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Latest stories Taboo There’s Something About My Son’s Girlfriends – 3

I stood to hold her seat as my wife returned to the table.
She smiled up at me and noticed my flushed appearance.
“Are you okay darling? You don’t look at all well.
” A concerned look crossed her face as she reached up to put her hand on my forehead and test my temperature.
Jennifer looked down as if her menu was suddenly the most interesting document since the Magna Carta.
I smiled at her obvious embarrassment and for a brief moment in time, wondered how she would react to hearing me tell my wife and son that, “Jennifer masturbated me to an orgasm under the table using her pretty foot, darling.
” Discretion being the better part of valour, I thought that would be somewhat ill-advised and replied, “I’m fine, honey.
Too much hard work in the sun and not enough to eat I suppose.
” “You should take better care of yourself, Jerry,” Jennifer piped in unnecessarily, a wide smile on her face.
“Thank you for your concern, Jennifer, I think I’ll make it through dinner.
Now, let’s eat, I’m starving!”  Other than an occasional glance in my direction, the precocious young teen across from me behaved herself for the rest of the evening.
By the time it came to leave, I had fully recovered my regular heartbeat, despite the jumble of a variety of sexual images bouncing around in my brain.
Having enjoyed two explosive orgasms within the last few hours, no amount of instructions from my brain to direct additional blood flow to my groin produced any results.
Since I had consumed more than my fair share of the wine, I suggested that my wife drive us home.
 From the occasional giggle and rustling of clothes emanating from the back seat, I guessed that Jennifer had turned her residual sexual energy to her equally youthful boyfriend.
I almost wanted to tell him that he could thank me later, but wisely refrained from doing so.
When we arrived home, Jennifer thanked us for dinner, and hugged both of us.
Her warm young body felt wonderful pressed against mine for those few moments before I disentangled myself and said goodnight.
“She’s a very pretty girl, isn’t she,” my wife said as we kissed each other goodnight.
“Your son has good taste, just like her mother,” I replied, avoiding any direct confirmation of her question.
“I’m shattered, I’ll be asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow,” I added, just in case my wife had any thoughts of intimacy.
“Goodnight darling, sleep well.
” I awoke the next day refreshed but later than usual, just in time to say goodbye to my wife, who had a full day of pampering laid out for herself.
“I’ll be home around six this evening, sweetie, have a good day,” she said as she walked out.
With Kenny spending the whole day with friends, I looked forward to a peaceful, relaxing day.
Armed with a full mug of coffee, I headed for the shower.
As I passed my computer, shedding my sleepwear as I went, the sound of a loud beep announced the arrival of a Facebook private message.
I sat down and opened the screen and saw a chat window opened by a stranger named Anna.
“Hi, I’m Jennifer’s mother, Anna.
I just wanted to thank you and your wife for entertaining my daughter at dinner.
 She said she had a really wonderful time, so I thought I’d look you up in here to meet you and thank you.
” Before I replied, I clicked on her profile and saw her picture.
 She was stunning, several years younger than me and it was obvious where her daughter’s good looks came from.
“Hello Anna, it’s nice to meet you too.
Your daughter is a delight to be with and she’s welcome any time.
 We look forward to meeting you and your husband.
Perhaps we should get together for coffee or something soon?” While I waited to see her reply, I scrolled through her other pictures.
Several of her in a very smart black dress and strappy high heels caught my attention immediately.
“I’d love that, but my husband is out in Asia on business for a few weeks.
Perhaps when he gets back?” “That sounds great.
If you like, I’ll add you as a friend in here so we can keep in touch?”  “That would be great Jerry, please do.
I’d better run now, I have a massage planned in a few minutes.
” With delightful thoughts of Anna laying naked on a massage table running through my mind, I said goodbye as my groin reacted to that mental image.
I reached down and felt my cock hardening as I closed my Facebook page.
Just as I stepped out of the steaming hot shower and was toweling myself, the strident tones of the front doorbell sounded.
 Probably just another young guy selling magazines I thought as I threw on a silk kimono and headed for the door.
“Jennifer!” “Hi Jerry, I hope I’m not interrupting anything,” she said, as her eyes ran up and down my body.
“Oh, um, no, no, I just got out of the shower actually,” I mumbled, stating the obvious as she looked at my wet hair.
“Well, either that, or it’s raining inside your house.
” She was wearing a pale blue sundress and a sexy pair of strappy high heel sandals, looking like a goddess.
“I’m sorry Jennifer, but Kenny went out for the day and won’t be back until later this evening.
” She smiled.
“I know, but I didn’t come over to see him, Jerry.
I thought we should talk about what happened last night.
” “Oh, I see.
” She took a step towards me and the scent of her delicate perfume filled my nostrils.
“Sooo, I’m not sure your front doorstep is the best place for this conversation, Jerry.
You never know what the neighbours would think with you in that sexy kimono chatting to a hot young girl.
” “Yes, okay, you’d better come in then,” I said as I stepped back.
Jennifer looked at me as she walked into the house, brushing against me gently as she did.
She pulled me in and closed the front door behind me.
“Jennifer, you shouldn’t be here,” I said as I followed her into the main room, my eyes glued to her legs and those strappy heels, my mind sending hurried messages to my groin.
Online Now! Lush Cams Baco_Sousa She turned and looked down at my front, smiling as the outline of my hardening cock pushed against the thin material of the kimono.
“Why not? It looks like you’re pleased to see me Jerry,” She reached down and brushed her hand against me and I felt it throbbing under her touch.
“Please, Jennifer,” I pulled away weakly, backed up against the closed door to my bedroom, “We can’t… it’s not right.
” She moved forward and pressed her breasts against my chest, tilting her face up to kiss me as her hand grasped my hardness.
“You know you want to Jerry and I know I want to,” she purred as her hand began slowly sliding up and down my shaft.
She reached down with her other hand and turned the door handle behind me, pushing me into the bedroom.
Then she released me and stepped back, closing the door before she reached back to unzip her pale blue dress.
I watched, mesmerized as she slid it down her sensuous young body.
I gulped as she stepped out of the dress pooled at her feet – she was naked but for those damn heels.
Her mound was as smooth as a baby’s bottom.
“Your turn Jerry,” she giggled as her hands went up to her breasts to caress her hard nipples, watching me.
“Jennifer, please… the other night was a mistake.
We can’t do this.
” She pouted her lips and furrowed her brow.
“But, that’s not fair Jerry,” she said plaintively.
“Don’t you like me?” She took a step closer to me and reached out to slip her hands under my robe.
As I felt her hands wrap around my cock, I knew I had lost the battle.
She leaned in to kiss me opening her mouth slightly and letting her tongue brush over my lips.
I pulled her into me, kissing her hungrily, and sucking her tongue into my mouth.
Her hands slid my kimono off my shoulders and it dropped to the floor.
“Mmmm,” she moaned softly as my cock pressed against her flat tummy.
Her nails scraped down my sides then covered my buttocks, pulling me hard against her firm young body.
Breaking off our kiss, she moaned softly in my ear.
“Oh fuck Jerry, you make me so hot,” as she slowly slid down my body leaving a trail of wet kisses on my torso.
” “Jen, don’t…” She ignored my pleas and I felt her warm breath on the head of my throbbing cock as she opened her mouth, her soft lips parting and sliding slowly down my shaft.
“Oh, fuck, Jennifer,” I moaned as I pushed into her velvet mouth.
She looked up at me as her mouth slid up and down my shaft, her teeth scraping gently over the sensitive crown.
Then she pulled me harder into her until the head of my cock pressed against the back of her throat, then slid her lips back, releasing me from her velvet mouth.
My cock glistened with a coating of her saliva as she looked up at me and whispered.
“I want you inside me Jerry.
” She gently pushed me back until I had no choice but to lay back on the bed.
I watched as she clambered on over me and straddled my thighs.
Her young pussy opened as she spread her legs and guided me into her warmth, lowering herself down onto me.
“Ohhh, fucckkk, yeses,” she moaned as her bottom rested on my thighs, my throbbing member buried deep in her tight young pussy.
Her mouth was half open, her eyes locked on mine as she began to move herself up and down.
“Oh God Jennifer.
” My body began to match her rhythm, pushing upwards into her each time she lowered herself.
Her pussy squeezed my cock each time she pushed down and I felt her whole body tense as she approached her release.
Her breathing became more ragged and heavy as she began to slam down harder on me.
She leant on my chest, her fingers digging into my nipples, pinching them, twisting them, making me yelp in pain as I thrust repeatedly deep into her hot wet young pussy.
yes… Oh Jerry, fuck me harder.
Ohhh, I’m going to cum, Jerry.
” A guttural scream accompanied her orgasm as her pussy tightened around my cock, and she released a flood of warm liquid.
Seconds later, my own orgasm hit me as I thrust deep into her and erupted deep inside her, my cum mixing with hers and squeezing out all over my stomach.
I felt her collapse on top of me, her pussy still milking my cock as another low guttural moan escaped her lips.
We lay like that for what seemed like an eternity, my arms wrapped around her slim young body, our hearts pounding in our chests, panting, a salty film of perspiration coating our skin.
I smiled as I felt her slowly expel my limp penis from her pussy, followed by a rush of warm liquid that dripped over my balls and between my cheeks.
“Oh god Jerry,” she panted, barely able to lift her head from my chest, “That was amazing.
Thank you, thank you so much.
” I stroked her hair softly with one hand, the other resting on her firm buttocks, my fingers caressing her gently.
We were suddenly interrupted by the shrill ringing of Jennifer’s mobile phone.
She looked up and gestured to her dress which lay crumpled on the floor, so I reached down and handed it to her.
She pulled her phone out and looked at the caller ID.
“It’s Mom! What should I do?” “Well, you might consider answering it, Jen.
That is the usual protocol when one’s phone rings.
” I smiled at her as she put the phone to her ear.
“Hi Mom, what’s up? Oh nothing, just on my way to the mall.
Kinda bored really.
” It was at this point that I felt she deserved a pillow across the head, which I duly delivered, knocking the phone from her grasp.
She giggled loudly as she hurried to retrieve it.
“Sorry mom, I dropped the phone.
No, it’s just me, I’m all alone, Owww!” This in response to my follow-up strike, a carefully administered hard slap on her delicious naked bottom.
“No, I just stubbed my toe Mom.
” Rolling my eyes and shaking my head, I pushed her off me and got off the bed to head for the toilet, leaving the poor girl to fabricate one lie after another to placate her inquisitive mother.



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