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Latest stories Taboo With My Wife’s Consent

I took a long look at the incredible body standing in front of me.
I had spent many nights thinking, even fantasizing about this great athletic body and now she was standing in front of me completely naked.
Her eyes were begging my attention and she hummed something seductively under her breath.
I wondered what that tune might be.
I have to start by telling you a little about how I came to this situation.
In the past, I have had many affairs behind my wife’s back, which hurt her deeply.
For whatever reason, she has forgiven me and our marriage is stronger than ever.
Her young friend of a few years, Kelly, has had a difficult time of late with her relationships.
She has attracted an unsavory type that abuses her both physically and emotionally.
For more than a year, she became a virtual hermit in her apartment except for work, which she shares with my wife.
On a recent holiday weekend, she finally accepted an invitation to our summer home in the mountains.
The air is cool and the scenery is spectacular.
The hot tub faces the mountains to the North.
Kelly, a brunette beauty, is tall at 5’10” with a wispy, lithe body that belies her athleticism.
She is strong and agile.
I particularly love her tiny tits and almost skinny waist.
She has a great butt and a smile to die for.
Late on Thursday afternoon, Kelly arrived exhausted after the four-hour drive from the city.
My wife led her to the guest room so she could settle in.
That second floor room looks north and one can also observe the hot tub from up there.
My wife and I retired to the hot tub to relax and unwind from the week’s work.
One thing led to another and we got horny playing around in the jets.
We were kissing and feeling each other up when my wife looked up to see Kelly watching our every move.
She seemed to be mesmerized by our love play.
My wife got her attention and told her to put on her suit and come down to the hot tub.
In a few minutes she appeared on the back deck in a two-piece bikini that covered her slim body respectfully but enhanced her assets wonderfully.
I got an instant hard on thinking of all the times I had fantasized about fucking this young woman.
I had to hide my excitement with my hands but my wife busted me.
She exposed the bulge in my trunks to Kelly as she entered the tub.
She blushed from head to toe.
My wife asked Kelly if she liked “George”, her name for my cock.
Kelly just blushed even deeper but she could not keep her eyes from my groin area.
I played with her like a little brazen gigolo.
I grabbed my wife’s great 38D tits, which are always straining to be freed from their harness.
At 50 (she says she will always be 29), she has a great body and libido to match her “age” so who am I to argue.
I am married to a “younger woman”….
She reached under the water to give my cock a little playful stroking.
We thought nothing of this sexual play in front of Kelly but she seemed genuinely embarrassed.
My wife asked if she did not approve but Kelly did not answer.
She got up and left without a word.
Unashamedly, we continued to play and cuddle in the tub.
In a few minutes, we noticed Kelly back at the window with her hand in her crotch and working away at her pussy for all she was worth.
She again seemed mesmerized by our sexual play.
We could see her hand moving on both her tits and pussy.
We watched her until she climaxed when it appeared that she became aware of our gaze.
She moved slowly out of our view.
My wife became very turned on by the scene and whispered in my ear her demand to be fucked right now.
I got out of the tub, took her in my arms.
I was about the carry her to our bedroom but she protested.
To my complete surprise, she said she wanted right there on the deck so Kelly could watch and listen.
I am not bashful and I loved the idea of Kelly watching.
I told my wife to make a lot of noise to attract her attention.
I pulled her top down and began suckle those beautiful tits.
They have a silver dollar size areola and huge nipples that become much bigger when stimulated.
It took only a couple of discreet moans from my wife to bring Kelly back to the window.
We both looked up into her eyes and smiled to tell her it was OK to watch.
I returned my concentration to my wife’s pleasure.
She was very horny and wanted me inside of her quickly.
She can be very demanding and has a quick fuse.
I try to accommodate her needs but first I dove between her just exposed pussy lips.
Those lips are the most beautiful I have ever seen.
She shaves most of her hair but keeps a triangle there for me to play with.
As soon as I sucked her clit into my mouth, she arched her back in her first orgasm.
It never takes long for her.
I began to show off for Kelly as I felt her gaze on my back.
I licked up to her navel and down to her anus, flicking her clit with my tongue as I passed it.
My wife could not stand this technique and bucked with all her might.
Later, she told me that she was looking at Kelly the whole time and thinking of her pleasure.
She screamed a little when she came again.
Not normally a very vocal lover, she seemed to be playing it up for Kelly.
I learned later it was part of her plan.
She begged for me to stick my dick in her pussy.
I dropped my trunks, pulled her legs up so her knees were against my chest, slamming into her pussy in one hard fast stroke.
She says she hates when I do that but she always fucks me hard so I still do it.
I am still showing off for Kelly when I give her long slow strokes.
Several times, I pull out to the tip and slam in with every inch until she cums again.
I pulled out of her and flip her over onto the edge of the hot tub.
With her butt up in the air wiggling like she loves to do, I dive into her pussy with my cock.
I slam her ass and tickle her pussy with my ball sack.
The pendulum action of my balls hitting her clit sends both of us over the edge.
I shoot a flood of jism deep in her snatch.
We both turn to see Kelly working on herself vigorously.
She soon climaxes after we began to watch her.
I thought I saw her blush yet again when she slipped away from the window.
At dinner, small talk went full circle and eventually became very heated discussion on sexuality.
Kelly despite her obvious need for relief could not get past our earlier display.
She became very irritated.
Soon after the discussion started, she became flushed.
She was very sexy when she could not speak.
My wife recognized the sexual tension in her friend and bated her frustration.
Kelly began to cry and sob uncontrollably.
My wife took her into her arms and smothered her with affection.
She caught my eye and nodded her approval when I began to caress Kelly’s back and hair.
Kelly just melted into a pool of desire and began to nuzzle into my wife’s breasts like a small child with her mother.
She seemed to purr like a satiated kitten when we caressed and stroked her body.
In halting words barely intelligible, she told of a whole year of sexual frustration and abstinence.
She told of abuse from her last lover and even more from her former husband.
Slowly she began to relax and respond to our touch.
She opened her fetal position to allow both of us better access to her body.
Before long she lay with her head on my wife’s lap and her legs spread open towards me.
I took the invitation.
I slowly pulled her shorts down and exposed her flat stomach to our view.
Online Now! Lush Cams LucyGabriela She seemed to become impatient because she stood and quickly stripped off her clothes.
I took a long look at the incredible body standing in front of me.
I had spent many nights thinking, even fantasizing about this great athletic body and now she was standing in front of me completely naked.
Her eyes were begging my attention and she hummed something seductively under her breath.
I wondered what that tune might be.
She climbed back into my wife’s lap and cooed when she touched her tiny breasts.
My wife is not bi-sexual but I think she just wanted to make Kelly feel loved and wanted.
It seemed natural and Kelly just responded so quickly to her.
My wife asked that I do my tongue ministrations on this lovely slim body spread out in front of me.
I carefully pulled her legs apart.
It began with kissing up the inside of her thighs, the back of her knees and around her pierced belly button.
Manipulating that ring seemed to make her jump with anticipation.
She had a medium size butterfly tattooed just above her labia and her hair was completely shaven.
It was a sight I can say I will never forget.
I soon settled into a gentle sucking and licking cycle on her pussy and clit.
I entered her snatch with one of my long fingers and found her very prominent g-spot.
She seemed very tight even though she was also very wet.
She moaned and twitched in spasms when I contacted her honey pot.
The manual stimulation seemed to make her open her legs even wider and her head swung from side to side in my wife’s lap.
She used her arms to pull against my wife’s waist in an attempt to get away from my talented tongue.
In seeming practiced unison, we both held her steady so I could give more pleasure.
She bucked and arched her back driving the back of her head into my wife’s thighs.
My wife was excited to see her friend becoming so animated.
I continued to finger her tiny pussy and alternately licking and sucking her clit.
She erupted in an orgasm that rivaled any I have witnessed.
I held my tongue and finger positions enjoying the contractions that signaled her complete release.
Before she could fully recover, I turned my attentions to her tiny little brown hole.
With her legs on my shoulders, I could see that it begged for a tongue fucking so I rimmed her once and slipped deeply into as.
She protested once but her moans betrayed her.
She arched her back and pulled down with her legs to allow me fully access to her.
I combined this new pleasure with further licking and sucking of her delicious pussy juices.
I love to eat pussy, as my wife will gladly tell you and I love to pleasure a women to a screaming orgasm with my tongue.
It makes me feel like I have given them the ultimate in satisfaction.
When she squealed her approval of my actions, I hardened my tongue and tongue fucked her little anus with vigor.
It took only a few tongue strokes to relax her enough to replace my tongue with another of my long fingers.
Now I had one in her ass and another in her pussy.
She bucked against my hand while my mouth held her clit.
I tongued deep into her pussy lips raking my hardened tongue over her exposed button.
My wife marveled out loud at my considerable skill.
It was obvious I would soon have both of these red-hot ladies begging for my attention.
I knew from experience that my wife does not like to be kept waiting so I hurried to finish this lithe little body off in grand style.
I pulled her to her feet and bent her over my wife’s legs.
My wife’s held her friend in position while I slipped into her pussy and fucked her with abandon for 15 minutes.
She came and came until she begged me to stop.
I can say I have never felt so virile in my 50 plus years.
I had completely pleasured this 28-year-old beauty and still had plenty left.
With true grace of movement, my wife released her steadying hold on her friend and gently laid her on the couch to bask in the glow of her orgasms.
Then in quick succession, she dropped her clothes, bent over the couch and opened her legs for my pending attack.
I dropped to my knees to suck her pussy.
She was so wet I nearly drowned in her juices.
(Oh, the joy of a high libido woman) I licked and sucked until she came.
I then slipped a finger into her little anus.
She can barely stand when I give her that extra stimulation.
I can feel her pussy pulsate when I have my finger in her ass.
Without warning, I stood up and slammed into her like I had earlier in the day at the hot tub.
Her protests are quickly replaced by moans, which is very unusual.
She is normally very quiet.
I am emboldened by this new pleasure from her so I redouble my efforts to bring her to climax.
She nearly screams out loud when her release finally comes.
I remain motionless buried deep inside of her for several minutes.
The same hard on has brought complete pleasure to Kelly and now to the love of my life, too.
I can barely contain my enthusiasm.
I again began to gently stroke in and out of her dripping pussy.
She is beside herself in ecstasy.
After just a few more plunges, I exploded a hot shot of cum in her snatch, which sent my wife to the moon.
We collapsed on the couch with Kelly.
Kelly has regained some of her composure and starts to caress my wife’s back, hair and shoulders.
With a gentle nudge from my hand, she moves her ministrations to her large tits.
She seems to be empowered by their feel and moves her hand all over my wife’s body.
She does not touch her pussy but she moves her tiny tits to be contacted by my wife’s lips who then kisses and fondles them.
She is so tiny but so very responsive to touch.
She is beyond caring about her inhibitions and begs to be fucked again.
It takes only a bit of her oral stimulation to bring “George” back to life.
This time I lay her down on her back with her head cradled again between my wife’s thighs.
Her head moves from side to side.
She is a constant bundle of energy.
Moving with abandon that was not present when we first began this episode.
She lets out a guttural moan when I enter her again.
She squirms to take me deeper.
I pull her legs above my shoulders and grab her ankles to hold my position.
My wife has one of her hands on Kelly’s tits and the other pulling her own nipple.
She was insatiable on that night.
Kelly bucks and arches her back to feel every inch of my cock inside her womanhood.
It took a long time and many slow, fast, hard slams, soft, jerking, grinding strokes before I was able to come again.
Kelly must have come a dozen times and she finally went completely limp when I shot my load into her pleasure center.
We all retired bowlegged to the hot tub where we stayed for over an hour.
I was the first to suggest that we all go to bed.
Kelly left the tub and headed for her room but before I could say anything, my wife invited her to join us in our king-size waterbed.
I got to sleep between two totally opposites.
The shy and demure Kelly is slim and athletic.
My wife is a buxom woman with a much more aggressive personality.
I could never have dreamed that she would take her friend to our bed, as she had never expressed any interest in a threesome.
She certainly had never mentioned her beautiful friend as a possible candidate.
She had in fact been quite reserved until that afternoon in the hot tub.
Do you think it might have been the love potion I put in the hot tub water? Should I tell her about the water?



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