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You ever have one of those weeks where you feel like everyone around you is trying to see just how many directions you can be pulled at one time before you break? You know those people I’m talking about! The ones who think others exist solely to make them happy and do for them? Well, I’d been having one of THOSE weeks for a year.
Between work and school obligations my stress level was already running high.
Then when you add in coming home to a husband who refused to do his share of things, then friends and family who constantly demanded my time, I never got a chance to breathe.
I knew I was at my breaking point and something had to change.
I had tried talking to my husband about it and explaining that I needed help with the work load, some time alone, time with him as a couple, some sex would be nice too.
As it stood it had been 7 months since we’d last had sex and even then he hadn’t even taken the time to get me fully naked.
Not because we were so hot for each other we just couldn’t wait.
No, it was because he had a “raid” to do on his computer game he plays and he wanted to hurry up.
Hell, he was still half limp when he started to stick it in.
I woke up one Friday morning and the thought of going through my normal daily routine made me feel sick to my stomach and my heart started racing.
I just couldn’t do it today.
I called my manager and explained that I could lie and say I’m sick, but really I just need a day to unwind and that I would be back in the office on Monday.
By that time my husband had decided to go to bed.
It must be nice to be able to stay up all night doing nothing.
Instead of rushing through my morning shower I turned the faucet, testing to make sure it was nice and hot, and then poured my favorite Japanese cherry blossom bubble bath in.
I love being able to catch a faint hint of it throughout the day after using it.
Standing in front of the mirror I let my robe fall to the floor.
I am only 5’ 4” but that height is mostly legs.
After I graduated high school I became an avid runner and it shows.
I have all of the curves in the right places, full 36D breasts, a tapered waist with round curvy hips and gorgeously toned legs.
My hair falls just at my shoulders framing my face nicely.
At first glance I have brown eyes, but if you take more than a moment’s notice you will see they are emerald green with a honey brown ring in the center.
My nose is small, my lips full.
Running my hands along my body I couldn’t understand why my husband wouldn’t take the time to appreciate the woman he had.
I wasn’t bad looking, I know that I am pretty good in bed, I just didn’t understand.
I took my time in the bath, shaved my legs, and scrubbed my skin leaving it to feel silky smooth.
I took extra time to apply my make-up, straightened my hair and pulled on my denim shorts, a black lace bra and a black tank top, slid on my comfy flip-flops and headed out the door.
After grabbing some breakfast and window shopping, I headed to the movie theater.
It had been so long since I had taken the time to go and being so early in the day there weren’t many people there.
I figured I would go watch Your Highnes.
It looked stupid funny and James Franco is kinda hot, both seemed perfect for my present mood.
I went to the concession stand and got in line to get some popcorn and a drink.
The man standing in front of me smelled so incredibly good it took every ounce of self control I had not to reach out and touch him.
I’ve always had a strong sense of smell and a nice smelling man is a big weakness of mine.
I stood there staring at his back and even through his green shirt you could see the muscles move as he shifted in place.
His shoulders were broad, tapering down to a very nice ass.
I was guessing him to be about 6’ 1” as my head was about shoulder level with him.
He was built but not muscle head big, just the way I like it.
Miss! You dropped something.
” Someone shouted from behind me.
I turned my head to see who they were talking to and the woman pointed down by my feet.
My attention focused to the ground in front of me and the hottie I’d just been drooling over who was now bent down retrieving the ticket I had dropped.
He was so close to my legs that I could feel his warmth on my golden skin.
He stood up slowly, his gaze obviously taking in every inch of my legs, then up my stomach.
Once he reached my chest he actually paused and the corner of his mouth turned up in a grin before his gaze finally met mine.
If the smell of him hadn’t been enough to torture me, seeing him standing there in front of me, ice blue eyes, dark hair, broad jaw line with a 2 day shadow, sexy full lips turned up in a crooked smile made my heart race.
Having him looking at my body like I was something to devour made my pussy tingle with excitement and I shifted uncomfortably under his penetrating stare.
“Thank you.
Would have been hard to get in the movie without that I guess,” I said before biting my lip.
He looked at the ticket in his hand and his smile widened as he handed it to me, “The pleasure was mine.
” Before I had a chance to respond a sultry blonde had approached us and now had her left hand around his waist and her right hand running across his chest while giving me a look that clearly said back off.
“Hey Dominik, sorry it took me so long.
” “It’s ok.
This is…” he looked at me expectantly.
My name is Anna.
It’s a pleasure to meet you.
I dropped my ticket and Dominik here was just being a gentleman and picked it up for me.
” “Yes, I saw that.
” She said glaring at me which made him chuckle.
“Well, enjoy your movie Anna.
” Dominik said, flashing me that gorgeous smile.
*** I walked into theater number 2 after the previews had started and the lights had dimmed.
Turing the small corner that separated the entrance into the theater I wasn’t too surprised to see there was only one other person in there.
I began my climb up the stairs towards the back row.
As I got closer I recognized the figure sitting in the row just before the top.
He had been watching me walk up the stairs with that sexy grin already in place.
I gave him what I hoped was a smile just as inviting.
“Fancy seeing you again so soon,” he said.
“Yes it is.
Um, is she going to claw me when she gets in here and sees me sitting behind you?” I asked, glancing around in mock suspicion.
She is watching something else.
Something about she doesn’t know how anyone can stand movies like these.
” “Well, her loss.
” I shrugged as I took my seat behind and to the left of him.
The first 20 minutes of the movie was spent mostly glancing back and forth between this god of a man sitting in front of me and the movie screen.
Dominik did this stretch thing, moving his head first to the right, then to the left before pulling his arms together and up over his head.
Seeing his muscles move, his shoulders bunch up made me shift uncomfortably in my seat.
“Oh my god you are killing me here,” I whispered before I could stop myself.
This caused him to look back at me and chuckle.
After that he made a production of slowly stretching in his seat.
He twisted his torso first to the right and held it, then slowly to the left and held it while looking me in the eye.
“Two can play that game” I thought and slipped off my flip-flops and raised my left leg and placed it over the seat in front of me so mid-calf was resting on the seat back.
Since he was actually one seat to the right of me he was in the perfect place to get an eye full.
I leaned over and starting at my ankle slowly rubbed and massaged my leg moving up little by little while I watched him.
His eyes followed my movements, his smile slowly disappeared and I knew I had evened the playing field we were apparently on.
I reached the middle of my thigh and paused to massage there for a moment, he looked back up at me again and licked his lips.
I knew I shouldn’t be doing this.
I knew it was wrong.
I’m married, he is at the very least in a relationship with a woman in the same building as us.
Hell he was a complete stranger, but the past year of me giving over to what everyone else wanted of me flashed through my mind and I made the decision.
I stopped massaging my leg and spread my right leg out further and began rubbing my covered pussy with my right hand.
I worked my fingers up and down my slit and could feel how wet I was even through the denim.
Dominik made this growling noise, his desire rumbling in his chest.
I unbuttoned my shorts and slid down the zipper before we heard the door to the theater open.
We turned our attention back to the screen as the theater attendant walked down the walkway to a clipboard located by the screen, wrote something on it and then walked back out.
As soon as the door shut Dominik turned back to watch as my hand slipped inside my shorts and my finger found my soaked slit.
I teased myself while he watched and started to slowly work my clit in little circles.
I bit my lip, something I only do when turned on, and could feel the electricity flowing through my body heating my core.
“Ahhhh,” I moaned as Dominik shifted in his seat again.
All inhibitions gone I pulled my hand from my pants and licked my juices from my finger, stood up behind him, bent over and ran my hands down his chest, down his stomach and pulled his shirt up enough to give me access to the button of his jeans.
“You look uncomfortable Dominik.
Let me help you with this.
” I whispered in his ear.
Online Now! Lush Cams Wow_Kris_Wave He placed his hands on my forearms and squeezed them lightly.
I had a moment of panic thinking I had crossed the line and started to pull away but he guided my hands back.
I could feel his cock straining against the material begging me to let it out.
I undid the button, slowly pulled down the zipper and reached down into his boxers to pull his massive cock free.
Now I know in stories we always talk about how “his” cock was huge.
But honestly it was so thick I couldn’t close my fingers around it and I have pretty large hands for a woman.
As I stroked him slowly from the tip of his uncut dick down I estimated him to be around 9 inches long.
“Pull your pants down some so I can feel all of you.
Dear God please let me feel all of you.
” He wiggled them down past his ass allowing me to cup his heavy balls in my left hand while I stroked him with my right.
He made that low growl again as he reached up and cupped his hands around my shoulders pulling me forward so my tits were pressed firmly against the back of his head, cradling his head between them.
I licked his ear before taking the lobe in my mouth and sucking gently in time to my strokes.
I licked and nibbled down his neck to his collar bone and back up again.
“You are so fucking sexy.
Just the smell of you at the concession stand had my pussy throbbing with need.
” He growled deep and the next thing I knew he was standing up, jumping over the seat and had me leaned backed against the wall.
My calves were pressed into the underside of the seat that had already retracted back up, my ass just resting at the top of the seat and my shoulders pressed firmly against the wall behind me.
He held me there, his gaze shifting between my eyes and my lips, his cock pressed firmly on my stomach.
He was so hard I could feel it throbbing.
“Fuck Anna.
I want you so fucking bad.
” “Then take me.
” “Here? Now?” “Yes! Please! Here and now!” He answered me by crushing his lips to mine.
He ate at my lips like a starving man, his tongue dancing with mine, searching and asking for more.
His hands gripped my hips and then worked their way up my body.
He pinned my arms over my head on the wall and leaned into the kiss even more.
It should have hurt, my teeth were biting into my lips but I didn’t care.
He sucked my bottom lip into his mouth and bit down enough to make me gasp before he licked and placed a kiss there.
He stepped away and looked at me.
I reached behind me and unclasped my bra, remembering the way he stopped to stare at my tits.
I pulled my shirt and bra up allowing my full globes to bounce free.
My nipples were hard pink pebbles aching to be touched.
He didn’t disappoint.
He sucked my nipple and areola deep into his mouth, pressing his face into it so it covered his nose before pulling back and raking his teeth down until he had just the nipple in his mouth and bit down.
“Oh FUUUCK!” I moaned, grabbing a handful of his hair to hold him in place.
He suckled some more before giving the other breast the same attention.
He looked up at me as he gave my shorts a sharp tug, pulling them down over my hips.
I stepped out of them enjoying the look of surprise when he discovered I wasn’t wearing any panties.
I decided to help him get a better look at my smooth glistening pussy so I placed my foot up on the arm rest.
He dropped to his knees before me and buried his face in my cunt, tongue searching out my hot eager hole.
He pulled my other leg over his shoulder so my ass was still on the back of the chair with both legs now on the arm rests.
His tongue started slow circles around my clit, sucking it in between his teeth and flicking his tongue back and forth teasing my little nub into submission.
I could feel my orgasm building and my legs began to tremble.
My eyes were closed, head back, and all I could do was gasp.
I felt his finger playing along my pussy lips, circling closer and closer until he sank it deep inside me.
He fucked me with his finger as he sucked my clit working faster and harder as if begging to taste my cum.
The feelings intensified so fast that my orgasm washed over me, taking me by surprise and I screamed out.
“FUCK! Ohhhhhhh! Dominik!” It felt like my body was convulsing, I was shaking so hard.
When the last wave swept along my shore he stood up and claimed my mouth allowing me to taste my honey on his lips and tongue.
He pressed his hard body against me and my hands searched him, frantically pulling his shirt up and off.
We became a whirlwind of need, grasping, pulling and tearing at each other.
I reached down between us and took his thick rod in my hand running it up and down my swollen lips mixing his precum with my nectar.
He pushed lightly, the head of his cock at my entrance and for a moment we stopped moving, stared into each other’s eyes and enjoyed the moment.
He kissed me again, this time a soft flutter of kisses before ramming his cock all the way in with one swift movement.
I felt like I was being split in two.
He filled my pussy so full, it was pure bliss.
My breath caught in my throat, mouth was open in a silent scream, my hands digging into his ass holding him inside me.
“Oh Anna, you are so fucking tight.
You feel so good.
” “Yessss.
Fuck me Dominik.
Please fuck me.
” He slowly pulled out leaving just the head inside and then thrust in quick and hard.
Using the arm rests as leverage I met his thrusts with my own, doing slow grinding motions each time he was buried inside me.
My mouth was on a voyage of its own.
For a few thrusts I would suck his tongue in time to his thrusts, nibbling his lips and then tracing them with my tongue.
Each time he bottomed out against my cervix, my head would fall back in ecstasy causing my mouth to rub across his jaw line scraping hungrily across the stubble there.
He was kissing and biting against my neck, working at the sensitive skin.
“I’m going to cum again.
Ungh I’m cumming.
” “Yes baby, cum on my dick!” He thrust so fast and hard that I couldn’t tell if he was pulling out or pushing in.
My pussy milked his dick, massaging his shaft.
Just as I felt I was coming down from my Dominik induced high, he changed the motion of his hips putting a little twist in it which set my orgasm soaring again.
I bit down into his shoulder with a scream as my body was wracked with shivers.
When I could think again I grabbed his hips and pushed him back softly.
Standing up I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, my fingers playing with the hair at the nape of his neck.
“I want you to take me from behind.
” I spread my legs and bent over placing my hands on the seats in front of us.
He rubbed my ass and smacked my right side, and positioned himself at my sweet tunnel.
I didn’t wait for him this time; I rocked my hips back and took in his cock.
In this position he felt much larger and I could feel him hit my gut.
It was something I had never experienced before, but I loved it.
He dug his fingers into my hips as I slowly began to move back and forth, arching my back and rocking my ass so his dick didn’t impale me the same way each thrust.
I heard him hiss his pleasure.
“Do you like that? Do you like the way my pussy feels on your hard dick baby? Do you like fucking this hot hole?” “Mmmmmm,” is all he said, but the real answer was in the feverish way he began to pound my pussy.
He went deeper and deeper to the point I didn’t think I would be able to take it anymore.
Pain mixed with the pleasure and sent me on such a high.
I was reduced to grunts and ungh as I felt his cock get even harder.
I knew he was getting close, his breathing was quicker, his pace became more uneven.
“Cum inside my pussy.
Fill me with your hot cum.
Please cum for me Dominik.
” He thrust harder, punishing my little pussy.
“Fuck, I’m cumming Anna!” “Yesss!” As I felt his cock give the first spray of cum my body exploded into another wave of pleasure.
I rocked my pussy back and forth to squeeze every out every drop of cum.
When we both had finished he leaned down over me and rested his chest on my back as we both tried to catch our breath.
“That was amazing.
” “Mhmm, it sure was.
” I responded with a giggle.
When he was finally soft again he pulled out of me and pulled me back into his lap.
I leaned my head against his shoulder and he explored me again with his fingers, first one and then two.
He worked them slowly in and out, coating them with our cum.
I pulled them out and sucked them clean and pushed them back inside me once more.
We sat there lazily enjoying the afterglow of our fuck as he slowly fed me his cum from my pussy.
We could tell the movie was winding down so we got our clothes on and tried to get ourselves back in a presentable manner.
We stood there in each other’s arms and kissed until the closing credits displayed on the screen and then walked hand in hand down the stairs.
“Thank you for that.
You have no idea how much I needed it.
And so you aren’t worrying, you should know I’m on the pill.
” “Thank you for letting me know.
Maybe I will run into you again here? Friday’s are usually my movie day.
” “I will keep that in mind,” I said while releasing his hand.
The blonde was waiting for him outside the doors and she didn’t look too pleased to see him exiting with me behind him.
She rushed up to him and made a show of kissing him.
I stood and watched them with a grin on my face.
He pulled back and gave me a knowing smile, both probably wondering if she thought my cum tasted good on his lips.



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