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Jodie Adams is an attractive young woman in her early twenties, with a magnetic personality and heaps of sex appeal.
She has come from a wealthy British family and created celebrity status for herself as a model.
  She is an ‘It Girl’ and the tabloids follow her every move at all the best parties and media events.
Jodie has a defined, chiseled face, amazing cheekbones, big blue eyes, and a cute nose.
Her feathered blonde pixie hairstyle is almost white.
Her perfectly tanned endless legs are slender and toned, accentuated by her passion for high heels.
She always wears it well and looks irresistibly gorgeous to so many who fantasize over her image.
Every hairstyle and outfit is immaculately planned and influenced by those who want the socialite to be seen in their latest designs.
Seeing your designer dress being worn by Jodie Adams is a good endorsement.
Jodie arrives at an exclusive London party.
She oozes sex in a red dress, her bare legs running down to black stilettos.
As she gets out of her Rolls Royce Jodie’s amazing legs swing out from the foot-well.
Her legs part, briefly offering the crowd a view up her dress.
It is more than the waiting paparazzi had bargained for.
By the sudden surge of camera flashes, Jodie knows she has flashed too, perhaps more than she wanted as she isn’t wearing underwear.
This isn’t the first time she has gone without, but it is the first time she has been caught.
There is nothing she could do about it now except enjoy her night out.
The next morning pictures of Jodie are all over the internet and social media.
While you cannot get a clear view of her pussy, you see enough bare flesh to know she is going commando and can use your imagination for the rest.
The images don’t disappear and media interest in Jodie increases.
Every time she goes out, photographers are trying for an upskirt shot.
Jodie is surprised by the increased attention she gets but plays up to the constant speculation of whether she has knickers on or not.
Nathan Campbell has got a new job for the summer as Jodie Adam’s bodyguard, he arrives at her villa just outside Monte Carlo where she is spending the warmer months.
Ulysses, Jodie’s driver shows him around the villa and grounds, setting him up in the pool house, where he will be staying.
Nathan is exactly what you would expect of a high-class bodyguard.
He is medium height, well build with pushed back wavy brown hair.
A man who is capable and looks the part.
Ulysses is older with long greying hair.
He has worked for Jodie for five years since and is very loyal to her.
That evening Jodie is heading to the casino.
Nathan stands patiently in the villa’s foyer waiting to meet his new boss and escort her out.
Jodie walks downstairs, Nathan becomes transfixed as she moves towards him.
‘You should close your mouth,’ Ulysses exclaims standing behind him.
She looks radiant in a black lace and cream satin pencil dress.
Her long sexy legs are finished off with designer black high heel sandals.
Ulysses introduces them, the three then go out to Jodie’s waiting blue convertible Rolls-Royce ‘Dawn.
’ ‘Come and sit next to me.
I want to know all about all the man sent to protect me,’ Jodie says as she gets in the back.
Nathan follows her in and sits on the backseat.
‘There is really not much to say about me, Miss Adams.
’ ‘I am not sure I believe that.
’ ‘I am meeting some friends in the casino tonight, I don’t we should have too many problems there.
’ ‘Okay.
I will keep watch anyway.
’ ‘I am more worried about getting out of the car, I had a wardrobe malfunction on the last guy’s watch,’ Jodie smiles.
Nathan of course had seen the pictures but didn’t pass comment as they pull up to the casino.
Inside Jodie joins her party of friends.
She watches as eyes follow her across the room.
She loves poker and becomes glued to the table with a few friends.
Nathan keeps his distance watching Jodie as she starts to win big, finally taking all her opponents out with a ‘Royal Flush’.
Time to head home and quit while she is ahead.
Nathan escorts Jodie down to the car.
Photographers are waiting, the pair quickly get in and Ulysses drives off.
As they arrive back at the villa more photographers are there, they start snapping as the car slows down to head up the villa’s long drive.
The few photographers snap frantically and call out after the car.
‘Show us your legs!’ ‘Open your legs!’ ‘Show us up your dress!’ Zach, an ambitious young journalist runs up the drive after the car.
Once at the villa Nathan gets out and grabs hold of him.
‘This is private property.
’ ‘Campbell wait, bring him in,’ Jodie says leading the way inside.
‘Miss Adams, that is not a good idea.
’ ‘Just bring him in.
’ Before Zach has time to think, Nathan grabs him by his jacket throws him in the house and pushes him into the study.
‘Let him go,’ Jodie demands.
Nathan and Ulysses walk over to the side of the room leaving Zach on the floor in front of Jodie.
Zach is in his early twenties, with long sandy blonde hair.
He is dressed casually in jeans and a light pink shirt.
‘Were you one of the ones calling out at me?’ she asks switching on some music.
’ ‘What did you ask me?’ ‘I asked you to show us up your dress.
’ ‘Why?’ Jodie was enjoying tormenting the disheveled young man.
‘I wondered if you were wearing panties?’ ‘Lie on the floor.
’ ‘Why?’ ‘You are at the wrong angle to get your answer.
’ Zach lies flat on the floor.
Jodie walks towards him.
Her perfect red pedicured feet stop by his head.
He looks up her amazing legs seeing nothing but flesh.
Jodie steps over him so a foot is either side of his head.
He looks straight up her dress and sees a triangular of black lace between her thighs.
‘Why aren’t you taking pictures?’ Zach gets his camera out and starts snapping her groin.
Jodie runs her hands along her legs as she moves to the music and dances around him.
She teases Zach as she slowly runs her hands along her bare skin.
She lightly touches the ripples of her lace underwear.
Jodie then starts pulling her black thong down her legs.
Zach is mesmerized as his heart beats faster with anticipation.
‘If you want me to go further, promise me you won’t hassle me again.
’ ‘You have a deal, I swear!’ Zach calls out.
Jodie slides her thong all the way down her legs then kicks the garment across the room.
Zach looks up at her shaved pussy and tight bare arse cheeks.
‘Do you like my naked cunt? Is this what you wanted to see?’ Nathan goes to go over to Zach.
‘It’s better to let her call the shots,’ Ulysses says holding Nathan’s arm, keeping him back.
Zach remains silent as Jodie widens her stance and swoops down.
He can clearly see her full nakedness.
Jodie starts to play with herself, her fingers spreading her vulva open, showing off her pea-shaped clit.
Zach can’t snap quick enough, not really believing what he is seeing.
‘Can you smell me?’ She fingers herself until she cums.
Then she casually walks away.
Zach gets up.
Nathan moves forward, not really sure what just happened.
‘You think you are keeping that?’ he shouts pointing at the camera.
Zach looks at Nathan coming towards him.
He walks over to Jodie; he takes the flash drive out of his camera and hands it to her.
‘For your private collection, Miss Adams.
’ ‘Anything you can do to influence your friends I would be grateful.
’ ‘Ok’ ‘Thank you.
’ Jodie says as Nathan escorts Zach out.
‘Would you like a drink, boys?’ Jodie asks Nathan and Ulysses.
Ulysses declines the drink and goes to put the car away.
On his way out he picks up Jodie’s thong, he subtly smells it, the scent of her pussy fills his nostrils.
He then walks over puts it on the table.
Nathan accepts and they sink in the large sofa with a scotch each.
  ‘Do you think that stunt worked?’ Nathan exclaims.
‘Who cares, I had fun.
‘ Nathan learns that Jodie Adams plays by her own rules, uses her beauty, sexuality as a weapon to get what she wants.
He likes that, he has never had such a sexy boss.
He looks along Jodie’s sexy crossed legs then glances at her thong sitting on the coffee table in front of them.
‘Do you think I should put my underwear back on?’ ‘Only if you want to, Miss Adams.
‘ Nathan takes a swig of his scotch.
Jodie uncrosses her legs and sits with them together as she leans forward to pick up her drink.
Nathan immediately gazes at her knees, begging for them to part.
‘I can see you looking, trying to get a peak,’ Jodie smiles.
‘It’s hopeless to even deny it.
‘  ‘I am very wet down there,’ Jodie smiles as she slowly opens her legs.
Nathan can’t help himself as he looks hard between her thighs, gazing at the pink, shaved smooth skin either side of her perfect, wet slit.
  Jodie puts her fingers between her legs feeling her soaked snatch.
She then runs her sticky fingers along Nathan’s nose and puts them in his mouth.
Nathan sucks the warm cum from her digits.
‘I want you to make me wetter.
‘ Nathan moves his hands under her dress and starts to rub his fingers in her mess.
Jodie feels Nathan’s fingers slide deeper inside her, his thumb presses against her clit as her breathing quickens.
He rubs her hard, she moans as an orgasmic wave runs through her.
The next morning Jodie appears looking sexy in a white crop top, tight jeans, and white high heel sandals.
She wants to go shopping and drags Nathan along with her.
All the designer stores know Jodie and are keen to sell her something.
A sage satin cut-out dress takes her eye, ideal for tonight’s party.
The store assistant is only too keen to help her.
They stop for lunch at a small café and sit out in the sun.
Jodie’s large sunglasses hide her identity and make her look a bit like an alien.
The socialite welcomed the break from the paparazzi just as much as Nathan welcomed the break from shopping.
‘I had fun last night.
You have magic hands, Campbell.
’ Online Now! Lush Cams ValeryTorroja ‘Thank you, Miss Adams.
’ ‘Why don’t you call me Jodie.
After all you have played with my vagina and made me cum quite heavily.
I think we can be more familiar with each other.
’ ‘Ok, Jodie.
’ ‘By the way, I am quite happy for you to do it again.
’ ‘Really’ Nathan said almost surprised.
‘I don’t have panties on now.
’ ‘Really, how does that feel with jeans?’ Nathan asks ‘The stitching is so thick, fidgeting around can rub the wrong or the right way to make me feel a little warmth down there.
’ Under the table Nathan undoes the buttons on her jeans; between the unzipped denim Nathan views her shaved pussy.
He starts to feel that beautiful cunt, her breathing quickens as he stimulates her.
‘Come on, I have shoes to buy,’ she whispers.
Before Nathan has time to respond Jodie has done up her jeans and ushered him on to buy some heels.
Jodie slides the sage satin mini dress up her naked body.
She looks like a wet dream; the sage dress has a ladder cut out on the left side.
The ladder offers squares of bare flesh all the way up her body.
It shows off her long tanned legs as she slips her feet in a new pair of matching designer high heel sage stilettos.
Ready early Jodie goes downstairs to start the evening off with a cocktail.
Nathan admires the way the dress clings round Jodie’s body and hugs her arse as he watches her make herself a martini.
Her tanned legs are smooth and elegant.
Her heels are incredibly sexy showing a good amount of toe cleavage.
‘What do you think?’ Jodie says spinning round.
‘It looks great.
’ ‘So, it should the price of it.
You know by the cut out in this dress I am not even starting the evening with underwear on?’ ‘I was thinking that.
’ ‘You prefer me without knickers, don’t you?’ ‘Yes.
’ ‘I can do that, whenever I go on a night out.
Little dress, nice heels, bare legs, no underwear.
’ ‘While I love the idea so will the media.
’ ‘They think I am going commando anyway.
You are my bodyguard, protect my body!’ ‘It is a perfect body.
’ ‘I like the danger of it, I want my pussy vulnerable and exposed and you can do whatever you want.
’ ‘Car is ready, Miss Adams,’ Ulysses says as he comes in.
The party is in full swing when Jodie arrives, she quickly meets up with Lea, who looks radiant in a blue flowery dress, her long auburn hair flowing down her back.
Her legs are bare with blue high heel sandals on her feet.
Women loved Jodie and wanted to be like her, which since the London pictures had meant a lot of them stopped wearing knickers out.
Lea was no exception.
Later in the evening, she confesses to Jodie she isn’t wearing underwear and subtly opens her legs showing Jodie her vagina.
Jodie was amazed at the impact those pictures of her flashing had made.
They were still being referred to months later.
People were still thinking about them.
On the drive home, Nathan sits in the back with Jodie as Ulysses drives.
The wind blows through Jodie’s hair as they cruise through the streets of the Riviera.
Nathan’s hand strokes Jodie’s legs, he moves higher up.
Jodie smiles as it glides under her dress as Nathan’s fingers are met with her naked smooth cunt.
Ulysses looks at the expression on their faces and immediately knows what is going on.
‘Do you want me to take the quiet road home?’ ‘Yes, please, ’Jodie confirms.
Ulysses takes a turn and drives out of town through the hills.
Nathan feels Jodie start to become wet as he lightly strokes her.
He pushes her dress up exposing her naked groin.
She swings her leg over the central armrest as Nathan crunches down putting his head between her legs.
He dives straight into her wetness, his nose swiping her cunt like a credit card.
Jodie opens her legs slightly wider and holds Nathan’s head, she doesn’t want him to stop as she feels his tongue slide into her snatch.
She tastes so sweet.
His tongue circles her clit as she yelps.
He doesn’t let up until he feels her cum in his mouth.
Jodie’s breath fills the night air as she orgasms.
‘Let’s go for a swim, Nathan.
’ Jodie suggests as the car pulls up at the villa.
Ulysses smiles as Nathan and Jodie walk down to the pool grabbing a bottle of champagne on the way.
Jodie kicks off her sage stilettos, letting loose her purple pedicured toes.
Nathan unzips her dress and watches it slide down her perfect contours.
Her body shines in the moonlight as she jumps naked in the pool.
Nathan quickly pulls off his clothes, jumps in and swims over to her.
Their naked bodies entwine as Jodie feels his hard, throbbing cock rubbing against her.
Nathan holds her face in his hands as he passionately kisses her.
Jody wraps herself around Nathan.
He pushes his dick up inside her.
Their weightless bodies grind in the pool.
Jody feels the water and Nathan rub against her clit stimulating her beyond belief.
Jodie gets out of the pool hot and wet.
Water trickles down her.
She pushes her hair back; a rush of water flows out down her back.
With no towel evident she makes no further attempt to dry off, she slips her feet back into her heels.
Water droplets form on her skin before running down her body.
‘I hope you don’t mind,’ she says putting on Nathan’s white shirt.
‘I had better not ruin that dress.
’ His shirt slings to her wet stomach and breasts, her nipples prominent as the shirt goes see-through.
Nathan jumps out and tracks down some towels.
Wraps one around him and hands the other to Jodie.
They drink the champagne and start to kiss.
Jodie then unwraps Nathan’s towel and starts kissing his cock, slowly wrapping her tongue around its shaft.
Soon she absorbs it in her mouth and sucks for all her worth.
She puts her hand between her legs at the same time and fingers her pussy.
Nathan pulls her up and they kiss again.
The wet champagne kisses become more intense.
Nathan pulls her down on his lap.
He pushes his cock into her wetness.
He thrusts deep into her body.
He rips open the shirt and wraps his hands around her wet skin.
He runs his hands over her shoulders smoothing her skin as he pulls the shirt off her.
Her body moves and glows in the natural light.
His kisses move down as he grabs her breasts and circles his tongue around her hard nipples.
Her wet, slightly cold arse cheeks press against him, Jodie runs her hands across his chest as he drills deep in her wet tunnel.
Jodie’s tight cunt clings round Nathan’s solid cock and as he slides along her slippery walls.
She rides and creams over Nathan’s solid member.
He pulls out of her red puffed-up, wet pussy.
He is still hard and wants to keep fucking her.
They both swig from the champagne bottle.
The bottle foams up and champagne trickles down their bodies.
Nathan caresses and squashes Jodie’s soaked breasts.
Still with her heels on Jodie lies on her right side as Nathan kneels and straddles her right leg, she then curls her left leg around him like a pretzel as he penetrates her once more.
He goes in deep, rubbing her clit at the same time.
She squelches as he goes in and out of her soggy hole.
Jodie isn’t sure how much wetter she can get but starts to feel herself cum again.
Then orgasm and orgasm again.
Her body feels like it isn’t hers anymore, it belongs to Nathan who isn’t letting up.
Soon Nathan feels himself go light-headed as he explodes inside her.
He pulls out, their sweaty bodies ache and can’t move.
White, milky fluid excretes from Jodie’s pussy as Nathan eventually moves off her.
The next morning Jodie doesn’t stray too far from the patio where she lies topping up her tan in a red bikini.
She remembers Zach’s flash drive and decides to take a look.
She walks barefoot into the villa and loads it up on the computer in her study.
Leaning over she strolls through the upskirt shots of herself eventually reaching the ones where she isn’t wearing her thong.
Nathan comes in and joins her.
Jodie eager to show him starts the slideshow again.
Turned on once more by her snatch.
Nathan feels himself get hard as he looks at the pictures.
He runs his hands over Jodie’s arse.
She knows what he is thinking and undoes his jeans.
He pulls down her bikini bottom and places himself between her legs as she bends further over the desk, he dips his cock back in her pussy.
As he looks at the images of the snatch, he fucks her hard from behind smashing his cock between her arse cheeks.
Over the next few weeks their exploits continue.
The summer whizzes past and an exclusive fashion reception is Jodie’s last night in Monaco before leaving for New York on a modeling shoot.
Nathan’s employment with Jodie was only for the summer and he is going onto another job in Europe.
Jodie wears a backless black evening dress.
The dress stops just below the top of her arse crack, with a certain amount of butt cleavage.
It also has a plunging neckline exposing her cleavage.
Her glorious feet look sexy in purple high heel mules with two thin diamond studded straps running across her feet and white painted toes.
Nathan admires Jodie’s perfect form in the dress, her exposed back and butt cleavage makes him so horny.
She looks elegant and sexy.
Another outfit the media lap up.
Nathan follows Jodie into the glass lift which takes them up to the top floor when the reception is being held.
He hits the button, and the glass box zooms up giving them a magnificent view over Monte Carlo.
Jodie rubs her butt against Nathan’s dick.
He slides his hands over the top of her arse.
He hits the stop button halting the lift midway.
Nathan quickly pushes up her dress as she undoes his trousers.
Her pussy looks like a puffed-up peach waiting between her legs.
Within seconds he is deep inside her.
Holding tightly onto her butt as he pushes further and further into her.
He feels himself releasing.
Jodie moans feeling his gift inside her makes her cum hard on his dick.
As they finish Nathan hits the button and the lift continues up.
He quickly puts his cock away.
  Jodie pulls down her dress as the doors open.
‘Lift problems?’ A friend asks.
‘No, my bodyguard was just fucking me,’ Jodie’s says with that devil’s smile of hers.
They think she is joking and laugh.
Jodie excuses herself to go to the toilet, feeling Nathan’s cum start to run down her legs.
The following morning Jodie has to leave early to catch her plane.
‘Well, thank you, Campbell.
’ ‘You are an incredible woman, Miss Adams.
’ ‘What are you going to do now, Nathan?’ ‘I have a job in Spain.
’ ‘Well, enjoy the senoritas.
’ ‘Thank you.
’ ‘If you ever want to look me up, the world always knows where I am.
’ With that parting shot Jodie joins Ulysses in the Rolls Royce.
Nathan watches as the car drives off.
He keeps watching until it finally disappears into the French hills.



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