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It was a cold, wet night in November when I met him.
There was not a cloud in the sky, even after all the rainfall the day prior.
I can remember looking up at all the tiny, candle-like stars and the crescent moon as I walked home.
I usually worked late and with the store being close to home, I walked back regardless of the time or weather.
The road was quiet, not a car was in sight as I got closer to the alley I cut through.
Each step I took, I began to think about the nice warm drink I was going to prepare myself.
Just the thought of it seemed to make me feel even colder.
As I reached the passage, headlights lit the area up and the roar of the engine filled the quiet air.
I froze on the spot as I heard the window come down.
“Hey love,” I heard a gravelly voice call from the inside of the ‘penis-extension’ car as I’d refer to it.
I don’t know why I’d refer to it as something so crude but most of the time rich men would compensate for something through their wealth.
I turned around but stood at the corner of the alley because there had been many stories about women approaching stranger’s cars.
“Yes, what do you want?” I responded sharply and unnaturally bitchy for me.
“Can you give me directions to the motorway?” He asked politely.
Feeling relieved, I stepped closer to the car and peaked my head in the window.
I saw a dark, eerie figure sat in the driver’s seat but I could just make him out with the little amount of light coming from the dashboard components.
He was a middle aged man with short dark hair.
I couldn’t help but notice his distinctively long nose and stern lips.
At first glance, he seemed to be one of those men who think they’re better than everyone else.
As I started to tell him the directions to the closest motorway junction, he began to fiddle around in his pocket.
I could tell he wasn’t even listening which led me to think he was even more of a douchebag than I first thought.
I quickly finished my instructions as he pulled his wallet from his pocket.
“One more thing,” he started.
“If I give you twenty quid, will you give me a quick flash?” I stepped back in shock, I felt almost repulsed at the gesture but I couldn’t walk away.
I had always been complimented on my appearance.
I had dark brown hair which went well with my brown eyes and gently curved eyebrows.
Women always envied my cheekbones and cute little nose too, but then again, I envied their height since I was short and petite.
After a few moments of thinking about his offer, I peered back in his window.
“What kind of person do you think I am?” I said crossly.
“Okay, how about forty?” He responded with a smug look on his face.
I pondered for a few moments.
Forty pounds just for showing him my pair of small 30B boobs, I couldn’t help but feel slightly inclined to do it.
It’d be the easiest money I ever made and I would probably never see the guy again.
“Done,” I said to his surprise as I stepped back.
I looked in both directions quickly to make sure nobody would see.
The road was completely deserted as I faced him once more.
I brought my arms up the sleeves and began to unclip my bra and take it off.
I felt the rugged material of my polo shirt rub against my nipples harshly.
With the bra still in my hand, I brought my arms back down the sleeves and to my waist.
I stuffed the bra in my pocket before hooking my fingers underneath both my coat and shirt.
For a few moments I stood there, taking deep breaths.
Once again, I looked in both directions and pulled my clothes up slowly.
He licked his lips as my tightly, toned abdomen with a butterfly belly button piercing came into view.
As my body became more exposed, shivers shot up my spine but all the while he carried on licking his lips.
I felt the sharp air on my tummy, then my lower breast, then my nipple before finally my full breast was hit by the winter air.
My nipples were instantly hard from the cold and my ‘peach fuzz’ was standing up.
“You have an amazing body love,” he said as his hand reached out with the money.
I quickly let go of my clothes and reached my hand towards the cash.
As my fingertips brushed against the paper, he pulled it away from me.
“Hey, you said you’d give me forty if I gave you a flash.
” I shouted at him as he put the money back in his wallet and turned the motor of his car off.
“I know I did, how much would it cost for your other.
” He started whilst he looked at my legs, “.
” I looked down my body, blushing at the thought.
“How much would you be willing to offer?” I asked as he carried on staring.
“I’ll give you one hundred pounds if you show me both your tits and pussy at the same time,” he said firmly as he once again pulled money from the wallet.
Just like before, I glanced both ways and began to fill my end of the deal.
With one hand, I held my coat and shirt up, allowing my breasts to be revealed to the bitterness of the night.
My other hand pulled my trousers and panties down to my knees allowing him to see the faint outline of my bald womanhood in its aroused state.
The lips were puffy and the inside was moist from the sexual tension building between us.
“Even better than I thought,” I heard him say as I stood their exposed.
Online Now! Lush Cams SlimPleasure “Can you just turn around love?” I did as he asked and slowly turned around letting him see my pert, young ass.
My pussy peaked through my thigh gap giving him an alluring view of my body.
“God damn,” he said with gratitude as I turned back around.
“Okay, you can have the money if you come get it like that.
” Struggling, I slowly approached the car letting him have a better look at my body.
I let go of my coat and reached for the money as my breasts were covered.
Yet again, he pulled the money from my fingertips.
This time however, he got out of his vehicle with his wallet in hand.
His shoes gave that satisfying clapping noise as they hit the concrete.
I had always loved that noise and within seconds he was stood in front of me and my exposed vagina.
“I’ll give you one thousand to be mine for a few minutes,” he said as he stroked my mound with his warm fingers.
Reluctantly, I accepted his offer and brought him into the alley behind me.
His hands stroked around the lower half of my body, tickling my legs and pussy as they did.
I pulled my coat up once more and allowed him to grope my tits with one hand as his other groped and felt my lower body.
“It’s been a while since I saw and felt a body like yours,” he grunted as he drove his middle finger up into my pussy.
I yelped slightly but remained flashing him as he fingered me deep and hard.
He put yet another finger into my warm vagina and began to stroke my walls before finding my g-spot.
My breaths were short and hard as he finger fucked me before I let out soft moans of acceptance.
He moved closer to me, forcing my back to press against the wall as his tongue licked my chest.
The cold bricks were uncomfortable against my bare skin but I withstood it as he licked and sucked his way down my body before resting his tongue on my clitoral hood.
His fingers continued to probe my body as his tongue started to lick my clit.
Every so often he would alternate between the two, his fingers would replace the tongue on my clit with a gentle squeeze and his tongue would slide into my hole.
Each moment that went by, my heart pounded and my body was mesmerised with his pussy pleasuring skills.
More moans left my mouth and as he pulled away, it left me panting for more.
“You’re like an angel when you moan,” he complimented.
“And you taste like one too, so fresh and innocent.
” I didn’t feel that innocent as he moved away from me and unzipped his trousers.
This was a complete stranger and I had just let him do that to me but I was in too deep to stop.
I stood almost oblivious to the fact that his erect cock was now joining my body in the cold air.
Remembering the money he had promised, I squatted down with my back still against the wall as he once again came closer to me.
His cock swooped elegantly into my mouth, immediately getting covered in my spit like a blanket.
I let go of my clothes and placed both hands on his raging hard on as he placed his hands on my head.
Together, we moved our hands in rhythm.
His hands rocked my head back and forth whilst my hands attempted to pump his prize into my throat.
I could feel his head pulsate as he fucked my mouth gently and before long he was eager to finish what he started.
With his precum still making itself known on my taste buds, I climbed back to my feet.
“Turn around, I want to see that beautiful ass whilst I take you.
” He ordered.
I did as he said; once more thinking about the money he was going to drop just to feel himself inside my body.
I spread my legs slightly, allowing easier access than my thigh gap would offer.
He gave me a kiss on the neck as his hands played with my tits for a few moments.
I loved the feeling of his delicate touches dancing around my nipples as he fondled them.
But like I saw from his character before, he liked to do things fast and this was no different.
His hands quickly went south from my breasts, stroking down the sides of my torso before making a sudden stop on my hips.
He outstretched his fingers and allowed them to rub across my mound as I reached between my legs and grabbed his manhood.
With a few strokes of it, I fed it inside me one inch at a time.
As half of his cock entered, I let go and allowed him to start fucking me.
I moaned loudly as his balls slapped viscously against my ass.
He was paying for this fuck and he was going to make me remember him.
His helmet brushed against my cervix several times as he pulled my hips back and forth.
It was as though he wanted to impregnate me with his seed, to show he was the dominant male and I was his woman.
With one final thrust, he went deep and true.
His semen began to spray out of his cock, glazing my insides deep within.
String after string of his tangy goo, shot deep into my body and his groaning matched my moans as we accepted one another’s present.
As one final shot of cum entered me, he kissed my neck again.
His cock and my pussy throbbed with the intensity before he became flaccid once more.
I moaned with relief as he retrieved his cock from my cum filled hole and pulled my pants back up.
A few moments passed after our mating before he pulled his wallet out for the last time.
He counted out one thousand pounds cash to my surprise and amongst the money, there was his business card complete with name, address and phone number.



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