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Chapter Seven: The revenge starts – every action has its consequences During that time my external server was starting to get full of recordings from my own house.
At least I could watch them without crying now, but a cold rage was building up inside me.
They had made fun of me, stolen money from me and I may have been naïve, maybe selfish to some extent but I didn’t think I deserved such treatment especially when they wished that I was dead.
I had never hurt anyone on purpose in my life and now I was going to do it coldly and without mercy.
  I met a well known divorce lawyer, showing him the most relevant recordings which I had gathered, also the papers that I had found in the house while it was empty.
Then I explained to him about some of the “investments” my husband had made with my money.
I hired a private company to make some forensic investigation on his accounts and on everything he did both at home and at work, and found that a good number of those supposed investments he had asked me money for were just sums moved into foreign bank accounts.
  To empty those accounts was going to need special attention from me, if that would ever be possible.
The terms of the divorce were ready which would leave him with only his job to rely on.
I decided to wait until I could gather as much evidence as possible although I wanted him to lose his job as soon as he signed the divorce papers, so that he would really be on his knees, since he apparently liked that position so much!  The main part of my revenge was to ruin their lives, in the same way that they had ruined mine.
I was going to keep the essential house bills paid, so that I could keep spying on them from there, as I wouldn’t be able to if they moved to another place.
They would think that I still considered it as my house, and so in their selfishness would exploit the fact that the bills and rent were paid.
  First of all I needed to put her into a situation that forced her to rely completely on him; Serena sometimes used a woman to solve some embarrassing problems that she faced on various occasions in her clubs.
This woman subscribed to the gym where Erika was working, and studied the situation, security and habits of the place.
  A couple of weeks later another woman, hired by the ‘problem solver’ also subscribed to the gym.
In a week this woman started stealing items from customers and putting them into a hidden compartment (which had been made one night by professionals, while the gym was closed) in Erika’s locker during the less crowded times.
This other woman left the gym after a month, a week after another of her team subscribed and started doing the same stealing/hiding.
  This way, nobody could be accused of stealing since the thefts were happening before and after any of them was in the gym, and who would ever think about a conspiracy? The woman who directly worked for Serena had already left the gym after passing all of the information to her staff.
Different people kept doing this for a few months, until the gym was flooded by complaints and then they had to take action.
  They searched every person as they left the gym, included the staff, and after several attempts found a stolen diamond ring in one of the small pockets of Erika’s gym bag.
She, of course, denied everything and said that probably the thief put the ring in her bag to distract the search from him/herself.
They were, anyway, bound to do a thorough search as that was the first clue about the thefts.
They then authorized a full search of her locker, which revealed a hidden section full of stolen jewellery.
  There was no money in there, of course, that would have been too suspicious.
She managed to avoid arrest and being sued by the gym, thanks to the return of every stolen piece of jewellery, but was fired immediately, with no pay and would be given a bad reference if any future employer would want one.
Her landlord was a member of the gym, and had been ‘confidentially’ informed of the reason of her dismissal from the job.
Since the women had been stealing as much money from him as possible, he was quite angry and gave her a week’s notice to leave the flat, and he kept her deposit.
She was now forced to find another place to live, and with no income to pay neither the rent nor the deposit, Nick told her to go and live in our house, since I was away.
They would make up some excuse to me when I returned if I started asking questions.
  During the months that Erika was set up, I was also working on Nick.
The investigators found evidence that he had stolen not only from me, but also from his employers and clients.
There was enough information to ruin his career as well.
We had to make up reasons to ruin the bitch’s career, but in his case he just gave us enough evidence that he would be out of a decent job for the rest of his life.
Yet I didn’t want to have them thrown into prison, where they would be fed, and maybe find someone able to help them to rebuild a life later on when they were released.
I wanted them ruined in a way that no-one would trust them again and they would have to fight hard to earn every single bit of food they ate.
  What we felt would be better, before we decided to land the final blow on him, was to break the two of them apart, so that they couldn’t help each other out.
If that didn’t work, at least we would have them economically broken down so that they couldn’t fight anything we had put in their way.
  That was done thanks to Lana, another friend of Serena, a very rich woman, well known by a small circle as a powerful dominatrix.
She accepted the challenge and appreciated the fact that she could help in the revenge against people that were so evil and also so dangerous for the D/S community.
The plan was fairly simple, she would try and entice him, then convince and persuade him to submit to her and become his only mistress.
  Since he was so obsessed with money, he wouldn’t believe his luck in finding a Mistress who was also rich just at the moment when he was so short of money.
This would enable him to feed his hunger, instead of having to prey on rich women for money, eventually marrying them – as he did with me – and having to hide his sub side until he was with his actual skunk Mistress who, by then, was completely relying on him.
He had to work and try to steal more, with considerable risk, since her tastes were expensive and she wasn’t getting any money from anywhere.
  Officially Erika was a friend in temporary need that would be staying in our guest room, and I heard him telling her, via my spying system, that he was about to file for a divorce with a lawyer accusing me of leaving without any reason, and also he would be asking for a huge amount of money as compensation for abandoning him.
I made my move at that moment and, although having emptied them already months before, closed all my bank accounts that he had access to, since he had been using them liberally; I also cancelled all of the credit cards of mine that he could still use.
In fact I blocked most of them so that it appeared as though I didn’t have enough funds to keep them going.
The next thing to do was to change all of the locks in my parent’s house, because I knew that he had a spare set of keys.
At least he didn’t have the courage to steal from it yet, but I was sure that he would.
I hired a security company, and instructed them so that Nick and his bitch couldn’t access the house without being arrested for burglary.
Officially, they were there on behalf of the insurance company that lent me the money, and were protecting their investment.
I would move in and live there eventually, after the whole matter was settled.
  I knew that he wouldn’t go to a lawyer within a week, so he had time to realize the accounts and credit cards were either closed or blocked.
After listening to his complaints with Erika about the money, I decided it would be better to start putting some protection into place.
How could I protect myself from his lies and swindling if he went to a lawyer, without revealing all of the setup before time? Kelly helped me with her experience in legal matters.
  Kelly and I decided on a day and we sat in her car just a few minutes away from the house.
Patiently we waited for the two little shits to start their session of heated sex.
In the past few weeks I had noticed that they were having sex on a daily basis at regular times of the day, since she was at home every day and he was obeying her by being there for a few hours in his breaks from work.
Knowing the timing and the habits, we didn’t have to wait long for them to start.
We also knew that the sex was usually satisfying for her and frustrating for him, even if partially satisfying for his need of being controlled and, to some extent, abused.
Today, based on their past behaviour, was to be one of those occasions he would be allowed full sexual satisfaction.
Interrupting them just at the right moment would stall his brain, still focused on the release and frustrate him even more.
  They started to kiss and then moved to the bedroom.
As they undressed he started licking her pussy with gusto.
After her first orgasm, she took a huge dildo.
“Candy, I need a good fuck myself, but since I would not even feel your puny imitation of a cock in my pussy, lube this replica of a real cock with your mouth so I can be fucked properly!” Then she stuffed the dildo in Nick’s mouth.
He gagged a little, adjusted and slobbered on the whole tool, licking it all.
When it was well lubricated he started to move it toward Erika’s pussy, but she screamed at him.
“You worthless imitation of a man, I didn’t tell you that you could fuck me! When I want a proper fuck, I’d do it myself, or call a real man to do it!” He dropped his head in defeat.
“Sorry Mistress, I tried to be helpful.
”  Her gaze softened.
“I know, Candy, it’s okay.
I’m sorry I snapped at you, it’s a bad moment for us.
You know what? Today is your cum day and I have a treat for you.
While I’m impaled on this big dildo, I will allow you to fuck my ass with that tiny appendage until you cum, but only on condition that you then will use your mouth and tongue to clean me afterward.
” “Oh, Mistress, yes, thank you! I’ll do it, I promise!”  He was almost delirious knowing he would be allowed, after long weeks, to stick his pinkie sized cock inside a hole.
I could tell that he was restless, and excited, seeing Erika slowly stuffing the dildo into her pussy, stretching it wide.
Despite her boasting about its size, it was clear that she wasn’t used to such a size, even if she usually stuffed it in his ass.
She was sweating, and it took a while before she was able to take it all in, with several in-out movements, and stopping every now and then to adjust to the size.
Online Now! Lush Cams AnaHathor After she was comfortable enough, she started moving the dildo slowly in and out, while Nick kept drooling saliva in the place between the dildo and her pussy to help lubrication.
  He was tempted to give a lick on her clit, and wanting that added stimulation she allowed him to.
She started moaning immediately after he flicked his tongue on her sensitive spot, and the pace of her self-fucking rose, making her cum again quickly.
She motioned him away then and raised her legs further, until she placed them behind her arms, her feet locked behind her neck.
I had my mouth open in amazement.
I had never seen anything like that before, as I didn’t know a well-trained gymnast could do that quite easily.
She was literally folded in two; with her hand keeping a huge dildo stuffed in her pussy, and told Nick he could fuck her ass now.
He almost jumped on her, but she stopped him immediately.
  “Wait! Don’t you think you can enter me without even a little lubrication!” He dropped his head, then scurried toward the nightstand on the other side of the bed and produced a bottle of KY, which he used on her asshole and on his tiny dick then he started to ease it in her.
  By now Kelly and I had moved in front of the house, and I chose the moment when I saw him starting the penetration, knowing that he wasn’t going to last long.
I entered the house making a lot of noise, so they could clearly hear me and called loudly.
  “Nick, I’m home, where are you?”  We were still watching the video feed on my smartphone, and we saw them freeze.
I could see the indecision in his face.
The humiliation of getting caught cheating, or stopping and acting normally? She snapped him from his reverie, whispering that a divorce for cheating wouldn’t do them any good.
Then they ran around almost in panic.
He shouted out to me that he was coming, and then stepped into the shower, wetting himself with cold water, and then donning a bathrobe.
She silently slipped into what was officially her room to dress properly.
  Within a few minutes, during which we watched them on the smartphone and sat comfortably on the couch with a drink, he came downstairs pretending he had just got out of the shower when I had called him.
I told him that I couldn’t walk upstairs due to the injuries on my leg.
He was trying to be cool and almost affectionate, even though I could see the rage and frustration below the surface.
As I pretended to still limp a little and needed help to do many things in reality I was, by then, completely healed and exercising daily in the private gym of Serena’s house.
Kelly had suggested that since the two were clearly money hungry and too annoyed that I hadn’t died, their frustration could make them even nastier, so it was better for my own protection for me to stay living in her safe mansion until things were dealt with.
  A few moments after he greeted me, Erika came downstairs herself.
I have to admit she was good at acting.
You couldn’t tell that just five minutes before this well made up face with perfectly combed hairs was sweating, distorted in pleasure and about to cum with a huge dildo stuffed in her pussy and a cock – however small – prodding her ass.
  When I saw her, I briskly I asked him who she was and why she was in the house.
He told me the excuse they had made up when she had moved in.
I acted a little angry and made out that I was clearly displeased that he hadn’t been available to even wait at home for me after I was discharged from the hospital.
Then I continued to inform him that he was only too ready to help another woman to live in my house and to be there for her during work time.
He balked a little, and blurted some pitiful excuse.
At this point I interrupted him explaining that I would still need help for most of my daily functions.
Also I would require more surgery and, consequently, I would need special care at home for several months afterwards.
I kept acting naïve and unsuspecting of his cheating and I asked him if he was ready to spend some time at home taking care of me, at which he suggested that I could hire a private nurse.
  A barely audible grunt from his bitch made him realize that was a mistake and that would mean not only me being home 24 hours a day, but also that a nurse would be there most of the time.
Their affair would be badly jeopardized, since they wouldn’t have another place to go for their sessions.
I told him that I had used up all of my remaining inheritance and savings as well as the insurance money to pay for the operations.
  Also being out of work for so long meant that I didn’t have any income and, therefore, I couldn’t afford to pay for a nurse.
I explained that I had also to cut back on all of my expenses and that I had drained my accounts to pay for my recovery so he would have to pay for everything ‘when’ I returned home.
That way I was also giving him a reason for both him and his bitch not to have any more of my money to spend.
  I acted a little embarrassed about my money problems, especially because there was this woman there, who was a stranger to me, and was listening to everything I said about personal issues.
He then asked me, very impolitely since Kelly was there herself, if I couldn’t stay at her place until I was fully healed, so there would be someone caring for me 24 hours a day for free.
I could clearly see through the charming and confident appearance he usually showed, and questioned myself as to how I could have been that stupid to fall for such a spineless idiot.
  Kelly intervened and agreed, as we had it already discussed it in advance, that since I had practically been forced away from home and was losing everything I had and Nick wasn’t acting like a good husband would, rather as if I was a burden that he was trying to get rid of, so she didn’t want me to risk that he would file for a divorce by saying that I was a bad wife who had left him and asking for the only remaining thing I had, my family home.
  This one was rented, so I wasn’t bothered by it.
We got it initially as a temporary home, supposedly waiting for the “big hit” he was hoping to do and move to my family house with a full serving staff, so I asked him to sign a paper, with Kelly and the bitch signing as witnesses, where he stated that he knew my health conditions put me in need of a constant care and he was agreeing in both our interests to have me staying as a guest in Kelly’s house where I would be taken care of until I was ready to come back.
Also if he filed for a divorce he wasn’t going to use any of the things derived from my accident as a valid cause for it, and stated that I gave him more than he gave me, and he was living thanks to my job and I always paid all of the bills and even lent him big amounts of money.
Initially he wasn’t that keen to sign, but Kelly threatened him to force him to pay house assistance and have me home twenty four hours a day, so he gave up and signed, without even reading the document properly.
  Being Kelly was a lawyer herself, the paper was very well written and by signing it he was practically agreeing to renounce to everything from me when he filed for a divorce, very much like a prenuptial agreement just signed after the marriage.
  Blinded by the prospect of having the house all for himself and his bitch for months to come he didn’t even give a thought to the fact we had arrived with the appropriate paper and, as said, signed it without even reading it properly.
He was experienced enough to have some alarm bells ringing, if he had read it.
We counted on the fact that the bitch wasn’t experienced in legal matters and that he would be only too happy to have me out of the way and had been too frustrated to think straight.
  We had a pile of medical papers to show him about my various conditions just in case he would doubt my health situation but he didn’t therefore we didn’t produce them.
Damn guy, he was really thinking with his dick! At least this time it was to my advantage and not against me.
I took the remainder of my belongings from the bedroom, and found that they had stuffed some of my clothes into a small storage room like old rags, as if I wasn’t ever going to return.
I gathered my remaining personal things and jewels – he hadn’t dared to sell them yet – and we left soon after.
Then I checked for the two of them with the surveillance system, to see how low they had really sunk.
  Believing that, at the moment, I only owned my old house – that was out of his reach – they talked trash about me in an even worse way than before, saying what a waste of time I had been for them, and that at least I was staying out from under their feet.
He was going to file for a divorce as soon as I was better and would even pose as a victim as he had waited so long for my sake.
Unbeknown to him my divorce papers had been ready for a while.
It was a good thing that I had waited, because in this conversation he admitted to Erika that at least he still had part of the money he had taken from me to make ‘investments’ which, of course, he never did, just moving the money into foreign accounts.
What a pity for him that I had found that out already, and this recording was just another nail in his coffin.
  Things were agreed with the law firm so that I was officially on unpaid leave during my convalescence.
In fact, I was still managing their systems from home as a well paid consultant, so they didn’t have to make my name appear on any payments.
Apparently Serena was very connected with people in the power world, so the firm complied with all of her requests to help me, with a direct order from the big guys whose names were on the firm plate.
  They also checked my contract and I was allowed to work as a consultant for other employers as long as they weren’t competitors or that there would not be a conflict of interests.
As a result of this I was now freer than before to focus on my revenge.
Serena’s power was even more evident because she wasn’t a client of that law firm, so apparently she didn’t have any string to pull with them; nevertheless they complied with her requests.
  During the months that followed I set up the main control system, the servers, supervised the installation of the hardware and controls in the various clubs, discovering that there were many and scattered all around the country and abroad.
This meant that I would travel to several other countries with Daisy and Serena, who was taking the opportunity to check the clubs she seldom visited.
I connected everything to the servers at home, created an encrypting system so that the recorded videos could be decrypted only from her house server and eventually could be sent only to her mobile, smartphone or tablet, on an app that required a full biometric scan and a long password to be opened.
Several security devices were set to avoid any possible chance of infiltration, stealing, or unwanted access.



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