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The ride up to the cabin was filled with excitement.
Not only for the possibility of the upcoming events but simply for a weekend away with adults.
Following the GPS through narrow twisting roads up a mountain was an adventure in itself, turning down the radio so we can see better to find our turns while trying to enjoy the scenery.
We finally found our cabin and were all very happy with what we saw.
The cabin was built on the edge of somewhat of a bluff.
Walking around to the back deck we were easily twenty feet above the ground.
Looking to the left there was nothing but wilderness.
Off to the right however was another cabin.
It was on the upside of the mountain from us so the deck was raised above ours and rather close.
That did not bother us though as it didn’t appear as if there was anyone there.
Would that really matter though, considering we have had what amounted to group sex in our friend’s hot tub at their house in the middle of the neighborhood? That answer would be no.
Walking in we all realized this place was fantastic.
The main level was an open kitchen/living room/dining room plan.
There were two bedrooms off to one side with a large jack and jill style bathroom.
Rachel remarked about how that could make showering interesting.
There was a large Jacuzzi style tub in the corner of the living room right by the door leading to the back deck.
On the deck was a large six-person hot tub along with a grill.
So far everything as expected for a weekend getaway cabin.
Heading downstairs was the first surprise of the day.
Everything seemed to be in order based upon the description we read when booking the cabin.
There was a small sauna in the corner, a large pool table and couch along with a very nice entertainment center.
But there was another room in the back.
As we all walked back and opened the door, we were shocked to see another bedroom.
“This wasn’t in the description,” Rachel said, surprised.
“That’s because it’s the secret sex dungeon,” Leyla replied while laughing and using air quotes.
“Well we may need to stop and get some restraints for you two sex slaves while we are out,” I responded, “but in the meantime I say we all put our things away and get ready for some dinner.
” Everyone agreed to that and we split up to claim our rooms.
About twenty minutes later we were all reassembling near the front door ready to grab a bite to eat on our first night here.
Dinner was at a nice enough restaurant.
Dim lighting, mild noise and a wait staff that made sure you had what you need without hovering over your table.
We were seated at a large booth in the back corner of the room.
One of those round style booths so there was no sitting across from everyone.
We were all chatting as we were being seated so I didn’t really notice the seating arrangement until we were ordering drinks.
It started with Brian who ordered a nice craft beer, then on to Rachel who ordered a margarita.
That’s when I noticed Leyla was sitting next to me.
“I’ll have a good stiff margarita myself, need to get good and loose this evening,” Leyla said with a slight laugh as she slid her hand up my thigh.
This made it slightly difficult to order my own beer with my cock starting to twitch in my pants, but I certainly wasn’t complaining.
After ordering our meals we were all just sipping our drinks and nibbling on the appetizer.
Leyla had been rubbing my thigh for most of the time and now I noticed her unzipping my pants.
As Leyla pulled my cock out and began to stroke it under the table I glanced around.
Public things always turned me on; the chance of getting caught just made it all the more fun.
No one seemed to notice or bat an eye at what was going on and my cock wasted no time in becoming erect.
About that time Rachel was holding her phone in one hand and dropped it under the table.
She was laughing and slightly flushed.
I was just assuming it was the alcohol.
Rachel slid her ass sideways and dove under the table for her phone.
It took her a minute to grab it.
I remarked, “If she has much more to drink we may have to carry her home.
” This got a laugh from the whole table as Rachel popped back up saying, “Nah, I think I can hold it together.
” Our dinner arrived and I discreetly put my cock back in my pants.
As I was about to take my first bite my phone dinged and I glanced over at it.
It was a message from Rachel.
I opened it and to my surprise it was a picture of her head under the table with Brian’s cock in her mouth.
The message under it said ‘I ordered a special cream filled appetizer’.
The only thing I could think through the rest of dinner was damn these women are wild.
After paying the bill and a wink from Rachel we headed to the car for the trip back to the cabin.
As we got back to the cabin, Brian and I opened the door to the back porch and began getting the hot tub ready.
We put on some music and slid a small cooler out there for drinks.
As we were uncovering the tub I asked Brian a few questions.
“So since this is our first ‘adults trip’ together I was just wondering if there were any rules that need to be adhered to.
I most certainly don’t want to do anything that would jeopardize anyons friendship here, that is most important to us,” I said.
Brian replied, “Leyla and I had that conversation when we decided to come up here for the trip.
Honestly man we really don’t have any.
Our main rule is just to be honest with each other.
What we do and what we want to do, then communicate from there.
” “Sweet, because that is damn near the conversation that Rachel and I had,” I said laughing, “I think Rachel plans to let some of her other bedroom fun come to light while we are here as well.
Mainly how she likes to dirty talk during sex.
So please feel free to entertain her, and I know it may seem weird or awkward but trust me it’s okay.
” “Weird or awkward,” Brian asked, “what would be weird or awkward?” “You will see when she starts talking,” I said with a bit of a mischievous smile.
Brian and I had already slipped into the hot tub with a few beers at this point.
The conversation had turned to normal things such as work and sports when the girls came out to the tub.
“Look, we bought matching new swimsuits for the trip!” Leyla said excitedly.
Both women were in the small little one-piece suits that looked shiny almost as if they were made of silk.
They sat their drinks on the railing next to the tub and slid in next to us.
“You boys been behaving yourself in here,” Rachel asked? “Damn our drinks are on the railing Rachel,” Leyla said.
That’s when both women slowly raised up out of the tub and that’s when we noticed what was so special about the new bathing suits.
Now that they were wet we noticed they were completely see through.
Both of their nipples standing out hard against the material.
The outline of their areolas perfectly visible.
Gazing down you could see the perfect outline of their pussy lips.
Puffy and seeming to try to push through the suit.
Water cascading over their pussies and right down the middle of their lips then into the water like a hot wet pussy would when its ready for cock.
“So what do you think, gentlemen?” Rachel asked.
“I think you ladies are going to have a hard time walking tomorrow,” Brian replied.
Online Now! Lush Cams IrisMorrison “That is a very accurate statement,” I chimed in.
The girls slid back in the tub and our night continued on with normal conversation.
As the night continued, we were all having a good time and I realized they were teasing us.
Not that I minded but the gentle brushes against us and the definite cock petting under the water was a clue.
Then the way they would bob up and down in the water.
Showing us the outline of their breasts as the see-through suits would cling to them.
Pointed erect nipples almost begging to be set free, sucked on and pinched.
As the night was visibly winding down Rachel was done wasting time.
She slid out of the tub and sat up on the edge.
She reached down and grabbed a handful of her suit near the waist and pulled up toward her chest.
The thin material easily slid between her wet dripping pussy lips.
Her clit pushing hard against the sheer material begging to be stimulated.
“So is someone going to stick something in me or am I going to have to do it myself?” Rachel asked, almost panting.
Not needing any more prompting, Brian stood straight up out of the water.
His cock was already hard and pointing straight at her pussy.
I was in a trance watching as he stepped toward her.
The closer he got it was as if there was an invisible force pushing Rachel’s legs apart.
Wider and wider she moved them, inviting him into her.
When he reached her he wasted no time pulling her suit to the side and pushing his cock into her.
Rachel’s head fell back and a deep moan escaped her mouth.
I watched as her pussy opened more and more as she accommodated his wide girth.
She loved taking thick cocks and Brian’s was exceptionally thick.
At that moment Leyla guided me up onto the edge of the tub.
Grabbing my cock she licked me from my balls to the very tip of my erect cock.
She looked me right in the eye and said,  “Rachel said you like to watch, so why don’t you watch her pussy get filled while I suck this big hard cock of yours?” I was in heaven, my cock being sucked by the very amazing mouth of Leyla while also fulfilling my voyeur need.
Rachel’s feet were bouncing in the air above the water to the thrusts of Brian, her shiny juices coating his cock as she moaned with every thrust.
Her hands around his waist made sure she was getting every possible inch of his fat cock.
Then she suddenly stopped him and pushed him out of her.
She then stood up and turned her back to him and bent over spreading her knees apart.
Brian stood there watching her bend over and shake her ass at him.
Then it happened, just what I warned Brian about.
“Fuck this little slut pussy,” Rachel begged.
Brian looked at me a little shocked and I just smiled and nodded.
It appeared he understood very well.
“Is this what you want?” Brian asked while burying his cock inside her.
“Yes, yes,” Rachel moaned loudly, “use me.
I’m such a slut for fat cock!” “Good because I love making you tight little whores squeal,” Brian told her.
I knew that would spark her and of course it did.
She started bucking her hips into him moaning yes,yes.
Being talked dirty to always drives her to wild orgasms and this was no different.
She was pushing harder and harder on him, begging him to punish her pussy.
Then she lifted her head to speak.
“I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” she screamed.
Brian was ready for this and just drove the length of his cock into her.
There was no doubt he could feel her pussy contracting on his cock, pulsing, and she shook all through her orgasm.
Knowing she would go near limp afterward, he could empty himself deep inside her.
At that point Leyla raised up and sat on the edge of the tub.
She pulled me forcefully between her legs.
She was a very dominant style woman.
“Now you are going to fuck me to orgasm and feed me that big hot load of yours,” Leyla commanded.
I needed no more coaxing and I drove my cock deep into her.
Brian had me beat on the girth but I had the length.
That’s what made swapping so much fun: watching the reaction to the differently shaped cocks pleasuring the women.
I immediately felt her cervix as the head of my cock crashed into it.
She began to moan, fuck and fuck yes.
That’s how she liked it.
She wanted me to push the back wall of that pussy.
She liked it to hurt a little, wanting to see how much cock she could take.
I grabbed her hips and used them as leverage to push deep into her, molding the bottom of her pussy to the shape of my cock head.
The harder and faster I went, the deeper and faster her breathing became; her nipples more and more erect.
As I sucked on them it was as if they were going to explode.
“I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum, push deep and hold it.
Fill the bottom of my pussy with your cock while I cum,” Leyla begged.
At that moment I pushed deeper than I ever had.
I could feel the bottom of her pussy giving way a little to accommodate the length of my cock.
Then the steady deep pulsing of her pussy.
She took a deep breath and held it, hard nipples inches from my face.
Just a low grunting and intermittent shiver of her body as I felt her pussy pulsing around my cock with her orgasm.
“God fuck yes,” she grunted, breathing heavily.
“That’s a good deep fucking.
God that felt great.
Now sit your ass back because I’m going to suck every drop of cum I can out of you.
” I knew she wasn’t joking either, Leyla loved to suck cock and she would swallow a gallon of cum if you could produce it.
I sat back and she took me deep in her mouth.
She moaned as she sucked me, which felt amazing.
That’s when I noticed the movement near me.
Brian was pumping pretty hard into Rachel.
I knew he was about to cum.
That’s when his body tensed up and he began grunting yet holding very still.
Rachel’s eyes met mine in that moment.
“I can feel him cumming, I can feel my pussy stretch with every pulse of his cock, baby,” Rachel said directly to me.
That along with Leyla’s amazing mouth was more than enough to push me over the edge.
I grabbed a handful of hair and announced it was time.
Leyla began sucking more vigorously than before.
I could feel myself erupt in her mouth.
Unleashing rope after rope of cum into her waiting mouth.
She slowed way down to feel my cum filling her mouth, then hungrily swallowed it down.
I just kept cumming, three shots, then four and five.
My orgasm was so intense my hips were coming off the edge of the tub, thrusting myself into her mouth.
Then it finally subsided but Leyla didn’t quit.
She began sucking again, running her hand the length of my shaft and milking every last drop.
Then as the slid me out of her mouth she gently ran her tongue over the head of my cock, cleaning me completely.
Completely spent, we all decided to retire for the evening.
Balls empty and pussies quivering we went back into the cabin.
We said our good-nights and went to our rooms.
Rachel and I laid down in the bed and turned on the TV.
Just looking for a little something to watch as we drifted off to sleep.
It didn’t take long with me on my back and Rachel snuggled up alongside of me with her head on my chest.
Could the weekend get any better than this? We shall see tomorrow, I thought, and drifted off to sleep.



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