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Latest stories Taboo Taking Step Daughter’s Virginity

It was an emotional week.
This past week marked the one year anniversary of my wife’s untimely death.
In fact, she had now been dead longer than we were married.
How strange did that sound? What she left me was you, a beautiful step daughter who was a spitting image of her, only a little bustier and taller.
I barely even knew you because you had been away at college most of that year.
You had only come home a time or two for weekend visits.
What a strange living arrangement this is now I thought.
You never even knew your biological sperm donor as we called him.
Your mom had a brief fling with him while at a convention and you are the result of that evening.
He never even had the guts, courtesy or balls to contact your mom after she told him about being pregnant with you.
Just as well.
Your mom had done a marvelous job of raising you.
She really wanted no part of him anyway, and you seemed as well adjusted as any other 19 year old young lady.
The somber anniversary went without much fanfare, just the two of us visiting her grave, placing some flowers and going to grab some lunch.
You seemed pretty quiet, but I understood and gave you your emotional space to deal with it as you needed.
The evening ended pretty uneventfully.
After you had showered, you joined me in the family room to watch some TV.
I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you were, and I watched as you brushed your hair.
You reminded me so much of her, how you sat, and moved so gracefully.
I studied your moves, the shifting of your body.
Every subtle move you made, made the fabric of your nightie rub against your nipples, keeping them hard.
As I studied your somewhat shear nightie, I realized I could see your nipples through the fabric.
I felt a stir in my pajama bottoms.
It seemed like every time I let my eyes drift towards your tits, your gaze caught me.
‘Geees, this is a bit awkward.
‘ I thought.
After you finished, you said you were tired and going to bed.
You came to my chair and I stood up.
We hugged for a minute and gave each other a quick kiss before heading into our own bedrooms.
I stood there for a moment and watched you walk towards the long hallway to your bedroom.
Wow, I thought to myself.
What a fine body.
It didn’t feel like I had been asleep very long when I felt the covers pulled back and someone slipping into bed.
My mind must be playing tricks on me I thought.
My wife used to stay up after I went to bed and do things to help her mind relax, before she finally came to bed.
For a split second I thought.
it was her.
But I knew better.
I ignored what I felt must have been my imagination and was soon back to sleep.
Then I heard your muffled sobs and realized you had crawled into bed with me.
I turned to face you and you told me you needed comforted.
you needed held.
My mind was really fucking with me now.
You were ‘all grown up’ in the most physical of terms.
You scooted over next to me and snuggled up under my arm.
I held you close and dried your tears with my fingers and brushed the hair from your face.
You snuggled in even closer.
and I felt that awkward ‘stir’ in my shorts again.
The only thing between me and you was the thinest of fabric.
I tried to conceal my arousal as you figited next to me.
Your breath was so warm, and the perfume you wore was beyond captivating.
You wrapped your arm over my chest and squeezed me tightly and kissed my cheek.
Then you half way draped one leg over mine, your knee just a few inches from my throbbing cock.
Now my ‘stir’ had become a full blown erection.
I laid there not knowing what to do.
It didn’t seem right to be in this situation, but dayum, I needed some ‘comforting’ too.
As you lay there snuggled up next to me, I reminesced at how you loved showing up announced to visit.
More than once when you surprised us with a visit, I had come home early and discovered you sunning yourself by the pool.
Sometimes topless, and once nude.
I have to confess to myself, I watched you with prurient interests, and with one hand usually rubbing myself through my pants.
I fantasized about how tight your sweet little love hole must be.
And how delicious those beautiful young nipples must taste.
I confess that I had on more than one occasion masturbated, wishing it was your hands instead of my hands rubbing my throbbing cock.
And now, you lay here next to me, in a very compromising condition.
And my mind was telling me you were coming on to me.
The last thing I wanted to do was violate the trust you had in me! But the way you were moving against me told me you wanted more than to be consoled.
I ran my hand slowly up and down your arm and kissed your forehead.
I did my best not to move anything below my chest for fear you would discover my full arousal.
You leaned your head on my chest and moved your hand lightly across my chest a couple of times, commenting how strong I felt, and how secure I made you feel.
I had no answer except to gently hug you, play with your arm and rub my cheek against your forehead.
‘, you started.
‘When you saw me in my bikini, or when I ran around the house in my undies, did you ever look at me like.
I was a woman?’ My heart pounded in my chest and I gulped loudly.
‘Why do you ask honey?’ I answered.
‘Mmmmmm, well Daddy, because.
even though you are my ‘official’ Daddy, you really aren’t my biological daddy at all.
I still see you as a good looking man, very attractive and strong.
Someone I would want to be with if the time was ever right.
‘ I must have been holding my breath.
I sighed deeply.
‘Daddy, do you find me attractive in other ways too? You know, not just as your step daughter, but as a woman?’ ‘What do you mean honey?’ I asked.
‘Well, a woman has needs and wants and desires.
Even a young woman like me has needs Daddy.
‘ you started.
‘I want to know if you find me sexy.
‘ ‘Oh shit I said to myself, now what?’ ‘I know honey, and you are a beautiful young woman and I’m sure you have the same needs as any other woman.
‘ I said reassuringly.
You interrupted, ‘Daddy, you may not know this, but momma used to treat me like one of her girlfriends.
She told me things about you that a young girl shouldn’t be hearing about her father figure.
not when she is so impressionable anyway.
She told me things that made me all tingly and squishy between my legs.
Sometimes when momma had a few too many drinks, she would tell me about.
well, how big you are and some of the things you two did in bed.
I don’t think she had any idea she fueled my own fantasies about you.
Sometimes after talking with Momma, I would slip into my bed and lay there naked, with my hand between my legs, thinking about what it must be like to have you.
I would rub myself until I couldn’t stand it any longer, and would squirt in my panties.
‘ ‘What tha fuck?’ I thought to myself.
I took a deep breath and felt speechless at this revelation, but you continued.
‘She used to tell me how ‘big’ you are and how you made her feel like a million bucks.
She said sometimes when you two made love she liked to act like a dirty whore.
She said you two could make love all night long.
Daddy, I want a man like you.
I want to be made to feel like a million bucks too.
‘ Then you leaned over me and looked me square in the eyes, just inches from me and said, ‘Daddy.
I have saved my virginity for you to take.
I want you to make me feel like a naughty dirty whore’ My cock was throbbing at this little impromptu conversation.
I didn’t know how to respond, but I knew I was fully aroused by the nature of the conversation and your constant incedental brushes against me.
Out of no where you leaned up on one elbow and kissed me on the lips.
You caressed my face and ran your fingertips across my lips, then you slipped your hand behind my head and pulled my mouth into yours, your tongue darting in and out of my mouth.
The heat of your breath mixed with your perfume was intoxicating and the softness of your lips irresistible.
I met your kiss with full passion and wrapped my arms around you as a lover would.
I pulled you half way on top of me with both arms around you, feeling your firm titties pressed against my chest.
Your leg moved between mine and you began to grind yourself against my leg.
I slipped my hand across the back of your thigh and pulled your leg completely across me, fully on top of me.
I pushed your teddy over your tits and began to suck on one, then the other.
Online Now! Lush Cams MelissaGolden Your body came alive as you writhed on top of me.
You moaned as I sucked each hard nipple, squeezing each one, feeling the firmness and suppleness of each one.
You closed your eyes as I licked and sucked each hard nipple, then back and forth on them.
I pushed my cockhead against your pussy, pushing your panites inside you.
I slid your teddy down over your titties and I rubbed them thru the fine silk teddy, which made my hands slide over them easily.
The only things separating our grinding sex organs from each other was shear fabric.
I felt you pushing your pussy against the head of my cock.
The only thing keeping me out of you was our underwear.
You gyrated on me as we kissed deeply and ran our fingers across each others bodies.
This was something apparantly we both had fantasized about.
I reached under your legs and pulled your lower body upwards, kissing your tummy as you rubbed your panty covered pussy against my stomach, then my chest.
I pulled your knees to straddle my face as I kissed and nibbled at your silky soft but muscular inner thighs.
I could smell the aroma of your sweet musk as my mouth neared your pussy.
Your panties were completely soaked with your sweet juices.
I squeezed your butt cheeks and swatted them as I rubbed my face against your pussy through the fabric.
‘Oh Daddy.
you never paddled me before.
Don’t you think I need a spanking now? MMM? I rolled you over on your tummy in sort of a 69 position, one leg on either side of my chest.
Your wet panties almost at my chest.
My throbbing hard cock nestled between your titties.
You wiggled your ass at me as you told me to spank your ass.
I ran my hands up the insides of your thighs, spreading your legs wide, making you squirm as my fingertips neared your pussy.
I squeazed your ass cheeks several times and spread them as I pressed panites against your growing wet spot.
Then I pulled your panties over your hips and cheeks and you squirmed your way out of them.
giving me a perfect view of those wet swollen lips.
Then I swatted your ass cheeks pretty hard.
It made you squeal with surprise that I hit you so hard.
‘OUCCCH Daddy’.
you protested.
then laughed.
‘Spank me again, I like feeling your strong hands on my ass Daddy.
‘ You reached over and took my throbbing cock as I spanked your bum.
You warned me to be ‘nice or pay the price’.
and we laughed.
Then you pulled my long thick hard cock out of my boxers and kissed and licked the head.
You pushed your lower body towards my face.
offering me your sweet pussy and ass.
I swatted each cheek and squeezed them as I spread them wide and licked between your ass cheeks.
My tongue darted in circles as I licked your sweet bunghole.
It made you grind yourself against me harder.
My arms were wrapped around your waist and legs, hands spreading you wide as I ravaged your sweet pussy.
licking and sucking your pouty pussy lips and sucking them into my mouth.
nibbling on them.
You squealed with pleasure as I sucked on your hard clit.
You were so engrossed in the pleasure I was giving you, that you barely did more than keep a good grip my cock.
After a few minutes, you stroked me a few times and lowered your lips over the bulging head, licking it as you took it in.
I couldn’t believe that a petite little lady like you could take my whole throbbing cock in your mouth, but you did.
You played with my balls as you mouth fucked my cock.
You used those fine nails to rake my inner thighs as you sucked me.
Your body was fully sensitized and on fire.
Every time I touched one of your hot spots, you shuttered and moaned loudly.
I laid there captured by your love making skills.
I watched your ass cheeks squeaze to a rhythym only you heard as you bobbed up and down on my cock.
The juices flowed from your pussy.
I slipped two fingers in your pussy and worked you like a rare violin.
‘Careful Daddy, you’re gunna make me cum if you keep doing that.
Is that what you want Daddy? mmmm you want me to cum for you Daddy?’ I half moaned, ‘Oh yes baby.
I want you to cum for me.
‘ I grabbed you by the hair and pulled you towards me, now face to face.
Then I turned you to face away from me, your back to my chest, and I pressed my hard cock against your ass cheeks.
‘So you want to be my lil slut baby?’ I whispered in your ear.
‘O gaaaawd yessssssss Daddy.
make me your whore!’ you moaned.
I leaned you forward and ran the head of my cock up and down your wet pussy a few times before sliding it in your tight pussy.
You screamed slightly as I stretched your pussy wide.
‘Daddy, oh Daddy, your cock is so big.
I want it all.
Fuck me Daddy fuck me good.
‘ I pushed myself totally inside you, all the way to my balls.
Even when you whimpered it was hurting, you begged that you wanted it all.
Slowly I stretched you to take all of me easily.
Then you began to grind against me.
Long slow deliberate strokes.
I could feel the tightness of your young pussy as my cock glided in and out of you.
Your hair swayed in my face as you became consumed.
It didn’t take long for you start to cum.
You leaned backwards into me, turned your face to kiss me as I fucked you harder and deeper.
My hands were all over your titties, tummy and inner thighs.
I couldn’t get enough of how wonderful you felt.
Your body was convulsing as you began to cum, erupting in a violent orgasm.
You squirted cum all over my cock and stomach, soaking the sheets.
But you continued to bounce on my thrusting cock.
As I fucked you fast and hard I asked, ‘You gunna cum again for Daddy you lil whore?’ Your nipples were harder than ever as I rubbed them, pinching them and pulling them as you started your orgasm.
‘Oh fuck.
oh fuck oh fuck me Daddy’, you kept saying.
“I’m going to cum on you again Daddy.
I’m going to cum all over you Daddy.
‘ you were moaning.
‘I cant stop.
oh fuck me harder Daddy.
I want all of you inside me.
‘ I grabbed you by both hips and thrust my cock as hard and deep and fast as I could as you exploded on me again.
oh fuck fuck fuck.
oh fuck me Daddy.
You made me cum so hard Daddy, not like when I used to play with myself, and wishing it was your hands and fingers and your cock fucking me.
‘ ‘Oh Daddy.
momma was right.
But Daddy.
I want more.
‘ Knowing I hadn’t cum yet, you reached down and played with cock and balls.
You rubbed my cock as I slowly slide it in and out of you.
‘Now daddy.
I want you to cum for me.
ok?’ I want you to fuck me like a wild animal.
‘ You climbed on top of me and this time took my cock with greater ease.
You slide down on me and began to rock hard on me.
Eyes locked on mine as you dug your nails into my chest.
‘Fill my.



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