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This is my first story so I hope you like it.
Andrew and I have been together for almost 2 years now and we still have great lusty passion filled sex.
We are not afraid to try new things and love pleasing each other, so through our relationship he has taken me places I have never been and makes me cum in ways I never knew.
Waiting for him to be home was like torture, it always felt like forever before I was on my way to pick him up from work at 12:30 A.
I had already read a few stories on Lush to whet my appetite, but it was still hours before I was to leave.
I decided to put something sexy on for my sexy man so I found a little black lace corset with attached garters and some thigh high argyle socks to go with it.
Once I had it snugly around my waist I got my large breasts into the too small cups, which showed off a delicious amount of cleavage, and then snapped the garters to the high socks.
I pulled some lacy black panties over the top and I was looking damn sexy.
So I snapped a few pictures and sent one to Andrew and indicated my interest in getting him home.
Once it was time to go I pulled a shirt and sweats over my sexy ensemble knowing we had to pick up food before heading home.
Still aroused from the stories I had read earlier in the night and the thoughts of being taken by my big sexy man, I made the short trip to pick Andrew up from work.
We got our food and watched t.
as usual and I got that familiar tingling down below when he suggested he shower and then we go to bed.
Of course I agreed and as he was in the shower I started a video that we could both watch together.
When he returned from the shower I was out of my clothes and just wearing the little outfit I had put on earlier.
As he lay in bed I got up on all fours and gave him little kisses, and a great view of the top of my ass that he likes so much.
I asked him, between kisses, what he wanted, and he said “I was thinking I can do you while you do me” with a little nod down and a wink.
I was eager to oblige as the 69 had become a favorite position of mine lately.
I pulled my lacy panties down and off as he took off his boxers, and quickly climbed onto his waiting face.
He didn’t waste any time and got right to licking my clit just the way I like it while I started licking his long hardening cock.
He licked up and down my wet lips knowing just what I like and I moaned with my hot mouth around his cock.
he continued his unending assault on my hot little pussy and every time he pushed me close to orgasm I took him all the way down my throat so he couldn’t concentrate on what he was doing and just on the sensations on his dick.
He then put two fingers into my wet pussy and pumped them in and out in time with his licking on and around my sensitive little clit.
I was loving every bit of it and humping his face while I licked and sucked his cock.
He knew I was getting close so he started working his thumb into my tight little ass which made me moan more and take him deeper into my throat.
Online Now! Lush Cams onefoxybrunette I love the feeling of him playing with my ass and desperately wanted his dick inside but the feelings were too great to stop.
As I was humping his face trying to get more of his fingers inside of me I started feeling a stirring deep down signalling my orgasm was approaching.
He pumped his fingers in and out of my pussy and ass at the same time while tonguing my clit at a feverish pace.
My orgasm seemed to last forever, as I was close to reaching the peak I took all of Andrew’s cock causing him to slow down and extending the pleasures in my pussy.
After at least a minute long orgasm I reached my crescendo and came all over Andrew’s face shaking from the ferocity of my orgasm.
I had to pull myself away from Andrew’s face as he was still licking and fingering me trying to prolong my orgasm further.
Then it was time to concentrate completely on him and his impending orgasm.
I was still horny after such a wonderful release so I went to town licking all around the head, sucking up and down the sides, and taking the whole length of his big hard cock down my throat.
It didn’t take much longer until he tensed up and I felt his cum hitting the back of my throat.
I kept pumping his cock in my mouth trying to get every drop.
Even after I knew he was done I took him deep down and licked all around his dick to make sure I didn’t miss any.
After he recovered from his orgasm he cleaned up and snuggled me until we fell asleep.
But he apparently wasn’t done with me yet.
I woke to being groped and fingered in my still wet little pussy.
Still half asleep I turned to kiss my very horny boyfriend and in no time his big dick found its way into my little pussy.
I normally am unable to take all of him because his dick is just too long for me to handle, but that night I was able to take every inch slamming into me.
He got on top of me and took his boxers back off, I had fallen asleep naked as usual so I was ready to go.
He started pounding into me and it felt so amazing I had to bite my pillow to keep from crying out too loud.
After a few minutes he flipped me over onto my stomach so he could squeeze my sexy ass as he pummeled me.
I couldn’t take it much longer, I wanted to cum, so I pushed him on his back and started riding him and rubbing my clit into his pelvis.
I think he was close to cumming too so he had to hold off for me while I rode his dick into another long delicious orgasm.
Throwing my head back I spasmed as it took over me.
When I was done he flipped me back over and slammed back into me and pumped his cock in me until he was ready to blow again, then he pulled out and I jacked him off all over my stomach.
Hope you enjoyed 🙂



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