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As he glided down her body, teasing, tasting, she moaned.
Opening up like a lotus flower, she laid pliant with need and desire before his eyes.
Gasping with unbridled need, eyes in half mast, she anticipated his every nimble touch, stroke by stroke, arching her back towards his ministering hands as she unabashedly grasped the ruffled cotton sheets like a ship about to be thrown in a storm.
She had the most lovely breasts he had ever seen.
Dark rimmed around the areola with the most plump looking nipples.
They filled his palms just the right way.
He let his tongue glide slowly on each nipple as he suckled adoringly while kneading the other.
Caught up in his passionate web, she thrust her breasts in his mouth and hands wantonly.
Searing need took hold of her.
He could see it in her cat-like eyes as she lustily urged him on.
Cantering in a brink of pure undulated pleasure himself, he obliged her willingly.
He laved at her breasts, letting her loud moans throw him in a frenzy.
He had to have her.
He couldn’t wait any longer.
Teasingly, he grazed his finger across the apex of her womanhood.
Like a feline, sampling it’s best dish, she cried out with utter need catapulting his manhood to absolute attention.
As he dipped his middle finger into her honeypot, she was more than ready.
His finger was soaked with her woman’s essence.
He looked at her with incredulity, grunting with approval.
Por dios! He couldn’t wait any longer.
His control was over the edge.
He needed to posses her with an urgency he hadn’t felt in a long time.
As he stood in attention at her entrance, he looked at her.
She was more than ready.
Her eyes were languid with desire for him, her soft lips were swollen and thoroughly ravished, her pink tongue darting over them subconsciously beckoning him to bury his tongue again in her mouth.
Online Now! Lush Cams LolaLenno She made helpless gestures with her hands trying to urge him on as she opened herself wider for him.
How could he resist such paradise? With one shove, he penetrated her walls of utter bliss.
At that moment, he knew he was caught in a web of consuming fulfillment he wouldn’t be able to escape.
How could she feel like home yet she was a total stranger? He wondered as he started moving inside her with measured thrusts.
She undulated her hips meeting his every thrusts.
How could he fill her so wondrously? She wondered as she cried out with pleasure like no other.
With her legs spread open on his shoulders, his hands on her waist and his legs on the bed in a kneeling position, she looked upon their joining point.
A gasp of utter ecstasy escaped her.
His manhood was a perfect piece of art pistoning inside of her.
His hands caressing, moving over her body like a maestro playing his favorite tune.
Slowly, lovingly, his hands explored her body, finding nooks she had never thought in her wildest dreams to be so sensitive! He used his tongue and hands like a seasoned soldier with his favorite fighting toy.
Mercilessly, he cut through her defences bearing her soul to his watchful sensuous eyes.
As their gaze met when he increased his thrusts, drawing them close to shattering ecstasy, they both saw the inevitable.
They were meant for each other.
The connection between them was too strong to be just a one night stand of searing passion between two strangers.



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