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Latest stories Straight Sex John and Brianna (part 5): at the beach

It is a couple of weeks since the visit to the club.
It was now Fall and the weather was getting colder and it was getting darker outside.
Brianna likes to run, but this day the weather does not look very good, but it is still dry, so she decides to go for a quick one.
 During the run, the clouds are closing in quickly and before she knows it the rain is streaming down and within minutes she is soaked to the bone.
When she gets home finally John is also home.
She is shivering all over, and he takes her quickly to the bathroom, takes off her running clothes, and then her sports bra, and is surprised that she is not wearing any shorts or thong.
He then moves her into the shower, while she is still shivering a bit.
“How are you feeling now, dear? Getting a bit warmer again?”, John asks after a few minutes, and Brianna nods.
Some more minutes pass until he sees that she relaxes a bit, and he decided to join her.
 He drops his clothes and steps into the shower as well.
He is standing behind her and put his arms around her, his hands under her breasts.
“Oh, you are still so cold!” John says as he feels that her breasts are still quite cold.
“Oh yes, I feel cold, but you feel so warm!”, Brianna responds, while she turns around, puts her arms around his waist, and pulls him closer, so he can warm her more while the hot shower still rains on both of them.
With their mouths now close together it does not take long before Brianna feels John’s lips on hers.
He kisses her slowly and lightly, and Brianna’s lips responded to that by kissing him back.
Her lips part a bit and she feels his tongue enter and she plays with it with her own tongue.
Brianna now feels the warmth also from inside starting to glow, and she feels that John is also starting to warm up, as she feels his dick starting to grow between them.
Slowly the kisses become more intense and deeper, and then she feels John’s hands move from her back to her breasts and starting to play with her nipples.
 This brings out a soft moan.
Her arms now slide down from his back and she puts her hands on his ass, pushing it towards her, so she can feel his dick squashed between them.
John now grabs a bottle of soap and sprays a lot all over her breasts and starts to massage the soap in.
Her breasts are completely covered by foam, but after a short time, it is all washed away, leaving her breasts all shiny.
“Looks like you are getting warmed up nicely”, John says between two kisses, and Brianna responds by sliding one hand from his ass between them and sliding it up and down his dick.
  “Yes, it feels like it, but there are some parts that need some more warming up, can you do that?” Brianna asks him.
“I think I can manage that”, John responds, sliding one hand between her legs and running her pussy lips.
They still feel a bit cold, but when he slides a finger between them he can feel that Brianna is already starting to get wet from the inside as well.
“Hmm yes, I need some more warmth there”, Brianna moans as she feels his fingers sliding inside.
John also starts rubbing her clit, and feels that her pussy is responding to that quickly.
Brianna now leans back a bit, resting her shoulders against the wall.
John moves his head down and lets his lips slide over her breasts and his tongue circles her nipples.
Brianna grabs John’s head and pulls it between her breasts and with her arms she pushes them against his head, almost choking him.
John manages to turn his head from left to right, licking and sucking both breasts.
In the meantime, his fingers get deeper into her pussy, and he can feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter by the minute.
John now pulls away from Brianna, grabs her, and turns her around.
He grabs her ass and starts riding his dick between her ass cheeks.
Brianna pushes back against him and she bends forward, resting her hands against the wall.
John grabs his dick and positions it against her pussy and has no problem sliding in.
The first time he slides in slowly, but when he slides out the next one is a fast one, slamming his body against her ass.
Brianna can just manage to stay up as her hands slide away on the wet walls.
She repositions herself a bit and braces for the next impact, which follows quickly and is just as fast.
Her boobs start to swing freely and John can see them swing outside and then hear them slam together between his slamming against her ass.
When John gets into a rhythm Brianna moves one hand down between her legs and starts to rub her clit and tickles his balls whenever she can.
It does not take long for her to get to her climax.
“Oh yes John, fuck me hard fuck me hard! You know I love this position, make me cum!”, Brianna almost yells while she feels her orgasm rising quickly.
“Ahhhh YES YES YES!”, she then yells and she cums hard.
Her pussy starts to contract, and almost squeezes John into his orgasm at the same time.
He manages to extend until Brianna’s orgasm slows down, but then he can’t extend it any longer.
The moment he cums he pulls out and his cum splashes on Briannas back, almost reaching her shoulders, but it is quickly washed away by the shower.
“Oh John, why did you do that! I love the feel of you cumming inside me!”, Brianna says, a bit disappointed.
John just smiles, as he slides his dick inside her pussy before it shrinks again, moving inside and out slowly.
When he slips out Brianna turns around and puts her arms around his neck and kisses him.
“You take every opportunity to fuck me, don’t you?”, Brianna says smiling.
“Oh yes, I love it as much as when I first met you, I still love you as much”, John responds, while he kisses her.
They stay in the shower for a few more minutes and then get dressed and go out for diner.
A couple of weeks later the weather has changed completely.
It is warm and sunny again and they decide to take a day off and go down to a small lake about half an hour drive from their home, where there is a nice small beach.
  As it is a normal working and school day it is quiet, just a few other cars are parked in the parking lot.
They park at the end where there are no others and walk through a small wood to the lake.
They can see a few people a couple of 100 meters away, and they spread out their blankets, set up a small windshield, and sit down for a drink and some food that they brought with them.
  They spend some time enjoying the sun before they go for a swim in the lake.
 When they are about 50 meters from the beach Brianna points to the other visitors at the beach.
“Look over there John, look what is happening there”.
John now looks at the others and they can see some people fully dressed having some cameras, while the others are nude and “working” together.
“Looks like they are making some porn movie, I guess”, John responds.
They start to move back while having quick looks at the other group.
They can see that a girl is sucking on the dick of the guy before the guy pushes her down on her knees and starts to fuck her from behind.
“I guess we will have to find out when that movie is released, just to check if we are in it”, John says when they arrive at their spot again and lay down on their towels.
Because of the windshield, they cannot see any more or be seen by the others.
“Only to check for that?” Brianna asks as she noted that John’s swimming trunk shows a large bulb in the front.
John rolls over towards Brianna and puts a hand on her breast while kissing her.
“Maybe we can also watch for other things as well, when we are watching it”, John responds.
“Having sex on a beach has always been something I wanted to do, you know that”.
“Oh yes, you told me that so many times”, Brianna says smiling.
“But you would not want to do that with a film crew around the corner, don’t you?” “Why not, they are busy at the moment”, John responds, moving closer and riding his hard dick against Brianna’s leg.
Online Now! Lush Cams ValeryTorroja Brianna responds by kissing and sliding her hand over his dick.
“Well, a quick one then, I don’t want to get caught by them”.
  John slides the bikini top aside, revealing Brianna’s boobs, and starts sucking her nipples.
John now slides his hand into her bikini bottom, and to his surprise her pussy is already very wet.
He slides his fingers quickly into her pussy.
  Brianna now slides her hand inside his shorts and lets it slide up and down over his hard shaft.
They both start to moan with the touches of the other.
 Brianna then pushes John onto his back and straddles him quickly.
She moves her bikini bottom to the side and moves John’s dick into her pussy.
“Oh yes, ride me on the beach!” John moans when she slowly slides her pussy onto his dick.
“That is what you wanted from the start isn’t it John? Is that why you wanted to go here?”, Brianna asks him while she bends forward and kisses him.
John kisses her back, letting his tongue wrestle Brianna’s.
“Oh yes, you caught me, I was hoping for this”, John responds while his hands gab hold of her boobs and start to squeeze them around her nipples.
“In the open-air fucking my lovely wife, who could wish for more!” After a few minutes, John grabs her and pulls her onto him and then quickly turns them over, so he is on top of her.
He moves up, grabs Brianna’s legs, and spreads them wide, and starts to fuck her harder and deeper.
“Oh yes John, take me, use me!” Brianna moans, while she slides her hand onto her clit and rubs it hard and fast.
“Ahh yes, fill me, give me that deep in my pussy,” Brianna continues, while John slams into her harder and deeper until he feels her pussy squeeze when Brianna gets her orgasm.
“Ahhhh yes yes yes”, John almost shouts, while he pushes deep into her pussy and lets his cum splat deep into Brianna’s pussy.
He then slowly lets her legs go and sinks down on top of her and kisses her.
He then slips out of her and turns over to lay next to her.
Brianna slides her fingers quickly inside her pussy before moving her bikini bottom over it and then licks her fingers clean from the cum.
“Now I have to get into the water to get clean.
You come with me?” Brianna says after a few minutes.
“Sure, let me help clean you,” John responds.
He makes sure his swimming trunk sits ok and they walk over to the water.
When they are deep enough John moves close to Brianna and moves his hand onto her pussy.
“No, let me do that myself,” Brianna says while she moves his hand away and quickly moves her bikini bottom to the side and gets rid of all the cum that has leaked out.
When they look to the other group they see that they are already packing up, but they see that some of them are looking in their direction.
After a few minutes, they get back to the beach and lay in the sun to dry up for half an hour and then also decide to get up and go home.
About a month later John was looking at some of the more popular porn websites as he sees a familiar sight: the beach they also were.
He decides to not tell Brianna and surprise her that night.
Later that evening when they are watching TV John tells her that he has a surprise and that they should move to the bedroom.
When they are there John switches on the TV and starts the video.
“Is that the beach video?” Brianna asks surprised.
“It looks like it,” John responds, and they see a couple arriving at the beach.
The girl is wearing a small bikini that is covering much, the guy is wearing a small swimming short, and they run towards the water.
The girl has large boobs and they bounce when she runs, and even before she reaches the water one flops out of the bikini top, which makes Brianna laugh out loud.
“She has nice boobs, but she should know how to control them better,” Brianna says while laughing.
“That would never happen to me.
” “Have you ever tried jumping in a bikini then?” John asks.
“Hmm, not really,” Brianna says while thinking.
John now stops the video.
“Well, maybe something to try out.
Get your bikini out and try if that works”.
Brianna gets out her bikini and walks out of the room to change into her bikini.
John now changes quickly into his swimming trunk.
When Brianna returns she is surprised to see John like that, but then she wants to show that her bikini skills are much better so she starts to jump.
Her boobs move a bit when she jumps up a little bit, but when she jumps higher the top really has problems keeping her boobs in, and then suddenly one of her boobs slips out.
Brianna stops and quickly puts it back in.
“I guess it is more difficult than you thought,” John says laughing.
Seeing Brianna’s boobs bounce John already got hard and that was visible.
  “Yeah, I guess so.
But now it’s your turn, see if your trousers can keep that in,” Brianna says, pointing at the bulge.
John also gets up and jumps and it takes only a few jumps for the top to appear.
“I guess that makes it even,” John says laughing while restarting the video.
 The boy and girl never make it to the water, as the boy quickly grabs the boobs and starts sucking them.
The girl pulls his hard dick out, and a moment later moves onto her knees and starts sucking him.
” Looks like that was the part we saw,” John says.
Then the shot changes to show the water behind the couple and they can just see two heads just above the water.
“Yes, that must be us then”.
Then the boy pushes the girl down, moves behind her, and takes her doggy style.
  “I love it when you take me like that!” Brianna says as she gets on the bed on all fours, shaking her ass to John.
She slides her hand onto her pussy and flashes it to John.
“How about you?” “Oh yes, I love this!” John responds while he gets behind her.
He pulls her to the side of the bed and pulls her bikini away and slides his finger into her pussy.
“Nice soft and wet, just the way I like it!” he says, while he slides his dick against the outside of her pussy.
“Don’t tease me, fill me, just like that hunk on the screen does!” Brianna almost begs him.
Quickly John fulfills her wish and fills her pussy.
Slowly he starts to fuck her, while they both now look at the screen.
The girl is now on her back and the guy is licking and sucking her pussy.
But in the background the windscreen Brianna and John put up can be seen, and they now see that the sun came from behind and the shadow clearly shows Brianna moving on top of John and bouncing up and down.
“Oh yes, we are in the video!” John says while he gets more excited.
“So glad no one will recognize us!” Brianna says while she moves her fingers onto her clit, as John slowly picks up the pace.
  On the screen, the boy now has moved on and is fucking the girl again.
Brianna now starts to moan, as she gets to her climax, while John is also getting closer and starts to speed up more.
  On the screen, the shadow of Brianna disappears, but you can just make out a few legs sticking out from behind the screen and the movement make clear what they were doing.
“Ahhh yes yes, oh yes!” Brianna sinks onto the bed as her orgasm hits her.
 John continues fucking faster, and on the screen, the boy pulls out and splashes his load all over the face of the girl.
As John now is ready to cum he also pulls out, quickly turns Brianna over onto her back, and just manages to get onto the bed before his cum flies from his dick and splashes in thick white blobs all over Brianna’s boobs and even a few splashes hit her face.
The last drops fall onto her belly.
John then drops down next to Brianna and kisses her.
“I hope you liked this video?” he asks Brianna.
“The sex is just very average, but we have to keep it as we are in it”, Brianna says smiling, while kissing John back and pushing her boobs against him, so the cum is now shared between them, sticking to Johns chest and Brianna’s boobs.



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