That is exactly what I tried to do, but then I felt her crawl into bed behind me.
That was it, there was no resisting her from that moment on.
She licked my ear and I knew I was not going to be sleeping at all.
We began making out and she was an amazing kisser.
There was so much raw passion.
We felt up each others’ bodies, exploring every inch of each other while we made out.
I started moving down to her tits, and as I bit down softly on the first nipple, she let out a soft little moan that let me know she was as turned on as I was.
I worked my way on down to the candy cane striped panties, knowing full well that I was going to lick everything inside.
She tasted almost sweet.
She was really turned on and her juices were flowing.
The more turned on she became, the more she started bucking her hips upwards.
As she did, I thought that I would lick her tender taint, and it seemed to drive her even more crazy.
She bucked even higher, and when she did, I started rimming her little brown hole which sent her over the edge.
She began convulsing uncontrollably as she had the most powerful orgasm I have ever seen any girl have.
She pulled me up to her face, and we kissed as she guided my 8″ cock toward her pussy.
I slid in, and she was tighter than any girl I have ever been with.
It was obvious that she had been doing her Kegel exercises.
She was milking me like you would milk a cow.
I propped her feet up on my shoulders and found her g-spot, and began stroking her for all I was worth.
I started off slow, trying not to blow too early, but quickly picked up the pace as I got used to her.
Sliding in and out, I felt my cock growing even harder if that was even possible.
It was a good thing my buddy was passed out drunk, or there would not have been any hiding that I was laying the pipe to his sister as the headboard was banged against the wall and she talked dirty to me loud enough to hear her all over the house.
Calling me names I hadn’t even heard of, and in between talking dirty, she was moaning uncontrollably.
She had one mind blowing orgasm, with her pussy tightening up around my cock as she convulsed.
I couldn’t take it any longer, and I shot 4 or 5 huge loads deep inside her.
As I did, I think that the cum being shot deep into her womb sent her deep into another orgasm.
We were sweating with our last 45 minutes of passion as I rolled off of her and headed downstairs to get some nourishment for round two.



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