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Latest stories Straight Sex The Blind Date, Chapter 2

Michael and Rachael sat in the car outside his home for a few minutes until she was able to compose herself enough to walk into the house safely.
He helped her to stand, and she adjusted her clothing a bit while he blocked anyone who happened by from seeing anything.
She turned to look at the seat she had made such a mess in.
“Oh, Michael! I’m so sorry! Look at what I did to your car!” Rachael said.
“Don’t worry about it, Rachael.
It was going in to get detailed next week anyway.
This will just make for a good story!” he said.
“Well I’m glad for that!” she said.
“But if we are going to make this a habit, you should probably get some waterproof seat covers!” “I’ll order a set tomorrow first thing!” he said.
Michael unlocked the door and held it open for Rachel.
She walked in and he shut the door behind them.
Then he took her by the upper arm, pushing her back against the entry wall.
He raised her arms up over her head and held them there as he leaned in for a deep, hard, hungry kiss.
He pressed himself against her and she offered no resistance.
Rachael moaned into his kiss and melted as he devoured her.
Suddenly, he pulled back a step.
He spun her around to face the wall and pushed her forward against the wall again, this time face first.
His hands moved down her sides and then reached around to cup both of her wondrous tits in his hands.
He stepped forward between her legs and showed her what he had to offer.
Rachael moaned as she felt his hard, fat cock filling the crease of her ass cheeks.
He pulled her hair to one side so he could kiss on her neck a bit more and Rachael felt her knees go weak.
“Michaaaeeel…” she moaned his name long and slow.
After a few moments of playing with her tits, he reached up and slowly began to unzip her dress in the back.
As he moved the zipper down, he pulled the edges apart, kissing the newly exposed skin.
Rachael cooed and moaned as his hot kisses moved further down her back.
He got to her lower back and revealed the tattoo on her lower back.
two roses with interwoven vines.
“Nice tattoo,” he said.
“Oh thanks,” she panted, “I got it back in college in a moment of drunken weakness!” “Well, maybe I should stock the liquor cabinet too!” he said.
“Ohhh, God! You keep doing that, baby, and you won’t need alcohol to win me over!” she said as he kissed her again.
He gently slipped the spaghetti straps of her dress off one shoulder then the other, kissing each shoulder as he bared it.
He slowly slid the shoulder straps down and her dress top went with it.
Rachael stood up as her top fell off her large tits, and as he reached around to toy with her hard nipples, she laid her head back on his shoulder.
“Ohhh Goddd…” she moaned.
Michael’s hands were magic as far as she was concerned and she closed her eyes shutting out everything but the feeling of him touching and teasing her.
Michael could feel her trembling and swaying as his hands played over her body.
Before her legs gave out on her completely, he decided he’d better move this to the bedroom.
He turned her around to face him again and he picked her up to carry her into the bedroom.
She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and her legs around his waist and he carried her in a reverse piggyback way through the house to the bedroom.
Rachael laid her head on his shoulder and he carried his “little girl” into the bedroom.
He took her over to the side of the bed and she climbed down off him.
He looked down into her eyes (Michael was six feet tall) and she looked up into his.
He saw the need she had there in her eyes.
Her sexual fires had been lit and stoked and now she needed someone to help manage those fires.
To control them for her.
She needed him to quench the fire that burned in her pussy… the fire that he lit.
Michael was more than ready for the job.
He had the tools and he believed the techniques required to calm her raging inferno and he was ready to get to work.
Rachael had been holding her dress up when she got down from his arms and now he took her arms and moved them down to her sides, letting the dress fall to the floor around her ankles.
Because of the design of her dress and it’s plunging bustline, Rachael had decided not to wear a bra.
Besides, she thought going without a bra might be sexier and make her more appealing to him.
Standing in his bedroom topless now, she realized that bra or no bra, it didn’t matter to him–he was most definitely interested in her! Michael helped her up on the large king-sized bed and she moved to the middle of it and propped her head up with a pillow.
She watched with great interest as it was his turn now to get undressed.
He took off his shirt and t-shirt and she admired his well built and muscular body.
He might be a businessman behind a desk most of the day but he still liked to stay in good shape! Michael had a well-developed chest, wide, strong shoulders, and the strong arms she already loved having around her! She voiced her approval so far with an “Oh Michael!” and then her eyes moved down to await another view–the one she most wanted to see at that moment! He didn’t keep her waiting long either.
He shed his pants and then his boxers and Rachael got her first look at what she had been feeling since the park.
“OH MICHAEL!’ she said again, this time with a lot more enthusiasm.
Rachael could feel her pussy gush as she saw the huge cock he was sporting.
Michael was almost eight inches long and a fat two and three-quarters inches in diameter, with a head even bigger around.
He stood straight and tall and ready for action, and Rachael licked her lips in anticipation.
But before she got to sample his wares, Michael had an appetite too… and appetite that couldn’t wait any longer! He had already tasted her sweetness from the juices he obtained fingering her in the car.
Now he wanted more than just a taste! He crawled up slowly from the foot of the bed, and he could see Rachael trembling and softly whimpering with every move he made.
He took his time, building her anticipation and making her want him all the more.
She spread her legs wide as he got a little closer, inviting him inside and hoping he would be quick about it! Michael reached her thighs just above the knee and began kissing his way up the insides of her thighs.
He alternated right and left as he ladder-climbed her spread legs.
She began shaking as he neared her dripping pussy, knowing that when he reached it, there was sure to be fireworks.
He was just a few inches from her apex when he surprised her by taking a gentle nip at the tender inside of her thighs.
Rachael gasped and arched her hips up a bit and he smiled.
He moved higher and looked up into the woman’s glassy, lust-filled eyes.
“Please…” she whimpered pitifully.
He lowered his head and licked her pussy through her panties.
Rachael felt his hot tongue even through her soaked panties and groaned.
He gathered the fabric of her panties into a tight roll and pulled it into her slit tightly against her clit as he licked her again.
With her swollen pussy lips on either side of the panty roll, she could feel his tongue even more.
“Please, Michael, please don’t tease me… I can’t take it anymore!” she cried, nearly in tears.
He couldn’t see her suffer anymore.
She needed him and he wasn’t going to deny her any longer.
He sat up stripping her panties from her and with his thumbs holding her pussy open he dove into her pink hole.
Michael took one long lap at Rachael’s glistening pink tunnel and she nearly fainted.
“Oh my god, Michael!” she cried.
Her hands immediately clutched the sheets and her head fell back on the pillow.
He lapped up the juices now flowing freely from her generous pussy, with long slow licks from bottom to top.
Rachael writhed and twisted around in sweet agony.
Michael made sure his licks were hard enough that she felt them, but still soft enough to tease and torment her.
He wasn’t ready for her to cum, even though she would have loved to.
He wanted her to reach a point where she would promise him anything he wanted just to get him to make her cum.
He wanted her to beg him and plead with him.
He wanted this woman to remember who it was that made her this crazy and who it was that gave her relief from it.
As much as he would like to be in total control of the situation, however, Rachael had a few things to her advantage too.
Her appearance and hot looks had already made his cock hard as steel and he was most definitely attracted to her.
Amy’s rather generic description of her did not do her justice at all and Michael knew from the moment he first met her that this was a woman he wanted to get to know a lot better! Now nestled comfortably between her long lean legs, Michael was thoroughly enjoying a little “dessert” after dinner.
Her slick shaven pussy was sweeter than he could have imagined it to be and even though he wanted to keep on teasing her more, his raging cock was spurring him to move on.
Michael peeled her folds gently open with his thumbs.
He could feel the heat radiating from her steaming depths and he saw the glistening pink walls beckoning him to take yet another taste of her sweetness.
There was no more holding back.
He lost whatever remaining self-control he had and let his tongue explore all around her folds.
Going from gentle and predictable to completely random and rough in a moment, his tongue searched out every crack and crevice where a drop of precious juice might hide.
Had Michael been able to pay attention to something other than gathering every drop of juice from her delicious pussy, he might have seen Rachael’s back arch against the bed.
“Michael! Fuck!” she cried out.
She grabbed fistfuls of his hair and shoved his face farther into her depths.
Michael let one hand roam up to her tit and grabbed hold.
She groaned at his touch and bucked her hips slightly.
Her continuing to scream his name only encouraged him to continue his work.
Using his other hand, he slowly entered her with a finger, gently massaging the inside of her pussy walls and watching carefully for those pleasure spots and taking note of which ones caused the biggest reactions.
Online Now! Lush Cams Juicy_Molli It was then that he noticed how flushed she was.
Her face, chest, and stomach, were all brushed red and speckled with sweat.
Michael loved seeing her like this because he knew that he was the one responsible for such pleasure.
“You look so fucking hot right now.
You like what I’m doing, Rachael?” he growled as she bucked her hips up against his finger’s movements.
“Yes! Oh, yes, Michael! Fuck!” she squirmed and hissed.
“It feels so good, baby.
” “You want more?” he asked, teasing her some more.
She gasped.
“Please Michael! Make me cum, baby!” There was no way he was going to refuse such a request.
He inserted another finger, splitting them slightly to allow her swollen, throbbing clit to ride between them and trapping the little pearl so he could massage it as he finger fucked her.
I fucked her slower this time, letting her feel every nerve explode with pleasure.
She writhed and bucked and twisted anew with this new technique, grabbing huge handfuls of the sheets as if she was afraid the bed would fall away from her.
He watched her head whip back and forth as she tried vainly to assimilate the new sensations.
Once she looked as though she’d settled into this movement, Michael showed her another little trick he had in his repertoire and curled his fingers upwards towards her pubic bone.
This made his fingertips massage her spongy g-spot.
She squealed and nearly flew off the bed, moaning intensely as she sat up and reached out for him.
He used the hand that was on her tit to push her back down, letting his hand rest in the valley of between her fleshy mountains.
“Just relax, Rachael, honey.
Relax and enjoy the ride.
” She groaned and settled back on the bed.
He could feel her tremble as his tongue and fingers played her, sending her mind reeling and her world falling apart around her.
Her toes curled into the bed and she tried desperately to keep her legs open for him.
It was a pure, ecstatic pleasure she was experiencing.
It was time to end the torment he was putting Rachael through.
He had other things in mind for her and his cock wanted to get into the game.
He had saved one trick more for her.
He began increasing the speed of his pumping fingers while he licked and kissed at her folds and mound.
Rachael was getting close to the brink and he could tell that this was going to be one hell of an orgasm.
She opened her mouth as if trying to say something, then was caught off guard when he took her clit into his mouth.
he trapped it between his teeth lightly while he sucked and licked the tender morsel, all the while still speeding up the motions with my fingers.
“Fuuuck! Michael, yes!” she screamed.
“I’m going to cum! Oh, fuck, I’m going to cum!” He could feel all her muscles around his fingers tighten.
Her efforts to keep her legs apart gave way and she wrapped her thighs around his head.
Michael didn’t really mind.
He was happy just knowing that he was putting her through this much pleasure.
With a guttural groan, she came.
“OHHHFUUUCCCKMMEEE!” Rachael poured out a flood of juices that would have made Noah nervous! The wet spot that she had created on the sheets below her looked like a black hole growing larger and trying to swallow them both into its depths.
Michael stopped his finger-fucking her for a moment and marveled at the release she was experiencing.
He had never seen her, or anyone for that matter, cum like that.
She clenched his fingers tightly within her and he could feel reverberations from the orgasm racing through her along the arm that was resting up against her stomach.
Michael took a couple of last laps at her pussy, making sure that he cleaned her of any leaking juices before he sat up on his knees and watched his beauty, eyes closed, ride out the aftershocks.
After her orgasm passed and she lay there panting for breath and she recovered, he lay down next to her.
She turned to face him laying her head on his arm and playing with his chest hair.
“That was amazing, Michael,” she said when she had calmed enough to talk normally.
“I’m glad you liked it,” he said, kissing her forehead.
“I did… very much.
But now I want you to fuck me,” she said, propping herself up on one elbow and looking at him.
“Are you sure you’re up to it right now?” I asked.
“Oh, yes.
I’ve wanted you inside me ever since you started playing with me back in the park.
And then what you did to me in the car on the way over here, and just now… I want to make you feel the same.
Your cock is beautiful and I want it.
I want to give you the ride of your life.
” Rachael moved to get on top and straddle him, facing him so each could watch the other’s reactions.
She held his cock firmly at the base and pointed it at her still sensitive pussy, smiling at how it seemed to be eagerly reaching up for her.
She slowly lowered herself onto his shaft, taking her time to savor its length and girth.
The feeling of him opening her up was amazing and she moaned out as he pushed apart her petals.
“Ohhh, Miichaaaeeel” she moaned.
She slid down his stiff, fat shaft, delighting in how he was stretching her and how the ridges and bumps on his shaft felt scraping along her pussy walls.
When he was well inside her and completely surrounded by her tight warmth, he pulled her down into a deep kiss, their mouths opening to accept the other’s tongues.
While he kissed her, Michael took her luscious tits in his hands.
She rotated and ground her pelvis against him, pushing his cock against every wall inside her.
His mouth moved from hers down to the tits he held so lovingly and his tongue began making small circles around her nipples.
They seemed even harder and more erect than before as he pushed her tits together and moved his mouth from one nipple to the other.
Caught up in the pleasure, Rachael bounced up and down on his lap while he thrust upwards against her so he could sink as deeply as possible into her pussy.
After several intense and fervent minutes of this pleasure, Michael pulled her down to him and held her close to him in order to slow her pace down.
She kissed him softly as she steadied herself.
He held on to her tightly as he rolled them both over until he was on top of her.
He raised up onto his knees and pushed her legs apart to get a good look at her moist slit before he slid his cock back into her.
She closed her eyes and threw her arms over her head, gripping the headboard tightly while he slowly fucked her with long, deliberate strokes.
When Michael was all the way in, he bent his head down and kissed her neck then bit her on the shoulder.
“Ahhh…” she moaned as he fucked her faster using his long, hard, deep thrusts.
He closed his eyes and concentrated on the sounds Rachael was making while he switched between slow and fast fucking her pussy.
“Oh God, Michael! Oh, that’s good, sooo good,” she moaned when he paused and rested his weight on her body.
She wrapped her legs around his waist as he resumed, fucking her with enough force to make his balls slap against her ass.
Michael pulled back and sat on his knees.
“Now, up on your knees, I want your head down and ass up!” he said as he caught his breath.
Michael saw the dreamy look Rachael had on her face as she moved into position on her hands and knees.
When she felt the tip of his cock teasing her dripping slit, she moaned and pushed backward wanting him back inside her.
Michael smacked her ass and she squealed, then he shoved his full length into her once again and her squeal instantly changed to a low moan.
  Words gave way to grunts and snarls as their minds fell away to be replaced by the purely sexual animal lusts.
Both felt like they were lifted to some kind of orgasmic heaven.
He would thrust into her deeply, stay there for an instant, and then quickly and completely out of her only to re-enter her with another hard thrust.
Rachael loved being skewered and feeling him pierce her with his meaty shaft brought a groan of pure pleasure each time.
She responded to him by pushing her ass back at him hoping to get him deeper into her.
She couldn’t get enough of the cock burrowing so deeply into her.
Michael loved all the sounds she made, the moans and groans and the squishy sound of him fucking her wet slick pussy.
He fucked her roughly, savagely, until he felt the first rush of pressure that signaled he was about to reach the point of no return.
Rachael felt it as well and she stopped moving as he clung onto her, his cock nestled full-length in her warm wet depths.
Suddenly he howled like a wolf as he shot a load so heavy that he thought his nuts would burst.
He held her still as he pumped his hot sticky cum into her accepting womb.
She could feel it searing her walls and warming her insides with its volcanic heat.
When he had emptied himself into her at last, he pulled out and slid, exhausted to the bed beside her panting like a spent racing horse.
She reached for him and formed herself to his side, kissing his chest.
“Michael?” her voice was soft and she was still recovering.
“Yes, honey?” he said, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulled her in tight.
He wanted this beautiful woman as close to him as he could get her.
“How did I taste… you know when you ate me?” Michael sensed a hint of apprehension in her voice.
“See for yourself,” he said, waving to his cock.
Rachael smiled and moved down to take his still hard but shrinking cock in her mouth.
“Mmmm…” she said as she tasted both of their juices mixed together on his cock.
She sucked and licked until he was clean and the last remnants of his cum had been sucked from him.
She then kissed the tip and laid her head down on his abdomen, his cock only an inch away from her.
She cradled his balls in one hand as she rested there.
“So, Rachael? What do you think?” he asked.
“You taste… like I want more,” she said.
“Oh, I think that can be arranged,” he chuckled softly, as he stroked her hair.
Yes, Michael wanted more of this as well.
This was one blind date that had worked out just fine!



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