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I was laying in my bed anxiously awaiting the arrival of Mr.
B, I wore a black corset, black fishnet stockings, and a black choker.
My large breasts were desperately trying to free themselves from the tight corset.
I was feeling brave and adventurous tonight.
He had a key to my apartment and I had told him to let himself in.
We had been dating for about seven months now and I had never been happier.
  Oh, and I was tied up.
That was a difficult feat for me.
I slipped both my wrists in fur straps attached to my headboard.
My feet were hooked into straps on my footboard.
I was very nervous but determined to go through with it.
Then, I heard the front door open.
I bit my lip as I heard him walking down the hall.
  “Hello? Kimmi?” he called.
“In the bedroom,” I replied.
Then I saw him in the doorway.
I was spread eagle on my bed giving him a perfect view of my already wet pussy.
His face showed his surprise.
I suddenly became a little embarrassed and tried to pull my knees together but the straps held them apart.
“Well, what have we here?” he said in his sultry voice.
“I’ve been waiting for you, honey,” I replied sweetly.
He slowly walked towards the bed looking me up and down.
I felt my face flush as his eyes lingered on my most private areas.
He walked to the head of the bed, smiled, and leaned down and kissed me roughly on my mouth.
His hand grazed over my breasts trying to burst out of my corset.
I groaned as his thumb found my taut nipple.
I felt a rush to my head as he expertly rubbed each nipple.
“Mmmmm, I really like this,” Mr.
B said tugging on my corset.
“You look so good.
” He pulled off his shirt revealing his toned chest and abs.
God, he was sexy.
“What are you going to do to me, baby?” I whispered.
“I have many ideas, Kimmi,” he replied.
“I see you have solved the issue of your wiggling around all the time.
I think I will start by testing out your straps.
” He leaned over me and started kissing my neck.
I was already hot and pulling against my straps.
This man knew how to turn me on.
He slowly worked his way down my body.
He settled between my legs and slipped his hands under my round, soft bottom.
I was looking down at him in breathless anticipation.
He started his tease.
He gently nipped my inner thighs.
I pulled my legs hard against the straps, but they wouldn’t give.
  “Unstrap me!” I begged.
“I need to move.
” “No my dear.
You don’t,” he answered.
He turned me slightly and gave me a few hard smacks on my bottom.
I thought I would lose my mind with his teasing.
He kept kissing and licking up and down my inner thighs.
Sometimes he would gently nip me which drove me wild.
“Please,” I begged with ragged breath.
“Please what?” he asked.
“Tell me what you want Kimmi.
” “Please kiss my special spot.
Pleeeease,” I whimpered.
“I can’t take your teasing!” He softly kissed my inner thigh once more and then his tongue found my sweet spot.
I arched off the bed with the sensation.
God this man was good.
 I started moaning with each flick of his tongue.
He held my bottom tightly and buried his face in my pussy.
I screamed out.
He continued this ecstasy until I was squealing with every lick.
I was about to release when he suddenly stopped.
“Nooooo,” I pleaded.
“I will tell you when you can cum, Kimmi,” he said sternly.
“Please, don’t stop,” I pleaded again.
B lifted himself up and gave me a mischievous smile.
He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants.
He slid off his pants and underwear and moved up with his knees by my shoulders.
He had his big dick inches from my face.
Online Now! Lush Cams Maximus_Diesel “Open your mouth, honey,” he demanded.
I obeyed and he pushed his hard cock into my mouth.
He tasted so good.
I looked up into his eyes while I took his cock in and out of my mouth.
He was pushing himself in really deep.
I was gagging but kept taking him in my mouth.
I was swirling my tongue up and down his shaft like he liked it.
He groaned and I looked up and our eyes locked.
How I loved being with him.
I was in love with this man.
I had never felt like this before.
“I am going to fuck you now, Kimmi,” he said, as he pulled his dick out of my wet mouth.
“Pleeease,” I moaned.
He continued to kiss me as he slid into place.
He looked deep into my eyes as he pushed his large cock into my eagerly awaiting pussy.
He started pushing slowly while he deeply kissed me.
His tongue pried open my lips as his thrusts grew faster.
My hands and feet were desperately trying to come out of my straps.
It is a different experience to not be able to move while you are being soundly fucked.
His tongue met mine as he pounded his hardness into me.
I squealed into his mouth as he fucked me.
I felt my orgasm building again but didn’t want this to end.
His breath quickened and he started to growl a little.
“You can cum now, Kimmi,” he said.
I couldn’t hold back anymore and screamed out my orgasm.
He quickly followed with his.
“Release me!” I yelled.
He released my hands so I could wrap them around him.
I buried my face into his neck and continued to ride out my orgasm.
He was breathing very hard but kissed my neck as he held me.
He laid on top of me for awhile as we recovered.
Then, he slid down the bed and freed my legs from the straps.
I immediately wrapped them around him pulling him back on top of me.
“I love you,” I whispered in his ear.
I had not planned on saying that.
He didn’t move a muscle.
Oh no, what did I do?  He lifted his head and started kissing me again.
I decided he didn’t hear me.
Maybe that was best.
Maybe it was too soon.
But, I did love this man.
I must have drifted off to sleep.
The next thing I knew he was dressed and tucking me under the covers and kissing my forehead.
“Good night, sweetie.
It is about 10 o’clock and I have to go now.
I had an amazing time and will see you tomorrow.
Sweet dreams,” he whispered.
I smiled and drifted back to sleep.
I was awakened by the ding of a new message on my phone.
I lazily rolled over to grab my phone, immediately smiling remembering my night before with Mr.
I saw it was a message from Mr.
Wonderful himself.
I clicked on it and was stunned by what I saw.
It was a picture of him with his arms wrapped around and cupping the breasts of a voluptuous blonde.
She was topless.
 What .
the .
hell? Then, I read this message: You don’t know me but I have been his girlfriend for the last two years.
I got suspicious he was seeing someone, so I stole his phone and went through it.
I found your pictures and texts.
You should know I spent last night with him and he just fucked me and he is now asleep.
  I jumped out of bed and kept staring at my phone in disbelief.
I must have reread her message a hundred times.
Then, I collapsed on the floor sobbing.
My chest felt like I was being knifed.
My stomach felt like I was being repeatedly kicked.
My breath was ragged.
Tears saturated my face.
Why? was all I could think.
I would never be the same again.



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