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We walked arm in arm to my room.
I let Nikki clean up in the bathroom first.
While she was in there, I ordered some room service for us.
Nikki came out wearing a big fluffy robe, hair still wet from her shower.
She still looked hot even with no make-up and in a bathrobe.
After room service dropped off our food, we sat on the bed eating and talking about our lives.
It seemed too good to be true that we had so much in common.
I would just enjoy whatever time together we had.
As we were talking, Nikki’s robe was slowly falling off her shoulders.
I put my hand behind Nikki’s head and pulled her into a deep passionate kiss while on the bed.
She hesitated at first but finally relaxed and let herself go.
Her skin was soft.
I slowly took her robe off.
She willingly obliged.
Our tongues touched while we kissed.
I slowly laid her on her back and climbed on top of her.
While she rubbed my cock, my hands traveled from her breasts down her body.
Finally, I reached my destination – her tight round ass.
She lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist.
Her moaning increased.
She gasped loudly when my cock entered her freshly shaved and showered pussy.
Her moaning continued when I kept thrusting my cock into her very tight, very wet pussy.
She began rubbing herself.
I put my face directly into her breasts, kissing and licking both of them, stopping on each nipple to suck it until it was hard.
Nikki’s moaning increased when I did that.
Her muscles began to squeeze my cock, making her pussy tighter.
She moaned louder and louder as I thrust my cock into her faster.
Her orgasm began to grow.
I looked into her eyes and felt pressure building in my cock, so I knew my orgasm was getting close.
After a deep kiss involving a lot of tongue, Nikki exclaimed, “Please, don’t stop, I’m about to cum!” That basically opened the floodgates of my ejaculation.
Nikki moaned louder, “Yes, fuck me; please don’t stop!” Her nails dug into my back.
My cock grew harder.
I could feel that at any second, I was about to explode.
Another thrust and she exclaimed, “I’m cumming; please cum in my pussy! Please, do it now!!” Being the gentleman I am, I could only happily oblige.
Nikki’s wish was about to be granted.
One final thrust and I told her, “I’m about to cum.
” Nikki cried, “Yes! Yes!  Cum in my tight pussy!”  She looked at me and grabbed my face and pulled me into her.
Looking into each other’s eyes, we kissed and both had our orgasms, exploding.
My cock started to fill her pussy.
She moaned and began to cum herself.
She felt my hot load fill her up; her pussy contracted on my cock squeezing it until I was empty, our juices mixing.
It seemed that time stood still when we were finished.
We both looked into each other’s eyes as both our bodies relaxed from our orgasmic high, just holding each other as close as we could.
As my cock slid out of her pussy covered in our juices, we kissed again and fell asleep in each other’s arms.
I woke up to Nikki sucking my cock.
  Her pussy was right above me.
  It was as if she planned on me waking up and I started licking her wet hole immediately.
  What a way to wake up.
  I grabbed her thighs and stuck my tongue deep in her pussy.
She was already soaking wet; it didn’t take long for Nikki to climax.
  “Fuck! That felt wonderful.
  I bet you can’t do that again,” she said.
  Online Now! Lush Cams Maximus_Diesel I took my tongue out of her wet slit but stuck a finger in and told her, “Watch me!”  I took it as a personal challenge to make her cum more before she could swallow the load that was growing in me.
  Nikki noticed that I was trying to go faster and she picked up her pace too.
  I really had to concentrate so that my orgasm would be after hers.
  She was starting to get the better of me, so I had to do something fast.
  I stuck my finger covered in pussy juice into her tiny ass.
  That really shocked her into stopping, so I made my move.
  I slid her off me and got behind her so fast her head spun.
  Before she could figure out what I did, my cock was buried deep in her pussy.
  One hand was on her hip and the other hand below her rubbed her clit, driving her into a frenzy.
  Her moaning got louder along with her breathing.
  I took my hand and slapped her ass a couple of times until it got a little pink.
  Her head was buried in a pillow as she moaned in ecstasy.
  “Oh yes!” she cried.
  She spun her head around to watch me fuck her.
  Her damp hair looked so sexy I had to grab a handful while I was pounding her pussy.
  A little tug on her hair when I thrust back in was all she needed.
  She looked and grinned, “If you keep that up, I’m going to cum all over your dick.
”  I stopped dead.
  Nikki looked at me dejectedly and asked, “Why did you stop?”  I said, “I want to see the pleasure in your eyes when I slowly slide my dick into you before I make you cum like the slut you are.
”  With that, I slid into her with a yank of her hair and held it there as I pounded away at her.
  “Oh my God, YES!”  she cried, her head buried again in the pillow.
  Nikki was getting close because her pussy was getting tighter.
  That’s when I noticed her hand massaging my balls.
“Oh wow,” I said.
Feeling her hand sped my orgasm up considerably.
  I wanted to give her one as well.
  I was close.
  We were close.
  I told Nikki I was getting close; she rubbed my balls faster.
  I yelled, “Fuck! I’m going to cum!”  As soon as I said that, it felt like a lightning bolt went through me.
  My hot load of cum filled her pussy so that it started her orgasm and Nikki screamed, “I’m cumming too!”  Cum started flowing out of her pussy, down her leg, on the sheets.
  I pulled out, cock dripping with our juices.
Nikki turned around to lick my cock clean.
  She swallowed me down her throat, getting whatever cum she could get.
  When she finished she said that “We taste delicious together!”  I wasn’t done yet.
  I wanted to see if she was right.
  So I got behind her and stuck my face in her pussy to taste our cum together.
That and the fact that I love to eat pussy didn’t hurt either.
  But Nikki was still a little sensitive so she climaxed on my face.
I licked it all up and when I was done we shared one last kiss.



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