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Latest stories Straight Sex Are You Ready For More?

Showered and smelling fresh and clean, I smile and walk slowly towards you.
Reaching out I place a gentle hand on your chest and gaze deep into your eyes.
Thoughts of how we reached this point don’t even cross my mind.
You are here with me now and that is all that matters.
I search your eyes for desire to see if it’s present and if you are content with this new level that our friendship has reached.
You smile mockingly at me with a smirk to challenge and I can see the wonder and hope that I will accept it.
I have always loved your mind, the way its intelligence stimulates me in unexpected ways.
You are more than just a feast for the eyes and that is something that has always been a turn on for me.
Looking in my eyes, you can’t tear your gaze away.
You make me wait knowing that I want to taste you, to feel you, waiting for my body to tell you without words.
You are very observant and notice my hand begin to shake slightly in anticipation, and then it happens, I gently lick my lips with the tip of my tongue and draw in a deep breath.
You smile a devilish smile and bend towards my lips, unable to resist any longer tasting the sweetness of them.
You want me and a kiss will tell you all you need to know about my decision.
I want you and you will not deny me.
The softness and unexpected flavour of my lips tantalize you before tangling your tongue with mine.
You plan to make sure that after tonight, I will never yearn for the touch of another man.
You plan to put your mark on me and claim me as your own.
The kiss makes me melt, never in my life has a man made my knees buckle.
Could your touch really send me to a place I’ve only dreamt of? I tilt my head slightly so that I can get more of your mouth.
I can’t believe you have the restraint you are showing.
Surely you feel the passion and longing that fills the air around us.
Using your body and strong arms to hold me against you, never letting your lips leave mine, you lean in a bit more to kiss me more, letting your passion for me rise to a feverish pitch.
With a gentle pressure I push you toward the bed and you watch with an appreciative smile.
The gesture, although intended to have enough force to land you on the bed, only moves you inches.
You chuckle and wrap your arms around me giving my ass a gentle slap to prove dominance.
I feel my nipples perk up yet still restrained by my bra.
You turn me to expose my neck to your gentle nibbles sending shudders throughout my body.
With one hand you reach under my shirt to find my breast, while I lean back into you to enjoy your caress.
I can feel the heat of your desire pressing against my ass as you reach with your other hand to caress between my legs.
The mounting desire combined with the restriction of clothing causes moisture to appear on my panties and a sigh to escape my lips as I feel my cunt begin to contract in wanton desire.
You grab hold of the edges of my shirt and rip it open.
Buttons fall to the floor exposing my breasts to your desires.
Imprisoned in their cages, my nipples stand erect waiting for your touch of skin against skin and I can feel your cock straining at the material of your jeans, waiting impatiently to be set free.
I take your hand and place it on my nipple and you use your fingers to send tiny shivers of pleasure across my skin.
I rub myself against you, my eyes closed in pleasure slowly rubbing your cock through your jeans with my ass.
You bend me over to dry hump me with a tease of what you have to offer.
With one hand you reach upward and release the clasp holding my breasts encased.
The bra quickly falls away exposing my nipples now to your firm grip.
I pull away to turn towards you, unzipping your jeans to find your erection.
I gently caress the tip, pulsing with hardness, now moist and waiting for the touch of my mouth.
One hand leaves your cock and you watch me quickly slip out of my skirt with ease and place my fingers inside my wet panties as I take your cock into my hot, wet mouth.
I take it all in slowly until you feel my lips brush the hair at the base.
I withdraw and use my tongue to flick up and down your shaft.
Moving back up, my tongue finds the tip as I slide it into the slit, quickly but firmly.
You think you are going to cum but hold on because you don’t want this to end.
I take my mouth away from your cock and suck your balls in, one at a time, my tongue tracking around and around them.
Then it’s back to your cock, teasing you to see how much more you can take.
You clench your fists into the hair on my head, holding on, fighting the urge to shoot your load into my willing mouth.
Online Now! Lush Cams bananabrain My nipples are rubbing your thighs, and my hand is rubbing my clit furiously.
Finally, you can take no more and you push me away, gasping for breath.
I look up at you and smile, knowing just how close I took you.
Close to insane with lust, you grab me and throw me down on the bed.
I giggle happily letting you take control as you grab hold of the flimsy, wet material of my panties and rip them off me, making me gasp at the sound of them tearing, my breathing becomes quicker now.
Burying your face in my hot wet mound, your tongue heads straight to my erect clit, lips sucking on it.
You bite down gently and I cry out, your tongue rubbing and rubbing at my clit.
One hand finds a nipple and you pinch it and make me gasp in pleasure.
With your other hand; you rub my opening, teasing me now as I teased you before.
I try to thrust up at you, to make your fingers plunge deep into me, but you don’t let me, pushing my hips back down flat on the bed.
You keep rubbing your finger around the opening of my pussy without entering me, making me moan in frustration then you thrust your fingers in deep.
I scream, the breath exploding from me as you pump your fingers in and out of my pussy.
Your tongue is still flicking over my clit and I push your face deeper into me as my hips thrust forward to make your fingers go even deeper.
Making fists in your hair I begin to tug ever so viciously as you put another finger in and twist them around as you go in and out, driving me wild.
Suddenly you feel the rush of hot juices pour out over your hand as my climax slams into me.
I scream out, my fingers entwined in your hair, pushing your tongue down harder on my clit.
My whole body shudders with the heat of orgasm but finally I let go of your hair and pull your face up to meet mine.
When our eyes are locked together again, I fiercely kiss you, our tongues wrestling and our lips mashing together.
I reach down and grab your cock, which is now buzzing with anticipation.
I move my hand up and down your shaft as I suck my juices off your tongue.
Releasing you and pushing you over on your back, I straddle your thighs, my dripping pussy hovering tantalizingly close to your erect cock until you feel my pussy lips kiss the tip of your cock, my wetness exciting you even more.
There it stays, with me holding myself over you on quivering legs.
I gently and slowly lower myself onto your cock.
You feel every inch being welcomed into my tight, wet pussy until I have taken all of you.
I raise and lower myself onto you as you massage my now heaving breasts, time speeding up again as I increase my rhythm, writhing up and down on your sensitive cock.
You have to stop yourself once more, wanting to make me cum again before you do.
We are locked together, sweat dripping down our chests, cries mingling together as I rock and rock and rock on your thick length.
Then we both feel my pussy tightening on you, my juices flowing down it and out onto your balls as I explode once again.
I lift myself off you.
”Don’t you dare cum yet,” I growl, rolling over onto my front.
I get up on all fours, my ass raised up in the air.
”Fuck me, and fuck me hard.
” I moan at you.
As you stand up, your legs feel like jelly.
You pull me down the bed toward you, taking a handful of my hair.
Turning my head toward you, you almost viciously kiss me, stealing my breath.
”Tell me you want it,” you say into my mouth.
“I want it,” I whisper as you plunge into my waiting pussy.
You fuck me hard, letting go of my hair and grabbing my hips hard and using them to ram my pussy hard onto your cock.
My tits are swaying back and forth and you can’t resist them.
You lean over me and grab them, tweaking my nipples, forcing me harder and harder onto you.
You get a finger wet with my juices and use it to circle my asshole.
You tease it, round and round, pressing against it but not quite entering it until I am squirming with pleasure, flushed and panting.
I experience wave upon wave of pleasure as my pussy clenches around your shaft, gripping it, coaxing the cum out of you.
You can’t hold back any more and with a growl you climax, your hot cum squirting deep inside my pulsating pussy.
Eventually you pull out of me and I whimper at the loss.
We collapse together, panting, shaking and sweaty.
You pass me a bottle of water to ease my thirst and ask, “Are you ready for more?”



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