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We’ve all heard the saying, ‘good and evil exist in every single human being.
’ History, culture, and religion have tried to show us what’s good and what’s evil.
Robert Louis Stevenson wrote about these struggles in his famous novel, Strange Case of Dr.
Jekyll and Mr.
Today, Jack and Pam experience the dark side; for one of them, it’s the first time.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Like most fifty-five-year-old guys, Jack carried extra weight from bad eating habits, his hair loss was genetic, and a boring sex life left him wanting more.
It was Jack’s nature to be a likable fellow, and he was always there to help out a person in need.
Jack enjoyed the sunny day in Florida as he removed debris from the gutters on his modest home in the suburbs.
While he stood on the ladder’s top step, Jack noticed his new neighbor as she got out of her car.
Even though he had never spoken to her, being a good neighbor, he gave her a hearty wave.
Something caused the ladder to shift, and Jack fell back awkwardly, his arms flayed in the air until the back of his head hit the concrete sidewalk with a sickening hollow thud, like a pumpkin dropped from up high.
Pam screamed out in shock as she watched her neighbor fall off the ladder.
The young newlywed’s strict husband kept her on a short leash; he said it was for her own protection, because of her ‘issues,’ that she was too naive and gullible, and people would take advantage of her good nature.
Even though she knew her husband would disapprove, this was an emergency.
She ran across the street as fast as her twenty-year-old body could move her.
Jack felt himself floating among kaleidoscope multi-colored clouds.
Strange birds with human heads circled him and asked if he wanted to join them for supper.
Jack told them to fuck off, surprised at his outburst as he never swore.
The birds cursed back at him before they flew off in a huff.
Like a professional skydiver, Jack performed stunts marveling at his new expertise.
The sound of rushing water filled his ears; looking up, he saw a waterfall headed right for him.
The force of the impact took away his breath.
Desperately, he tried to swim out of the current that was taking him down and down.
By the time Pam reached her neighbor, his body was in a violent seizure.
Her pale child-like face filled with dread, unsure what she should do.
Pam knelt next to him and tried to hold his shoulders, but he was too big and strong.
In a panic, she hiked up her light flowery dress and straddled his waist, using her tiny body to try and control his limbs as they jerked around violently.
His crotch kept thrusting up, and she had to use more pressure to try and arrest him.
Her eyes went wide at the sensation bubbling in her crotch.
Every time his hips pushed up, she pushed back down, in a rocking motion.
When his tremors ended, she was embarrassed that she couldn’t stop her hips from moving back and forth on their own.
The ride made her panties wet, and her vagina throbbed wildly with a sudden fire deep inside.
Her neighbor appeared to go unconscious, and she shook his shoulders.
“Are you okay?” Pam asked loudly.
When he didn’t respond, she checked for a pulse.
Her heart fluttered violently with fear when she couldn’t find one.
She looked around for help, but no one was on the street.
“Help!” she yelled out, hoping someone would hear her.
The recent CPR training she received at church kicked in, and she went into action.
It took all of her weight to compress his barrel-chest, followed by rescue breaths.
Pam kept the cycle going until exhaustion forced her to stop.
“Please! Don’t die!” Jack haltingly opened his eyes to see a beautiful young goddess on top of him.
Her eyes were half-closed, her face was covered in sweat, and her hips rocked back and forth like she was fucking him.
“Am I dead? Are you an Angel?” Disorientation clouded his thoughts.
Startled, Pam saw her neighbor had come around.
Even though she was exhausted, she couldn’t fight the urge not to laugh.
“No, silly, but you took a bad fall and banged your head.
Do you want me to call an ambulance?” It took Jack a moment before realizing the gorgeous young woman sitting on his crotch was the neighbor from across the street.
“Why are you riding my cock?” Embarrassed at what it must look like, Pam removed her hands from his shoulders and made a move to get up.
“I’m sorry! I only wanted to help you.
” “Don’t fucking move!” Jack grimaced, grasping her slender hips.
“Sorry!” Pam said, anxious that somehow, she had inadvertently hurt him.
Jack’s half-slit eyes casually studied her pretty face before stopping at her tits.
Usually, he would be embarrassed to look at a woman with such lust.
But his thoughts were filled with ideas on how to get his cock into this beautiful woman’s cunt.
Pam watched his wild eyes settle on her breasts, and it made her even more self-conscious.
She crossed her arms over her breasts to hide them from Jack’s lewd stare.
Something about his eyes seemed familiar, but she couldn’t say why.
“What happened to me?” he asked, not believing he woke up to this incredible sight.
“You fell off the ladder and hit your head on the sidewalk and your body went wild shaking all over.
I didn’t want you to hurt yourself, so I sat on you.
Then you stopped breathing, so I did CPR on you.
” Jack reached back and felt a huge bump on the back of his head, wondering why he didn’t have a headache.
“What’s your name?” he asked.
“Pam, I live across the street from you.
” “Yeah, I recognize your small tits.
My name’s Jack.
” “Hi, Jack,” Pam said, disturbed by his crude comments and how his eyes undressed her.
“Should I get up now?” She didn’t want to appear uncaring, but the compromising position was not ladylike or proper for a married woman.
“Only if you help me into the house,” Jack said.
He released her hips and lifted his arms.
“Grab me under my armpits and pull.
” “Of course!” Pam said, breathing a sigh of relief that her sinful looking ordeal would soon be over.
She leaned forward and reached under Jack, but his heavy body didn’t budge.
Jack saw the false hope of escape in her soft blue eyes.
But he had a different plan.
Instead, Jack used the new moment to wrap his arms around Pam.
Her soft tits squished against his chest, and he rested his chin in the nook of her neck.
He tricked her into thinking she could lift him this way.
Stupidly, Pam didn’t realize her attempt would leave them cheek to cheek in an awkward hug.
She sighed in discomfort.
Her enthusiasm at swiftly fleeing died as his arms wound around her.
She was stuck sitting on Jack’s crotch, caught in his strong embrace.
Her weak attempt to assist him made the situation worse.
“Whoa! The dizziness is coming back! Don’t move!” Jack lied.
He hugged the young sexy woman tighter, enjoying the softness of her body and the lavender smell of her long blonde hair.
Jack knew the irrational and despicable things he was doing and thinking were unexpected and out of his norm, yet he found it exhilarating to be a bad guy.
“Whisper in my ear, and maybe it will go away? Tell me about yourself.
” Pam considered herself a good Samaritan, and Jack needed her help.
His arms eased off and he gently rubbed her back, like a massage.
With compassion in mind, she unselfishly gave him a light hug.
“I’ve got you, Jack, just relax, I’m sure it will pass soon.
” “Thank you; you are an Angel,” he mocked.
“No, I’m just a good person.
” Her nose was close to his ear.
“Well, you already know my name is Pam,” she whispered.
“I’m twenty-years-old, and I got married six months ago.
My husband was my youth counselor for four years at our Baptist church.
He got me through a bad time in my life.
He knows the bible inside out; I’m so proud of him.
” “No, tell me about yourself,” Jack groaned in fake distress before nuzzling into her open neck.
“Oh, Jack, stop it! I’m too sensitive there!” Pam waited for him to stop, but he kept kissing her neck.
Her thoughts scrambled, and she couldn’t concentrate.
“I, I don’t know what else to tell you.
” “Were you a virgin when you got married?” he asked, as he obscenely thrust his pelvis upwards.
“Jack!” Pam exclaimed in embarrassment as her pussy rubbed back against him.
What was happening to her? She should be disgusted! When he gave her big-sounding kisses on her sensitive neck, she couldn’t control the shudders; he was kissing her weak spot.
“Oh, don’t! Please! Not there!” Trembling, she breathed in Jack’s masculine aftershave lotion.
She felt helpless as his muscular arms hugged her body.
She felt his hands slowly making their way down to her bum.
With a surge of energy, she tried to get loose.
“Stop squirming and lie still!” Jack scolded.
“The world is spinning around, and you’re making it worse! Are you trying to kill me?” “I’m sorry,” Pam quickly apologized.
What had she got herself into? She only wanted to help him, and now she was lying on top of a stranger, and worse, familiar sensations made her body tingle all over.
“Just lie still; you’re saving my life!” When he felt Pam relax, his hands continued down to her skinny ass.
He gripped both of her ass cheeks and squeezed.
“I need to hold on to something solid.
Do you mind?” “I, I guess it’s okay.
” She wanted to say no; she recoiled at being touched so intimately by a stranger, but if this would save Jack’s life, then she had to be brave.
“Just for a minute, though!” He rubbed his hard cock against her cunny, and he felt her pushing back.
Fuck! The little slut was enjoying this.
He kissed the soft spot on her neck again; now that he knew how sensitive that area was, he intended to exploit it.
Her body rocked on his as he massaged her tight ass and nuzzled her neck.
Jack didn’t know where his boldness came from and it surprised the hell out of him.
“So, were you a virgin?” Jack continued.
“On your wedding night.
” Pam wasn’t sure how to answer Jack’s question.
She was, and she wasn’t a virgin.
Yeah, her husband made her bleed, but there was no easy way to explain how Daddy fucked her first and somehow left her a virgin.
Jack softly kissed the nape of her neck, and Pam foolishly shifted her head to allow him better access.
His hands gently squeezed her bum, pulling her tighter against the hard lump in his pants.
Pam felt herself melting into his body.
“Yes,” she moaned.
“My husband took my virginity.
” “Where did it happen?” For some reason, she felt a strange urge to continue.
“In the bridal suite at the new hotel, located off McGregor Boulevard.
” Jack sucked on her neck, and her resistance diminished even more.
“Please, Jack, leave my neck alone.
” “How many times did he fuck you that night?” “JACK! That’s rude!” “NO! Yelling in my ear was! Now my head is worse!” “I’m sorry,” Pam apologized.
“My husband only did it to me once,” she softly whispered.
“Once! My god, I would have fucked you all night long!” he murmured.
“A sexy body like yours is made to be fucked!” Pam submissively laid on top of Jack, as his hands squeezed her bum.
“Is your head getting better?” Jack stirred up butterflies in her belly and between her legs.
“It’s helping, but your dress is too fucking slippery!” In one quick move, Jack pulled up her thin summer dress and slipped his hands into her panties.
“Hmm, now this is much better!” “Oh! What are you doing! ” Pam screamed in panic, as Jack’s hands touched her bare skin.
She woke from her temporary mental slumber and tried to get free from his firm grip.
“Shh!” he said softly, kissing her neck again.
“This is much better.
Unless you want me to take your dress off completely.
” “What? NO! Of course not!” “Then lie still and let me hold you.
” When she didn’t object, he pulled her skinny ass back and forth over his crotch.
“Can you feel my hard cock under your panties?” “Yes,” she whimpered.
“Please stop; this is wrong!” When his hands pulled her ass cheeks apart, she let out a mousy squeal.
“Jack, you shouldn’t be doing this to me! It’s daylight, and we’re almost on the front street! “All the better to see you! Hmm, you are such a sexy woman!” Pam never thought of herself as being sexy.
She was an ordinary Christian woman with a good god-fearing husband.
Daddy said she was sexy and made her do nasty things.
But that was so long ago.
  Jack ran a finger down her crack and tickled her back hole.
Pam jumped in his arms but never told him to stop.
It made him wonder what else he could do to her before she came to her senses and realized he was taking advantage of her.
“Does your husband fuck your ass?” “Never!” Pam exclaimed.
  He slipped a finger in her ass, and Pam squirmed like a fish out of water.
“Hmm, nice and tight!” “Jack! Take it out! Right now! Oh, oh! Let me go!” He ignored her request and pushed his finger deeper.
They locked eyes as he slowly finger-fucked her virgin ass.
“I think you like this, baby-girl!” he laughed.
The shock at being called “baby-girl” threw Pam for a loop and conjured up all those hidden memories with Daddy.
That was HIS pet name for her.
“NO! I only came across the street to help you!” Pam squealed.
“You are helping me.
Now lie back down and tell me more about yourself.
” Pam wanted out of this immoral bind.
At least, she thought she did.
“What if I scream? Someone will come to my rescue.
” Jack’s laugh was pure evil.
“Look at us; you’re on top of me.
I’m the one who should be screaming, not you.
The cops will take you away in handcuffs.
How will you explain that to your husband? I’ll tell him you jumped on my body while I was unconscious and seduced me right out in the open! Besides, see the camera right above us? It’s recording everything we are doing!” Defeated, Pam laid back down on his chest.
Jack was right; no one would believe her, and he had a recording to prove it.
“Please, leave my bum alone!” she begged, unable to disguise the impure thoughts of pleasure from his finger.
“I’m a good girl!” “I know you are.
Good girls obey instructions.
But if you don’t obey me, I know what time your husband gets home, and I will have a little talk with him.
Maybe he will want a copy of the security footage?” “NO! My husband must never find out! Please!” Pam begged in fear.
Her husband would never forgive her.
Not again.
“Well, you better be good then! Now kiss me!” Her mind was off-balance, but she needed to obey Jack.
The consequences were enormous if she didn’t.
Leaning down, she gave him a quick peck on his mouth.
“I’m not your brother; kiss me like we’re lovers.
” Jack grabbed the back of her head and brought her mouth to his.
His tongue pushed past her teeth, touching hers.
Pam tried to push his tongue out, but that backfired, and he roughly sucked on her tongue.
“Not bad,” Jack smirked after he let her go.
“Now it’s your turn.
” Pam had no choice; her husband threatened to leave her is she went back to her old ways.
Her lips settled on Jack’s, and when his tongue touched, she opened her mouth.
She sucked gently, the opposite of what he did to her tongue.
Jack’s finger was moving in her bum again, and it made her think of Daddy.
The moment seemed to last forever, and she got caught up in the moment.
“Was that okay?” she asked, hoping Jack would let her go now.
“Good girl,” he praised.
“See, that wasn’t so bad! Did you enjoy that?” “I, I guess so.
” Jack still had a hard time believing a twenty-year-old married woman could be so fucking innocent.
Maybe it was all an act.
“I know you can do even better.
Last chance, or your hubby and I will have a little talk.
” Pam feared her husband would learn about her relapse.
Bells were ringing in her head along with all the warning signs as her body settled into unabashed contentment.
As much as she feared what might happen, her mental sensibility disagreed with her body’s desire.
She leaned down and took Jack’s face in both of her hands, kissing him with a pent-up passion.
This time she was the aggressor.
His finger reamed her ass harder, pushing entirely in and out.
Jack’s crotch moved up against her thin wet panties, and she imagined Daddy’s cock was inside her.
The self-proclaimed good girl was turning into a spirited bad girl.
Jack felt her clenching down on his digital invasion, maybe in pleasure or perhaps in pain; either way, he didn’t care.
Power radiated in his mind; somehow, this vulnerable woman ended up his to enjoy however he wanted.
He waited for Pam to break the kiss, loving her new abandonment.
“Whew!” Pam exclaimed when the kiss ended.
“That was nice!” Jack praised.
“You just needed a little push.
” Jack felt a sharp pain in his head.
“Now do it again, baby-girl, make Daddy feel good!” Jack said in a strange voice.
  “Daddy? Is that you?” Pam felt an overwhelming fear bordering on hysteria.
For a brief second, Jack’s eyes switched from brown to yellow.
Daddy’s eyes were yellow.
A long time ago Daddy took her into the dark abyss, but that didn’t mean it was happening again.
She fought to control her emotions and not overreact; this man wasn’t Daddy; he was her neighbor.
“My bum hurts.
Can you stop? Please,” Pam begged.
“I promise to kiss you again! Like you’re my lover!” “Kiss me, and if you convince me we’re lovers, I will take it easy on your ass.
But if I’m not pleased, then I’m going to add a finger, or maybe two! It’s up to you.
” In desperation, Pam kissed Jack like she kissed Daddy.
When Jack didn’t remove his finger from her bum, she humped her pussy against his cock.
The sacrifice worked, and Jack pulled out his finger.
Pam didn’t want to end the kiss.
The voices in her head accused her of hypocrisy as she abandoned her religious devotion and gave herself over to reckless submissiveness.
She tried hard to forget about Daddy over the years that passed.
Maybe that was a mistake.
A deranged sense of satisfaction came from groping the bare ass cheeks of such a pure woman.
His ‘new’ demented mind changed his behavior in ways that would have been unthinkable earlier today.
Now all Jack envisioned was doing more, letting evil guide him.
Pam’s sensual kiss ignited a blazing fire deep inside him, and for a brief moment, images flickered in Jack’s mind of them being together in the past.
Pam’s young body submitted to the ‘kiss.
‘ She was enjoying this.
Jack tapped into her hidden desires, just like the man who called her ‘baby-girl’ had done.
Now that she crossed the line, she didn’t know if she had the strength to stop.
Jack broke the kiss, and Pam looked at him with anxiety in her eyes.
He kept her hips rocking back and forth on his cock.
“I bet you dream of other men? Having their big cocks fuck your cunt?” “No, never!” Pam exclaimed, unable to keep eye contact with Jack.
She couldn’t tell him about Daddy, it was too bizarre; Jack wouldn’t believe her.
  “I know you’re lying,” Jack said.
“I saw it in your eyes.
Don’t worry; even good girls like to be a little bad sometimes.
What’s his name?” Pam didn’t know how to explain this to Jack.
Even her husband didn’t know the full truth.
“You won’t tell my husband?”  “Your secret is safe with me.
” “His name is Daddy; I don’t know his real name.
But I never did anything with him!” Pam lied.
“I’m happily married!”  “I know you wouldn’t.
You’re a good girl.
Right?” he laughed.
“But you think about his cock, don’t you?” “Sometimes,” she said in a daze, shocked she disclosed so much to Jack.
“Daddy thinks of you too, baby-girl!” Jack laughed, in that strange voice again.
Pam stared at Jack mutely.
Jack sounded exactly like Daddy! And every time he called her ‘baby-girl’ his eyes changed to yellow.
All this was her fault.
If she hadn’t sat on him, none of this would have happened.
Daddy would have remained hidden.
“Please, Jack, let me go! I’ve done everything you asked.
” “Almost,” Jack teased.
“Show me your tits, and I might let you go.
” Jack’s fierce eyes lacked compassion.
“You promise?”  “Yeah, sure,” he sneered.
Pam’s head filled with indecision.
She looked around to see if anyone was watching them.
Hesitantly, she opened one button on the front of her dress but couldn’t make herself go further.
A tear rolled down her cheek.
“Do I have to? You seemed like a nice man.
” “You thought wrong!” he laughed as he ripped open the front of her dress, sending buttons flying.
“NO!” Pam screamed as Jack held her dress wide open, exposing her bare breasts.
“You got yourself some nice little tits! You know only sluts don’t wear a bra!” A sharp pain made Jack shake his head in confusion.
He looked at the helpless girl and couldn’t believe what he was doing to her.
Just as quickly as the thought disappeared, and he welcomed the dark impulses.
“All my bras are in the wash,” she lied.
For some reason, she purposely didn’t wear a bra today, like this whole scene had been preordained.
Pam wanted to cover up and she didn’t.
It thrilled her to watch Jack’s eyes devour her.
“Please, can I get up now?” she asked feebly.
  Jack’s eyes alternated from her breasts to her face as he obscenely licked his lips.
“Does your husband suck your nipples?” Pam looked around the street to see if anyone was watching them.
“No, he doesn’t.
”  “Are you lying to me? What husband doesn’t suck on his wife’s tits?” “We have a different kind of relationship.
My husband said God disapproves.
” “Yeah? Well, it’s a good thing I don’t believe in your God!” Jack snickered.
“Lean forward; I want to give them a suck!”  Jack’s wild yellow eyes made her cringe, and the low tone of his voice commanded obedience.
She reluctantly leaned forward until her breasts were above Jack’s mouth.
When he didn’t rise, she lowered herself, and his mouth latched on to a nipple.
“Please, Daddy, this isn’t right! Someone might see us! Oh, oh, what are you doing to me?” Jack’s hands mauled her soft ass cheeks.
He directed her hips to rock once again on his cock, and the subservient girl kept the rhythm going.
“Your husband is an idiot!” he laughed.
“Tits like yours are made to be sucked! Now the other one.
” Pam held herself up with the support of both her palms against the rough concrete.
She hated that Jack’s mouth made her feel good, down there.
She wanted to stop her hips from rubbing even harder against him, but her willpower had vanished.
Jack felt more evil thoughts race through his head.
His young neighbor was his prey, his captive, the spoils of being a nice guy all these wasted years.
But she was right; someone would eventually see them and call the cops.
He needed to get her into his house.
“OW! STOP! THAT HURTS!” Pam screamed when Jack bit down on her nipple before pushing her to a sitting position.
For a moment, they just stared at each other, their bodies glowing from the heat of lust.
Jack’s finger came loose from her ass, and he showed Pam how stained it was.
“If you suck my finger clean, I’ll let you go.
” Pam shook her no; Daddy disgustingly made her suck his dirty cock, and she never complained.
She looked at Jack’s finger.
All it would take is one suck and she would be free.
But did she want to be free? “NEVER!” Jack was just testing Pam, he never intended to let her go.
“Leave your fucking dress open and help me into the house.
” Awkwardly, she helped Jack to stand up.
He wobbled about unsteadily, and Pam put an arm around his waist for support.
Even though she was half Jack’s size, she tried to take his weight.
“It’s okay, Jack, you can lean on me.
” Jack couldn’t believe after all he had done to Pam; she continued to help him.
The last thing he wanted was for this scared little girl to run away.
The fun was just beginning.
He stumbled a bit and grabbed hold of her closest tit to balance himself.
The soft flesh felt good in his fingers.
“Stop! My head’s going to explode!” “Take your time,” Pam said, worried that maybe she should have called an ambulance.
If he died now, would it be her fault? “We’re almost there.
” Jack fondled Pam’s hard nipple under his palm.
When he pinched down, she let out a weak squeal.
“Alright, let’s try again,” Jack said.
They shuffle-walked towards the house as he continued to abuse her tit.
Jack rested his head on her shoulder so he could watch himself playing with her hard nipple.
“You like this, don’t you? Your nipples are hard as a diamond!” “No, we shouldn’t be doing this.
” Pam wanted to let go of Jack, but she was afraid he might fall again.
“Please don’t squeeze so hard you’re hurting my breast.
” “So, you don’t mind if I hold your tit?” he asked.
“Only until we get you into the house.
” Online Now! Lush Cams Joe_Lewis “Tell me it’s okay.
” “You can squeeze my breast.
” “No, it’s not a breast.
It’s a tit! Now ask me nicely to play with your tit!” “Please, Jack, I want you to play with my tit.
” Pam stuttered in fear as his eyes turned yellow again.
Jack put more weight on her shoulders, holding her in place.
Pain radiated through her body; Jack switched to her other nipple, squeezing it between his thumb and finger, harder and harder.
“Ow! That hurts, please don’t do it so hard.
” “No problem, I’ll switch to your cunt!” “What? No!” She tried to pull away, but Jack was too strong.
He drove his hand through the opening in her dress right into her panties.
“You’re soaked! I knew you were a teasing slut!” “No! I’m not!” Pam whined.
Daddy’s harsh laughter radiated into her ears.
HIS fingers were in her pussy.
“You shouldn’t be doing this to me!” Pam’s legs started to shake, and her body betrayed her.
There was nothing she could do to stop the intense feelings.
Her face flushed, and her breathing became rapid and shallow; she grabbed onto Jack’s arm but didn’t try to stop him.
“You’re getting turned on from my fingers!” he laughed.
“Only a fucking slut would do that!” Pam had only wanted to help Jack.
How did things go so wrong? What would her husband say if he saw her now? He never played with her breasts or touched her down there.
He said sex was for procreation, and it was a sin to feel pleasure.
When they had sex, the lights were off, and she had to lay on her back with her legs spread open.
She waited until he got on the bed, then he would push in and out of her pussy, grunt a few times, and leave to clean up in the bathroom.
When he came back, they knelt at the side of the bed and prayed for forgiveness from God.
After six months of marriage, she had never seen her husband’s cock.
She had only seen Daddy’s cock.
Jack gave her cunt a hard pinch.
“Feel how wet you are! Do it!” he arrogantly whispered in her ear.
Pam reached into her panties right down to her vagina.
Jack was right; it felt like she peed her pants.
“Finger your cunt!” When she didn’t move, Jack grabbed her hand and made her.
He continued to make lewd comments in her ear.
Her fingers took on a life of their own, and she couldn’t control them.
Jack sucked on her sensitive neck, and the last obstacle in her mind vanished.
She let go of the inhibitions she kept locked away.
She missed Daddy so much! “Show me your hand, let me see how wet your fingers are,” Jack growled.
Pam brought her hand out and immediately missed the feeling her fingers generated.
“Let me smell them,” Jack said.
“Hmm, good, but I bet you taste even better.
Put your fingers in your mouth and suck them clean.
” Pam tasted her juices as Jack kissed her neck.
She missed her unique flavor.
“Fuck me! You are a horny little slut!” Jack exclaimed, shoving his hand back down inside her panties.
“What do you want me to do to you?” Pam gave up; she needed this.
“Put your fingers back in my cunt!” Like a stray back-alley cat in heat, Pam moaned out in pleasure as Jack rammed his fingers in and out of her cunt.
Saying the indecent word cunt was freeing; she was a slut.
“I want to see you naked.
” “Here?” she asked, panicked that someone would see her.
“Can we go in the house? Please, Jack!” Their roles quickly reversed, and Pam leaned on Jack for support as he fingered her cunt and steered them to the front door.
“What are you going to do when we get in the house?” Pam knew her resistance was gone.
Jack brought her out of that self-imposed shell.
“I’ll strip naked for you!” “That’s a good slut!” Jack laughed.
“Then I’m going to fuck you!” “Okay,” she moaned as Jack worked his fingers in her.
He had to carry her along the sidewalk as she rested her head on his chest, lost in the moment, mumbling to herself.
When they arrived at the front door, Jack threw it open and carried Pam into the house with her arms wrapped around his neck.
He kicked the door shut with his foot and kissed her.
Pam moaned and groaned as she sucked on his tongue, and his fingers continued their assault.
“Okay, baby-girl, show me what you got!” Jack ordered in his new strange voice.
In a dream-like state, Pam pulled the ripped dress off her shoulders.
It fell to the floor and pooled around her legs.
Her panties were next, and in seconds she was naked in front of Daddy’s yellow piercing eyes.
Split your legs!” Jack’s fingers found her cunt.
Yes, her hole was a cunt; Daddy’s cunt.
She reached out and held his shoulders for support.
“Oh, Daddy! I missed how good this feels!” Jack couldn’t control his fingers as they thrust into Pam with a fit of inner anger that had been building up for the past fifty-five years.
He wasn’t the nice guy anymore; he was the bad man your mama warned you to stay clear of.
Pam melted as her orgasm built and built.
In six months of marriage, her husband never gave her an orgasm.
Daddy had her right on edge, ready to explode.
“Yes, yes.
right now! Oh god! I’m coming so hard!” Her legs were too wobbly to stand on their own, and only Jack’s fingers held her up.
Jack’s cock was harder than it ever had been.
This gorgeous woman was incredible.
As soon as he pulled out his fingers, she fell to her knees.
Her innocent soft eyes looked up at him as he licked his fingers clean.
He undid his pants and pulled out his cock.
Pam knew what Jack wanted.
Daddy made her do this all the time.
Her husband said oral sex was the work of the devil.
Jack would be her second.
Jack’s cock was big; the giant head had an eye looking right at her, blue veins ran down his thick shaft to his big dangling balls.
Liquid leaked out the ‘eye’ as Jack stroked himself.
“Suck my cock, and you better not disappoint me!” Jack threatened.
Pam didn’t want to disappoint Jack, not after he just gave her an enormous orgasm; her cunt still quivered from the aftershocks.
One hand circled his cock, and she licked his hairy balls first and then his cock.
She lowered her mouth over the thick mushroom head and twirled her tongue round and round, before taking him down her throat.
“What the fuck!” Jack yelled in surprise; he pushed her off him so he could see h



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