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What a boring day it has been.
The second day of a three-day conference – been stuck in meetings and workshops all day.
Even the lunch break was a working lunch, so not even a break then.
So now it is 6 pm, meetings over for the day, and a little bit of free time to relax.
A few of the delegates said they would be in the hotel bar for a drink a little later, and I thought I would get a head start on them, so am here in the bar an hour or so before they are expected.
I am just sitting at the bar, casually dressed in a t-shirt and trousers, enjoying a beer and minding my own business, trying to become human again after all the boring meetings of the day – and knowing that another day is still to come.
And then I see you.
You have just walked into the bar and ordered a drink from the barman.
I immediately notice you –  I guess you are mid-forties, about five-foot-nine, so quite tall, perhaps a little overweight – but hey, so am I, and nothing wrong with a few extra pounds, especially if they are in the right places as they seem to be with you.
 I have a quiet guess to myself that those ample breasts are a C, or perhaps even a D-cup.
Very nice.
And then you sit a little way away from me, on a barstool, and the bartender brings your drink – a cocktail of some sort, I notice.
As you sit on the stool, I notice that your skirt has ridden up your thighs just a little, enough to let me know that you are wearing stockings and not tights.
I cannot help but look.
Your legs are long and slender with a good shape to them, and the blouse you are wearing accentuates your ample breasts, the outline of your bra showing, and with the top button undone, just a hint of cleavage.
I think I notice you glancing over at me – but I am not sure, so I give you a little smile and you smile back.
 I keep looking you over, my eyes running from your lovely blonde hair to your smiling face, then admiring those breasts before feasting myself on those legs, and the stockings which I know you are wearing.
I wonder if they are hold-ups or whether you have suspenders.
I think I will just have to be left pondering on that one.
But then you move slightly on your stool – and your skirt rises a little more.
Mmm, I think to myself, is this gorgeous woman putting on a show for me, or is it accidental? I am still not sure.
But, I now have the answer to my question.
I can see a glimpse – and no more – of a garter (sexy, slutty red) holding up your stockings.
You then give me a knowing smile and I know for certain that you are deliberately giving me a show.
So one question answered leads me to another one: is she wearing panties? I continue to watch you, and you smile knowingly at me, knowing you have got my attention.
We exchange glances and we raise our glasses to each other.
As we do this, I notice you adjust yourself again on the stool.
You deliberately pull your skirt up a little further, opening your legs as you do so.
My question is soon answered; you are not wearing any panties and I can clearly see your pussy lips almost smiling at me – is this an invitation, I wonder? There are still only the two of us in the bar and, knowing now that you have been giving me a show, I move off my stool towards you and ask if you would like another drink.
You accept and I ask the bartender for another drink each.
As he pours them, we introduce ourselves.
Christie – such a lovely name, I say.
I ask if you are here for the conference too.
But you say you live locally and just popped into the hotel bar for a drink, and I am so glad you did.
We make small talk for another five minutes or so, and people begin to enter the bar.
I suggest we go and sit over in the corner where we can talk a little easier and you agree.
As you sit down on the lower seat, your skirt rides up fairly high, again exposing your pussy to my view.
I can still not tell whether it is totally shaved, or just very neatly trimmed.
But I can see that it is glistening with your dampness.
I sit down very close to you, we clink our glasses together, and as I put my glass down, I rest my hand on your thigh.
Love the feel of those stockings.
You make no effort to stop me, and in fact, gently place your hand on top of mine.
The sexual tension is unmistakable and highly charged.
We continue chatting, gradually moving closer, my hand now feeling the softness of your skin above the stocking line.
I lean towards you and place a very tentative kiss on your soft lips.
You respond by opening your lips to mine and running your tongue gently along the length of my lips before I do the same, our tongues finally meeting for the first time.
Online Now! Lush Cams SabrinaXt As we kiss, my fingers gently touch your pussy lips and feel the moisture coming from it.
You try to stifle a sigh as I touch you, but it is unmistakable.
You are clearly as turned on as I am, my cock stirring in my pants.
Gradually, I pull away from you, our first kiss over, and we smile at each other knowingly.
The bar is by now quite full, and as we continue our drinks, I whisper to you that perhaps we might go to my room and have another drink there where it will be quieter.
You readily agree, and we rapidly finish our drinks then head for the lift.
As the doors close, I press the button for the 17th floor, put my arms around you and kiss you hard this time, urgently, the length of our bodies tight against each other.
There is no way you can miss the hardness of my erection against you.
You push closer.
And then the lift doors open – we then hurry towards my room; I open the door and allow you to enter first.
As you go into the room, you grab my hand and pull me in with you.
I kick the door closed, and we fall into each other’s arms, rapidly removing each other’s clothing.
I remove your blouse, reaching behind immediately to unclasp your sexy, lacy red bra allowing your gorgeous tits to fall free.
I notice that your nipples are already hard and I move my mouth, sucking on them, biting them gently each in turn.
God, you are so hot, Christie.
Meantime, you have removed my t-shirt and my trousers, leaving me in just my boxers, my hard cock so obvious and I feel you stroking it through the soft silky fabric.
 Still sucking on those gorgeous tits, I finally reach your skirt and slide it down over your cute arse, exposing your totally naked pussy to my view.
I finally leave your breasts and my mouth travels down towards your gorgeous cunt, planting little kisses on the way, the smell of your desire getting ever stronger.
I finally reach your pussy, and get my first taste of you – you shudder as I touch you with my tongue, running it along your lips, tasting you, wanting you, babe.
I look up towards you and see the pleasure on your face.
Then you pull away from me – no words are necessary.
You move towards the bed and I follow you.
Before you reach the bed you begin to take your stockings off.
I shout NO.
Leave them on.
I want to fuck you while you are wearing them.
We lay down on the bed, and we begin kissing passionately, my hands exploring your body, and yours, mine, our tongues intertwined.
My hands knead your tits as yours reach for my cock, finally removing it from the confines of my boxers.
It is not huge – about six inches – but you let out an ‘Mmmm’ as you touch it for the first time.
You run your hand up and down the shaft, cupping my balls, squeezing them.
I moan with pleasure as one hand moves towards your now soaking wet cunt.
I waste no time in plunging two fingers in, loving the wetness and softness, seeking out your clit.
I soon find it and you let out a loud moan as I tease it more and more.
I feel you building up to your first orgasm, as you scream louder and louder to let me know you are cumming.
I feel you tense as you climax to the touch of my tongue, your juices dribbling over my face.
This is no time to relax for you, though.
You immediately push me on my back, pull my boxers down sharply, my cock in the air.
You sit astride me, and as you lean forward to kiss me hard, you lower your soaking wet cunt down onto my shaft, taking it all up to the hilt.
I raise my hips to meet your downward movement, pushing my cock as deep as I can.
I feel your cunt muscles tighten around my cock as I fuck you even harder, running my hands up and down your stockings at the same time, our fucking becoming ever more urgent as we both tense at the same time, you screaming loudly again as you cum, while I fill you with my spunk at the same time.
”Fuck, Christie, that was fantastic.
” We lay side by side on the bed, gently stroking each other, satisfied for now.



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