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This is a cautionary tale, that some things come at quite a price, but then there are the rare occasions that it comes at the ultimate price.
—————— Peter Jenkins was a very average man, average in every sense of the word.
So it came as quite a surprise when he met his future wife.
Lucy was anything but average; she was smart, beautiful, successful, passionate, and she had an large appetite for sex.
He often wondered what she ever saw in him.
It had not been too long into their marriage before Lucy had mentioned spicing up their sex life, Peter struggled to fulfil his wife’s desires.
Over time he had become ‘adept’ at oral sex, but when it came to fucking, he came, but she did not.
Lucy had always known about sex parties.
 Before Peter and her had got together, she frequented a fair few.
But since meeting Peter she had thought to put it all behind her, but it became an itch, and it needed scratching.
They began going to the parties.
 Lucy had a great time, and it was not long before she became quite the size queen.
Peter however with his averageness quickly became less than average.
With his five inch cock, he was nearly always the smallest cock.
Most of his time was spent either drinking, watching, getting bored, even depression.
The odd occasion he would get a sympathy blow job, but his equipment was never invited to play inside any of the women’s pussies.
The parties started off at once a fortnight, then weekly, and now often twice a week.
Alas, this had a down turn to their home life.
Lucy after being at one of the sex parties was either too tired, too sore, or just too stretched out for Peter to even get any pleasure from, so much so that it had been over two months since they last shared any physical intimacy, Lucy often pushing Peter away.
He had to do something, and quick, otherwise he could see his diminished sex life becoming non-existent.
After some searching on the internet he believed he had found potentially something that would make his five inch prick stand out amongst the crowd.
It took a while to find the antique shop.
He stepped in the poorly lit shop trying to find his way around the cluttered shelves, wondering where his prize could be hidden.
‘Are you looking for something?’ A voice grabbed his attention, coming from the back of the shop.
‘Err I found a piece of jewellery on the internet, and it seems that you might have it for sale here.
’ ‘What is it then?’ Peter found the owner of the voice, an old woman.
Perhaps in her youth she may well have turned a few heads, now she was very much in the twilight of her life, youth a thing of the past, her skin like the contours of a map.
‘Well it looks like a ring,’ Peter began to describe the piece, ‘but instead of going on your finger, it.
’ He began to become a little embarrassed, trying to explain to this woman where it would go.
‘Ahh, I think I know the very piece.
’ She smiled a knowing smile, reached under the counter where she was standing, and retrieved an old wooden box, opening it up she revealed the item Peter had been looking for.
‘This belonged to Maxim Volkov, rumoured to be the bastard son of Peter the Great.
Made by a skilled craftsman reputedly influencing Peter Carl Fabergé.
His skills as a jeweller are virtually unknown these days, but this is probably his most infamous piece.
It was named the Tzar’s ring, although Maxim was no Tzar, his presence as a man was impressive at the very least.
Like his father, he was a giant of a man, in all places if you understand my meaning.
’ She grinned a lustful grin, quite out of place on such a frail looking lady.
‘Maxim Volkov was a womaniser, he ravaged the old and the young, whether they were married or not, he did not care, and when he had finished with them, they were changed forever, never gaining pleasure from any man after him.
  ‘He made his way through Central Europe following in the wake of his fathers battles with the Swedes, and it was near Sweden that he met his terrible end.
  ‘So the story goes, he had been found in bed with a member of some royal court, her husband who was a fine swordsman, rushed Maxim and dismembered his penis.
 The rumour is he bled to death from the wound, being so well endowed; there must have been a tremendous amount of blood flow going through there.
But as I said, this is merely rumour.
’ Peter looked at the unusually historic piece, he was filled with mixed feelings, intrigue as well as horror, given its provenance.
‘How much are you selling it for?’ Seeing no price tag.
‘Normally I would say it is worth £600, the metal is gold, the stones, as the story goes should be  blood red rubies, but it looks like all eleven of them have been either lost or replaced by clear non precious stones, so with that, and I like your face, I will sell for £350.
’ Peter figured he was getting a bargain, given the craftsmanship, the metal, and the story surrounding it.
‘Okay, I will buy it.
’ ‘I am sure you will get plenty of pleasure from it.
’ Again with the lust filled face, Peter paid the money, and still feeling a little unsure about the woman, promptly left the shop.
Getting home, Peter thought he would do some more research into this man Maxim Volkov, he reputedly went by the nickname of жеребец, which was Russian for stallion, due to the reputed size of his manhood.
A solid fifteen inches, and an eye watering nine inch girth, his stamina was legendary on the battlefield and in the bed.
The man was in pretty much every way quite the opposite of Peter.
He looked at the ring.
 How to put it on? It consisted of two rings, joined at the top, and where it met, was decorated by the eleven clear stones, set flush.
 Running his finger over them, he was surprised to find how smooth it was, this was clearly part of the design to make it practical to wear during sex, so no sharp edges would cut into either partner.
The front ring clearly was meant to go around his cock, and the rear, behind his balls he mused, it might have been tricky for his balls, but given the size of Maxim, it would not be difficult for his very average member.
He offered it up the head of his prick, and let out a brief shock of alarm as the rings snapped apart, like there was some hidden mechanism that hinged at the top of the cock ring.
 This made it a lot clearer how a man like Maxim could get this onto his manhood.
Placing it at the base of his flaccid shaft, Peter eased the now split rear ring around his balls, and carefully snapped it all in place.
‘Shit!’ Peter recoiled slightly as the closed ring must have caught some skin, causing him a stinging pain, there was a little blood where the device had snapped shut.
Cleaning it up, examining the skin and seeing only a little nick, he thought little of it, but curiously enough the cock ring actually fit him very well, better fitting than he could actually believe.
He looked at himself in the mirror, the jewellery gave his cock a new presence, perhaps even looking a little bigger.
He could not wait to try it out properly.
As previously stated, Lucy had not shown any interest in sex, normally, saving herself for the next party, but now even more so, putting him off, not even a hand job.
So when getting ready to go out, she was her usual excited self, clearly very aroused for what lay in stall for the night.
This time, Peter was also slightly excited and also a little nervous, no one knew of his new piece of jewellery.
Tonight was going to be the big unveiling.
He decided he needed to make the effort, making sure he had a nice clean shave, face and then clipping his pubic hair, just so it framed his cock nicely.
Picking out a slim fitting white shirt, black waistcoat, tight fitting black jeans and a nice pinstripe fitted jacket, sporting a bright red pocket square to set it all off.
‘My goodness, you are looking very handsome tonight.
’ Lucy stated with a bit of admiration for her husbands appearance.
Lucy had gone for a full on slut look, the shortest dress in her wardrobe, a figure hugging black stretch fit dress, clearly no bra underneath.
 It left nearly nothing to the imagination, a betting person would opt that she was wearing no knickers, and they would be right.
 She whipped up the bottom of her dress, showing a freshly shaven pussy.
‘Anything catch your eye?’ she said teasingly.
Peter knew full well he would not be receiving any benefit from her efforts.
‘Time to head out,’ she states whilst slipping on some severe four inch heels, they were hard to walk in, but they would not be on her feet for very long.
It had just gone past 7pm by the time they pulled up.
 It looked like a fair few guests had already arrived.
One of the benefits of having regulars at the parties, was they could keep on top of everyone’s status as far as STD’s, all the women had some form of contraception, so it was pretty much a normal affair for all the cocks to go in barebacked.
  Lucy was in through the doors of the big house as quick as she could, having already spotted Michaels deep red BMW outside.
  Michael was ‘the biggest cock’ of all the people that frequented the parties, dubbed as being a local Mandingo, he boasted an impressive thirteen inches and a sculptured muscular body as if he had just been carved out of a block of dark obsidian.
He was by far Lucy’s favourite cock, and there was one thing for certain, she never wanted anything to come between her and feeling every sensation that his massive member could produce.
  Barely having had a few drinks from the wine she grabbed as soon as entering through the door, she was already all over him, groping his bulge in his trousers, whispering in his ear and giggling like a young girl.
Peter on the other hand had found a reasonable whisky, and was nursing it gently, scanning the room.
He was a little nervous; would anything happen this night, would his new talking piece be enough to grab the attention of some of the women here?  By the time the party had reached the point where most of the guests would be either just getting naked, or slinking off to engage in whatever passions they had thought up that night, Peter carefully began getting undressed.
 Finally his pants came off, his cock and it’s decorative ring was now on full display.
At first it got no reaction, as people were either talking or kissing / fondling.
But then Emma, one of the younger guests spotted him.
‘Wow Peter, where did you ever get that amazing cock ring?’ At this comment, some of the other guests milling around also spotted it.
Peter began to explain to Emma its history, and the legendary Maxim Volkov.
‘Oh you have to let me try it out.
’ Her forwardness with him was quite out of the blue, being that it was being directed at him, but Peter let this new experience comfort his slumbering ego.
  Emma was attractive enough, her small breasts were a fraction of the size compared to Lucy’s chesty 34D mounds, but they were nice and pert with both nipples pierced, and she had a great slender body, her pubic bush trimmed into a landing strip showing the way to her haven, which also displayed a little bit of a piercing that went through her clit.
  He had always wondered what it would like to go down on her, and a little more how it would be to impale her.
But before tonight his confidence in his own equipment, made him think less impale and more a disappointing prod.
Online Now! Lush Cams Antuan_Deep Emma began kissing him, her tongue darting around his mouth, Peter could feel the barbell that went through it.
She began stroking his gradually hardening erection, running her nails over his balls, up the underneath of his growing cock.
  Peter in turn let his fingers explore her, as if they had a life of their own, knowing exactly what they needed to do.
Expertly playing with her clit ring, just enough to have her body writhe eagerly wanting more, and when he dipped two of his fingers of his other hand inside her, they came out glistening with her juices.
He pushed them back in, pressing upwards with gentle pressure, slowly massaging her g-spot.
Putting in her the finger that had played with her clit ring, he then used her lubrication to tease her clit even more, rubbing side to side, around her hardened little bud.
The lightest of touches on her clit, and the pressure on her g-spot was having such a dramatic effect on Emma.
Her legs began to quiver as her orgasmic wave started its journey radiating through her body, eventually crashing through her mind as the passion surged into her brain, leaving most of her senses numbed by the ecstasy.
Peters fingers still continued their ministrations on her pussy, it became like a torch in the darkness that had overcome her senses, then a second climax ravaged her body.
‘Where did you learn do something like that?’ Emma gasped, getting back her grasp on her senses.
‘I am not sure, I guess I just followed my instincts on what seemed right, and watching how it effected you,’ Peter responded.
He was not really that adept at pleasing a woman that way; sure he knew where a woman’s clitoris is, but whenever he tried anything like that with Lucy, it was more like a child fumbling in the dark.
‘Let’s fuck right here,’ she suggested.
 Peter needed no further invitation.
He eased his cock inside her welcoming pussy, her leg wrapped around his back, pulling him in as deep as he would go.
She winced just once, as if something caught the walls of her vagina, then a moan mixed with a slight surprise as she felt him swell bigger inside her.
Peter shifted his weight a little, changing his angle of penetration, this new development made Emma groan, Peter was hitting the perfect spot for Emma as the beginnings of her third orgasm began to take hold in her body, the glow within picking up pace slowly consuming her.
He began to pound into her, each thrust causing them to grunt and moan.
Normally by now Peter would be exhausted, but he felt like he could go on for hours at this rate, his body finding a new well of energy.
Emma felt her body convulse as she came over his cock, her breathing heavy and laboured as she tried to recover, but Peter did not let her have too much of that luxury.
 Pulling out, he spun her around, then plunged back deep in side her, causing his balls to slam against her quivering clit.
He continued to plow deep inside her, Emma was delighting in the sensation of his cock as it reached new depths, she could barely hold back any longer as her fourth climax hit her.
The walls of her pussy pulsating, squeezing Peter’s shaft and finally he too let out a loud groan as the best orgasm of his life ripped through him and his spunk shot out to the back of her cervix.
Emma collapsed slightly in Peters embrace, her body barely responding to her.
‘That was fucking amazing, I never knew you were that good!’ she rasped through heavy breath.
Peter was amazed by himself, he had never been able to perform like this before, it’s like his very essence now knew exactly how to please a woman, perhaps the cock ring had made the difference, but to make him so skilled in the art of love making? Surely that is beyond anything a piece of jewellery could do.
He looked at it pondering, then noticed one of the white stones, had turned a blood red.
His mind wondered to thoughts of Lucy, ‘I wonder if she is getting her usual session with Michael by now?’ —————— Upstairs in one of the bedrooms, Lucy indeed was getting her usual session with Michael, she had just finished giving him a blow job, one of the things she delighted in.
  Michael’s cock was worthy of such worship, Peter’s sad pathetic worm was barely worth a second thought these days.
His length was wonderful, how she needed both hands and her mouth to please him, she loved how his cock head would fill her mouth, and when he emptied himself in her mouth, it was always such a large amount, that she struggled to keep it all in, and how she relished swallowing it, his seed going down her throat.
Lucy continued to suck gently on his semi flaccid member, gently caressing his balls until she could feel it coming back to life.
  By now she was dripping wet ready for the main event.
She climbed onto the bed offering herself up to him.
Michael took his time moving his way over to Lucy, the longer he dragged it out, the more excited she became.
Eventually he moved over her, letting her eyes devour his muscles and firm erection.
She was getting to the point where she was losing herself in the build up, whimpering and mewling, desperate to feel him inside her.
‘So have you saved yourself for just me, denied that beta husband of yours, keeping your body clean for just me?’ quizzed Michael ‘Yes yes, I have shunned every attempt he has made, my body is only for you, to own and take whatever you want.
’ Lucy was breathless with ever statement, so much was her desire for him.
Happy with her response, Michael positioned his cock head at the entrance of Lucy’s pussy, letting her juices cover his end, then without warning he plunged his entire length deep inside her.
‘Fuck me!’ screamed Lucy in surprise, her eyes nearly popped out as Michael’s cock filled her.
Every fibre in her body wanted him, needed him, for every hour she was away from him, was an extra hour of frustration, but it made it all the sweeter for when they were back together.
Michael held her in his strong arms, as they passionately kissed, tongues entwined with each other, and each time he thrust into her, she let out little moans of pleasure.
Lucy wrapped her slender legs around his back, urging him on to fuck her deep and hard.
Michael  was quick to respond, picking up the pace, interspersed by withdrawing just enough so his glans remained inside her, then plowing deep so he pushed into up against the cervix, which caused her body to erupt in multiple orgasms.
  Lucy felt like she was losing her mind to so much stimulation.
Using her vaginal muscles, she squeezed Michael’s cock, so desperate was she to have his seed flow into her.
Another climax was fast approaching as she screamed out his name, her body convulsed as the explosion of her orgasm pulsed through her body, and in doing so caused Michael’s own orgasm to fire through him, and with his cum into Lucy’s eagerly awaiting body.
The lovers lay entwined together for what seemed like hours until a knock at the door interrupted their embrace.
‘Is this room occupied?’ asked Jason, one of the other swingers.
‘Yeah we done Jason, give us a sec huh?’ Michael got up first, using the en-suite bathroom gave himself a quick clean.
‘Remember, you are my slut, and mine alone, no giving yourself to any of the other guys here, and certainly not that pathetic husband of yours.
’ Michael walked out without even looking back, leaving Jason and Sarah to come in, whilst Lucy tried her best to clean off all the cum that was now leaking down her inside leg.
‘Looks like Michael fucked you good Lucy,’ quipped Sarah with a huge grin ‘Guess you are done for tonight as usual.
’ Lucy sheepishly left the two new occupants to their pleasures, making her way downstairs she caught Emma talking to Amanda the hostess of the sex party.
‘I can’t believe how hard he made me cum, if I thought he had that in him, I would have leapt on that cock weeks ago.
Oh hi Lucy, slinking away are we?’ ‘Yes, I am afraid Michael has left me far too sore, I am going to get Peter and we will call it a night’ Amanda and Emma shared a girlish giggle between themselves.
Lucy had become quite the in joke, known for fucking Michael, then fucking off, behind her back she was known as the slut that only gives two fucks.
‘Well you be sure to let that husband of yours know, next party, I am first on his dance card.
’ Amanda gave a little chortle, she was eager to try out this new delight, and thought it only right as hostess she had first dibs.
Lucy continued downstairs, finding Peter finishing off a whisky.
‘Can we go now, I don’t think I am up for any more sex.
’ Peter merely shrugged at Lucy’s request, found his clothes and got dressed.
On their way back home, Lucy could not help but feel intrigued by what had gone on between Peter and Emma.
‘So had any fun tonight?’ Lucy asked as nonchalantly as possible.
‘Yeah, was pretty good, had some interesting experiences.
’ ‘Oh, what like?’ Lucy tried her level best to not sound too eager.
This was probably the first time that Peter had got up to something, and after what she overheard what Emma said, followed by Amanda’s hunger for her husbands cock, she needed to know what he had done.
‘I gave Emma four orgasms’, Peter said quite matter of factly, he tried his level best to hide his smile, but he was definitely the cat that got the cream.
‘Four? Wow look at you Mr Stud, you must have done something pretty special for her’ Lucy could not hide her curiosity any more.
‘So, spill the beans, what did you do to rock her world?’ ‘Oh you know this and that.
’ And on this Peter offered no further information, rather he enjoyed keeping the details to himself.
He was playing it over and over in his mind, not just how damn sexy the experience was, but also he wondered just how he was able to achieve what he did.
He felt like his body suddenly knew what to get Emma going, not only that, he felt like his body would know exactly what to do for any sexual partner he decided to be with.
They arrived home in silence, Lucy had tried to pry more out of Peter, but he was having none of it.
Getting inside, Peter went straight upstairs to run a shower.
The water cascading over his body was refreshing, he had never felt so alive as he did right now.
Looking down at the cock ring, he examined it, he contemplated taking it off, but did not find any release catch.
Panic was his first response, but then a strange calmness filled him.
 Why not keep it on, he felt more at ease with it there, and somehow his flaccid penis seemed that little bit bigger.
Perhaps it not coming off is no bad thing.
Lucy got into the shower after him, their days of sharing the shower having long since gone.
By the time she had finished, she got herself dressed for bed, finding Peter already asleep, but clearly naked.
‘He has not done that in years.
’ She thought to herself, getting into bed, she was about to turn the light off, but then decided to have a sneak peak.
It seemed silly that she should have to look at his cock without him being aware, and in her mind Michael’s orders rung in her ears.
She was surprise by two things, one he was wearing an odd cock ring, something she had not seen before, and second, was it a trick of the light, or did he seem bigger.



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