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Latest stories Supernatural Fallen Angel Dream

You stare deeply into my deep blue eyes with an intensity I had never seen before.
As dark wings suspend us in the air I allow myself to drink in those eyes that suck me in like a black hole.
Comfortable being pressed tightly against your naked, clean, muscular chest my mind is bombarded with delicious thoughts.
You are holding me to you in a way that makes me wonder if you are afraid to drop me.
If I began plummeting toward the earth would you catch me? Lost in transit we slowly descend back to the ground.
Under the moonlight you are making me thirsty.
The sheen glow on your skin, the light shining through curly dark hair, a canvas every artist would dream to paint.
Though, none of the finest artists would paint you right.
Too flawless, too perfect.
I cannot even picture you right in my own mind! So I drink you in even more pass the point of suffocation.
What effects to I inflict on you a perfect, demented dark angel? I’m mortal, average, nothing.
But you tell me I am absurd and to banish such childish nonsense.
You tell me I’m beautiful many times, nonstop.
Do I believe you? No, but only because being next to you shames my features.
If only I could get into that brilliant mind of yours.
Call me Alice in Wonderland.
With our feet drifting above the earth I feel afraid that this is where you release me and take off.
I keep waiting for it.
Now I really wish you would have let go of me in the air so I could at least look forward to hitting the ground.
That I’d at least know what would come next.
Yet, you don’t put me down; however your grip does constrict tighter around my tiny fragile body.
My breathing catches, and you are intrigued.
Your lips part slightly, causing my body to react in a dyer aching need for a fix of your luscious mouth.
Hesitantly you begin to lower your face, and for an instant I thought you were going to kiss me.
Only you exceed further past.
I feel your fingers trace the curve of my jaw up to my ear, pull a curtain of hair, and tuck.
My heart is racing as you draw near, closer.
Seductively I bite down on my lower lip until I taste blood.
Chills spread all over my body when feeling your warm breath hitting my neck.
A light moan escapes from within this fragile woman.
Suddenly you are tenderly kissing my neck, nibbling here and there.
This continues for a while that my neck has become ultra sensitive.
You must feel my body tense up at how amazing your kisses make me feel.
So using the other hand to unclasp my bra, your fingers skim up my stomach and stop right at my breast.
Another moan escapes from my lips.
That maddens you, drives you to bite down on my neck, to squeeze on my breast.
“Uhn!” I groan as well as moan.
You are being too rough, not that I don’t mind.
But please at least allow me to do something, too.
Let me please you! Instead you keep at what you are doing.
My head rests on your broad shoulders, my fingers skim up your back until they run into an obstacle.
Your wings.
Curious, I touch the feathers and bone of those beautiful wings.
You growl hungrily.
“Fah,” you breathe.
It does not take long for you to rip my clothes off.
In no time I ly on the ground, naked while you stand over me taking in my body.
You do that for a long time just marveling at this naked form, probably indecisive on where to start first.
When your mind is finally made up you lay on top of me, pressing hard against my naked body.
You stare at my disoriented face with your face a composed mask of emotion.
“Where next?” you ask in that sexy voice.
I do not answer, so you repeat the question.
Again I say nothing.
A cocky smile spreads across your face.
What’s going on in your head? My question is answered quickly.
In a flash you are sucking and nibbling on my nipple, one hand playing with the other.
Your other hand is rubbing my clit also teasing the entry hole.
Quickly juices are flowing out without pause.
Soft breathy moans are slipping from my concentration.
All of that slips out of the window when you start kissing down my body.
I watch you go down on me; your eyes never once leaving mine.
Especially the second your tongue flicks across my clit.
Every muscle beneath tenses up my body lifting up off the ground.
You hold my lower proportion down and continue to lick my juices.
My fingers slide through that curly hair of yours and knot them in that tangled hot mess.
Online Now! Lush Cams HannahJonns I assume that felt good, because you plunge two fingers inside of me.
“Uhhhhn!!!” I moan.
The moans won’t stop coming, but that just adds fuel the fire.
“More?” you ask taking a break.
My answer is a simple shake of the head.
As I watch you frown down at me disappointed I feel bad.
I’m not pushing you away, not like you think.
And just to prove that I get off the ground, push you down, and began kissing all over your body.
But instead of going down right away, I want to try something.
I turn myself around so you have a clear view at how wet you’ve made me.
You are hungry again.
Now I have my fun.
I’ve pictured your dick many times before; baby, I was way off! Your dick is very hard, veins poking out.
Pre-cum is seeping out at the tip.
Curious I lick it up.
Your body jerks telling me how honest your body is.
So I lick your shaft until I’ve touched everywhere.
Then I take you in my mouth.
Now it’s you who moans.
The sound drives me mad.
All I want to do is make you feel as good as I do by jerking my hand fast and hard on your shaft.
I wonder how good it feels, but don’t want to stop to ask.
And your body is so honest that there really isn’t any need; your getting rock hard in my mouth.
You’re driving me crazy licking my slit like that.
I wish you’d go inside.
An idea forms in my head, an idea that’s going to drive you up the wall! I take your sack and began massaging it in my hand.
You do exactly what I wanted you to do: your tongue slips inside.
“Oh, da—” my words are cut off.
Things happen too fast: I suck you harder and faster, you tongue and finger my pussy, until we both moan loudly as we cum.
“What next?” I tease, a drunken smile planted on my face.
“Get on top,” you growl.
I gladly obey.
Steadying myself as I climb on top you feel my legs.
Are they soft? I bet they are if you won’t quit teasing me.
To tease you back is easy, but it backfires.
Not only am I teasing you I’m teasing myself sliding the tip of your cock up and down on my slit, halting at the entrance.
Your mouth is gaping open so I know I’m driving us both crazy.
I end our thirst by vigorously pushing down on you.
We both moan in intense pleasure.
“You’re so fucking tight!” You groan.
I know I’m tight as hell.
How could I not be with such a big dick inside of me? I feel it instantly, and I know you see it because your staring at our connected bodies.
Blood drips around your rod from tearing my walls.
“You are so fucking big,” I moan right before I begin grinding against you as hard and fast as I can.
Your head keeps hitting my womb making me want to take you all the way inside me.
“It feels sooooooooo fucking good!” I cry out.
There is pain but that pain is the best.
I fuck you like there’s no tomorrow.
I want more, so do you.
Taking your hands I place them on my tits.
You squeeze driving me to go faster.
I feel myself about to cum, but I’m not ready yet.
I stop pumping, also because I’m tired.
My pussy tightens up, so I cum anyway.
It’s your turn.
Flipping me over on my hands and knees you are impatient to fuck me.
Your dick roughly drives deep into my pussy.
I begin screaming, “I fucking love you! It feeeeels soooooooooooo gooooood!” You are pounding the shit out of my pussy so hard and fast, hitting all of my g-spots.
I’m about to cum again.
Tightening my pussy around that big cock you pick up the pace, going deeper than before.
Now your whole dick fits inside of me.
“Make me scream!” And you do.
You start knotting your fingers in my hair pumping your stamina all the way.
“I’m gonna cum,” I say breathless.
I don’t even know if you could understand me.
“I’m gonna cum to, baby,” you moan.
“Inside,” I breathe.
Things get rough and out of control.
My pussy is going to break, or so it feels.
My walls tighten tighter than ever before as your dick builds up to bust.
I wait, anticipating for you to shoot your load in my womb.
I force myself to tighten more.
We’re both moaning in ecstasy as we draw to the climax.
Finally you bust and I squirt in sync to each other.
Our breathing in spasms, our bodies tired, all we want to do is relax.
You lay down right next to me and I curl up in your side.
We stay that way gazing up at the moon, in love.



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