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The immediate effect of this was on our sex life.
  At twenty-three,  I was still horny day or night but Cat, only a year younger, was more selective about when and how we made love.
  She was also less inventive than when we met; anything more than straight coupling was infrequent.
Cat’s body was, however, a reward in waiting for the man lucky enough to bed her and was the main reason I persevered with our off and on relationship.
  A good 5′ 8″ she fitted my frame perfectly and her body had full curves without an ounce of spare fat, nothing sagging and magnificent full rounded breasts standing proud and firm.
  Her legs, when they finally opened, were long, well muscled and hidden within was the sweetest pussy on earth.
So, today,  first thing, with my cock the victim of a fierce morning wood, when she turned to me in our bed I placed a hand on her breast and slipped it steadily downwards as far as her oval navel before it was brushed aside with a curse.
  I got up and headed to the bathroom.
  My best chance of release was now by jack.
We dressed in silence although I took the opportunity to sneak a peek at her comely snatch with a short Brazilian cut pointing down to her pink slit.
  I was tempted again to try my luck but a single glance at her face would have disabused me of that idea.
  We ate, also in silence, and neither of us spoke as we set off for our respective jobs in the heart of the city.
   Our small flat was beautifully appointed, a short drive to the city.
  One single spacious bedroom, a massive lounge and smaller but perfectly serviceable kitchen come dining room.
  It took both our salaries to afford it and consequentially Cat would throw this fact in my face when I argued against formalising our relationship.
  CHAPTER 2   My work day passed with interminable slowness.
  We were due to head to an out of town store to view some new furniture after work so I was glad to quit the office and find Cat waiting for me by our car in the underground car park.
  I was relieved to see that her bad mood appeared to have passed and that she was pleased to see me again, or that was what her passionate kiss told me.
I looked around and saw that we were alone except for an old man putting his shopping in a car some distance away.
  I fondled her breast and she pushed her body against me grinding her stiff nipple into my palm.
  Emboldened, I slid a hand under the waistband of her business suit.
  I met no resistance.
  My hand found the hem of her panties and pushed them aside.
  Her wetness surprised me.
She opened her legs, leaning against the car door to give me access.
   Her waistband strained as I thrust my hand and forearm deep to run my index finger across her sex.
  Her legs closed to grip me as I circled her firm clitoris.
  She moaned and arched her back.
  My finger found the lips of her womanhood and I thrust my middle finger as deep as I could into the hot wetness.
  I searched for the sponginess of her ‘G’ spot with my finger.
  Her hand reached the zip of my pants and slid it down, reaching inside for my hardness.
Suddenly she tensed and I sensed something was not right.
  “What is it?” I asked.
“Look!” she answered and I could hear the fear in her voice.
Withdrawing my hand I swivelled round and saw a tall, menacing figure just a few yards in front of us.
“Well, Buddy, seems to be my lucky day.
” a rough deep voice growled.
   “A sweet car and a sweet pussy.
  I think I’ll have the pussy first since you were good enough to warm her up for me.
”  The man held a short bat and pointed it threateningly at us.
  “Step away from the slut.
  Step right away and lie down over there.
” he continued motioning to the left of the car.
I started to move and Cat screamed, a loud piercing scream that assaulted the ears and went on and on battering our senses.
 Momentarily startled by the overwhelming power of her voice, our assailant lost focus and I took the opportunity to launch myself at him.
  By incredible fortune my shoulder hit him in the midriff and we went down together.
   “In the car, Cat!  Now! Hurry.
” I yelled.
She threw herself into the driving seat and turned the key.
  Big Bad was rolling over and getting to his knees.
  The starter whined but the engine didn’t catch.
  “Damn!” she screamed.
“Start you fucker!” she shouted at the unresponsive engine.
  As if in response to her invective the engine caught and then roared.
  Big Bad was on his feet and moving towards the car.
“Drive, Cat!” I yelled.
   She threw the car into gear and the car sprang forward, the driver’s door slamming shut on her.
  Big Bad watched her shoot forward, narrowly missing another vehicle, and then he turned slowly towards me.
“You’re gonna pay for that, motherfucker,” he growled.
  “Maybe I’ll take it out of your ass instead.
” I had gained my feet just as the car passed me.
  I ran, but in the opposite direction.
  Still partially winded by my shoulder charge and torn by the choice, Big Bad headed after the car which had stopped no more than fifty feet away.
  Cat saw her danger and sped off, taking the exit ramp almost on two wheels.
  In a flash he realised that he had lost both of us as I banged open the stairs door and hurtled up  the steps.
   I regained the street to find Cat waiting for me by the sidewalk with the passenger door wide.
  I sprinted forward and gained my seat.
  I slammed the door shut just as Big Bad appeared in the doorway.
  Suddenly full of bravado I rolled down my window and hurled a single finger at him.
  Screaming with laughter from the release of incredible tension we sped off into the late afternoon sun.
  CHAPTER 3     Despite the fabulous shadows thrown over the landscapes by the setting sun we were silent on the drive to the mall.
  The realisation of exactly how close we had come to rape, injury and possible death had driven all thoughts of pleasure from our minds.
  The furniture store was recently opened in a brand new retail mall some ten miles from the freeway.
  Access was down a winding country road with no turnoff along it and we were glad to finally pull up at the side of the store.
  Clouds were heading our way and we both wanted to get home as soon as possible.
   We checked out the furniture.
  It wasn’t going to work for either of us so we headed out to the car.
  The clouds had decided to hit us with a real downpour and before we got to the car we were soaked.
  I took over the driving because Cat hates driving in the rain.
  We had got halfway down the winding road when we turned a corner and almost tail-ended a beautiful Mercedes sports car slewed across the road.
  A youngish man, about Cat’s age, was struggling with a tyre iron on the nuts of the low profile tyres, one of which was flatter than the flattest pancake.
I looked at Cat and she nodded.
  Damn, I was going to have to get wet.
  Resignedly I stepped out of the car, hunched slightly against the driving rain.
  I glanced at his wheel and realised that he would never get that wheel off with what he held in his hands.
  He looked up at me and shrugged his shoulders.
“Any idea how to fix this?” he asked.
   “Not with what you’ve got there.
” I answered.
  “Are those the only tools you’ve got?” “‘Fraid so.
” He grimaced.
“Step over to our car.
” I said “You can be dry while you call a tow.
” He turned to look at our car with indecision on his face and then beckoned to his own car.
  The passenger door opened and a long shapely leg peeked out, then withdrew.
  He gestured again and this time the leg was followed by a slim body and finally a head crowned with luscious black hair cascading over her shoulders.
  She stood momentarily, protecting her head from the rain with a tan leather briefcase.
  I ushered them both into the back seats of our vehicle and explained to Cat that they needed to call a garage.
  I checked around the Mercedes, closing all the doors and putting away the tools and shutting the trunk.
By the time I regained my seat there was a fast flowing animated conversation going on with Cat talking twenty to the dozen and the other woman talking even faster.
  I checked out the pair and was impressed by what I saw.
  He wore an expensive suit with fine leather shoes and her dress was clearly from one of the top designer houses.
  Her body made mine react immediately.
  I felt a sudden drop in the pit of my stomach as I recognised her true beauty which outshone Cat’s sultry prettiness.
“Hey, hun.
” Cat interrupted her flow for a second.
  “How long is this going to take?  These poor people are soaked and it’s getting dark.
” “I guess a couple of hours at least, depending on when a tow truck can get to us,” I observed.
“Damn, hun! Can’t you do something?”  Her faith in my all-encompassing ability was touching.
“Best thing is to make the car safe and then get them to somewhere they can hail a cab.
”   “Could you help me with that?” the guy asked.
  Let’s push it to the curb and lock it up.
” I answered.
   He was out of the car and back into the rain instantly.
  We ran over to his car and I pushed while he steered it into the curb.
  I left him to lock up and slid, wetly, into my driving seat.
  The conversation was back to full flow and I ignored it while I started the engine, switched on headlights and prepared to set off.
We hit the freeway in less than ten minutes.
  Dense traffic with spray hitting the windshield and making visibility hard and driving even harder.
  I became aware of two things.
  One, the conversation had suddenly stopped and the silence was deafening.
  Two, Cat was looking at me and waiting for my attention to be hers.
  Finally we hit a standstill in the traffic and I turned to her.
“Daniel, hun, these poor people are soaking.
  We can’t just drop them off at a cab rank.
  Could we take them home and let them dry off, maybe get some food inside them, then they can call a cab from there?  Samantha tells me they live not too far from us, at that new apartment block across the park.
”  Her eyes were almost pleading and I couldn’t understand why.
I checked out the pair in my rear view mirror.
  Bedraggled and shivering with cold.
  The man’s suit was already showing signs of a terminal soaking.
  This didn’t really fit with my plans for Cat tonight.
  Our earlier brush with danger had awakened a deep desire for closeness with her.
  I resignedly nodded and received a brilliant smile from the woman that Cat had called Samantha.
  The smile kicked open that trapdoor in my stomach all over again.
I drove further and soon the traffic cleared and we were outside the flat.
  Cat shepherded the couple up the steps and into the lounge while I locked up and checked for mail.
  By the time I had shucked off my soaked bomber jacket and settled myself on one of our two large couches Cat had led them to our bathroom and thrown in a couple of heavy towelling gowns with instruction not to come out until they were clean dry and comfortable.
   I checked Cat and she seemed in unusually good spirits.
“What do you want to eat?” I asked the couple when they had settled.
    We settled on Thai from the local takeaway to be delivered and, now that the bedroom was free, I went to change my own wet clothes for some jogging pants and a tee.
  I came out to see something unexpected.
  The man was sitting on the other couch with Cat and he was sitting close – I mean really close.
  This left me with no other option but to sit next to his wife, Samantha.
  She drew her legs up tight as if to avoid all contact with me.
  She pulled the hood of the bathrobe over her head, partially obscuring her face.
   I looked across at Cat but she seemed unconcerned by his closeness.
“Peter, here, is an attorney.
  He and Sam both work in the city but she’s a model.
  He tells me she earns thousands for every shoot.
”  Cat seemed entranced.
  Peter nodded.
“He defended the rapper that got caught with a pile of drugs last year.
  Got him off too!”  She patted his arm proprietarily.
  The doorbell rang and she got up to collect the food leaving Peter alone for a moment.
  We filed into the dining kitchen as Cat served the food.
  Once again I found myself sat next to a silent Samantha, with Peter sitting himself next to Cat’s empty seat.
  We ate and the conversation flowed but Sam took little part, contenting herself with the occasional non-committal comment.
Finally we moved back to the lounge and immediately Cat went to sit at Peter’s side.
   “Get us all some drinks, hun.
” she suggested.
   I poured some stiff whiskies from the drinks cabinet and turned back to see that Peter was unhurriedly unbuttoning the top buttons of Cat’s sheer blouse.
  She was looking at me directly, inviting me to respond.
  I sat the drinks down.
  While I was not happy with this turn of events, I had to admit that the sight of another man touching my woman excited me, made my heart beat a little faster and stronger.
My choice was either to sit across from them next to the unresponsive Sam or face the situation head on and make the best of it.
 Clearly Cat wasn’t unhappy with Peter’s actions.
  She stretched and arched her back, bringing her breasts towards Peter’s busy hands.
  Damn, but she looked hot.
  I decided to take control and moved to sit on the arm of the couch by her side.
  As Peter reached the last button and the blouse fell open I reached in and stroked her breast under her pale blue lacy bra.
  Her nipple reacted immediately as my hand glided over it.
Peter reached up and followed my actions fondling her other breast slowly and gently.
  Cat leant in to him, breathing softly against his neck.
  I teased the top of her bra cup downwards giving me space to touch the areola and tease the exposed nipple.
  She reached behind her and unhooked the bra before dropping her arms to her side again.
  In a coordinated action Peter and I lifted the bra completely away and dropped it to the floor.
   I looked over at Sam who seemed to have fallen asleep; she was certainly not going to be taking any part in this.
  I stroked Cat’s hair as Peter leaned forward to take her nipple between his lips.
  She moaned and reached towards me with her free hand, caressing the bulge rapidly and obviously forming in my jogging pants.
  This was rapidly getting interesting.
  I realised now that it was inevitable that I would be intricately involved while another man fucked my future wife.
Oh, yes – this was now in my mind too? Cat’s stroking became stronger and suddenly she reached into my waistband, pulling the front down and releasing my erection.
  I felt her hand almost circle my shaft and squeeze tightly.
  She moaned again and I could see why.
  Peter had discarded the breast and was pushing his hand down into her skirt where my hand had lingered erotically just a few hours earlier.
  Watching him tease her was exhilarating.
   I had never watched my girl responding to another’s touch.
  Her hand rose to the top of my shaft and her finger traced the shape of the head sliding in my precum which had already formed at the top in little pearly beads.
  Online Now! Lush Cams LettyStevens Peter moved forward onto his knees in front of my darling.
  She shifted over and I slid into the gap.
  Clearly Peter was intent on eating her out and I rather fancied watching how another man would do it.
  He reached up to unzip her skirt and she obligingly thrust her hips forward to ease the process.
  All the time she never once let go of my cock, which was now at full mast.
  Her skirt fell to her knees and Peter drew it round and off her ankles, kissing them as he did so.
  Cat was now naked except for the panties which matched the bra lying discarded on the floor.
  Peter grinned at me as he slid the crotch of her panties to one side, exposing her rich red pussy lips already glistening with her juices.
  As I watched my wife arch her back in passion he bent and buried his head in her heaving cunt.
  I could just see his fat tongue lapping away at her clit, each stroke making her jerk and shiver.
  If I knew Cat she would be cumming in seconds and he was going to get the biggest surprise of his adult life when she did.
Her hand was jerking uncontrollably on my cock so I knelt on the arm of the couch and offered it to her mouth.
  I slapped her lips with my hard shaft, leaving a smear of pre-cum on her lips which she eagerly licked away.
  Her eyes were closed and her mouth open so I slipped my cockhead between her lips.
  As she closed them around the helmet she came, noisily, screaming my name again and again.
  I knew that at this moment she would be gushing cum everywhere and my new acquaintance would be struggling to cope.
  Sure enough I heard him gulping and coughing as he drank deep of her fuck juice.
  Cat relaxed slightly and began to concentrate in the throbbing lump in her mouth.
  Her tongue started an intricate dance over my cockhead, lapping along the corona and tickling the frenulum.
  Her hand gripped the base and waggled the rigid shaft around her mouth, protecting it from her teeth by her outstretched tongue and curled upper lip.
  Then she bobbed her head backwards and forwards slipping my cock to the entrance to her throat.
  “Ah, Yes!”  I murmured as her lips slid down my shaft.
  “God, Cat, that is so good.
” I glanced down to see Peter sliding two thick fingers into her hole.
  My wife was being fingered by a stranger and it was making me feel as horny as a ram.
  I looked over to the other couch where Sam was sleeping like a baby, oblivious to her husband finger fucking another woman.
  Back to Peter and I could see his technique was flawless, two fingers in her hole and thumb massaging her swollen clit.
  She was jerking her ass forwards, trying to swallow his fingers deep into her cunt as she swallowed my cock into her mouth.
Suddenly she relaxed her throat muscles and my cock was drawn deeper until my shaved balls were sliding on the drool coating her chin.
  The throat muscles gripping my cock took me over the edge and I felt my cock jerk as cum shot up the shaft and straight down her throat.
  She gulped and swallowed hastily as a second load followed the first.
  I pulled back quickly and a third load hit her lips and my shaft flopped out.
  “Fuck!” I said as my cum slid down her lips.
“Fuck, Yes!” she howled as she licked her lips and jerked her pussy to Peter’s thrusting.
I got off the couch and stood watching, my cock dripping on the floor as Peter withdrew his fingers, slipped his robe off and probed the entrance to her sex with a massive, thick-veined cock.
    He held her hips steady with both hands as he eased the head past her inner lips, stretching them wider than she imagined possible.
  “Ow, God!  You’re too big!”, she cried as her cunt lips parted and his helmet slid in.
Peter’s response was to draw her hips forward, impaling her with his rod.
  As he thrust another couple of inches into her, my darling wife moaned first with pain but then with pleasure as the thick knob filled her, slipping along the ridges of her cunt walls, driving slowly, deeply towards her cervix.
  As she moaned and grunted with bliss she tensed first one internal muscle then another, sucking his manhood deeper into her.
  Soon he was kneeling balls deep in my woman and he began a slow, tantalising withdrawing and thrusting, sliding out until only his cockhead was hidden then driving in until his balls touched her ass ring.
  He was merciless.
  The more she groaned for him the slower he went, edging her, keeping her just short of orgasm.
“Fuck me!  Harder!.
  Oh, please, please fuck me harder.
  Make me cum, I want your cum in me!”  she wailed, begging him for release.
Now he was deep in her, Peter transferred his grip higher, on to her fat, heaving breasts.
  Each hand pummelled and squeezed her tits as he continued the slow glide into her streaming pussy.
  The man was a master, controlling and rewarding his sub, preventing her cumming but driving her towards a climax.
  Lost in admiration, I began to stroke my limp cock, bringing it to life again.
  I stood over Sam’s sleeping form as I fondled my balls, hoping she might wake to the howling coming from a few feet away.
  Wondering what her response would be.
My Cat began to quiver as her climax became unavoidable.
  Peter sensed this and started driving harder, faster, pounding her poor pussy with a shaft that defied description.
  She howled, writhed underneath him, still begging for release.
  Finally he emptied his load into her as she came, screaming.
  Her legs lost control and I watched while they flopped and jerked as the spasms travelled down from her satisfied cunt and up to her heaving breasts.
  Finally she collapsed on the couch breathing heavily.
  Peter slowly slid his still hard cock out of her, releasing a flood of cum slipping down past her asshole and dripping onto the leather couch.
  Peter and I stood together watching Cat slowly come to her senses again.
  Was I jealous of her being fucked by an expert?  Perhaps a little; but I was also impressed to see my woman fucked hard and fast by someone else.
  I knew she had enjoyed it and that, to me, was important too.
  For a while we sat together, touching and stroking, drinking and laughing; then I noticed that Peter was getting as hard as me and starting to stroke his massive member again.
  He winked at me and gestured towards the sleeping Samantha.
  I raised my eyebrows wondering what he meant and pointed at her too.
“One of my fantasies,” he whispered, “is to fuck her while she’s sleeping.
  Shall we play with her before she wakes up?” “You’re kidding, ” I whispered back,  “would she be okay with that?” “I’m pretty certain she would.
  When we were talking in the car as you were clearing it she told me she thought you looked hot.
  I asked her what she wanted to do about it but she just shrugged.
   The problem is, she’s dead tired.
  Otherwise she would be partying with us, I’m sure.
” I looked at my wife and saw that she was smiling, a wide, satisfied but interested smile.
“You okay with this too?”  I asked.
  Go ahead and play, hun.
  Perhaps I’ll join you.
  I’ve often wondered what girl tastes like.
” I nodded to Peter and dropped my clothes on the floor.
  We took up position beside the sleeping Sam, me at her head and Peter by her feet.
  I  started to stroke her hair, caressing her head and lightly touching her cheek.
  She sniffled in her sleep and we all laughed.
   Peter parted her legs and brushed the robe aside.
  Sam had chosen to sport an arrow-shaped pubic bush, pointing at the sweet pussy hidden by her labial folds.
  Peter stroked the hair, ruffling the close cropped tufts with affection.
  Peter looked at my wife and said “Do you want to taste pussy?  Sam needs to be wetter and I’m sure she would love your tongue.
”  He beckoned to her and they swapped places, Cat kneeling between the legs of the sleeping beauty and Peter standing back, watching approvingly.
Cat looked at me, her eyebrows raised questioningly.
  I smiled and she returned the smile, licking her lips.
  I watched my wife bend to lave Sam’s pussy with a wet, flat tongue, covering her swollen pussy with saliva.
  I continued to stroke Sam’s hair but it was clear she was oblivious of me.
Cat became more adventurous, sliding the tip of her tongue all the way from the puckered ring of Sam’s ass to the joining folds of her labia, teasing the clitoris with her quick flicking.
  Sam shifted at this point and I expected her to wake but she emitted the softest moan and began to breather deeper and faster.
Car made her tongue a pointed shaft and speared Sam’s cunt with it.
  Sam began to jerk and quiver as my wife ate out her wet pussy.
  I could not believe that in the space of an hour I had watched my wife being fucked by a stranger and now eating another woman’s sex.
  As I watched, Peter moved behind my wife and began to prepare her for his massive cock.
  As she ducked and thrust into his wife, he dripped his saliva onto her exposed, raised ass, soaking her slit – as if it wasn’t already wet and running with her juices.
Cat jerked as Peter slid his dick back into her eager hole.
  As she jerked she thrust her tongue deeper into Sam’s cunt.
  Sam’s eyes flashed open.
  She stared at me for a moment and then let out a loud groan.
  Her robe had fallen completely open and she looked down to see another woman, another stranger fucking her with a tongue.
  She focused further and saw her husband balls-deep in that other woman.
   Then she looked back at me and with a grin she reached for my rapidly hardening cock, rubbing the head and stroking the shaft as if her life depended on it.
“Oh, fuck, Peter!  This feels good!  Why didn’t you wake me up if we were going to play?”  She laughed and thrust her hips forward to meet Cat’s tongue.
  Peter responded by launching a rapid pounding of my wife’s slippery cunt.
   Cat slipped to the floor moaning as his thick shaft filled her to capacity.
  Sam took the opportunity to suck on my cockhead, licking off the precum that she had forced to the end.
  “Fuck me.
  Stick this dick where it belongs.
  I need your cock in me now.
  Fuck my body, make me cum.
”  Clearly my wife’s ministrations had driven the sleeping Sam to a frenzy, and without pause I switched positions pushing my wife’s arm out of the way and plunged my hard cock between Sam’s legs, sliding straight up into her hot, waiting cunt.
Peter had slowed now to a deliberate thrusting, making my darling’s back arch each time he drove into her.
  Every thrust was accompanied by a moan as she felt herself filled and her pussy choked by his meat.
  She started to wiggle her ass as he thrust, allowing his dick to reach different parts of her cunt, rubbing her ‘G’ spot with his helmet and hitting her cervix with each well timed push.
   “Fuck me, harder.
  Oh, yes, like that!” she moaned at him, desperate to take more meat into her hole.
  Her cries were matched by Sam’s howls as my dick speared her dripping pussy again and again.
  Peter paused for a moment, leaving Cat writhing in frustration as her climax gathered pace.
  “You know Sam has more than one hole down there, Daniel.
  She loves a nice firm cock in her tight hole.
  Really makes her cum screaming.
”  He winked and again started his slow rhythmic pounding, slapping his balls against my girl’s asshole.
  I could not believe I was not feeling the slightest tinge of jealousy to be cuckolded and cheated on.
  Clearly my wife was in seventh heaven, now grunting as she begged for her release.
I looked at the woman beneath me and she nodded, hungry for more.
  I used my fingers to draw her precum down to slip along her taint and then around her puckered ring.
  I slipped a finger into her lubed hole, preparing the way.
  Sam jumped as the knuckle disappeared and her moans became louder.
  I could wait no longer and slipped my cock out of her pussy along the taint and then straight into her asshole, following the path my finger had taken.
  I paused once the helmet was buried and waited for her muscles to adapt to the new presence.
  “Ah, bastard!  That feels good!  Give me it all, fuck my ass, please,” she begged.
  I pushed further and her muscles rippled to accommodate me.
  I could not believe it but her rectum seemed to be actually dragging my cock into her, pulling me deeper.
  The sensation was unbelievable; my cock was on fire, swelling and throbbing both with the mental arousal I felt and the physical effect of her rectal muscles milking my staff.
   “Give it to me.
  Deeper, harder!  Oh, you magnificent man, I’m cumming, cumming.
  Now, I can feel it.
”  Sam was almost incoherent.
I glanced at my wife to see her eyes had rolled up in her head as she came, howling, on his rod.
  She seemed to shudder as the orgasm washed over her, crying with joy at the release.
  Peter simply kept on, thrusting, pounding, stretching her cunt to its utmost.
  Then I watched as he jerked, saw his face gripped in a snarl as he came, spraying load after load of his seed into my darling.
This was enough to send me over the top and I felt my balls contract, sending a tingle into my shaft as they prepared to let loose.
  I curled my toes to delay even for an instant.
  I slipped both hands between Sam’s legs, hooking two fingers into her cunt while rolling her clit with the thumb of my other hand.
  I felt her tremble uncontrollably and thrust my cock deep into her, pinning her to the couch as she started to cum.
  “Aaagh, Yessss, No, don’t stop.
  Yesss!”  She was truly screaming now as my cock buried itself into her ass, my fingers fucked her cunt and my thumb savaged her clit.
  My own cum was now bursting into her, swirling around her shithole, making my passage slippery with white creamy spunk.
  My fingers felt her cunt contract, gripping them and then a hot wet flood bathed them with a sticky creamy mess of her own.
  Her back arched, gripping my cock more firmly and drawing me into her.
  “Oh, God, Oh, God, Oh, God, Oh, God!  Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!” She screamed as she slumped back onto the couch, her robe falling to the floor.
  I fell with her, my cock finally becoming detached from her.
  I buried my head between her heaving breasts as we both struggled to find our breath.
  I could feel her heart pounding against my forehead and her legs twitching, churning under me as she brought them under control.
  I stood with difficulty and looked back towards my wife and her new lover hugging each other tight and smiling.
  Within moments we were laughing together, the emotion and tension released.
  We moved together into a group embrace, touching, stroking, feeling each other without inhibition.
  After a few moments we split, me with my wife and Peter with his.
  We took turns to shower and then each couple made its way to bed.
  Tonight had been a night of amazing new experiences.
  A night of passion to be remembered.
  A night to mark the start of a new adventure?     Who knew?   TO BE CONTINUED



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