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Hearing the dogs scratching at the door to go out, I rolled over to look at the clock.
Wow, eight AM already.
I thought to myself.
I don’t think we even attempted to sleep until five-thirty, I was beyond exhausted.
Hearing me stir, you snuggled behind me, and I could feel your cock hard against my ass.
“Morning wood, sir?” I asked playfully, reaching around to stroke it.
Just because of you wood.
” You responded, grinding it harder into my ass.
The dogs heard our voices and began whining to get our attention.
“I have to take care of them or they will just get even more obnoxious.
” I said to you as I climbed out of bed and wrapped myself in the robe from last night.
After letting the dogs out, I wandered into the kitchen to get their bowls ready and called out to you “Did you want coffee baby? I need to know how much to make.
” “No, no coffee for me.
I’m going to hop in the shower to wake up.
” You said from the bathroom as I hear the shower start.
I had an idea; I just had to get the dogs in quickly.
Running to the back door to let them in, I put them in their room with their food and headed to the bathroom myself.
Before I got to the bathroom though, I remembered I was supposed to work that morning, That meant I needed to be dressed and out the door five minutes ago which was not about to happen.
I quickly called my co-worker and faked being very sick.
I convinced her I had food poisoning and had her quickly cover my shift for the day with the offer to cover her extra shift next week.
Now that the situation was handled, I made my way into the steamy bathroom and you.
Pulling my robe off and pulling the shower curtain back, the steam hit me in the face as I climbed into the hot shower behind you.
I wrapped my arms around your chest and started stroking your skin.
My breasts pressed into your back; the cool air from the bathroom making my nipples hard.
You turned around, allowing the hot water to rain down on me and to kiss me.
You gently cupped my ass in your hand as your tongue probed my mouth.
I moaned into your mouth as I felt your cock grow hard against my stomach.
“Seems like at least a part of you is awake.
” I joked as I wrapped my hand around your shaft and began to gently stroke you.
I loved the feeling of your cock in my hand, and you rarely denied me the pleasure of getting my hands on it.
You tilted your head back and moaned from pleasure.
It was obvious that I had not worn you out the night before.
We both nearly passed out from sheer exhaustion after five AM.
By that point I think I had at least 10 to 15 orgasms and passed out at least twice.
You had to have had at least three.
No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the feeling of you pulsating inside me as you came out of my mind.
Last night was definitely worth the 20 year wait.
I switched from kicking myself for not doing it to kicking myself for waiting so damn long to do it.
“Damnit woman; it is barely eight AM and it has only been three hours since we finished.
Is there no satisfying you?” You joked back.
I knew you were kidding, and the last thing you wanted me to do was stop.
“And aren’t you supposed to be on your way to work right now instead of here with me? I don’t want you to get in trouble, get moving baby.
” You said, rather sternly, in fact.
Narrowing my eyes at you, I smiled and then fake coughed.
“I am very sick.
” I said very sarcastically.
“I have food poisoning and cannot come to work today.
” I giggled as you looked at me with shock in your eyes.
“You called in to work? You can’t do that.
” You said as you pulled me closer.
“Too late, I already did.
I guess you’ll have to punish me.
” I said, teasing you.
“Really? Punish you huh? I’ll keep that in mind.
” You said as you resumed kissing me.
I was thankful that you found me playing hooky humorous.
My sister wasn’t going to be back from vacation until that evening, so we still had some time to play and I had so many more things I wanted to do that we didn’t get to last night.
It was obvious when you first arrived last night that you were unsure I was truly ready to give in to the desire between us, I could feel that you were afraid I was just going to back down again.
Once you had seen the corset though; you knew I meant business.
At the sight of my breasts peeking out from the top of my corset, you instantly got hard.
At that moment you cared very little if I was still unsure.
You were determined to do what every necessary to win me over.
You had no idea how easy of a fight you had in store for you.
Our bodies melded together as one as soon as we hit the bedroom.
My panties were soaked, and as you pulled the tiny plaid thongs off of me, you could smell how aroused I was.
The scent of me made you even harder, and it was hard to resist the urge to bury yourself balls deep in me immediately.
Last night we did not fuck; you were slow, deliberate, and gentle.
You made sure to stimulate every nerve ending in my body and build my pleasure slowly.
Last night was not about quantity it was about quality; the quantity was just a bonus.
Thoughts of last night spun in my head as we kissed under the shower head.
My head was still reeling from the fact that a fantasy I had for twenty years had finally come true on top of the fact that it was about to happen again.
My arousal was as apparent as yours, I could feel my moisture escaping as you caressed my skin and kissed me.
I wanted you so badly and I knew just how to let you know.
I knelt down in the shower and took your hard cock between my lips.
Sucking you deep into my throat while letting my tongue dance over your shaft, I knew it would be mere moments until you couldn’t take it anymore.
Online Now! Lush Cams MelinaHouston Normally, blowing you would just be the introduction to the remainder of the event; it was the appetizer.
Today, however, I had other plans.
Milking your cock with my mouth and swirling my tongue around you, I felt your hands in my hair.
You were gripping my hair tightly between your fingers and forcing yourself deeper and deeper into my throat.
Despite the water from the shower head raining down on me, I still looked up at you so I could stare into your eyes.
Feeling my eyes on you, you looked down, and your grey eyes locked on my green ones.
I could see the fire burning behind your steel-colored eyes as you realized what I was planning.
As your pleasure rose and you neared your orgasm, your knees buckled.
I took the opportunity to ramp up my efforts, burying you even deeper in my mouth and stroking your cock with my hand as I mouth-fucked you.
Your groans of pleasure let me know you were getting close and I pushed you to the edge before granting you the orgasm you’ve been waiting for.
The taste of your salty-sweet cum filled my mouth as you screamed out in pleasure.
Swallowing it all, I caught your eye; I could see the pleasure in your eyes; not just for the orgasm, but also for me overcoming my reluctance to swallow after a bad experience in my late teens.
Kissing me deeply, you pressed yourself against me.
I could feel your cock still hard against me.
Apparently I hadn’t worn you as much as I thought I had.
You stroked my hair off my face as the shower water rained down my face in rivulets.
Kissing my eyelids, then my cheeks, then my nose, and finally my neck; your hands stroked down my body, enticing me.
My skin was on fire because of you.
Every touch was like electricity coursing through my veins.
Biting my neck, you slipped your fingers between my lips and stroked my hard button, teasing me.
My orgasm began building quickly; it seemed everything you did drove me to the brink of pleasure without you even having to try that hard.
You quickly realized how close I was with barely a touch, and then pushed me against the cold tile of the shower wall.
As my back touched the cold tiles I gasped, you took that opportunity to bury your tongue in my mouth again as your fingers ravaged my clit ferociously.
My back arched as my orgasm rocked my entire body; pressed between your hot flesh and the cold tile I trembled as the waves of pleasure overtook my entire body.
Lifting my leg, you pushed yourself deep inside me with one stroke as my muscles were still convulsing.
Before I even had a chance to react, another orgasm rocked me and caused me to pulsate around your shaft.
“Mmmmmm baby, yes” I moaned with pleasure.
“You feel so good inside of me, don’t stop, please don’t stop baby.
” You pounded into me, much harder than last night, and as my breath came in little gasps and I started screaming as my third orgasm quickly approached.
This was different, you were more forceful, more animalistic; I liked it.
I could feel you tense up and knew your orgasm was quickly approaching.
Pushing deeply inside of me; you wrapped my legs around you and held me against the wall.
Shuttling your hard cock in and out of my as your orgasm drew closer, you buried your tongue in my mouth.
Moaning into my mouth I could feel you growing harder and knew what was coming.
As you came, you sucked my tongue deep into your mouth, and the slight amount of pain combined with the pleasure of feeling you explode inside me pushed me to my fourth orgasm.
We caught our breath together, your eyes locked on mine.
As our breathing slowed, the water of the shower turned colder, and we slowly separated.
Wrapping me in a big fuzzy towel you kissed me gently as you led me back to the bedroom.
We snuggled in bed as the sunlight shone in between the blinds.
It was wonderful waking up next to you, we should do this more often.
Tilting my chin up toward your face, you said as you lightly kissed my lips “Now what was it you said about coffee?” I looked up to see your wry grin and cocked eyebrow and knew you were teasing.
“I was actually just about to ask you about breakfast in bed.
” I said, giving you the same look back.
Rolling me onto my back and pushing the covers down you said “I know exactly what I want for breakfast in this bed.
” Feeling your tongue brush against my clit, my back arched as my body automatically responded to you.
Physically you had exhausted me, but my hormones were not yet satisfied and my body was on auto pilot.
My body melted into you as your tongue slowly probed me, your fingers gingerly stroking my nipples.
Your tongue teased me as your touch excited me.
I wanted nothing more than the pleasure to continue as I felt you push deeper into me.
Every nerve ending in my body was on edge as you tormented me.
This was twenty years of build up for both of us and I don’t think either one of us expected this passion to end any time soon.
Over the next four hours, you deftly read my body and brought me to orgasm after orgasm, all the while ensuring I never went too far over the edge.
After my last orgasm of the day, you held me in your arms until my trembling stopped and my breathing slowed.
I gently fell asleep wrapped safely in your arms.
Kissing me softly to wake me, I awoke to your dancing eyes.
“Good afternoon beautiful.
Did you have a good nap?” Smiling back at you, I said.
“Yes baby, you wore me out.
I needed that nap.
” “So?” You asked.
“So, what?” I asked back.
“I heard you say something last night about it being worth the twenty year wait.
Did I hear you correctly?” I blushed from head to toe, biting my bottom lip as I tried to come up with the best answer, my eyes locked on yours.
“Baby, I’ve always heard the first time together is awkward.
If that was our awkward, I don’t know if I can handle what’s coming next.
” I said giggling.



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