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I was making coffee in the kitchen when I heard you say, “Damn it.
” I laughed and shook my head, “What’s wrong?” You came into the kitchen, snatching the cup of coffee I had made for you out of my hand.
“We were supposed to go out today.
The picnic I had planned? Well in case you didn’t know: it’s raining.
So no picnic.
Instead we’re stuck here.
” I opened the fridge to put the half-and-half away and caught sight of the chocolate syrup.
My mind went to an image of you coated in chocolate.
I pulled back and smiled up at you, a little glint in my eyes.
“Well, staying at home isn’t always so bad.
I have something we can try if you’re up to the task.
” You looked down at me and gave a smirk.
“Whatever you have in mind I’m game.
” You turned and started walking back to the room when I said, “I’m in charge.
” You stopped.
You were the dominant one of the relationship.
I had always let you be in charge, however you knew that I probably couldn’t let you down.
You set down the coffee cup and crossed your arms as you turned to study my face.
I sipped my coffee staring you right in the eyes.
I couldn’t believe how soaked my pussy was at just the thought of playing out my fantasy.
You smirked and grunted a sound of approval.
I smirked back and said, “Go lay on the bed with your eyes closed.
I’ll be in there in a few moments.
” As I heard the bedroom door close I set my coffee cup down with shaky hands.
Fuck yes.
I’ve wanted to try this for so long.
I opened the fridge grabbing the chocolate syrup.
I put it in the microwave to heat up then went to the closet to gather my supplies.
My body blocked you from seeing what I was doing.
When you saw the handcuffs in my hands your eyes narrowed.
You didn’t protest though.
Must be too curious to protest.
After a few minutes you were naked and blindfolded with your hands handcuffed to the headboard and your feet tied to the foot of the bed with some of my scarves.
I kissed your lips softly and sat up, straddling you.
“You look so good like that.
” “Shush woman or I’ll change my mind and make you let me up.
” Your lips were smiling but I could see your forehead crinkled.
I kissed the wrinkles and smoothed them down as I felt you relax a bit.
The microwave had long since beeped so I climbed off of you and went to the kitchen.
However doubt was clouding my mind and making me rethink things.
I think he’ll enjoy this but he’s not as adventurous as me.
He has free reign over me, there’s few sexual acts that I wouldn’t enjoy.
But I’ve yet to truly discover his boundaries.
Well, I’ll stop if he asks me to of course and he knows that.
I poured a few drops of the chocolate on my wrist in the same way mothers check the temperature of a baby’s bottle.
I chuckled at the comparison.
It was the perfect temperature so I went to the bedroom.
When I reached the bedroom I stood in the doorway for a moment watching you mutter to yourself and tug at your bonds.
Try being dominant.
He might calm down if you act like you know he’ll love it.
I climbed on the bed and straddled your stomach; wielding the warm chocolate syrup in my right hand and stroking your cock with my left.
“You ready, babe?” You squirmed.
Straining against your bonds.
I squeezed your cock hard and pulled it upwards making you gasp.
“Quit pulling against the bonds.
” “Alright! Fuck, Val.
” I leaned down and kissed your lips softly murmuring, “I promise you’ll like it babe.
Just trust me?” “Do your worst witch.
” I chuckled and sat up, bringing the syrup to both hands.
I tipped the syrup upside down over the top of your chest.
As the first drops struck your skin you flinched, “What is that?” “Patience.
” I kept moving the syrup across your chest and down.
I could see your forehead crinkled from concentration.
“Are you writing something on me?” I finished and then answered, “Yes.
I just wrote a word on your chest.
” “What is the word?” I leaned down and whispered, “MINE,” in your ear before sucking on your earlobe.
You shivered and gave a small moan.
I kissed my way down your jaw and neck to your chest where I started licking the chocolate off.
There was more than one flavor though – it was salty from your skin.
I groaned.
“What is it?” “Tastes so good.
You want a taste?” I didn’t let you answer but attacked your mouth with a passionate kiss.
I pulled off and kissed my way back down to your chest to lick and suck up the rest of the syrup as you muttered, “Chocolate Val? You’re being greedy.
Combining sex and food will go to your head.
Online Now! Lush Cams DonnaDoll4U You’ll want me coated in chocolate every time now.
” I giggled, lifted up the syrup and tipped it upside down over your crotch.
I watched your cock harden under the assault and become striped like a zebra as you sucked in deep breaths.
I leaned down and flicked my tongue over the tip.
Oh fuck.
As if his cock wasn’t delicious before… I took the head into my mouth, swirling my tongue around to gather up all the chocolate.
I moved my hands to cradle your balls as I licked up one side of your cock and down the other.
” I could feel you pulling on the handcuffs.
I smirked.
No grabbing my head this time.
You’re all tied up.
I worked my way back up to the top, flicking my tongue in and out of your slit and watching you bite your lip.
I plunged down on your cock, taking it almost all the way in.
“Oh fuck!” I held myself down, sucking in my cheeks, rolling your balls in my hand – still tasting the chocolate and your precum.
I began to bob up and down on your cock taking you further and further until I had all of you in my mouth.
I swallowed a few times, letting the sensations ripple along your length.
You let out a low moan.
I pulled off licking down your shaft to your balls.
I licked and sucked on them while slowly pumping your shaft.
Your breathing was heavy, your cock twitching whenever I pushed a fingernail lightly across your slit.
I licked back up to the head tasting your precum on my tongue.
Tastes so good… I took the head in my mouth, starting to take you in slowly.
I was an inch away from having it all in my mouth when you thrust your hips up shoving the rest of your cock down my throat.
You groaned before saying, “I’m sorry Val but goddamn it you’re driving me crazy!” I stayed with you deep in my throat for a few moments before moving up and off your cock.
I shook my head at what you’d said.
You had never been particularly patient.
However, you often teased me.
One time you had teased me so long you only stopped when I started crying.
Today it was my turn.
I took you in my mouth bobbing up and down rapidly, massaging your balls until you were on the verge of cumming.
I pulled off and dragged my hands up your body to the top of your chest.
I dragged them down, scratching lightly.
“You tease!” I giggled saying, “My turn to tease you mercilessly.
” You didn’t even respond as I began to stroke and suck on you again.
I took you to the edge and brought you back down several times until your cock was a deep purple.
I finally stopped and placed my sopping pussy over your cock.
Your head brushing the lips of my pussy.
“I’m soaked.
Can you feel how wet I am for you?” “Yes,” you hissed through clenched teeth.
I smirked and then sat down on your cock, taking it all into my pussy in one shot.
I threw back my head and screamed as you shouted an obscenity.
I began to pump myself up and down on your cock.
My pussy gripped your cock tightly.
After a few minutes of slowly fucking myself on your cock you said, “Please at least take the blindfold off? I need to see your face.
” I stopped moving and reached to remove the blindfold.
You watched me intensely as I continued to ride you, leaning backwards so your cock hit my g-spot.
I moved a hand to my clit and began rubbing it in circles.
I was so close.
I kept rubbing as you watched me move up and down, enraptured by the pleasure I was feeling.
I scraped a nail across my clit and squealed as I squirted all over your cock.
My hips were jerking on your cock as my orgasm ripped through my body.
As I stopped cumming I lay down on your chest and reached with shaking hands to release the cuffs.
When your arms were free you pulled your cock out of pussy, lay me on the bed and untied your feet.
“Thanks baby.
I really need to fuck you hard now.
You’ve been teasing me for hours now and your pussy is going to pay for it.
” You slapped my ass to emphasize that you meant business.
I grinned.
“Promise it’ll be rough?” In response you pulled my ass up until I was on my knees, grabbed my hips and slammed your cock into my pussy.
My head snapped up as I mewled in pleasure, grabbing at the blanket.
You fucked me hard, pounding my pussy without mercy.
I was moaning and squealing as you fucked me relentlessly.
“Ready to cum again?” “Yes!” You put one hand on my neck lightly choking me as the other went to my clit and flicked it rapidly over and over.
Just as I began to squirt you started to cum.
You kept pumping, pushing your cum deep in my pussy and dragging out my orgasm until I started to see black spots.
After you had pumped all your cum into me you collapsed over my back before rolling off of me.
After my breathing had calmed down I crawled over, giving you a soft kiss on your lips.
You opened your eyes and smiled at me.
“That was great, baby.
Thank you.



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