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Latest stories Straight Sex I Don’t Do One Night Stands- Chapter 2

It was happening again, that fatal attraction that was pulling them both together like magnets.
That sexual tension between them had changed the atmosphere in the room as soon as Lexi opened the door and looked into Ian’s frosted eyes.
She just couldn’t understand why these feelings were there, and developing so quickly.
How was it possible for him to completely control her body without even touching it? Because that’s exactly what he was doing the moment he walked in.
He was unconsciously making her surrender and submit to him with just one heated stare.
Every touch, every kiss and caress made her feel like he was changing her entire DNA and transforming her into something greater, and more exquisitely evolved than human.
The star crossed lovers were tangled in a bed of white sheets as they coupled together, drowning in their passionate love making.
Pleasurable moans, soft sighs, and laboured breathing escaped their lips while the conjoining union of two souls became one through the synchronized movement of their bodies.
Lexi looked into Ian’s eyes and found herself lost in a euphoric paradise with her Edenic lover by her side.
But just as quickly as that image appeared, she made it vanish into black and kept her eyes closed.
Her breathing got heavier as he slowly penetrated her, moving in and out of her tight, velvet folds while he pinned her hands above her head on the bed.
The sensations were completely overwhelming her.
She felt happiness in its purest form as a rush of ecstasy coursed through her veins.
Being with Ian felt like free falling from the sky at 5,000 feet with no parachute.
The adrenaline was intense, and exhilarating, but the fear of hitting the ground and facing a painful demise was always omnipresent.
“Open your eyes beautiful,” he breathed, and kissed her deeply.
“I can’t,” Lexi let out a breathy moan.
“Too much…sensory… overload,” she cried out in pleasure when he pushed his cock deeper inside of her.
Her silky, smooth thighs wrapped their way around his lower torso, pulling him in closer.
“I want to see your eyes,” he tried resisting the urge to abandon restraint and pound into her.
Falling into an abyss, she entered another dimension that teetered between reality and a ray of colorful imagery that manifested her deepest thoughts and feelings.
Strong gusts of wind were whipping through her long, dark hair while she fell at 290mph from the sky.
She stretched out her arms and stared up into the heavens with contentment on her face.
Yes, Lexi thought…this is how I want to die.
Ian wanted to take her to a place where only light and beauty existed.
He believed he could elevate her soul to a new cosmic plane where only the two of them existed.
And he wanted to achieve that through his fervent love making.
All she had to do was open her eyes and let him take her.
But Lexi was denying herself of that deeper connection, because she didn’t want to believe he could do it.
She didn’t want him to show her that it was possible to be so intimate with somebody and bond with them in every way possible.
Sex had never felt pure or emotionally healing for her.
Her ex was a sadist in the bedroom, not to mention his emotionally sadistic tendencies.
He had damaged her outlook on love and intimacy.
She felt corrupted and dark inside.
Lexi never had a man make love to her before.
Not the way Ian was.
In past it was always just…fucking.
She knew how to be a giving lover.
She knew how to be a submissive lover, and she also had a very dominant nature that had always been supressed due to her ex’s selfish desires.
The fear of revealing her soul to this man was overwhelming, as she kept visualizing the free fall that was leading to her inevitable demise.
To achieve such a blissful state of ecstasy with Ian, was something she felt undeserving of.
Her ex-boyfriend had left her with an unbelievable amount of emotional baggage, which she compartmentalized inside the very core of her being; the part that she hid and guarded so well; the place where no one was ever able to reach or get close to.
“Look at me baby…” She could hear his voice echoing in her ears, as she continued to plummet to Earth.
“I can’t Ian,” Lexi moaned again and arched her back so she could feel his hard pectoral muscles pressing flush against her erected nipples.
He tightened his grip around her fingers and kissed her neck, while keeping his thrusts slow and deep.
Their bodies rocked back and forth in a measured rhythm for as long as they both could handle it.
She was almost reaching the ground, spiraling towards her death, and yet she felt no fear as every sensation in her body heightened and intensified.
Lexi was close.
She was so close to finding her release, and could not open her eyes because she feared if she did, she would stare into Ian’s soul, and get pulled into his euphoric paradise with him.
And what would happen once she got kicked out of that rapturous place? How could she ever be able to give herself to another? After making such an incomprehensible connection with this fallen angel who wore the face of the most attractive man she had ever laid eyes on.
Perhaps he was an archangel amongst a legion in heaven, who was gifted with musical talent.
And maybe God rewarded him with choice, granting his wishes by sending him down to this corrupted waste land to share his entrancing music with the everlastingly flawed human race.
Lexi considered this possibility and carefully started tracing the muscled contours of his shoulders down his back, to feel around for scars where possible wings could’ve been.
But his skin was smooth and revealed nothing that would give him away as some supernatural being.
I can’t take this anymore.
She needed to free fall and feel the impact.
She wanted to shatter into pieces as her body dropped lower and lower, while she reached closer and closer to her orgasmic release.
“Ian…” Lexi sighed and tightly held onto his hands.
“You’re going to make me cum…” He quickened his thrusts a bit, while penetrating her deeper and harder so she could feel every throbbing vein on his shaft.
“Look at me…please,” he was close to reaching his own release inside his earthbound goddess, desperate to drown in those ocean eyes.
Her body tensed and her breath quivered as she continued to feel herself falling at light speed.
“Ohhh fuckkkk Lexiiii…” Ian struggled to keep the penetration slow.
“I’m goin’ to cum in you.
Can I? Please let me,” his voice was hoarse and thick with lust as he breathed in her ear.
“Yes, do it.
Go faster,” she so needed to feel him fill her up with a big, hot load like the way he did last night.
It was the driving force that was almost making her go over the edge with him.
“Open your eyes and I will,” Ian slammed his cock into her and stopped moving.
He felt her pulse and contract on him, and that nearly made him explode, but he controlled the urge.
“Oh god…” “Don’t make me beg again.
” She heard that sexy Irish accent reverberating in her ears once more, before she miraculously obeyed and opened her eyes.
Crystal aqua stared into ashy blue, as Ian locked his gaze and propelled himself into her, harder and faster.
Her bountiful breasts bounced up and down from the forceful impact of his aggressive thrusts.
Lexi held her breath and saw her reflection in his glistening eyes.
That image of her body appeared in her mind as she kept falling downwards in the open air, only seconds away from breaking every bone in her body with nobody to save her.
“You’re so beautiful, so goddamn beautiful.
Cum with me baby,” Ian tried to pull her into that tranquil place he was reaching.
A place that was full of beauty, warmth, and love in its truest form.
He had no idea that she was abandoning him and was about to destroy herself like she always did every time she had sex.
The intense pleasure would later turn into self-loathing.
“Cum for me gorgeous, keep your eyes open.
Don’t close them.
” Everything in her mind suddenly stopped and froze in still frame, right when her back was inches away from getting crushed against the ground.
This was it; the moment where she would experience an earth shattering orgasm just as she would shatter into the earth.
Lexi released the loudest, untamed moan from out of her lungs, and gripped Ian’s fingers so tightly that her arms began to shake.
“ooooooooohh mmmmmyyy gaaaaawd!” Everything resumed back to real time.
The haunting beauty was about to break and shatter like glass, when suddenly she transformed into a swarm of blue butterflies through divine intervention.
She saw them flutter in the air and fly upwards towards the sky as she stared into Ian’s eyes.
The butterflies represented every part of her that was tainted, jaded, hurt and corrupted.
Those parts of her had split into fragments and disappeared in the wind, disappeared in him.
Her body convulsed uncontrollably when he buried himself right into her for the last time, and shot every last drop of cum inside of her.
A low growl rumbled from his chest when Ian yielded to the intense amount of pleasure he was feeling.
His breathing became more rough and shallow, as he tried to calm down from that incredible release.
But he still never took his eyes off his goddess for a second.
This was a very big breakthrough for Lexi, and she had no idea how to handle it.
He soon relaxed on bent elbows between her body and sensually kissed her lips.
Slowly, he rolled his hips into her so his sticky load would swim up into her womb.
She struggled to recover from that multiple orgasm he just gave her.
It was earth shattering.
So much that she was convinced if she had kept her eyes closed, her body would have plunged deep into the earth’s core, triggering plate tectonic movement, and causing a mass of earth quakes and tsunami’s to waken and destroy the world.
This was Lexi Milani, a destructive force of nature.
That’s how it normally went whenever she had sex in the past.
She would close her eyes, splinter into pieces, and lose precious parts of herself.
But for the first time in her life, that didn’t happen when she made love to this incredible man who had only been a stranger last night.
Lexi found herself saved in his arms.
The universe was safe, and all was as it should be in the world.
She had finally surrendered and entered his hidden Utopia, while she gazed back at him and lost herself in his soul.
Every wall, every barrier between them was down and she was crushingly exposed, but felt too happy to care.
“Was that as good for you as it was for me?” Ian’s lips curved up into a charismatic smile.
It made her heart palpitate.
“I can’t even describe it,” Lexi released a contented sigh.
“You know what we have to do now right?” he grazed his lips against hers, teasing her before she kissed him softly.
And then he withdrew and watched her shake her head.
“Make this work.
” “Is that what the sexy Irishman wants?” “It’s one of the things this hunk of a man wants,” Ian chuckled.
“He wants her body…[kiss]…he wants her heart…[kiss]…he wants her soul…[kiss]…but most of all,” he paused and brushed her silky hair away from her face.
“He wants her loyalty and commitment, because he can’t stand the idea of another man stealin’ her away from him.
” “Well, then it’s a good thing I’m a Leo, because loyalty is one of my best attributes,” Lexi smiled proudly.
“Do you believe in horoscopes?” “Nope, but something tells me you’re a Sagittarius.
” “Whoa,” his eyes widened a bit.
“How did you know?” he looked at her with a surprised expression on his face.
“I have psychic abilities,” she replied with a smirk.
“I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.
You’re too perfect to be human.
” Her laughter filled his ears.
“No, actually I was reading an article online last week.
According to these celestial oracles, a Sagittarius man is the ideal match for a Leo woman on the love meter.
So, I was hoping you’d be a Sagittarius.
” “Aye, that I am,” he flashed another smoldering smile that completely made her melt.
“Stop sounding so sexy,” Lexi giggled.
“Babe, I’m not tryin’ to.
This is just how I talk.
Would you rather I fake an American accent?” “God no!” “Good, ‘coz I’m horrible at it,” he admitted and kissed her lips softly.
“So what do these celestial oracles have to say about us? I’m curious.
” “Well,” she lightly ran her fingers up the nape of his neck.
“Apparently we’re about to embark on a never ending carnival ride, and our umm…relationship will be a colorful burlesque of acrobatics, language, parades and cartwheels.
” “Christ, they make it sound like we fell in love in a circus tent or somethin’,” Ian laughed out loud.
“That does sound pretty Circque du Soleil,” she laughed with him and tried not to freak out too much over his use of the ‘L’ word.
“Or,” he paused for dramatic emphasis and leaned in close to her face.
“Maybe it means you’ll be tourin’ the world alongside this hot Irish DJ who’s going to expose you to a musical carnival ride of romance, sunsets by the beach, kisses on the Eiffel Tower, and sex in every place possible,” Ian kissed her insatiable lips once more.
“And what happens when the ride stops?” Lexi asked when he finally let her catch her breath.
“It won’t.
” “Every carnival ride does.
” “You’re doin’ it again, “he let out an exasperated sigh and rolled his weight off of her.
“Doing what?” “Ruinin’ the moment.
” “How am I running the moment?” she sounded offended and turned on her side to face him.
Thinkin’,” he enunciated each word in his thick Irish accent.
“Well, excuse me for being realistic.
” “I think I much prefer the optimist in you.
” “I’m not an optimist,” Lexi scoffed.
“I see it in you.
It’s unfortunate that you don’t.
” “Well, aren’t you just a ball of sunshine this morning?” her tone was laced with sarcasm.
“Not when I woke up, trust me.
I had a storm cloud hoverin’ above me head the whole way here.
” “I’m sorry, for leaving like that.
I was just—” “Babe, I know.
It’s okay,” he pulled her in close to his chest and kissed her, while she molded her body into his and gently stroked his chest with a lazy hand.
“I’m not lettin’ you go so easily this time.
Be warned,” he smiled when she laughed and held her safely in his arms.
Lexi slid her leg over his and let her body relax.
A soothing silence fell upon them for a while, as they touched and caressed each other.
Ian sighed and closed his eyes, enjoying the sedative feel of her touch.
“I noticed you don’t have any tattoos on your body,” she broke the silence.
“I never liked needles.
I didn’t see any ink on you either.
” “Same reason as you—” “I love that sexy piercing though,” he reached down and played with her navel.
“Got it done last year.
Sarah dared me.
” “Well, you make it look sexy that’s for sure,” Ian slowly circled his index finger around her belly button, and looked into her eyes.
“Stop that.
” “Stop what?” “Turning me on again.
” “It doesn’t take much, does it? Damn, I’m good,” he flashed a wicked grin.
Online Now! Lush Cams Liam_Cossio “Don’t get cocky now!” Lexi laughed and playfully slapped his arm away.
But her smile never faded, because he was suddenly in between her legs again, and was affectionately kissing her entire face.
“Perfect nose,” he placed a kiss there.
“Perfect eyes,” he kissed both.
“Perfect cheek bones,” his lips hovered from left to right.
“Perfect forehead, perfect eyebrows, perfect chin, perfect jaw…” he made sure to kiss every part.
She giggled once more and slung her arms around his neck, enjoying all the attention and affection he was showering her with.
“And last but not least, perfect lips,” Ian gently pressed his lips against hers, and kissed her long and deep.
“How does it feel to be the most beautiful woman in the world?” he smiled pleasingly when she blushed.
“If you keep stroking my ego like this, you’ll end up regretting it.
” “You don’t have an ego.
You’re not arrogant or stuck up at all.
And I won’t stop, ‘coz I’m only speakin’ the truth.
” “Well, then I’d have to say that beauty comes with a price,” Lexi sighed.
“It’s a curse and a blessing.
” “Go on,” he started kissing her neck real softly while she spoke.
“People often misjudge me based on my appearance.
Most guys only look at me as some sex object.
Some men and women get intimidated and won’t approach me.
And of course there’s the worst of them all…jealous bitches,” she tried to think rationally, because the way he was kissing her was distracting “You must love the spotlight though.
Most people hate being invisible.
Don’t you like getting attention?” he managed to ask, while he dragged his lips up the other side of her neck.
“I like your attention,” she moaned when he sucked on her skin and then lightly blew on it.
Ian’s cock was hardening, as his desire for her began to consume him all over again.
“I’ve got something that really needs your attention right now,” he pressed his hard on against her thigh, and locked eyes on her so he could silently communicate what he needed.
Lexi was immediately wet and ready for another round.
She spread her legs and gasped when he guided his entire length inside of her, sending a wave of pleasure into her body.
They made love for hours, pleasing each other in every way possible.
She stared into his eyes the entire time.
oOo  LEXI  That morning just felt like a dream.
Ian and I stayed in bed like two sex addicts that were only able to get high off each other.
I couldn’t believe the stamina this man had.
It was unreal.
By the time we were done, I was unbelievably sore down there.
He definitely made me burn calories.
I don’t remember the last time I ever felt this happy.
He seemed too good to be true.
Unfortunately for me, he ended up having to leave around noon and show up for a quick radio interview.
But he asked me not to leave because he wanted to take me out.
Ian’s flight was at ten in the evening, and we had made plans to go out for dinner with our friends around six, prior to his departure.
His buddies were also DJ’s who were touring with him.
He mentioned that they were going to stay in Toronto an extra week because they were booked to DJ at some other clubs in the greater Toronto area.
He was going to be in Montreal for two days before flying out to the Netherlands.
I felt a little bummed about that, but he was living his dream.
And you always have to follow whatever path that makes you happy.
oOo  It was nearly seven when the six of us strolled into Sandstone Grill House.
The place was modernly designed in different shades of charcoal, chartreuse and gold.
It was generously spacious to say the least.
We sat near the end of the restaurant and waited as our server pushed three tables together.
Ian’s friends Liam and John pulled out their chairs and sat down.
Sarah sat next to John, while Amber, me, and Ian sat on the opposite end of the table on comfortably cushioned, booth styled seating.
Dinner conversation was pleasant, and we were all getting along so well as we indulged in some delicious Italian cuisine.
All throughout dinner, I could feel a subtle wave of heat radiating off Ian’s body, and it was making my stomach tighten in knots because it only enticed and teased my X-rated desires.
I had never felt so attracted to anyone this way before.
It seemed like every ten seconds I kept flashing back to our Sex Olympics at my hotel room.
It just felt incredible, and that soreness inside of me was a constant reminder.
“Do you like the food?” Ian asked me, as I dabbed at the corner of my mouth with a serviette.
“It’s delicious.
” He leaned in closer and sent shivers down my spine when his lips brushed against earlobe.
“Not as delicious as you were when I went down on you this morning,” I blushed and couldn’t hide my smile as he kissed my neck.
He really had no idea what he was doing to me.
oOo  The evening was rather enjoyable.
We had gotten through the main course, and were engaged in deep conversation, while we waited on dessert.
I was about to take a sip of my drink when suddenly my heart dropped…because someone very familiar had walked into the restaurant.
And he wasn’t alone.
“Lexi, you okay?” Ian asked.
“Yeah, I’m good,” I plastered on a fake smile and tried to avoid his eyes, because I knew he saw me.
“You look like you just seen a ghost babe,” he placed a comforting hand on my thigh.
“No, I’m fine.
Really,” I tried to smile more convincingly this time, and prayed that he would go away.
But my prayers weren’t answered.
Oh no…please no.
“So I see you have a new boyfriend now.
” I looked up at my ex best friend who was smiling at me in the most condescending way ever.
The last time I saw him was over seven months ago.
He still had his signature spikey black hair, and I noticed that he wasn’t wearing glasses anymore.
His green eyes looked more piercing without the frames, and as always he was clean shaven.
I suppose that was his trashy looking date by his side.
She clearly had no fashion sense.
She honestly looked like she was on drugs because her eyes were all bloodshot.
“You know this guy?” Ian asked me, with an uneasy expression.
“Get the fuck away from our table Cameron, no body invited you over!” Sarah hollered from the other end of the table.
“Nice to see you too Sarah!” he sarcastically replied and folded his arms in his chest.
“You got somethin’ you want to say to me mate?” Ian suddenly stood up and got in his face like an Alpha male defending his Alpha female.
“Yeah,” he looked at me with a smug smile.
“She’s a whore.
Fucked me for a night and that was it.
I’d bail if I were you.
” “Shut the fuck up Cam! You took advantage of her! You’re just bitter because she doesn’t love you, and I don’t blame her.
What’s there to love? You’re a worthless piece of shit!” Amber came to my defence.
She was one of my closest friends and I had opened up to her a lot about what happened between Cameron and me before the fallout.
I was completely mortified as fresh hot tears began to well in my eyes.
Why was he doing this? Was this my punishment, karmic justice or just bad luck? I needed to get out of there.
“God only knows how many other men she’s fucked since me,” there was venom in his voice, and I just wanted to wrap my hands around his throat and make him shut up.
I wanted to defend myself, but I was in too much shock.
My brain was hardly registering this entire situation that was transpiring before my eyes.
“Cammy, let’s leave these losers,” his girlfriend tried to yank his arm away, but he wouldn’t budge.
“You’ve got three seconds to walk away before I put you in the hospital,” Ian threatened him, and that’s when I snapped back to reality and rose to my feet to grab his arm.
“Ian don’t, let’s just leave.
” I swear there was a look of murder in his eyes.
“Yeah, runaway like the coward bitch that you are,” Cameron’s words were hurting me, because he was once my best friend and I had confided a lot in him.
“One…” Ian’s voice held a dangerous undertone that was almost scaring me.
“She’s a slut, bro.
” “Two…” “Ian, stop! It’s not worth it mate,” Liam pushed his chair back and stood up.
“She’ll just use you and leave.
I’m only warning you.
You should thank me.
” Cameron should’ve definitely turned around while he still had the chance, because everything after ‘two’ happened within a blink of an eye.
The next thing I knew, that asshole was on the floor and Ian was on top of him, punching his face in, strike after strike with his heavy fists.
All eyes were on our table now as a brawl broke out.
“Oh my god! Get off my boyfriend!” that ugly blonde started to scream obnoxiously.
“Have you gone bloody mad?!You’re going to get yourself arrested mate!” Liam and John grabbed Ian and managed to pull all 190lbs of muscle off that sleaze bag.
“Can someone please get this mental person out of here? He’s harassing us!” John shouted as the manager showed up.
Ian used the power of his celebrity to get Cameron banned from the restaurant.
I was so upset, humiliated and horrified.
I felt like I couldn’t breathe.
I had to get out of there.
Amber noticed my distress and saved me.
“We’re going to the ladies room, be right back guys.
” oOo  “I can’t, I can’t Amber…” I was on the verge of having a panic attack as I tried to breathe.
“Lexi, look at me hun.
” I met her sapphire eyes.
“Breathe,” she grabbed my shoulders and tried to calm me down.
“I’m so embarrassed.
How can I face him now? We slept together last night!” “You what!?” her jaw dropped.
“Oh my god, how was the sex?” “I’m kind of freaking out at the moment! I can’t dig up details about how incredible it was.
” I inhaled and exhaled slowly.
“Oh…” “Not helping Amber, not helping at all,” I tried not to hyperventilate.
“He must think I’m a slut now,” I so wanted to just crawl under a rock and die.
“Don’t think that way.
” “I need to get out of here.
I can’t do this.
I’m totally having a meltdown.
” “Wait!” She called after me, but I had already pushed through the bathroom door and was about to make a quick exit.
oOo  “Lexi! Lexi, where are you goin’?” I heard his voice, but I didn’t turn around as my heels clicked against the pavement in haste.
Ian caught up and started walking beside me.
I tried to look ahead and not fall on my face, because my tears were blurring my vision.
  “Will you just stop for one bloody second?” he grabbed my arm, and I reluctantly faced him as tears spilled down my cheeks.
“I’m walking away so I won’t have to watch you walk away from me first.
” “What?” A crowd of pedestrians walked past us and he huffed in frustration, taking my hand in his before leading me into an empty alleyway with him.
My heart was beating erratically in my chest when he looked at me.
“What the hell are you on about? Jeezuz woman, are you that prideful?” Ian frowned in discontent.
“I have no more pride left after what happened in there.
I’m sure you want nothing to do with me now.
” “Did you honestly go blind or something? I just bashed his face in for insultin’ you like that.
I don’t know who the fuck he is, nor do I care, but he had no right speakin’ to you the way he did.
” Ian had defended my honor, yet I felt so belittled, small, and excruciatingly vulnerable.
The waterworks just kept flowing because I could no longer pull it together.
“Lexi…” his blue eyes softened, as he gently held my face and wiped my tears away with his thumbs.
“Baby, don’t cry.
” “He told me he was in love with me.
I was confiding in him about my ex one night.
I was hurting and wasn’t myself at all,” I confessed in between stifled sobs.
“I was at an all-time low.
Cameron had tried to date me before, but I always told him that we could be nothing more than just friends.
But that night, I was so depressed.
I was scared that I couldn’t be able to love anyone anymore.
And he was there, and he told me he loved me, so I—” “Hey, shhhh.
Lexi, stop,” he paused and caressed my face.
“Stop feeling like you have to justify your actions to me.
It’s all in the past babe.
” “I do have to explain, because those things he said in there…I’m sure it makes you wonder and changes your impression of me now.
” “Nothing’s changed.
We had the most mind blowing sex last night, and this morning.
Yeah, you got spooked and left.
But I know why you did.
I’m not the kind of man that would let some gobshite come in and walk all over me, or you.
” “Gobshite?” “Idiot—” I laughed a bit; Irish slang.
“That’s it.
Now there’s that beautiful smile I love.
” “I’ve only had two serious boyfriends Ian.
The first one I lost my virginity to, and the second one screwed me over emotionally.
” I wanted to tell him about the time I got raped when I was seventeen, but I just couldn’t.
And well of course Cameron was the mistake.
“Please babe, don’t feel like you’re tarnished in my eyes now.
‘Coz you’re not,” he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into a warm, long embrace.
I felt such comfort in those arms.
I didn’t want to let go.
His cologne was intoxicating, and just having Ian’s scent all over me made me feel special.
“He wasn’t man enough to understand you.
And that prick should be ashamed of himself because he took advantage of you.
” I slowly withdrew and met his eyes.
“What do you mean?” “He knew you’d never feel the same.
That wanker is playing dumb, and he’s the coward for pretendin’ to be the victim, while the victim was you.
He just wanted to sleep with you.
A real friend would’ve stopped that from happening, even if you were comin’ on strong.
Don’t blame yourself.
” I was completely blown away by his ability to be so compassionate, empathetic and understanding.
The feelings were just overwhelming me.
“Please don’t walk away from me, because I wasn’t planning on walking away from you.
I have my own skeletons in the closet as well.
We all have painful chapters from our past we wish to erase.
But unfortunately, all you can do is close them and move on.
” “Very wise words,” I sniffled and managed a half smile.
“Well, I do have my occasional moments where I share my impressive philosophies on life,” he laughed light heartedly and then kissed my lips softly as I felt my heart beat strongly again.
“Let’s go back inside gorgeous, come on.
” ****  The mechanical sounds of a digital camera began to click and flash away as Ian Kelly walked down the street with an unidentified brunette at his side.
A photographer had been tailing the Irish DJ from the day he left Ireland some weeks ago.
Fortunately for him, he was able to get inside the restaurant and stealthily take pictures of DJ-IJ beating on a man.
He knew this would be great for the tabloid magazines and he imagined the headlines in his head; ‘DJ-IJ, BAR BRAWL ON CANADIAN SOIL’ or ‘DJ-IJ SPREADS HATE AND VIOLENCE INSTEAD OF PEACE AND LOVE’.
He remembered watching an interview about him some months ago, and Ian had voiced how he wasn’t a violent person, and how he hoped his music would unite people in peace and love to look beyond their differences.
No matter the culture, language, or faith, music was a universal language that everyone understood.
Max Conwell would make him eat those words now, and get a generous pay off while he was at it.
The paparazzi photographer put out his cigarette and turned on his engine.
**** Music Inspired: [All epic tunes can be found in my video gallery in my profile or on YT 🙂 definitely have a listen!] Motorcycle – As the Rush Comes Gabriel Dresden Chillout Mix One Republic- All I need  Late Night Alumni – Beautiful BT feat.
Jes – Every Other Way (Jim Jacobsen Remix)



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