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Latest stories Supernatural The Magic of the Mermaid Touch

“Olivia, honey, are you alright? We’re not too far away from the cottage wait until you see it it’s a beauty,” said my husband, Clive, to me as we walked down a public footpath with backpacks over our shoulders.
All around us were fields of green grass, tall trees, plants, flowers, and the fresh country air hitting my nostrils.
It was lovely to get away from the smell of the city and people.
We’d been walking for miles and I’d lost track of what time it was.
“Clive, how much further?” I asked, exhausted.
I felt my legs beginning to weaken.
“Do you hear that, hun?” Clive asked.
I listened too and it was the sound of a stream or running water.
We followed the sound through the trees and we stopped in our tracks.
There in front of us sitting on a big rock was the most beautiful mermaid I’d ever seen before.
She had long, platinum blonde hair that reached her waist; instead of legs she had a sparkling turquoise fish’s tail.
The beautiful mermaid was plaiting her hair.
She sensed us watching her and then she turned her head our way.
She quickly dived back into the deep stream that ran straight towards the sea.
Clive and I tried to find her but she disappeared before we could spot her again.
We looked at each other we couldn’t believe what we’d just seen.
A beautiful mermaid in British waters? No way! We laughed about it as we continued on down the foot path and we heard the sound of the ocean below us.
We came to the end of the path and saw the sea straight ahead.
A beautiful turquoise ocean crashing against the shore calmly.
Golden white sand around.
“Olivia, look!” Clive said.
I followed his gaze to my left and there was a pretty yellow cottage.
Clive led the way and he tried to open the door and it opened immediately.
We stepped inside.
Once we were inside and had shut the door behind us we had a look around.
There was a fireplace underneath the mantelpiece, a blue settee set with armchair, a TV, DVD player on a glass stand.
A round coffee table was in the centre of the living room on a white rug.
The stairs were opposite the front door and were steep; the kitchen was small with a breakfast bar.
“Looks nice,” I say, putting my backpack down on the stool at the breakfast bar.
“How weird was that what we just saw back there?” Clive asked.
I laughed and put my arms around his neck and drew him in for a kiss.
“Baby, I think we were seeing things.
We’d been walking for so long and were tired and our eyes were playing tricks on us that’s all,” I said.
He grinned at me, “I love it when you’re right,” he said.
“You love me all the time,” I said, giggling, as we kissed hands over our bodies.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door.
Clive opened it but there was no one there.
He turned to me and I shrugged my shoulders.
He closed the door again.
We took our bags up the stairs and placed them in the main bedroom with a king sized bed and a beautiful sea view with a balcony.
That night while we lay asleep in bed there was a thunderstorm happening outside and lightning flashing now and again and thunder rumbled softly in the distance then came louder and louder as it came nearer.
I tossed and turned slightly and moaned softly as I was dreaming.
In it the beautiful mermaid and I were kissing passionately and she kissed my breasts sucking on my nipples and then moved down my stomach to my pussy where she let her tongue do the magic work.
Her tail was flapping about happily.
Her tongue at top speed flicked across my clitoris making me cry out in pleasure as I orgasmed.
Online Now! Lush Cams IcyKingston I cried out softly on my stomach as the dream was so erotic that it made me come.
My pelvic muscles softly humped the bed then stopped.
I gasped catching my breath then glanced over at Clive who hadn’t wakened from my cry of pleasure.
I sat up and with my right hand touched my pussy and it was dripping wet.
I decided to go and take a cool shower.
When I was in the shower I was imagining kissing the mermaid but she hadn’t got a tail this time she was standing on two feet.
And we had our arms around each other our naked bodies pressed together and our pussies throbbing to make love.
I got out of the shower and wrapped a blue towel around my body and left the bathroom then went into one of the other guest rooms where there a dark figure of a woman on the bed naked.
I quickly flicked the light on and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
It was the mermaid but she had legs, no tail.
I felt my pussy drip with wetness from arousal as I stared down at her gorgeous womanly body.
“You have legs,” I said.
She smiled and giggled fluttering her eyelashes at me looking up sultrily and seductively.
“I have legs out of the water,” she said.
“What’s your name?” I asked.
“Marina,” she replied.
“Come here.
” I walked over to her on the bed and she grabbed my left hand and pulled me down letting my towel fall.
“You’ve been dreaming about me, haven’t you?” I gasped in sheer shock and amazement.
Marina smiled, “I’m a mermaid after all.
Have special powers,” she said.
I stared back at her and she kissed me on the lips.
I kissed her back and fell on top of her body and my pussy was throbbing to be grinded with her pussy.
I sucked down on her nipples and moaned pleasurably.
I worked my way down to her pussy and worked on it making her orgasm after five minutes.
Marina rolled me over so she on top and she put three of her fingers inside my pussy and moved them fast in and out.
I came very quickly.
She pressed her pussy down against mine and moved her hips up and down grinding her clitoris against mine.
Our lovemaking was slow and sweet but soon came fast and furious taking me to a whole new level.
Marina stretched out in between my legs and moved faster and faster and faster making the bed shake tremendously like a volcano erupting.
I felt as though I was about to explode any second now as my breathing increased, heartbeat quickened, and sweat dripped down my body and hers as well.
I looked up at her and her eyes were crystal blue but turned green as her whole body quivered over me as she came.
My body trembled too as I orgasmed.
Our pussies spurting out our ejaculations over each other’s.
Marina and I stared at other and smiled breathlessly.
Suddenly I felt something wet and scaly against my skin and I looked down and saw Marina miraculously got her tail again.
I looked up at her and she giggled nervously.
“I should’ve told you before that when I orgasm in human form it changes my legs back into a tail,” she explained.
“Because it’s liquid?” I guessed.
Marina nodded her head.
“Oh,” I said.
Just as quickly as her tail came back it quickly disappeared before my eyes and she giggled.
She held my face in her hands and kissed me hard.
“You’re so cute,” she said.
“I’m up for seconds if you are,” she winked.
I grinned back.
“Thought you’d never ask.
” We kissed passionately and began to make love once more.
Clive was completely oblivious to all this while he slept peacefully in the main bedroom down the hall.



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