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Latest stories Straight Sex Sienna Dreaming – Chapter Two

All through the evening, after giving herself to and taking from a complete stranger, Sienna Mason’s mind was in a quandary.
This man, Guy, had been with her barely fifteen minutes before she’d experienced the sheer joy of having him inside her.
And two orgasms? Twelve hours ago, that would have been unthinkable.
With matters sexual, she had always been most cautious.
Too cautious, perhaps.
Not anymore! Sipping her white wine in the cosiness of her own flat, she was finding that as she reviewed each ecstatic moment of that delirious hour, her mind turned to another man, Elga.
Two nights ago, they had conversed in a high-class bar attached to the Avalon Hotel, and Sienna had been disturbed by the intimate questions he’d asked.
She just couldn’t stop herself from linking his questions to the events of that afternoon with Guy.
Orgasms, fucking a stranger, he had asked about all of that.
At the time, he had somehow overcome her unwillingness to answer his impertinent questions, her answers had been in the negative.
A compulsion was building in her to see this Elga again, just to tell him about her experience.
After another glass of wine, and getting ready for bed, she was asking herself why she needed to tell him anything when his original inquisitive questioning had so aggravated her.
Yet, there was still the need to find if there was any link between their conversation and the events that followed.
Lying in her bed, she tried to recall the handsome face of Guy, but it would not appear clearly in front of her.
She did remember his touch, but, although she pressed her hand between her thighs, she had no wish to disturb those tactile memories by using her own fingers.
Yet the power of those orgasms remained in her mind, along with the demand to experience that rousing stimulation again and again.
Sienna was sure now she was on a more intense search for that kind of profound sensation.
She awoke on the following morning, to find that the urge to talk to Elga again had not diminished.
How interested would he be? Would he be any more interested in her sex life? At seven o’clock that evening, she entered the bar attached to the Avalon, sat in the same booth as previously, only facing the door, but he didn’t show.
Not greatly surprised, she walked home.
He had told her that he wasn’t in there every night.
How stupid was she being? However, the following morning she woke up feeling just as stupid.
Compelled to get it out of her system, she was telling herself, she would try again that evening.
Later she would renew her search for the sense of wonder that Guy had awakened in her.
All day, she worked hard on an article for the magazine, and since the weather had returned to its summer best, she wore a neatly fitting pale blue, cotton dress.
Entering the hotel bar by the side door, Sienna took the same booth and the same young waiter came, and she ordered the same Pinot Grigio.
As before, the bar was quiet, and Sienna sipped her cool wine and watched the door hopefully.
But, after half an hour, there had been no sign of Elga.
Sienna was about to drain her glass and leave, when a deep familiar voice at her elbow said, “Sienna, what a pleasant surprise.
” Startled, Sienna looked up at that tall figure looming over her.
He was wearing a pale green shirt, which matched those eyes, smiling down at her, bewitching her again, she thought.
“Are you meeting someone?” How could she tell him that he was the reason she was there? Wouldn’t that make her vulnerable to him? “I had something to tell you.
” She hadn’t meant to be that open.
Oh, dear, here we go again.
Elga’s mouth creased in a happy grin, as he sidled onto the bench across from her.
“Now that is intriguing.
” While the green eyes inspected the opening at her dress neckline, Sienna’s crazy mind wondered whether Elga, although older, might provide the kind of orgasm she yearned for.
No doubt he was extremely handsome and certainly knowledgeable on sensual matters.
“Well?” he asked, his eyes holding hers.
Without hesitating further, Sienna blurted out the whole story from dream to that moment of her second orgasm.
While she talked, his eyes never left her face, and she noticed the red ruby as he scratched his nose.
When Sienna had finished and sat staring hopefully at Elga, he said, “You think the dream led you into that affair?” She shrugged, “It was all so fast.
” “Your dream contained nothing but a clock-face.
” Sienna had half-hoped he would come up with some kind of explanation.
She shrugged, “But that clock told me when to be there.
” “I know.
Coincidence, probably.
But then, I tend to believe in coincidence.
” Why did she feel it so important to get his reaction? Possibly she felt that he had planted the idea.
“Tell me about your orgasm?” Sienna pressed her lips together.
How could she explain to him the magical sensations that had suffused her body? She was certain that she had no words that could describe the wonder of it all.
Sienna sighed, despairing, “I just can’t describe it.
” Surprisingly, that satisfied him, as his head nodded, and he smiled, saying, “I don’t think anyone can, not accurately.
Oh, yes, people will use words like delirium, ablaze, rapture, oh, so many, but none of them says enough.
” The green eyes looked right into hers, “I’m so pleased you enjoyed it.
” Sienna was completely puzzled by his attitude and all she could say was, “I did.
” “So, the next gentleman that you favour will have much to live up to.
” His eyes were on her breasts, Sienna realised.
Was he tempted? At their first meeting, she recalled how she suspected his motives.
She said nothing, and Elga asked, “Have there been any further dreams?” These were easier questions than their first meeting, “None,” she told him.
“Have you masturbated on any fantasies?” “After what happened just two days ago? No.
” He reached into his pants pocket, withdrew a wallet and produced a card.
“That’s my cell-phone number.
Call me if you need help, advice—anything.
” To Sienna’s unexpected dismay, he slid out of the booth, took her hand, kissed it, and said, “You are a lovely lady, and so good to talk to.
” Watching his back disappear out of the side door, Sienna was wondering why she was bothered.
Was it because he had given her a shorter time? Or could it be something else? Don’t even, consider that, she warned herself.
For the next two mornings after their meeting, Sienna woke up just a little disappointed that there were no hanging memories of dreams.
It seemed useless telling herself that she was crazy to expect a dream to foretell some fantastic coupling.
Sometime during the third night, a dream occurred and was still, absolutely clear when she woke up.
Although, like the first dream, it seemed very ordinary.
Even more, since the location was only fifteen minutes from her flat.
She saw herself in summer dress standing on the main street, which she knew so well, and across the road was the frontage of the Avalon hotel.
Since it was the bar of that hotel where she met Elga, she wondered if he was going to appear.
There was no indication of the time of day but, in rewinding it in her mind later, she guessed it had to be early evening since the street lights were not on, but the frontage of the hotel had lit up.
As she stood there looking, the dreamlike feature stepped in, not unlike the clock-face in the first dream.
On either side of the entrance were wide strips of while wall, and, as though some paint wielding graffiti artist was at work, large black numbers began to appear.
‘3’ was the first to be painted in, then below that came ‘1’ and finally at the bottom another ‘1’.
Before Sienna had time to assimilate the numbers they vanished, but almost immediately they began to reappear.
When she woke up there really wasn’t much to remember, since she knew the hotel frontage so well.
But that made the numbers all the clearer in her mind.
Three, one, one or three-hundred and eleven.
It might have been 3.
11 – for a time but Sienna was sure it wasn’t that.
All day, she wrestled with the possibility of a meaning.
Like last time, she had a recognisable location, but no hint of where it might lead.
By afternoon, she had convinced herself it had to be a room number, three, one, one, and that led her to wonder if it might have something to do with Elga.
As afternoon faded, Sienna knew she just had to find out.
One other factor she had recalled in the dream, she had been wearing her favourite blue cocktail dress.
So, having showered, that seemed to be the outfit to where.
By seven thirty, she was out in the warm summer evening.
The Avalon was lit up but not the street lamps, so she reckoned this was somewhere close to the timing in her dream.
For a few minutes, she stood uncertainly on the other side of the street, viewing the front of the hotel.
Of course, there were no black numbers appearing.
Now, for the first time, Sienna was asking herself how she should approach this.
She could imagine a scenario where she gave a room number at reception and she would be asked either, who wanted to know, or who was she looking for? Neither question would be answerable, her uncertainty would show, and she’d be asked to leave.
Drawing a deep breath, Sienna crossed the road, and as she approached the large swing doors, through the glass, she saw a uniformed doorman begin to pull them open, just for her.
As she moved rather nervously past him he said, “Good evening, madam.
” Then he gave a respectful nod, before releasing the door.
Sienna had never been inside the hotel before, and she was struck by the suave elegance, thick lightly patterned carpet underfoot, marble pillars, maroon velvet curtains, and gold fittings.
No wonder she had never been in before.
A place way beyond her means.
Ahead of her, the wide walnut reception desk seemed too vast for the lone gentleman behind it.
A tall man, with oiled-flat black hair, a cold smile, and eyes that were too close together, but which had stripped off her dress before she reached the desk.
“How can I help you, madam?” He made it sound like the French version with emphasis on the last syllable.
Drawing a deep breath, Sienna said quietly, as though someone might be listening, “Three, one, one?” Please make it a room number.
The brows on the close-set eyes raised, before looking down at something behind the desk.
When he raised his head there was a supercilious grin on his face, as he said, “Ah, yes, Mr Domeeno is expecting you.
” Sienna was temporarily stunned by that.
How could anyone be expecting her? “Lift to the third floor,” the receptionist said, “first door on your left.
” As she thanked him and turned away he added smugly, “Have a lovely evening.
” With grave doubts, Sienna entered the lift, which, she noted, she could have comfortably driven her car into.
Expected? How could that be? Maybe she should just back off.
Then she was standing outside the large white door, which bore the gold numbers 311.
Breathing heavily, she raised her hand.
Knock, or run? No, her dream had brought her this close.
Next second, her knuckles were thudding gently at the door panel, and she took a slight step back, as the door began to open.
Sienna’s breath caught in her throat.
Standing there, holding the door, dark eyes wide, with surprise, was one of the most handsome men Sienna had ever seen.
Dark eyes, brown hair trimmed short, perfect features, and he was dressed in only a silk masculine patterned bathrobe, his bare calves showing below the hem.
All of that, before he stepped to one side, ushered Sienna past him and in a deep low voice said, “Wow, they have really kept their promise.
” And as a numbed Sienna drifted in front of him she felt gentle fingertips drift over her bare upper arm.
Nothing chilling about that touch, as she felt a sense of heat radiation.
The apartment had all the luxury of what she had seen already.
Long brown striped curtains at the windows, a sofa and two easy chairs that matched the deeper brown in the curtains, a low wide coffee table, and in one corner, a neat well-stocked bar.
Sienna had hardly come to terms with her situation when she heard the door close, and a key turned in the lock.
Was she going to have to decide fast? So far everything seemed amicable, but how amicable was he expecting? She turned, and he was walking towards her, a smile on his handsome face.
Sienna held her breath when he said, “You are so beautiful.
They have really outdone themselves this time.
” Sienna was wondering who the mysterious ‘they’ were when, as he drew alongside her, she felt his fingers on the back of her dress.
Next second, she heard the zip descending and the dress slackening.
So, this was how it was.
But to her surprise, he walked on beyond where she was standing and sat down on one of the armchairs.
His robe split open sufficiently to reveal tanned knees and lower thighs.
Now, he leaned forward in his seat and said, “By the way, you may call me Grant.
You are?” What a manly name, but she told him.
“Sienna, a name as lovely as you are.
” A gentle smile before he said, “Just one more question.
Would you remove your dress, please?” The lowering of the zip should have been clear, But Sienna was walking in some kind of daze.
This for certain was no dream.
A dream had led her once into a sexual encounter, was this a second? “You going to show me the beauty you’re hiding?” There was no rancour in his tone, nor any annoyance on his face, when, as she slid the dress off her shoulders, she looked at him.
His head was nodding in anticipation.
Stepping out of her dress, Sienna had her head buzzing with doubts, questions, but no real concerns.
Maybe one.
Just what was making her strip so readily? Could it be her own body reacting, in the hope of making the same sensuous discoveries she had found with Guy? “White underwear, very virginal.
Show me what the bra is hiding, please.
” The ‘please’ did it.
That made it a request, not a command.
Without hesitation, Sienna unhooked her bra and let it fall.
Grant immediately straightened, eyes wide, as he gazed at her breasts.
“My God, they are perfect, as lovely and as alluring as your face.
” Sienna somehow knew that he wasn’t feeding her a line, he sounded so genuine.
“You don’t really need the bra, do you?” She stood perfectly still, wondering whether she should adopt some sensuous pose, as his eyes roamed over her from head to toe.
In the back of her mind a possible explanation was beginning to form, and along with it came other confusing thoughts.
Now Grant held up a hand, and his fingers gently beckoned, “Would you come over here, please, and give me the pleasure of completing the job?” Moving slowly towards where he sat, Sienna was beginning to worry about how she would deal with this.
Her hour with Guy had been a wild event in which their haste had been based on a mutual need.
Here, with Grant, there was the essence of a slower, more deliberate, action.
Standing at his chair, Sienna was once again aware of his eyes on her breasts, a shadow of lust showing there now.
His hands came up to be gently placed on her waist before they moved slowly up to cover each of her breasts.
Sienna could not prevent the low gasp that burst from her lips and was immediately aware of an increase in her moistening.
Grant’s hands had moved down again, were being inserted inside the waistband of her panties, and they kept moving downwards, taking her panties with them.
As they dropped Sienna stepped out of them, and Grant sighed, “Some pussy! The colour of a lioness.
Natural, like your hair.
” Online Now! Lush Cams Maximus_Diesel His hands moved onto her buttocks and with a gentle pull, he had his face nuzzling into her bush.
There was no tongue, no attempt to do anything but snuggle his face into her hairiness.
Sienna was enthralled by the almost innocent action.
She had been standing there just taking in the gradual growing excitement.
Grant sat back, looked up into her face, and smiled as he took her hand and guided it down to the front of his gown, which had all but parted.
“Will that be enough for you?” he groaned, as Sienna’s fingers almost instantly found his hardness, and stroked along its length.
If Guy fucking her had led her to this unknown desperation, then here was her solution.
Her fingers could barely encircle this big cock.
It felt magnificent, and she wanted it inside her.
From womb down to pussy lips her whole internal passage was pulsing with need.
A slow-burning ember was threatening to burst into flame.
Then, Grant’s fingers moved swiftly up her inner thigh, to search into her wet pinkness.
As Sienna jerked and gasped with the thrill of it, Grant murmured, “Oh, oh, we don’t want to keep this waiting too long.
” For a brief ecstatic moment one finger probed at her wet entry, and he added, “I’m rather keen to go further up there myself.
” Sienna was in some kind of haze of desire, as those fingers searched her folds and her own fingers gripped his rock-hard cock.
So, the sudden change of direction surprised her.
Grant’s hands moved up to her shoulders, and applied a slight pressure down, “Would you give your lips to it?” Slowly bending to a task she was only slightly reluctant about, Sienna was thinking that this had been a strange way to ask for a blow job.
Her reluctance came from her experience with Paul, her boyfriend for three years, who was unable to control his cumming whenever her lips had surrounded him.
Fairly confident that this wasn’t going to happen with Grant, Sienna went on her knees and had a good close up view of this exciting cherry-capped pole that she was about to favour.
Hard, so hard, it was.
She licked at the tip before letting her tongue travel slowly along the whole length, and she enjoyed his little moan of pleasure.
Encouraged, she parted her lips and took the whole smooth length of him to the back of her throat.
Grant’s hips jerked in rhythm with her lips sliding back and forth along his rod.
Sienna found the power of his throbbing cock made her own channel pulse more madly.
Grant suddenly eased her back, and said, “Wow, any more of that and you’ll have the full taste of me.
My turn to taste you.
” He helped her to her feet, and said, “Just go to the bedroom and lie on your back.
” Sienna had found some pleasure in giving him her head but knew exactly what she wanted from him now, and where she wanted it.
Obediently, she went through to the pale lit bedroom and lay on the bed.
Grant followed her, having discarded the robe.
Watching his approach, Sienna couldn’t avoid thinking what a magnificent specimen of manhood he was.
Tall, and all muscle, he looked.
His body was deeply tanned apart from that small delectable area around his bobbing erect, so desirable, cock.
Oh, please, come straight into me, with that monster, Sienna was thinking, but Grant picked up a pillow, placed it so that it raised her buttocks, before dipping his head between her thighs.
Next instant, Sienna was groaning with the sheer rapture of his tongue tracing along her whole slit.
One finger followed behind the tongue only probing a little deeper.
When his tongue settled more definitely, playing around and over her clit, Sienna experienced something close to an orgasm.
His fingers probed into her entry, as deeply as possible, and rubbed against her inner walls.
Sienna heard her own desperate yelps as the separate actions of tongue and finger became as one.
Grant licking and nibbling, stroking and poking, had her whole body aflame, her craving for his cock was so demanding.
Being on such a high, Sienna, when Grant’s tongue suddenly plunged along her channel to tickle at her unsuspecting anus, gave an initial squeal of surprised delight.
That squeal went a tone higher, when his tongue returned to her clit, while the finger replacing it immediately pushed inside her via an orifice so far uninvaded.
This was all too much for Sienna, as she thrust her body upwards crying out in frenzied elation, “Great God, give it to me!” Grant, to his credit, was instantly between her thighs, his eagerly awaited cock-head poised at her entry.
She couldn’t stop her own hips nudging upwards in anticipation.
And then, it was inside her.
In all its glory that thick solid hardness urged on by her inner muscles was surging like a piston up into the core of her.
With Grant, there were no hesitations, no sensitive pauses.
His, up to the hilt and back, thrusting was a constant source of euphoria for Sienna as wave after wave of orgasm struck her.
Much as she would have liked to, there was no way she could match the hefty rhythm of Grant’s thrusts.
Sienna could only lie there, helpless, in the wanton wonder of his massive plunger setting her insides on fire.
His whole body seemed to be trying to bunch up into her.
Was this what the Guy incident had set her up for? Could there be even more? Suddenly, Grant’s heavy breathing was changing to gasps, and above her his face contorted.
He was about to cum, and Sienna saw the chance of an exciting prospect.
Given the ease with which her own orgasms had hit, and, she was sure, another was building up inside her, if Grant was about to cum, the chances of a mutual orgasm were breath-taking.
Grant’s rhythmic pounding had become swifter, each stroke stronger than the one before.
Sienna absorbed them all knowing her inner walls were pulsing their need over his loaded organ.
Could she hold back? Her answer came with Grant’s wild growl into her ear accompanied by a massive thrust which almost lifted her from the bed.
Sienna was able to let go and absorb the sheer power of his orgasm, finding herself carried away on a blissful tide.
Their mutual cries of exultation filled the room.
It seemed an age before, lying side by side, they regained any composure, but Grant’s first words really gave Sienna something to think about.
“Wow, Sienna, the agency has gone up in my estimation.
” Agency? Everything immediately fell into place.
The receptionist’s lewd glances, and Grant’s lack of surprise at her being there.
Was she so dumb that she couldn’t have worked that out? No, she had been chasing a dream, hadn’t she? Grant thought he was screwing a call girl.
A very proficient one, which she could be taking as a compliment.
Sienna also recalled that a long-forgotten fantasy had been about being a call girl allowing herself to be taken by any man who appeared beyond an open hotel room door.
The evening events had fallen exactly into that pattern.
But her dream had not indicated what was to come.
Sienna wondered whether she should just make a quick getaway.
But then Grant suggested that they have a shower together, adding, “There’s something else I’d like to do with you.
You’ve been so good.
” Their shower together in the generously spaced cubicle was very touchy-feely.
Sienna found great delight in having his fingers explore every inch of her.
Her nipples, her clit, both of her lower orifices, in fact, Sienna was surprised how his fingers and tongue seemed to pay more attention around her anus than anywhere else.
Whatever, wherever, his attention lifted her into raptures.
For her part, she sucked his nipples which made him shiver and moan, she nibbled at the hardness of his cock, taking it into her mouth to gently bite on the shaft.
That brought a more definite moan out of him, together with a jerking of his hips.
It was as they were drying each other, as his fingers once again probed the crease in her buttocks, that he placed his mouth close to her ear and grunted, “I’m longing to take you anally.
To thrust right up your dark passage, and hear you squeal with pleasure.
” Sienna looked into his face, and it was clear that he was used to this kind of submission, whereas it was a sexual act she had always shied away from.
Recalling the size of his rousing member so close to her hand at that minute, she thought of what pain she might suffer.
At the same time, she recalled the recent joy of his finger probing there.
Grant must have read the uncertainty in her eyes, as he said, “Ah, you’ve had some poor experiences there, eh?” He couldn’t even assume that being a call girl, she would have no experience in that department, As, with his arm around her bare shoulders, he led her into the bedroom, he reassured her, “Don’t worry.
I’ve got the right kind of lube.
” Why didn’t she admit the way things were? She was breathing heavily as one of his hands was already stroking over and around her buttocks as they reached the bed.
Why go through with something that might hurt? She knew why.
Curiosity, that was why? She had set out on this sensual odyssey to find the ultimate in sexual extremes.
So, what would this experience do for her? Having heard no more uncertainty from her, Grant was assuming she was going along with it, as he told her to get on the bed on all fours, her feet just over the edge.
Nervously, she was aware of him placing cushions under her to raise her rear higher.
Then she heard a drawer open and after a second or two he said, “This may be a little cool at first.
” Next second, his finger coated with something cold and creamy was drifting around the rim of her anus.
Her body jerked at the initial shock but then it became more pleasant.
And, as the finger moved deeper, spreading the lube, Sienna felt her other passage begin to cream.
Was this going to be some brand new experience? She sensed Grant’s finger being removed, and then her thighs were parted further as he wriggled his hips closer.
Sienna felt his hardness press along her buttock crease.
Flinching a little, in worried anticipation, Sienna flexed her hips as Grants cock slid between her thighs, his hand was there too, guiding it.
She held her breath.
Within seconds that wonderful weapon was plunging up through familiar territory, and Sienna was thrilled at the surprise of it.
Leaning over her, Grant whispered, “A little natural lubrication is no bad thing.
” “It’s lovely,” she murmured.
“Only short term,” he responded and drew back.
Sienna felt suddenly empty again, but then his fingers were parting her buttocks once more, and she knew his pink-capped delight was pressing against the rim of her anus.
Now she did hold her breath.
Too late to stop him now.
Then there was a painful moment of being stretched open by a huge baton, even though Grant was most delicate with his entering.
Slowly his hard cock penetrated her virgin territory, and the further he went the less intense it became.
Then he was pulling his hardness back, but no, forward again.
And Sienna was beginning to acquire new, surprisingly exquisite, sensations from behind.
Her whole lower body was pulsing, but now Grant had put one hand around her to stroke at her breast, and tug at the nipple.
This was an action which set her juices flowing, and it did, but what it also did was to have her jerk her hips back to meet Grants increasing thrusts up towards her bowel.
God, she didn’t know, had no idea, that it could be like this.
The sheer salacious euphoria of it simply astounded Sienna.
Then, Grant’s fingers moved onto her clit, and Sienna’s whole body spasmed.
With one channel already deliciously blocked, she longed to have the other one filled.
Her push back onto Grant’s rigid cock was almost a desperate attempt for her to get the deep orgasm her body craved.
Grant, sensing her need, slowly pulled his erection back and out, leaving Sienna’s insides feeling totally deserted.
But there was no time to despair for without delay, his gorgeous shaft was plunging up into her deepest cunt, drawing screams of delight from her as Sienna knew she was having an orgasm to rival all orgasms.
Once again, came that hungry, greedy rebuilding of her psyche that demanded many repeats of this.
Yet, it wasn’t over as Grant continued thrusting, drawing out the full ecstasy of her orgasm, and then he burst, and Sienna was sure she was so sensitive that she felt his seed mixing with her own juices.
It was all so exquisite, that when Grant finally faded out of her, he turned her onto her back, leaned over her and kissed her fervently.
With some shock, Sienna realised that it was their first kiss.
It had been a totally sexual journey.
Her senses slowly gathering, she realised that devastating though it had been, she could not hang around.
As she wiped herself dry, she knew that Grant was bound to make a connection sooner or later.
But being unaware of whether he was expecting to have her for the night, she didn’t dare say her time was up.
Then Grant suggested that they take another shower, and seeing a chance, Sienna lounged back on the bed, and sighed, “You’ve really worn me out.
Mind if I rest a while?” He smiled at her, “Good, wasn’t it?” He slid off the bed, and stood naked over her, “Here’s a plan.
You rest, I’ll shower, and when I return, you can give me a lovely full blowjob.
That sound okay?” Sienna forced a smile, her mind already racing ahead, “Sure does.
” Nodding his head in anticipation, he went into the en-suite, and Sienna was immediately off the bed, grabbing at her clothes.
As soon as she heard the water running she got into her panties and bra, in double quick time.
She had picked up her dress when a cell-phone went off with loud tones.
Desperately, she looked around and saw it on a cupboard close to the bathroom door.
“Dammit, could you hand me that, sugar?” Momentarily, Sienna was in doubt about what to do.
She picked up the phone and, on the screen read, “Good-friends Meeting Services.
” Oh, God, now he would know.
Move yourself, Sienna.
She swiftly removed her bra, and holding out the phone, she stepped into the en-suite.
Through a mist of steam, she saw Grant dripping wet, with his arm extended, and he took the phone.
As she hurriedly backed out, she heard him say, “What the hell do they want?” Sienna, near panic, picked up her bra and stuffed into her handbag.
Pulling up her dress, she heard Grant’s voice, “Apologise? For what?” Sienna was thinking that she could have told him, as she gave a quick fumble to fasten up her zip and reached for her shoes.
“What do you mean? She’s—in an accident? Hospital?” Shoes on, Sienna took a final look back as she opened the door, and the last she heard of Grant’s voice, “Well, who the hell have I—Just a second.
” Then, she was out and rushing for the lift, it arrived almost immediately, and was surprisingly busy.
Men and women laughing together, obviously, heading for a night out.
Sienna immediately thought how convenient that was.
Grant could have phoned the desk to stop her.
By the time they reached the ground floor, Sienna had started a conversation with a couple of ladies, and as they left the elevator she saw a receptionist standing nearby, with a watchful expression his face.
Fortunately, it wasn’t the close-eyed character who had been on when she arrived.
She left with the crowd, resisting their invitation to join them at a local casino, and she was back in her flat within fifteen minutes.
Showered and robed, she sat, cosily sipping a glass of wine, and reviewed her time with Grant Domeeno.
Guy had left her wondering if there could possibly be more, and Grant had proved th



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