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Matt Jackson is a high school history teacher.
He is thirty-five and a widow.
He lost his wife in a car accident five years ago.
Jackson is a good looking guy, six foot tall and with a good build.
He has not dated since or had any interest in women since his wife’s death.
Jackson is popular with the students but has been a little distant since his wife died.
Remmy is a senior at the high school where Mr.
Jackson teaches.
She had taken Mr.
Jackson’s classes for her first three years of high school and applied to be his teaching assistant in her senior year.
Remmy, a pretty girl, is skinny with long blonde hair.
She is a smart girl who doesn’t fit into any of the regular cliques.
She has had two boyfriends, neither long term.
Her first boyfriend was when she was sixteen and a sophomore and he was a senior.
After two dates she thought she was in love with the boy.
On their fifth date, the boy pushed himself on Remmy taking her virginity in a rough way.
They had sex another time, then he broke up with her.
Her last date was in her in sophomore year with a boy she dated mostly out of boredom.
He was immature and didn’t like that she was smarter than he was.
Remmy ended that relationship before the boy even tried to go past feeling her tits.
Jackson picked Remmy to be his teacher’s assistant to no one’s surprise.
They had a very good student-teacher relationship.
Many times Remmy was called the teacher’s pet.
Remmy was spending a lot of time after school helping Mr.
Jackson with whatever he needed.
She helped with everything, including grading papers to preparing the lesson plan.
The two had become close, with Mr.
Jackson even making Remmy a cake on her eighteenth birthday in the fall semester.
Remmy was clearly infatuated with Mr.
Some of her friends kidded her about being more than just the teacher’s pet, to which she would just smile and walk on.
Remmy started wearing more makeup and would put on perfume before her teaching assistant hour with Mr.
Jackson began to notice that Remmy would get closer to him than before.
She would rub against him as they would grade papers.
She had even sat on his lap when helping him with the computer.
Matt knew it was wrong to have her get so close to him and rub against him that way.
It had been so long since he had been with a woman that he couldn’t bring himself to stop her.
He found himself looking at her cute ass when she bent over and looking down her shirt at her perky little tits when the opportunity arose.
Their relationship continued though the fall semester.
Jackson had to admit to himself that Remmy was turning him on and he had to be careful not to show his attraction to her at school.
Jackson hoped that the winter break might help him cool things off.
But Remmy was just as flirty when school started after the holidays.
Remmy was getting bolder about her flirting.
She would hug him every time they were done working for the evening, making sure that no one was around first.
It was getting harder for Matt to resist her advances.
He knew that she could feel his cock stiffening when they hugged as she was holding the hug for longer.
In the third week of February, Mr.
Jackson had exams in all of his classes, which meant he had five classes of exams to grade.
That Friday, Mr.
Jackson and Remmy worked on the exams during their school hour and after school.
They had only finished three classes of exams.
Remmy volunteered to keep working into the night but Mr.
Jackson had to go to a facility dinner.
“I will just work on them on Saturday at home, don’t worry about them Remmy.
” Mr.
Jackson told her.
“Oh no, we started this together, we will finish them together.
I will come to your house tomorrow and we will get the papers graded together.
” Remmy said.
Jackson knew he should have said no to Remmy coming to his house but without thinking he agreed, telling her he would see her at eleven-thirty.
Remmy arrived a little early at Mr.
Jackson’s house wearing a short skirt and a v neck blouse.
Her blonde hair was curled and she smelled of sweet perfume.
Jackson had sandwiches made on the table.
He told her they would have lunch and then get to work.
Jackson noticed how she was dressed and smelled her perfume.
“You look nice and smell nice.
Do you have a date after we are done?” He asked, although knowing that she had dressed for him.
Remmy blushed, “oh no, I’m here for you as long as you need me.
I told my mom that I could be late.
She knows that we have a lot of work to do.
” After lunch, the two went to the living room to get to work.
They sat side by side on the couch using the coffee table as their desk.
When Remmy would finish a stack of exams she would lean over Mr.
Jackson’s lap to put the papers in a pile.
At first, Mr.
Jackson would back away when she reached across him.
But after the third time, he leaned in, caressing Remmy’s arm and shoulders as she leaned across him.
Nothing was said between them but they were both getting distracted by the sexual tension in the room.
Jackson was trying hard to hide his hard-on she continued to lean across him.
Rather than wait till she had a stack of exams to put in the pile, Remmy was leaning into Mr.
Jackson with each exam she graded.
By four-thirty they had all the exam grading finished.
Remmy made a production of leaning across Mr.
Jackson to put the last exam onto the stack.
Remmy fell into Mr.
Jackson’s arms trying to make it look unintentional.
They looked awkwardly into each other’s eyes as Mr.
Jackson held her tight.
Remmy pressed her lips to Mr.
Jackson causing him to freeze momentarily.
Remmy froze too, thinking she had pushed too far, embarrassing herself.
Her heart stopped when she felt Mr.
Jackson’s arms tighten around her and his tongue push her lips apart, entering her mouth.
After a few minutes of kissing, Mr.
Jackson broke the kiss.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.
” Remmy kept hold of Mr.
Jackson, “no, it is my fault.
I’m not sorry though.
That was a great kiss and we both know I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.
” Remmy leaned in and kissed Mr.
Jackson again.
“Remmy, we can’t do this.
” He said holding her back from him.
“Why can’t we do this? I won’t tell anyone, I promise.
I loved that kiss and it sure felt like you enjoyed it too.
I can feel the heat coming from you.
This is just you and me, no one needs to know about us.
” Mr.
Jackson looked down at the floor and then back at Remmy.
He knew he should send her away but he hadn’t been with a woman in five years and his desire for the touch of a woman was taking over.
He rationalized to himself that it would just be some kissing.
Jackson slowly pulled Remmy back to his lips.
Their mouths met and tongues intertwined.
They kissed for several minutes with arms wrapped around each other and lips locked.
Online Now! Lush Cams Alberto_Carlo Remmy shifted into Mr.
Jackson’s lap grinding on his hard cock in his pants.
Jackson let out a moan as she rubbed his crotch with her ass.
Jackson let his right hand slip down to cup her left breast.
Remmy moaned moving her lips to Mr.
Jackson’s ear, “that feels so good.
” She leaned back to give him access to both of her tits.
His left hand crept up and grabbed her right tit over her blouse.
Remmy looked him in the eye and nodded to Mr.
Jackson, trying to get him to take her top off.
His arms slipped behind her pulling her close to kiss again.
With a smooth motion, his hands holding her from behind, slipping underneath her blouse and bra covering her tits with his hands.
A few moments of fondling her breasts led to his hands going behind her again.
This time hands unclasped her bra pulling her shirt and bra to the floor.
“They are beautiful,” Mr.
Jackson said admiring her tits.
Remmy moaned as Mr.
Jackson’s lips found her hard nipples.
“I told you I’m here for you tonight,” she said.
Remmy shifted around so that she was on her back on the couch with Mr.
Jackson on top of her kissing and sucking her tits.
Remmy could see the bulge in Mr.
Jackson’s pants as he kneeled over her kissing her tits.
She leaned up tracing his dick across his pants with her fingers.
Jackson pulled back.
“Oh Remmy, I don’t think we should do that.
” “Please Mr.
Jackson,” she said grabbing his cock through the pants.
“I told you I could feel the heat you were giving off.
Stand up, please.
” Remmy unbuckled his belt and slowly took his pants down.
When his cock was free she bent down, kissing it.
She had never given a blowjob but she thought she knew what to do.
One of her girlfriends had told her about treating the dick like an ice cream cone, so she did.
She licked up and down Mr.
Jackson’s dick kissing it along the way.
“Am I doing it right? I’ve really never done this before” she said looking up at Mr.
“Oh my God yes, that feels great.
Now just suck it like a lollypop.
” Mr.
Jackson said moaning.
Remmy treated the dick like a tootsie pop, licking and sucking mostly the head but not biting.
She didn’t have to ask again if she was doing it right, Mr.
Jackson’s reaction was all she needed to confirm that.
Remmy abruptly stopped sucking Mr.
Jackson’s cock looking up at him.
“Please take me to your bed,” Remmy said standing up.
Jackson hesitated for a second, causing Remmy to think she was going to have to talk him into taking her to bed.
She had a big grin on her face when he held out his hand to help her up.
They both knew what she was asking.
Jackson figured that as he had gone this far there was little point of turning back now.
“Do we need a condom?” Remmy asked as they got to the bedroom.
“No, I had a vasectomy after my wife had two miscarriages.
I’m safe so you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant.
Have you done this before?” “A couple of times, when I was a freshman.
I really don’t know what I’m doing.
” Remmy said sitting down on the bed.
She still had her skirt and panties on but nothing else.
Jackson had removed his pants and underwear that she had pulled down to his ankles.
He peeled off his shirt and sat on the bed next to her naked.
Jackson looked at Remmy with her skirt and panties still on.
“We don’t have to do this if you’re uncomfortable.
” Remmy looked down at her skirt, “oh shit sorry.
” She quickly slipped off her skirt and panties.
“Oh God, you have no idea how badly I want this.
” She spread her legs giving Mr.
Jackson a good look at her pussy.
“You are so beautiful; I can’t believe I’m going to do this.
This is your last chance to tell me to stop, I will have a hard time stopping after I taste you.
” Remmy nodded spreading her legs wider.
“I’m going to make sure you are ready for me.
Have you had someone go down on you before?” Mr.
Jackson said crawling between her legs.
“No, the boy I had sex with put his fingers in me before he put it in but he did not do that.
” Remmy’s statement trailed off as Mr.
Jackson put his tongue into her pussy.
“Oh shit, that feels so good.
” Remmy’s hips were squirming and bucking in no time.
His tongue found her clit quickly causing her to stutter.
Her pussy juice seemed to flow to Mr.
Johnson’s mouth.
Her moaning told Mr.
Jackson that she was close to cumming.
Her calling out, “oh God, oh God, fuck, fuck” confirmed it.
She shook hard with a loud orgasm.
Remmy lay back on the bed with a big sigh.
“You know, that is the first time I’ve heard you curse.
” Mr.
Jackson said.
Remmy smiled, “Also the first time you’ve seen me naked and eaten my pussy and about to be the first time you’ve fucked me.
Am I ready now?” Mr.
Jackson lined up his cock with her pussy, “I think you are.
I know I am.
” Their lips met as his cock pushed into Remmy’s pussy.
Neither spoke as they fucked.
After a few minutes of pumping Mr.
Jackson rolled them over so Remmy was on top.
He looked up at her and said, “are you okay?” “Okay? I’ve never felt this good.
You feel great inside me.
” Remmy was getting in rhythm bouncing up and down on Mr.
Jackson’s cock.
His hands fondled her small tits causing her to moan when her nipples were squeezed.
Jackson’s breathing got faster as Remmy bounced faster.
She looked down at him breathing hard, “Are you going to cum in me?” “I’m getting real close, is that okay?” He grunted.
“Oh God, yes.
I want to feel it inside me.
” Mr.
Jackson grunted, shoving his crotch up, shooting his load into her.
He shook a couple of times emptying his last few squirts into her pussy then collapsed back on the bed.
Remmy rolled off of him holding him tight and kissing him on the cheek.
“Thank you, that was better than I ever imagined.
” “I can’t believe you are thanking me for having sex with you.
You know that no one can know about this or I lose my job.
” Matt replied.
Remmy reached over and kissed him on the lips.
“I know, no one will ever find out.
Don’t worry, I don’t think we are in love or anything like that.
But God, I did love having sex.
You know, this could a good thing, we grade papers and you fucking me afterward.
” Remmy started kissing him and stroking his soft dick.
“Remmy, I’m not sure that is such a great idea that we continue this.
” Remmy ignored, him continuing to stroke his cock.
Jackson’s cock started to harden in her hand.
“I told my mom I was going to be late and from the looks of this thing,” Indicating to his hard dick.
“We’ve got more work to do.
” Remmy bent down kissing the tip of his cock.
“I think it wants back inside me.
I know I want to feel it back inside me.
You won’t turn me down when I ask you to fuck me again?” Remmy said spreading her legs wide.
“Oh shit, this is going to be a hell of a semester!” Mr.
Jackson said shoving his cock into her cum filled pussy.



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