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Lani looked up from the bar and scanned the customers.
She looked for empty drinks and flagging hands while pouring a light beer from the tap for the busty blonde practically lying over her date at the end of the bar.
If it were her, Lani would’ve held out for something more expensive.
Like hell she’d throw herself on a man over a cheap pint.
Not that the man was worth drooling over–greased back man bun that was still about an inch too short, forcing him to keep pushing the hair back out of his face, and the classic khaki/polo ensemble that screamed he missed his frat days.
But it had been a while.
As she dropped off the beer, the woman glanced up at her and she could see it, the desire.
She missed that.
Being a bartender meant she saw more ugly than good out of people now, and there was nothing like being groped by a slobbery drunk man to make her pussy dry up like a desert.
Maybe on one of her nights off she could– Shit, that guy has been leaning over the bar for like five minutes now, she thought.
She’d seen it before she’d grabbed the beer but forgot to stop by before taking another customer’s credit card.
He was going to be pissed, she figured.
People didn’t like to wait, men especially.
She glanced up.
 Attractive men especially.
She caught a glance of a dark beard, trimmed short.
Tanned skin, angular features.
And bright blue eyes, of course.
Because why would she leave Greasy Man Bun waiting when she could piss off this perfect specimen? She strode over, trying her best to look a little bit stressed, hurried.
If she looked busy, he might pity her enough to still leave a decent tip.
“Sorry about the wait.
It’s kind of crazy in here on Saturdays.
What can I get you?” His eyebrows were raised as he listened to her, making him look slightly amused.
Or maybe he was just trying to look less pissed than he was.
“Whiskey and water on the rocks, something mid-tier.
Nothing from the well, but try not to spend my allowance on one drink.
” He was smirking now, doing his best to keep eye contact, but his gaze drifted down more than once.
She preferred it that way.
She had D-cup breasts on a size-two frame and they were her money makers.
As she prepared his drink, she was consciously aware of him watching her.
She had rocks glassed under the bar, but she went to the back where the extras were kept just to let him watch.
She bent over, feeling her dangerously short shorts ride up until she could feel air on just the bottoms of her cheeks.
She grabbed a few glasses, pretending to restock her stash, before standing upright.
As she turned around, gazes darted away.
He hadn’t been the only one watching.
But he was the only one now, staring intently.
  She turned to the whiskey bottles, grabbing one that other customers ordered fairly often and she knew wasn’t too expensive.
She turned back to him, raising her eyebrows and cocking her head: a question.
At his nod, she poured the drink and handed it over the bar.
He reached forward to grab the glass from her hands, brushing his fingers delicately against hers before taking the drink and handing over his credit card in return.
“Starting a tab?” Lani wanted him to say yes.
Give her something to look at for the last hour of her shift.
Mary was taking the 10pm-2am shift, so she was almost free to do what she wanted.
I think I may be here a while.
” He smirked again before turning and disappearing into the crowds.
Lani caught his eye later at one of the pub tables situated at the side of the bar.
She watched him drink, watched his Adam’s apple quiver as he swallowed.
She was wet.
Wet even after one of her regulars tried to stick a twenty down her bra like a stripper.
Wet even after a man she’d never seen here before grabbed her arm as she was pulling away.
The incidents felt like nothing.
She kept tugging her top down lower, showing the lace edge of her pushup bra.
She pulled her shorts up higher, exposing the very bottom of her ass cheeks and letting the fabric rub against her sensitive pussy.
And she watched him watch her.
When Mary came to take over, Lani stayed an extra couple minutes to help her get into the groove of things.
She took two shots of tequila and made herself two whiskey and waters before heading over to the table he’d been sitting at.
As she rounded the corner of the bar, she saw him get up and walk away, toward the bathrooms.
Lani set the glasses on the table before heading after him.
There were two unisex bathrooms tucked away in a hallway toward the back of the bar.
She rounded the corner of the hallway just as he was opening the door to the nearest one to head in.
” She said it quietly, watched his head turn back to her, surprised.
It gave her enough time to catch up to him.
She kissed him, burying her hands into his dark hair like she’d been dreaming about all night.
He returned the kiss just as fervently, burying one hand in her hair while the other grasped her hip and dragged her up against him as he backed into the bathroom.
Lani broke the kiss off for a moment to shut and lock the door behind her.
  Online Now! Lush Cams Nina_Beam She took a moment, leaning back against the door, breathing hard, taking him in.
He was bigger than he’d looked leaning over the bar.
At least 6’3″ and broad-shouldered–a swimmers body, she’d guess.
And he raked his gaze up her body, lingering at the more important areas.
  Suddenly, he stepped forward, dragging her bra and tank top down over her left tit and slid his mouth over her, flicking his tongue over her nipple and groaning as she did.
Having apparently sated his immediate need, he raised his head to kiss her again, replacing his mouth with his hand and fucking her mouth with his tongue.
His other hand grabbed her hip again and ground her hips against his steely cock.
Lani separated their bodies just enough to get her hands between them to undo his belt, tugging his pants and boxers down.
And she went down with them.
On her knees, she slid her mouth over him once, coating him in her saliva, before starting to stroke him with her hand while leaning in to first lick then suck on his balls.
She took her hand off his cock for a moment and it jerked eagerly into her face, still buried near his ballsack.
She leaned back and took him in deep again, this time letting her hand fondle his balls.
  He moaned and slid his hands into her hair, both letting him watch and giving him control.
Once she had adjusted to his size, he started pushing her harder, using his hands to fuck her mouth the way he wanted.
She felt a tremor rock him, and he pulled himself out, moving a hand under her arm and tugging her up.
“No way.
Not like this.
I wanna come inside you,” he smirked as he reached down to her shorts.
He tugged them down and left her soaking panties on.
Her shirt went next, then the bra.
He did it methodically, but not the panties.
He slid a finger over her, just barely skimming her, but she felt her whole body clench in response.
“Yeah, you want this.
You’ve been waiting for it all night.
” He’d moved his hand to her inner thigh, just brushing over her pussy occasionally, teasing.
” She was so wet.
She was so ready.
It had been too long.
She leaned in to kiss him even as her hands went to his T-shirt.
She broke the kiss to pull it up over his head, then trailed her tongue from his neck to his belly button.
She meant to go lower, but he picked up her entire body this time, turning her around and pinning her to the wall, his cock pressed into her ass.
He laughed, “You’re so fucking sneaky.
” Even as he said the words he pushed her thong to the side and pressed himself inside her.
She moaned even at the shallow penetration their position allowed.
He pulled her hips back.
“I told you, baby.
I’m coming inside of you.
I want you to wear those panties home soaked with your juices and my cum and I want you to think about me all night.
” She was bent over now, her tits hanging low, her ass against his hips.
This time when he entered her, he slid deep, his cock slamming against her most sensitive part.
“Again, please.
 Again!” He kept his right hand on her hip but let his left roam over her clit, rubbing her from the outside as his cock massaged her insides.
And he fucked her.
He had to be close.
He’d been close when she was blowing him.
But he kept his blistering pace, keeping time with her grunts and moans as she felt her entire body tense up.
She needed this.
It had been too long.
She focused on his hand on her clit, on his incredible cock inside her, but she couldn’t get there, couldn’t push herself over the top.
“Fuck, I’m gonna come.
” And with it, he pulled her back just a bit more, used his hand to make her bend over further and fucked her deep.
He hit her g-spot, and she felt the tension fall apart as she came, screaming, in the bathroom of the bar she worked at.
And she could feel his cock spasm inside him as both hands moved to her hips, dragging her back hard against him, and he came inside her, shooting his seed into her, joining her own wetness.
After a moment, he pulled out, tugging the thong back into place.
He was smirking again as he tugged his pants and boxers back on.
He was fully clothed by the time she had her bra on, so he handed her the shorts and then her tank.
“What’s your name?” It struck her that she didn’t know.
She hadn’t even looked at the card.
He laughed again, “It’s Zane.
Nice to meet you, Lani.
” Lani popped the lock on the door, “Nice to meet you too, Zane.
See you around.



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