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I was waiting to catch my flight to a conference when I saw a woman come off the top of the escalator near my gate who I could have sworn I’d seen before.
Try as I might I could not take my eyes off her as she crossed the concourse towards me and sat down a couple of rows away.
I shook my head to clear it and went back to the report I was reading.
A few minutes later I noticed a movement and saw her walking away towards a coffee shop.
I decided I had to speak to this woman and find out if I actually knew her or not.
I got up and followed her over to the shop watching her ass sway back and forth as she walked.
She looked to be about my age with shoulder length red hair and a very trim figure.
A black top and skirt were cut to draw the eye towards her waist and as I watched her, my eyes drifted down to see her stockinged legs and short heels.
As she walked a peek of her garter belt snap peeked out from the hem of her skirt.
I got in line behind her with a young mother with twin boys between us.
The boys were obviously excited about their first plane ride and were giving their mom everything she could handle.
As she paid for their juice and her coffee I could see that she would be having a tough time getting everything back to her gate so I asked her, “Which gate is yours?” It turns out it was the one just past mine so I offered to carry her coffee to where she was going to sit.
I got my own coffee and picked hers up and walked with her back to her gate.
She sat down and thanked me for my help and I went back to my own spot near my gate.
As I got near where I had been sitting I noticed the woman who I had originally wanted to talk to sitting nearby.
I caught her eye and smiled, she smiled back and said, “That was very kind.
It is so nice to see people performing random acts of kindness these days, it is so rare.
” “It was nothing, I have a busy lad of my own, I know how tough it can be to travel with kids,” I replied.
“Still,” she said, “It was a nice thing to do.
I’m Janet,” and she stuck out her hand.
I reached out and took it and said, “Steve.
I used to have a girlfriend named Janet when I was in high school, she was a redhead too.
” “Oh my God!” she whispered, “It can’t be you! I wouldn’t have recognized you in a thousand years!” “Ouch,” I said, “I never forgot you.
” “G’way with you,” she laughed, “I never said I forgot you, I just wouldn’t have recognized you.
” G’way with you, that’s what she always said when she realized I was teasing her.
“So you’re married then?” she asked.
“Divorced last year,” I replied.
“I have a son, he’s ten, lives with his Mom in Vancouver.
” “Oh, I’m sorry,” she said, “Shame it didn’t work out.
” “I’m not sorry.
We’re both happier now that we live 3,000 miles apart.
What about you?” I asked.
“Never married,” she replied, “Came close once but he turned out to be a little too old fashioned for me, wanted me to quit working and stay home to raise his kids.
” “Yeah, the Janet I know was a little too ambitious for that life,” I chuckled.
“Anybody special?” “Nope, enjoying the single life,” she said.
“Where you headed?” “Orlando, off to the big IT conference this week.
You?” I asked.
“Oh my God, me too!” she exclaimed.
“We definitely have to get together for dinner or something through the week.
” “For sure,” I said and our conversation turned to family and mutual friends that neither of us had seen for years.
We came from nearby small towns and went to different high schools so there were only a few people we had in common.
Then our flight was called and it turned out we were seated only two rows apart.
“I’ll drop up once we’re wheels up,” I said, “we can pass the 4 1/2 hours quickly catching up.
” Our conversation continued through the flight and before I knew it the seat belt sign came on as we neared Orlando.
I sat down and began to reminisce about our teens, how we made the decision to stop seeing each other to attend different schools.
I remember her saying if it was meant to be, it’ll be.
Maybe she was right.
We met at the luggage carousel again and agreed to meet the following night for a drink and dinner after the conference.
We exchanged phone numbers and email addresses and headed off to our hotels.
All that night I couldn’t stop thinking about her.
I could almost smell her shampoo, the color of her skin as we swam in the river near her house and how soft her skin was as we danced at her prom.
Janet was the first girl I ever kissed and most of what I learned about exploring a woman’s body I learned from exploring hers.
We had never gone all the way, she just wasn’t sure that she wanted to and no amount of pleading, cajoling or convincing from me could change her mind.
I remembered sliding my hands down her pants and rubbing her clit but she would always stop me before I could get a finger inside her.
I began rubbing my now hard cock and soon I was shooting semen onto the towel I had appropriated for the purpose.
As my breathing and heart rate slowed I drifted off to sleep.
Next morning I was at the registration desk at the conference and I saw Janet walk by.
She caught my eye and waved and motioned for me to call her.
I waved back and nodded as she tossed her hair and walked away.
Again she was dressed for attention and the guy at the registration desk said, “Someone you know?” “Only my first girlfriend who I hadn’t seen in 16 years until yesterday,” I answered.
“Wow, cool story dude,” he said.
“Well here’s your pass, a copy of the seminar schedule and your lunch coupon.
Good luck!” I smiled and walked away to find a cup of coffee before the first speaker started.
All day I couldn’t concentrate on anything at any of the events, Janet was front and center in my mind.
About a half-hour before the last seminar of the day my phone buzzed in my pocket.
I discreetly sneaked a peek at it and saw a text from Janet.
“Omg I am soooooooo bored” it said, “lkin fwd 2 that drnk.
” I quickly typed my reply, “ur plc r mine?” “mine” came her reply a couple of minutes later, “meet @ reg desk in 20!” The speaker wrapped up a few minutes later and I headed to the washroom to get freshened up for my first date with my first girlfriend in 16 years.
I made my way over to the registration desk and she skipped over about 5 minutes after I got there.
“You ready?” she asked.
“Are you kidding? I’ve been waiting 16 years to buy you a drink!” I replied.
We went outside to hail a cab and on the way to her hotel she slid over next to me.
I looked at her and raised one eyebrow; she just smiled and said, “I remember how much I liked snuggling next to you.
I was curious if it was still the same.
” I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her in close for the rest of the short ride.
When the cab pulled up we got out and I paid the fare.
Janet took my hand and we walked into the lobby.
We stopped at the entrance to the bar, an old English style pub actually, and she said, “Do you mind if I just go up to my room and get changed, these shoes are new and they’re still not quite broken in.
” “Sure,” I answered, “I’ll get the drinks in.
What’ll you have?” “Long Island Iced Tea, please.
I’ll just be a few minutes,” she pecked me on the cheek and headed to the elevator.
She was only gone about 5 minutes when she came back in wearing slacks and a silk blouse.
Her hair was up in a pony-tail and she had touched up her makeup.
“I was expecting jeans and a t-shirt,” I laughed as she sat down.
“I wasn’t sure where you wanted to go for dinner so I figured I’d dress up a little.
” She raised her glass to mine and offered a toast, “To old friends, She said smiling.
“To old friends,” I answered and we both took a sip.
“Mmmmm, that tastes like about 10 more!” I said as I set my beer on the table.
Janet just laughed and it was just like we were kids again.
She was so easy to talk to and when she laughed her whole face lit up.
I started to think I was a fool for ever letting this girl get away from me.
“Hungry?” I asked.
“You bet! I wonder what’s good,” she said as she picked her menu up off the table.
We both perused it briefly and both decided on steak and seafood.
While we waited for our meal we talked about the conference and which events we were going to take in through the week.
It turned out that on the Wednesday afternoon we had both planned to skip the seminars and see the sights.
“I know,” she said, “Let’s rent a car and go to the beach!” “That sounds like a plan,” I said, “I’ll pick up a car and I’ll pick you up here after lunch.
” “I can’t wait to tell Imelda,” she laughed, “She is going to absolutely freak when she hears we ran into each other! She always said I was crazy for letting you get away!” “Smart girl, your sister,” I said with a wink, “I was just thinking the same thing.
” “What, that you shouldn’t have let me get away or that I’m crazy?” she asked.
“That I shouldn’t have let you get away, of course.
I’ve always known you were crazy!” I replied.
She stared at me and looked right into my eyes.
“This is going to get complicated I think,” she said softly.
“You may be right there,” I replied, “Let’s just have dinner and not get ahead of ourselves.
” Just then dinner arrived to break up the awkwardness between us.
She asked about my son and how often I saw him and the kinds of things we did together.
I told her about fishing and camping and that he was turning into a good athlete and how much I miss him when he’s with his mom and how we try to fill every minute of the month he spends with me every summer with as much fun as we can.
“I always thought you’d be a great dad,” she said, “you were always so good with my brother Gary, he thought the world of you, everybody did.
” We were quiet again as we finished our meal.
After the waiter took away our plates we ordered another drink and Janet looked at me and said, “I never realized until now how much I missed you.
University was so busy and then we both moved on.
Make you wonder what if, doesn’t it?” “What if,” I said “we picked up where we left off? We only live a couple hours apart, we could see each other once we get back home if you’d like.
” “Let’s see where we are on Friday,” she replied, “I’ve been burned a few times and I’m a little gun-shy.
” “OK,” I said, “So do you want to do anything tonight?” “They’ve got a band here later,” she said, “Let’s just stay here for a bit.
Excuse me, I have to go to the Ladies Room.
” I stood as she did and waited for her to leave before I sat down.
She came back a few minutes later but instead of sitting across from me she sat in the chair next to mine.
I reached over and took her hand in mine, feeling the familiar warmth and remembering how her hand fit so nicely into mine.
There was music playing softly in the background and she looked at me and said, “Man I haven’t heard this one in a long time.
” I listened carefully and realized that we had danced to this song at high school dances.
I stood up and asked, “Would you like to dance?” “Oh wow, you remembered,” she whispered as she stood up and I led her to the small dance floor in front of the stage where the band was setting up.
Our bodies fit together so nicely as we danced, it was just like high school all over again.
As we swayed together she kissed my cheek and squeezed me closer.
Too soon the song ended and I thanked her for the dance and reached in to kiss her cheek.
Instead of turning her head she met my lips with hers for a short soft kiss.
“You are still a good kisser,” she said quietly as we walked back to our table hand in hand.
When we got back to the table, an older lady at the next table asked, “How long have you two been together?” “Nineteen years,” replied Janet, “We were high school sweethearts for three years and then took a sixteen year break before bumping into each other in the airport yesterday.
” “Really? We were watching you dance and I said to my husband that it looks like you two have been together for years,” the lady said.
“In a way we have,” I offered, “I’m not sure I every really got over her.
” Janet looked at me and whispered, “Me neither.
” Then she turned to the lady and thanked her for her kind words.
Online Now! Lush Cams MollyPasion She sat back down and I excused myself to go to the washroom.
When I came back Janet was gone, just the bill for our meal and drinks was on the table.
I picked it up and saw a hotel room key envelope underneath it with the numbers 407 written on it and a lipstick print underneath.
I waved the waiter over, paid the bill and turned to go.
As I did the gentleman at the next table whispered “Good Luck” and his wife winked at me.
I flushed a little and nodded and headed for the elevator.
I got to her room and tapped on the door.
It opened almost immediately; Janet was standing there in a long negligee, her hair down from the pony-tail and a drink in her hand.
“Come in,” she said softly, “Drink?” “Whatever you’re having,” I replied.
“Are you sure this is what you want?” “I have wanted this since the first time you slipped your hand under my blouse,” she said as she came over to me, “Now I’m grown up enough to have it.
” She kissed me full and firm, her tongue slipping along my lips.
I responded in kind and a moment later our tongues were playing with each other.
“You really are a great kisser,” she said.
“You were a great teacher,” I answered as I felt up her back.
When I realized she had removed her bra I was a little surprised, let my fingers trace along her spine and pulled her in for another hot kiss.
I traced my lips along her neck and flicked her earlobe with my tongue.
When I kissed my way down along her neck to her collar bone she let out a soft sigh.
She reached up and started loosening my tie and then slipped my coat from my shoulders.
Once my coat and tie were off she began unbuttoning my shirt baring my chest .
“There’s a few more hairs here than the last time I saw your chest,” she said and she started kissing and licking her way down my chest, stopping to play her tongue across my nipples.
I stiffened and breathed in sharply and I could feel her chuckle in her throat as she moved down to a kneeling position and began unbuckling my belt.
The belt came off, my pants were unbuttoned and unzipped and were down around my ankles in a flash.
I stepped out of them as she reached into my underwear and drew out my cock.
She looked up at me and said, “I remember how you used to beg for me to do this.
Your patience is about to be rewarded,” and she slipped her lips down over me, running her tongue along the underside of my cock as she started to bob her head up and down.
I placed my hand on her head and began guiding her up and down, urging her to go just a little deeper into her mouth with my cock.
After a couple of minutes I placed my hands on either side of her head and pulled her gently up beside me.
We kissed again as I began pulling her nightgown up over her body.
I slipped it over her head and then stepped back to gaze at her body clad only in her garter belt and stockings.
“You are breathtaking!” I whispered, “Even more beautiful than I remembered.
” I quickly stepped out of my briefs and socks and pulled her onto the bed.
She had already turned down the covers so I pulled them over us as we slid into bed.
We turned to each other and started exploring each other’s bodies with our hands as we kissed.
When I slipped my middle finger along her clit she let out a soft moan exactly the way she used to when we were teenagers.
Her legs parted and I slipped my finger inside her pussy; she was already very wet and well lubricated.
“Excuse me,” I whispered, “I’m going to do something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.
” I moved down her body, kissing and licking as I went.
When I got to her breasts I popped her nipple into my mouth and sucked softly, flicking my tongue across it.
It immediately stiffened as I teased it.
After a moment I continued down, placing soft kisses along her belly as I went.
Her hips rose up to meet me as my lips and tongue played closer to her pussy.
I placed my hands under her ass cheeks and pulled her hips upward towards me, her pussy meeting my mouth and tongue.
When I licked her she tasted awesome, a little salty and syrupy at the same time.
I savored her sweetness as I tongued her clit, holding her against me as I sucked it and flicked my tongue as quickly as I could.
Her legs moved up and locked themselves behind my shoulders and she pushed me into her with her heels.
Very soon she started moaning and thrashing about, chanting my name and begging me to never stop what I was doing.
I slid first one, then another finger inside her now soaked cunt, replaced my tongue with my thumb on her clit.
I drew up a little so I could watch her face as I rubbed her pussy, trying to gauge her climax so I could stop just before she peaked.
Suddenly she whispered, “You have something, right?” “Sorry,” I said, “I wasn’t expecting this,” I answered.
“Too bad,” she said, “But there’s more than one way to skin this cat.
” and she pushed me onto my back and switched around so she could straddle my face while she sucked my cock in my favorite position.
“Give me a little tap just before you come, so I’m ready for it,” she said and she took my cock into her mouth.
I reached up and pulled her hips back onto my face and resumed sucking and licking her pussy and clit for all I was worth.
Her mouth was working incredible magic on me and it was all I could do to concentrate on her snatch and return the favor.
Presently I could feel myself nearing climax and just before I shot my load I tapped her hip.
She pulled her mouth almost off me but kept just my head in her mouth as I came, letting my semen fill her mouth.
She milked my cock with her hand and when I was done she swallowed my load and continued sucking my cock slowly.
She pushed her hips back onto my face and I resumed stimulating her clit until after a few minutes she moaned and let a small trickle of fluid flow from her pussy.
I lapped it up greedily and slowed my pace, continuing to savor her sweetness.
She rolled off me and slid up beside me snuggling into my arms and chest.
I lifted her chin with one finger and kissed her softly and deeply, tasting my own saltiness with her fluid that lingered on my lips.
“Not even in my wildest teenaged dreams did I imagine we would ever do that,” I said softly.
“Worth waiting for, for sure,” she replied as she stroked my forearm with her finger.
“You know, that is the first time I ever let a man do that in my mouth.
” “Why is that?” I asked.
“Surely that’s not the first time you’ve ever gone down on a man.
” “Oh I’ve sucked a cock or two,” she said smiling, “Even licked a pussy once but I’ve never let a man come in my mouth or swallowed.
Even contemplating it was a bit gross to me.
I don’t know why I did this time except I didn’t want us to stop to get a condom.
Call it a reward for all the times I sent you home with blue balls!” I found myself getting aroused again listening to her talk dirty, when we were dating, she wouldn’t say shit if her mouth was full of it.
I slipped my arm out from under her and rolled out of bed.
“I have to pee,” I said, “And then I’ll go downstairs and get a condom or two from the machine in the Men’s room at the pub.
” “Good idea,” she answered, “When you get back we can fulfill another couple of fantasies!” I dressed quickly not bothering with my tie or jacket and took the elevator down to the main floor.
I made a quick trip into the men’s room at the pub and as I was waiting for the elevator, the older couple we had been talking to at dinner came over.
The lady looked at me with a smile and said, “So, was she worth waiting for?” as she wiped a trace of lipstick from my face.
I just raised my eyebrows and smiled as I turned towards the now open elevator door.
She, her husband and I rode up in silence until the car stopped at Janet’s floor.
The gentleman nudged me with his elbow as I moved past him and winked at me as I exited the elevator.
I quickly went back to Janet’s room and let myself in.
The shower was running and there was a note on the desk, “Join me?” I slipped quietly into the bathroom, undressed quickly and stepped into the shower.
Janet reached out and pulled me close, her soapy body sliding along mine as she pulled us both under the stream of warm water.
She took the soap and started washing me, taking extra time with my genitals as my cock rose to her ministrations.
Her hands pushed on my shoulders to turn me around and she started soaping my back.
One hand ran between my ass-cheeks and I felt her finger stop briefly at my anus, pushing slightly against it before moving on.
She turned back around as I took the soap from her and started returning the favor of washing her.
I took my time, letting my hands trace along her curves as I cleaned her.
I ran my hands down her flanks to her hips and pulled her toward me, my erection pressing her belly between us.
We stood under the warmth, kissing and nibbling at each other until I finally could stand no more.
I turned off the water and reached out for a towel for each of us.
We got out of the shower and dried each other off, pausing occasionally to continue our oral explorations of each other’s lips and mouths.
I took her hand and led her out of the washroom and back to the bed.
We climbed back under the covers and she reached out to the small packet on the bedside table.
She opened it, pulled the condom out and disappeared under the covers.
I felt her slide the latex sheath over me, rolling it down with her fingers, then she appeared back up above the covers and pulled me on top of her.
Neither of us had said a single word since my return to her room and none were needed now.
I positioned myself between her legs, pulled her hips toward me and felt my cock at her entrance.
I pushed slowly, savoring the silky tightness of her pussy as my cock slowly disappeared inside her.
Once fully in, I stopped and looked at her face, her head was thrown back, her eyes closed, a small smile on her lips as I started moving on top of her.
I lowered my head down and let my lips and tongue play along her neck following her hairline down from behind her ear to the nape then moving forward along her collarbone.
I could feel her hips rising to meet mine as my thrusts increased in speed and depth.
All pretense of our first fuck being a gentle explorative affair was gone as my thrusts turned to pounding, slamming my hips forward to meet hers.
I raised my head and looked at her face, her eyes now open and watching mine as we copulated.
Her lips parted slightly as her breathing got heavier and she bit the corner of her lower lip.
I had to shut my eyes because I knew if I continued to watch her face I would bust my load too soon.
Her hands slid down my sides and cupped my ass, pulling me into her as I pushed my hips forward.
Soon, soft moans began coming from her mouth which grew louder as our passion increased.
I slowed down trying to prolong our lovemaking but it was really no use, I was rapidly approaching my orgasm.
“No,” she panted, “don’t slow down.
Faster!” I increased my pace again and her moans turned to cries, soft at first then louder and higher pitched as we fucked.
One final push and I was emptying myself into her, grunting as each pulse of my orgasm washed over me.
After I was done coming I started thrusting again, trying to bring her to her own peak before my member softened.
She reached between us and let her middle finger find her clitoris and after a half minute or so she arched her back and a long soft sigh escaped her lips.
I could feel her squeezing my cock as she came, the warmth of her juices flooding our conjoined genitals as she held me inside her with her hands back on my ass.
As her orgasm faded her hands came up to my shoulders pulling me down to her and kissing me, firmly then more softly as she relaxed.
After a few moments my cock started to soften and it slipped out of her.
I rolled off and lay beside her, pulling her close to hold her as we nuzzled and kissed in that after-sex closeness.
After a few minutes I excused myself to the washroom to remove the condom and give my cock a quick wipe before climbing back into bed beside her.
As we snuggled together she said, “If I had known it would be that good, I never would have waited.
” I said nothing, I just kissed the top of her head and pulled her closer.
Her leg moved over mine as she moulded her body into mine, our breathing finally slowed to normal after our exertions.
Her left hand was moving slowly back and forth across my chest and suddenly it stopped and I realized she was asleep.
I didn’t move, I just lay there wondering if I should stay the night or go back to my own hotel.
“Stay,” I thought as I closed my eyes and allowed myself to drift off.



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