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Latest stories Taboo My First Real vacation Part 2

I stayed stretched out on the couch and staring at the ceiling for quite a while after Valerie had left because I still could not believe what had happened.
Things like this did not happen to me as a rule.
My mind recalled the feel of her hot lips and tongue on my shaft and the memory was enough to get hard again.
As I recalled how she moaned when my tongue flicked in and out of her pussy and the feel of her satiny legs against my head, I had become fully erect again.
I started masturbating to the memory of her moans and her breathy request that I cum on her tits got me off in short order and I exploded all over my stomach.
I finally got up and took a shower and got dressed and headed out as I had some shopping to do.
As I passed the fence enclosing the pool, I spied Valerie stretched out on her beach chair, reading from a lingerie catalog and I moved closer.
 She was now clad in a zebra striped bikini.
The sight of her tiny bottom glistening in the sunlight made me want to jump the fence and lick her hot pussy right through the material.
 As I reached the fence my shadow fell across her catalog and she looked up.
  When she saw it was me, I was rewarded with a smile and it was an effort to look her in the eyes and not at her nipples that had become very noticeable again.
“I am headed out to do some shopping.
” “That’s a good idea.
” “Can I get you anything?” “Not really.
” “You sure?” I asked pointing to the catalog.
” ” Surprise me.
” “Really?” “Yes really! I’d love to wear anything in here.
” “I don’t know your sizes.
” Valerie fished around in her beach tote and produced and pen.
She then flipped to the order form in the back of the catalog and filled in all the spaces for sizes then tore out the page and handed it to me.
 My first stop was the drugstore for a box of condoms and there were so many choices that it took awhile to make my decision.
I had not needed them in quite sometime as my last lover was safely on the pill and had both been tested and were exclusive to each other.
Then it was onto another store that I had spotted on my drive in.
It was a small store sandwiched between the numerous beachwear, t-shirts and souvenir shops.
A small neon sign flickering in the window said, ‘Dance Wear and Lingerie’, so I went inside.
A very attractive saleslady asked it I needed help and I told her I was just looking for the moment.
There were rows upon rows of some of the most erotic lingerie I had ever seen in one place.
They lined the walls on plastic torso mannequins and the racks were overflowing with clothing.
I pointed to the items I wanted and when she asked for sizes, I produced the order form Valerie had provided.
The saleslady scanned the paper for a second or so before she began pulling the orders and then headed to the resister.
As I stashed the items in the trunk of my car I realized that it was only 1:00 PM and I had nine hours to kill.
So I returned to the motel and grabbed my workout gear and then headed to the gym.
I sadly noted that Valerie was not poolside.
When I returned about an hour and a half later there she was and I could not don my trunks fast enough to join her.
Once again I was in a beach chair very close to her’s and the CD player was between us.
“So, did you finish your shopping?” she asked.
“Yes I did, I hope you will be pleased.
” “I am sure I will.
” Valerie told me that they normally went to dinner around 7:00 PM and afterwards her parents would visit a place that featured ballroom dance music and would stay out dancing until last call.
This year she would ask permission to back to the motel as she was a little old for that kind of evening.
  “It was cool when I was ten years old but now its a little boring,” she told her parents after dinner.
“We keep forgetting that you are almost an adult.
Of course you can go back to the room,” her dad answered.
It was an effort she told me not to appear too excited about returning to the motel and watching TV as they walked her out the entrance door of the restaurant and into the cab stand.
Online Now! Lush Cams Darwin_Peyton The doorman hailed the next cab in line and she kissed her parents good bye and was soon heading back to the motel.
I saw her arrive and stop at the front desk to retrieve the package I left for her and then again as she ran upstairs to her room.
Next came the waiting.
About thirty minutes later there was a knock on my door and I opened it to admit her.
She was in my arms and we were locked in a lovers embrace and kissed before I locked the door.
She took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom where she stripped me down to my boxers and had me sit on the bed.
“I got hot just putting these things on,” she admitted.
She then proceeded to do a slow strip.
The blouse fell away to reveal the black satin shelf bra that encased her pert tits and it made them seem even more luscious.
Her short skirt was unzipped and slowly jimmied down allowing me the first glimpse of the black satin garter belt around her slender hips.
The skirt hit the floor and the black lace panties and thigh high black seamed nylons were now visible, and just watching her had me erect again.
She had me stand up and began kissing and licking my thighs until she reached the waistband of my shorts.
Then she gently began to slide them down until my shaft had been set free and commenced to kiss and lick my shaft while her hand slowly pushed my boxers to my ankles.
We made our way to the bed and I removed a strip of condoms that I had placed them on the nightstand and it was an effort not to tear the sealed pouch in half in an effort to open it.
She watched wide eyed and as I slid the latex protection down my rock hard cock, she literally tore the lace panties off before she flopped on her back.
I started kissing her lips and then her neck as I slowly moved down to her breasts.
I kissed and licked her erect nipples through the satiny material of the bra and that seemed to start her fire.
I used my tongue and drew a straight line down her belly, stopping every inch to kiss the flesh until I reached her dripping pussy.
I then detoured and spent a great deal on time kissing and licking the insides of her silky thighs before I moved upward and started kissing her pussy.
I soon began to flick my tongue in and out of her dripping pussy and her moans spurred me on until I had given her an orgasm.
I then raised up on my knees and pushed her legs apart and slowly pushed myself inside her.
I could feel her heat through the latex protection and it seemed her pussy clamped itself tight around my shaft as she had a thundering orgasm.
We then switched positions and I was now on my back and she mounted me, slowly lowering herself down on my shaft.
She leaned forward to kiss me and I let on arm drift to the drawer on the nightstand where I had stashed my other purchases.
I coated my fingers with the sex lube and then slowly began to tease her anus.
Her moans told me how much she was enjoying it.
I then slowly inserted one finger in her tight little opening.
She responded by moving her knees a little higher to allow an easy entrance.
“Oh yeah baby, I like that,” was all she managed to moan.
As she was nearing her finish I began to move my finger in and out of her tight little anus.
With each second that passed it went a little faster and deeper until she had a tremendous orgasm.
We laid there for a long time holding each other and gently kissing.
She told me that was the first time anyone had ever used a finger on her back door and that she really liked it and would like me to use my cock next time.
I reached for the sex lube and was about to apply a liberal coat to my shaft when I was beginning to grow again when she stopped me.
“Hey, we have two weeks here, so let’s save something for another night,” she whispered.
I could not agree more.



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