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Latest stories Straight Sex Rob Vs The Succubus: Round 6

She raised up slowly and blurted, “Fucking fuck!” I believe that meant that she enjoyed it.
She grabbed my head with both hands, lowered herself down and gave me a long deep kiss.
It was the kind that you put your whole body into.
Her sweaty breasts danced across my chest as she swayed with every press of her lips.
That was all the motivation that I needed.
My soft cock which was at that point still inside her immediately firmed up.
She pulled away from her kiss and said, “Jesus Christ! Doesn’t that thing ever get tired?” I smiled back at her and said, “It would take quite a lot for it to get tired of you.
” She raised up and her damp hair splashed backwards.
“Oh my god, you’re bleeding!” she shouted.
I raised up and I had four sets of bloody scratches in a ring around each shoulder.
“Did I do that?” she asked.
I nodded.
“I am so sorry.
Are you alright?” she followed.
“Yeah, I think so.
You don’t have rabies or anything, do you?” I asked her while pointing at the bite marks on my neck.
She broke out in laughter.
“That’s what you get for making a succubus cum that hard,” she joked.
I replied, “You will cum even harder the next time.
” She raised up and my cock popped free.
Liquid dripped out and covered my crotch and stomach.
She cupped her hand underneath herself and said, “I’ll go get a towel.
” She chuckled as she left the room.
She returned a minute later with two towels and helped me clean myself up.
I climbed up off of the bed.
She said, “I’ll be back in a bit.
I need to clean myself up.
” I grabbed her arm and said, “I think you should stay here a bit.
” She turned back with a smile.
I pulled her toward me and said, “Get down on all fours facing away from me.
” She slowly dropped to her knees and then on all fours.
I dropped to my knees behind her and grabbed her ass with both hands.
I leaned down and plunged my tongue deep into her wet pussy.
She gave a loud moan.
After about a minute of tongue-fucking, I backed away.
I grabbed my cock with my right hand.
I slowly drove it balls deep into her.
I heard her breathe deeply.
I asked her, “Is this what you want? Do you want me to fuck you on the floor like a dirty slut?” She meekly answered, “Yeah.
” I barked at her, “Tell me then!” She shouted back, “I want you to fuck me like a dirty slut!” “Like this?” I asked.
I gave her a few hard thrusts.
“Yeah, like that,” she answered.
I laughed at her.
“That’s not how I fuck a slut.
I am going to show you how I fuck a slut,” I boasted.
She glanced back a little bit nervously.
I reached forward, my cock still inside her.
I grabbed her damp hair and pulled it back in a ponytail.
I wrapped her hair around my left hand and pulled it tightly, wrenching her head back slightly.
She made a groan and her entire body tensed up as she clamped onto my cock.
Online Now! Lush Cams CHANELLBLUU I resumed fucking her, at first slowly and building in speed and intensity.
I gave her hair a moderate pull.
I said to her, “Does your boyfriend fuck you like this?” She answered, “No! Harder, please!” I pounded her as hard I could go for about thirty seconds, then I gave her a firm slap on her right ass-cheek.
I continued on, intermittently inserting hair-pulls and ass-slaps.
She was coming around very quickly.
I could tell that she was very into it.
I released her hair and grabbed her neck firmly with my right hand.
I lifted her upright until her back was tight to my body.
As I held her by the neck with my right hand, my left hand drifted down to rub her clit.
I said to her, “If you want to cum, you have to tell me what you need.
” She answered, “I need you to fuck me like a slut.
” I continued on as aggressive as ever and within a minute, she was gasping for air.
Her hips bucked wildly and she nearly smashed me in the mouth with the back of her head.
It was the quietest orgasm I have ever heard a woman have.
It was damned near silent.
Her body relaxed and I lowered her slowly to the ground.
I lowered my body down on hers, my cock still inside.
I pulled her hair back and whispered in her ear, “When I fuck a slut, I don’t stop until I have had my fill.
And I am not done with you yet.
Are you sure you want to be my slut?” She answered in a mumbled fashion with her cheek mashed into the carpet, “Make me your slut.
” I resumed fucking her.
Her moans returned louder than ever.
I think she was still pretty sensitive after her last orgasm.
I grabbed both of her shoulders and forced her into me with every thrust.
She made a loud “huhm!” with every slap of skin.
After a couple of minutes, I leaned in and whispered, “If your boyfriend can’t fuck you like this, maybe I should be your boyfriend.
This is how I will fuck you every night when you are mine.
Do you think that you can handle that? Or do you need to go back to your boyfriend?” “I am yours now,” she replied.
Shortly after, she started to tense up.
She pounded on the floor with her fist a couple of times.
I could hear her trying to scream, but nothing came out.
When I went to lean in near her ear, she reached back and grabbed my head with her right hand.
Her claws sunk into the back of my head.
She was so strong that I couldn’t break my head free.
She pulled me forward uncomfortably, but I would not stop.
She started shouting “Fuck, fuck, fuck….
” and her whole body was quivering beneath me.
Her voice was warbling but she just kept shouting.
Her body jerked hard a couple of times and the shouting stopped.
The fingernails dug in even deeper than before.
I was pretty sure that they broke the skin.
About thirty seconds later, she went limp.
She was out of it.
Not unconscious, but out of it.
She was lying there with her eyes and mouth both wide open, sweating profusely.
Score two more for the “good guy.
” Score: Succubus-3, Rob-6  



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