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Jayden’s POV Why had Draven sent Lennox with me that night? If it hadn’t been for my ex watching from a distance under Draven’s orders, Rin wouldn’t be a prisoner now.
All because we danced, we kissed, and Lennox could not handle that.
Jealous over a mere mortal, yet being my elder brother’s mate.
Rin had not minded spending her eighteenth birthday a prisoner, though a sadness swept over her at times.
I had tried to make her birthday as decent as manageable, but after being stuck twenty for a few centuries I honestly forgot how the celebrations were conducted.
A day at the beach, playing musical instruments, and dancing seemed to please her.
By the end of the day the poor girl was tuckered out.
Guilt ripped through me at the sight of Rin’s peacefully sleeping form.
Her dark brown hair spread perfectly across her face and pillow.
Her lips were slightly parted.
Even from a few feet away I could see the warmth in her cheeks and wondered what she might be dreaming of.
The white silk nightgown she wore, no doubt an item chosen by Draven, revealed more fleshy features I dare imagine.
The overall sight of Rin ignited desires I wish I didn’t harbor for the mortal.
I creep closer to the edge of the ginormous bed and immediately wish I hadn’t.
Up closer now Rin’s aroma assaulted my sense of smell, causing my mouth to water.
No matter what body soap or shampoo the girl used she would always smell enticing to me.
I had spent all day with her and yet earlier the urge to sink my teeth into her soft neck never assailed me half as bad as it did now.
Luckily different desires filled me, desires I could give in to.
As delicately as possible, I run the back of my hand across her cheek.
A moan escapes her lips and I fear I have awoken her.
But she tosses herself over aggressively and continues on with her dreams.
I chuckle to myself at Rin’s aggressive sleeping habits, and immediately stop.
I shouldn’t be enjoying any of this, yet I was.
While I still had my will I force myself out of Rin’s room and return to mine.
As soon as I stepped in my room it became apparent that tonight would be a night full of wishing I had done things differently, because lying in black lingerie in all her dark glory on my bed is Lennox.
“Finally you come!” she groans.
My blood boils at the sight of her.
Once upon a time, Lennox had been the love of my life.
As a human she was gentle, innocent, and pure.
I loved her with all that I had until she begged me to change her.
I never wanted to lose her, but once she became like me, a monster, she allowed the darkness in and let go of her remaining humanity.
I was no longer the man she wanted once Lennox laid her eyes on my brother Draven.
Now all that remains of her is a sexual goddess of evil.
And for some reason she finds pleasure in coming to my room every night to prey on my love for her.
But tonight, I look at her with disdain and I know that Rin is the cause of this.
“Where have you been?” She demands.
Ignoring her, I cross the room to my variety of alcohol and pour myself a glass.
I down it all in one shot.
It’s enough to calm my nerves a little, which is all alcohol is good for for vampires.
I turn to Lennox.
A wicked scowl is planted on her face.
“Go away,” I say to her.
“I’m not in the mood.
” This displeases her.
In a heartbeat, she is in my face clutching my jaw in her claws.
“Since when do you deny me?” I see all the rage in her cat-green eyes.
Where there once used to be love in them there is now only hunger.
“Does the human girl have anything to do with this?” she asks.
“You’ve been getting awfully cozy with her.
Draven and Jasco won’t be pleased.
” Jasco, my second eldest brother.
Where as Draven is calculated and unforgiving, Jasco is impulsive and merciless.
I tend to steer clear of him at any given time.
All the more reason why Rin needs to be taken away from here.
Brushing away Lennox’s grip on me, I go and sit down in the chair next to the window.
“What business of mine is yours, Lennox? Draven gave me strict orders to care for the girl.
Taking care of her I am.
Now beat it.
” Lennox appeared on my lap, her legs spread completely open.
As hard as I try, I can’t stop contrasting Lennox and Rin.
Lennox is cold and heartless; everything she did is done out of conceit and selfishness.
When she was human Lennox had been soft and warm, and now she is hard and cold.
Rin of course was soft and warm, and despite all she’s been through she retained her light.
That is the one thing I will forever fight to protect.
I ruined Lennox in turning her, and I would never forgive myself if Rin’s purity was ever tainted.
“You’re even thinking of her now as we speak.
” Lennox purred.
“And if I am?” I challenge her.
“It would be far more a pleasure than the grotesque sight of you.
” The feral sound that came from her would have terrified any mortal, but I was Lennox’s sire.
Nothing this woman ever did frightened me.
Even when her fangs came down and she launched herself at me, ripping into my flesh, I remained unaffected.
Gripping her sides I throw her off of me.
Lennox lands on the bed.
Before she can recover I flash over to her and seize her throat, gripping tightly.
“You will learn that I am your sire, not your subject.
” I growl.
“Come on, Jayden.
Do it,” she coaxes me.
“Ravish my body.
” She bites her lower lip seductively.
I clamp my eyes closed, releasing her.
Images of Rin come to mind.
Lennox isn’t who I wanted to ravish, to lose myself in.
But I would never in a million years subject Rin to my monstrous techniques in bed.
I would break her if I did to her what Lennox and I had done for the past centuries.
A pressure is suddenly on my lips, breaking me from my thoughts.
When I open my eyes it’s no longer Lennox in front of me.
“Rin?” I gasp.
Those hazel eyes gaze up at me, an intense yearning burning in them.
Her arms wrap around my neck as she pulls herself flush against my body.
Again those luscious lips of hers press softly against mine.
My body grows frigid in her arms, a battle of control warring inside me.
Rin’s lips leave mine and travel to my ear.
My whole body shivers when her cool breath hits my neck.
“Let go.
” she whispers and I cave.
I grip her hips and pull her body hard against mine, crushing my mouth to hers.
We fall on the bed and the fear of crushing her doesn’t register.
Her body is cold and hard, and all I want to do is make her warmer.
For once I am near her without feeling the ravenous thirst for her blood.
The only thirst I felt at the moment is the thirst to have her body writhing beneath mine.
I tear away at her lingerie, exposing her naked body to me.
She returns the gesture by ripping my clothes to shreds.
I found it odd she is able to do this with human strength.
Rin’s lips attack mine, her tongue parting my lips and entering my mouth.
Moans sound from both of us.
I can’t take much more.
I pin her to the bed and ravenously thrust into her.
Her nails gouge in my back.
Immediately I feel blood flow out of the wounds, but I barely care.
I continue to ravish her body.
” I moan her name.
Suddenly I am being thrown off of her.
I look up at her and find myself staring at an infuriated Lennox.
“Did you just call me by that mortal wench’s name?” She growls.
Online Now! Lush Cams MiraElmers I am unable to answer her for I am in complete shock.
My hands began shaking even as I bawled them in fists.
“Have you already bedded her, Jayden?” “Get out, Lennox,” I say through gritted teeth.
When it became apparent she wasn’t going to, my fury grew.
“I said get out! And if you even go to Rin’s room and harm her, believe me when I say you will deeply regret it.
Now go!” Lennox snarled at me gnashing her teeth in a fit, but thankfully left.
Enraged, I kick the chair, sending it flying and crashing against the farthest wall.
I’d never felt so disgusted with myself as much as I did then.
I had just bedded Lennox with Rin’s face in mind and gave into that whore.
In order to rid her touch on my skin I grab a towel, and shower.
After the shower, I put on some underwear and called it a night.
Sleep evaded me for a while, worry over Lennox creeping in Rin’s room made it impossible.
So I got up and went to check on the mortal.
When all I seemed fine I retired for the night.
———————– A few hours passed when I heard a light knock on my door then the sound of the knob turning.
I shoot forward to see who my intruder is, and see that it’s Rin standing by the door.
Her dark brown hair is slightly matted to her head, mussed up from I assumed a restless slumber.
“What are you doing here, Rin? Go back to your room.
” I order, still agitated from earlier.
“It’s too hot in my room.
So may I sleep in here with you?” she asks lowly.
I take a second to think this through, then nod giving her the okay.
Rin steps further in my room, closing and locking the door behind her.
She briskly runs over to my bed and climbs in.
Once under the sheet she scoots up against me and rolls over on her side.
With her back facing me, I coil my arms around her and pull her against my cool body.
Her skin is clammy with sweat so she wasn’t lying about it being hot.
I close my eyes and try to give myself over to sleep again, but the feel of Rin in my arms keeps me awake.
Her heart is beating wildly in her chest, her breathing hitched and uneven.
I wonder what has her so frazzled.
Could it be that I’m holding her alone in my bed? I smile at the thought.
“Jayden?” she whispers.
“Go to sleep, Rin.
” I grumble.
But she isn’t going to.
Instead of listening she rolls over and is facing me.
Gazing into those hazel eyes, the inner battle begins.
“I just wanted to say thank you for what you did for me, for my birthday.
” Rin smiles.
I can still sense the nervousness radiating from her, and again wonder what has her feeling this way.
“You’re welcome,” I say gently.
“Now go to sleep.
” She lays her head down on my chest and wraps her arm around me.
My body becomes keenly aware of her body pressed against my side.
The fact that I can feel her hardened nipples tells me she isn’t wearing a bra.
Clamping my eyes shut, I fight the urge to tear the nightgown off and lose myself in the pleasure of Rin’s body.
A half hour later Rin is sleeping on my bare chest.
Her breathing is even so I can tell she’s out again.
With her sleeping, I run my fingers through her glossy dark hair.
After a while Rin shifts in her sleep.
Her arm slides down my body and stop directly over my dick.
I stiffen at the suddenness.
Already my member hardens under her touch.
Before she wakes up and realizes what she’s done I grab her hand, but in her fitful sleep she jerks away.
Her arm wraps around my neck, her face now inches from mine.
Her breath hits my face, stunning me more.
The expression on her face is that of a peaceful sleeper.
” she calls out in her sleep.
” Is she dreaming about me kissing her? I gaze at her lips and find myself leaning in.
My lips are an inch apart from hers, I can almost taste them.
I lay my hand against her cheek, and before I know it our lips are sealed.
Gentle at first, I kiss her without waking her up.
Then a second time, and a third.
By the fourth kiss Rin wakes up and is holding my face in her hands.
Our tongues dance in each others mouths.
The taste of her starts a frenzy that I can’t tame.
Throwing her leg over me, Rin straddles my lower body, pressing down on me.
Whether she knows what she’s doing or not is beyond me, but the more we kiss the more she grinds against me.
Rin is the first to break away.
She pulls back on top and shimmies her gown up and over her head, exposing her bare body to me.
Seeing her naked breasts confirm my earlier thought she wore no bra.
I’m surprised all the same she is in front of me exposing herself like this.
“Rin we shouldn’t.
” I warn her.
It’s not safe for either of us.
If Draven or Jasco find out, they will show me just how sadistic and deranged they truly are.
Either way, I would no longer be able to protect her if things go downhill.
Of course she doesn’t listen to me.
She takes both of my wrists in her hands and wraps my arms around her.
I lean forward and reach my lips to hers, kissing her deeply.
My fingers trail up her smooth back as I plant my face in her chest.
I kiss her small breasts then claim her mouth again.
Only our underwear separates us from becoming one in ecstasy.
Rin grabs my dick through my briefs, gently jerking me off.
I take the liberty of feeling her arousal through her underwear.
She’s thoroughly wet and getting wetter by the second.
Finally Rin grabs the waist band and pulls it over my throbbing member.
She lifts up, steadying herself over top.
Just as she’s about to take me inside, we both jump at the sound of someone gasping.
Our attention snaps to Lennox standing by the door.
How did she get in? “I knew it.
You little bitch!” Lennox snarls.
I get up off the bed to stand and face Lennox.
Right as she lunges for Rin, I move in front of her and, catching Lennox by an arm and leg, I throw Lennox back towards my door.
I was hoping she’d crash into the door or at least break one of her claws, Lennox lands on her feet.
She crouches low to the ground, growling deeply.
“You’re going to wish you hadn’t done that, Jayden,” the feral woman hisses.
“I hope she was worth it.
” Just like that Lennox is gone.
I turn to Rin.
There’s fear in her eyes.
I waste no time throwing some clothes on.
We have about ten minutes before Lennox returns with Draven and Jasco.
I grab a few wads of cash, a disposable phone, a jacket and one of ny black shirts.
I toss the shirt and jacket at Rin, ordering her to put them on.
If we had more time I’d go to her room and grab clothes of her own, but my brothers would be here any minute now.
Wrapping an arm around Rin’s waist I pull her with me over to the balcony.
I hook an arm under her legs, and with my other arm wrapped behind her, I lift her up off the ground.
Footsteps sound in the hall; they’re almost here.
Not giving them one more second to catch up, I jump the fifty feet to the ground.
As soon as we land I throw Rin over my back and begin running into the night.
The sun won’t be rising for another couple of hours, so I have until then to get Rin safely away from here.
We approach the wall surrounding the castle.
With one great leap, I’m already half way up it.
Once at the top I jump down.
Thankfully the outer wall is surrounded by thick woods.
That gives Rin and I extra cover.
I just hope we make it.
To be continued.



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