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Dana lay back on the bed, eyes closed heart pounding and dreaming of what was about to happen.
Her legs were open, her hands were on his hips ready to guide him in, and she was…READY.
She remembered the way their eyes had met across the room at the party.
They circled and mingled for a while but kept stealing glances at each other.
Often they caught the other looking back.
At first, they quickly averted their eyes, but slowly let each other see.
Eventually, they shared a smile.
Not a happy nice to meet you smile, but a sultry smile that unmistakably said yes.
Yes, this is happening.
Yes, I see you looking at me, and yes, you see me looking at you.
Yes, you’re gorgeous.
Yes, we have ignited a spark.
Yes, we are going to be together.
They finally were standing next to each other at the bar.
Small talk was difficult but accented with polite touches on the shoulder, on the bare skin of her forearm, on his waist.
Soon their legs were brushing.
It was so hard to not grab him.
But appearances mattered here.
They sat at one of the bar tables, on stools.
There was no tablecloth to hide so she somehow kept her hand off his thigh but when their feet touched neither moved away.
And rubbed back and forth suggestively.
While she couldn’t put her hand on his lap, she lay it discretely on her own.
God, she wanted to slip it between her legs and … then she noticed his right hand wasn’t on the table either.
Once again their eyes locked and she lightly caressed her mons.
Her smile surely betrayed her.
He certainly let her know what he was doing.
Their breathing became a little faster and was soon synched.
‘This is soooooo naughty,’ she thought and they pleasured themselves discretely together.
Her mind raced – how can I get alone with him? More precisely how can I get him in my pants? She blushed at how forward her thoughts were.
She was not a promiscuous girl.
Dana was not exactly a virgin or a prude, but she had never had a one night stand or even gone to bed on the first date.
She enjoyed sex but had never been obsessed with it.
Until now.
It was getting more and more difficult to make the small talk that excused their nearness.
She searched every sentence he spoke for nuance and double entendre and found plenty.
She tried to include as much innuendo in her own words but was often at a loss.
If they sat quietly someone would surely notice their not-so-hidden hands.
All of a sudden he took out his phone, typed something in, and excused himself to go to the men’s room.
Leaving his phone face up on the bar table.
She knew she shouldn’t but had to look.
There was a document open.
With a phone number.
She wrote it in her phone and hoped it was what he wanted.
She texted him a kiss emoji.
Almost instantly came the reply.
‘I’m leaving – you stay fifteen more minutes then meet me at this address.
’ Dana could hardly contain herself.
He came back to the table, picked up his phone and made some lame excuse about an early meeting.
Hopefully, no one within earshot would remember it was Saturday night.
Fifteen minutes took hours.
Trying not to look too obvious she got up and mingled.
The women were all catty and the men were flagrantly flirting.
She figured it was the pheromones.
Everyone could tell on a cellular level that she was horny and about to mate.
‘Sex is so fucking primal,’ she thought and giggled because she couldn’t wait to turn off all the trappings of civilization.
Oh my god – it’s only been five minutes.
Maybe a quick trip to the restroom herself.
He’s gone so it won’t look like she is meeting him for a quickie in the stall.
‘A what?’ she thought.
Dana had always liked sex but a fantasy like that had never crossed her mind before.
‘But if this magnetism is making me this crazy before we’ve even kissed I can’t wait to be ravished.
’ There wasn’t really anything to worry about appearances walking to the women’s room but she felt like all eyes were on her.
She blushed imagining that everyone knew she wasn’t going to pee but just had to touch herself.
And she didn’t care and she did exactly that for the remaining ten minutes.
The Lyft ride was more torture.
She wondered how many people had pleasured themselves in this back seat.
At first, she thought that was gross, but then she got even more turned on by it.
She tried to maintain a conversation with the driver and keep watch on if his eyes were on her or on the road.
They were on the road.
She let her hand rest in her lap and nervously touched her panties.
They were damp from the orgasm she had in the bathroom.
She closed her eyes and let her mind and body drift for a moment.
When she opened them the driver was staring at her as much as he could.
Two choices occurred to her – blush and be embarrassed or enjoy this.
She chose option B and kept rubbing.
She spread her legs wider and stared into the rearview mirror.
Even licked her lips.
‘I’m turning into such a slut,’ Dana thought.
The truth was she was loving it.
Knowing the driver was watching turned her on even more and she was about to let a second climax roll through her pelvis when suddenly the driver had to slam on the brakes to avoid rear-ending a car stopped at a red light.
When she got to his apartment, she took a deep breath before ringing the bell.
He didn’t say anything, she just heard the lock click open.
Alone in the elevator, she nervously touched her crotch, then slipped her hand under the skirt waistband and felt her panties.
They were definitely moist.
She pulled her hand out and smelled it.
Dana was glad there was no one else in the elevator because her scent was radiating.
She tasted her finger and began sucking it ferociously.
The elevator stopped, the door opened and she walked down the hall.
She was all in.
This was either going to be spectacular or a disaster.
She hesitated a moment before knocking on the door knowing her whole life would be different in just a few moments.
There was no immediate answer so she tried the handle and it was open.
Dana let herself in.
Chris was sitting on the couch with two glasses of wine.
Dana sauntered over, swinging her hips as much as she could while never breaking eye contact.
She took a glass from Chris’s hand, had a sip, set it down and leaned in to kiss him for the first time.
It was an electric kiss.
Light and sensuous, their lips barely touching as they moved across each other.
Their mouths were slightly open suggesting, no inviting, a more intimate exploration.
Just as Chris touched his tongue to Dana’s she pulled back.
He was shocked until she gracefully lowered herself to her knees and unzipped his slacks.
Somehow she moved quickly but without hurrying.
She reached in and took his cock out.
It wasn’t huge, it wasn’t small.
It was perfect.
She admired it for just a moment before she licked the tip and had a delicious taste of his precum.
Dana smiled to herself that he had probably been masturbating to the edge the whole time she had been waiting at the restaurant and in transit.
Just like she had been.
Online Now! Lush Cams MatureVivian There was no time to linger on this thought though, as she was absolutely compelled to have this gorgeous penis in her throat.
She lowered her head onto it and it was magnificent.
Chris moaned as she did and Dana almost came feeling the smooth skin slide past her lips and the head tickle the back of her mouth.
She slid her mouth up and down the hard shaft, caressing it with her right hand as her left massaged her clit through her own panties.
She kissed and licked Chris’s cock as if it were the most delectable candy ever – because it was.
His hands were on her hand, gently guiding her as she adjusted her rhythm to best please him.
Suddenly his breaths quickened.
Her own arousal increased dramatically as he was no longer in control of the sex but the power had transferred to her because he needed to cum.
And cum he did.
Jet after jet hit the back of her throat as he throbbed and moaned and writhed in pleasure.
The taste, the texture and the passion of his release pushed her over the edge again as she stayed on him feeling the final spasms between her lips.
Dana looked up at Chris – their eyes locked and before she could swallow, his hand was under her chin lifting her mouth to his.
Now, this was something she had heard of but never experienced.
They kissed and she let his cum slide over her tongue onto his.
They played with it, they danced with it, they passed it back and forth as the sensuous product of their desire became a shared toy.
Finally, they parted to breathe and swallowed together, as if on cue.
Not only was this sexy as hell, but Dana also felt connected to this man.
He wanted to share her experience, not just use her.
They made a little small talk, mostly about how awful it had been to wait, and about the immediate intensity of their connection.
Neither knew what tomorrow would bring, neither cared but they both loved this on more than a chemical level.
Like many brand new lovers, they shared experiences and fantasies.
The more they talked, the more open and bold they became about their deepest desires.
Which of course was making Chris’s cock get hard again.
Which is exactly why Dana kept the conversation steered there.
She made a show of looking down at it and smiling.
She touched it and it twitched as she ran a finger along the vein.
Dana knew it was finally time.
They undressed completely.
Dana lay back on the bed, eyes closed heart pounding and dreaming of what was about to happen.
Her legs were open, her hands were on his hips ready to guide him in, and she was….
Chris positioned himself between her legs and raised his torso on his arms.
‘My God,’ Dana thought, ‘he must work out every day.
‘ His muscles bulged and moved under his skin as he adjusted his posture.
She ran her hands along each bicep amazed at how hard it was underneath but how soft his skin was.
Then she reached between them and slowly, so slowly, raised her hips to wrap her labia around him.
They sighed each other’s names as they merged, as their wishes came true.
Dana kept her eyes locked on Chris as he pushed the rest of the way into her with the patience of a saint.
She giggled to herself at the thought of a saint fucking her and filed it away to use when telling this story later.
In just a moment though she could no longer think anything.
All she knew was this beautiful man was in her and moving with her in a syncopated dance she had never imagined.
Each motion whether in–out or side to side seemed to come from both of them at once.
The desire to experience this lovemaking to its fullest kept them at a controlled pace.
They took cues from each other’s sounds and touches to know and do exactly what was wanted.
Eventually, after what seemed like hours but was probably just three minutes the animals were unleashed.
They clutched each other ferociously as they gyrated like madmen unleashed.
They growled they bit they scratched they called each other ‘my fuck my fucking fuck.
’ The whole world was on fire the whole world was going to end.
But she didn’t care because this was the best fuck ever.
 Although he had already cum once and she had had several orgasms they need to climax together.
Their bodies were just in tune with each other as Chris ground into Dana’s drenched pussy.
He communicated how close he was by going deeper and deeper as if to fill her womb directly.
Dana wrapped her legs around him to bring and keep him entirely within her.
She opened and closed (thanking herself for practicing those Kegels she had read about in Cosmo) her vaginal walls on him.
Finally, as he thrust so deep in her and stayed to release, she felt her pelvis then her belly then her entire body vibrate tense and rel….
And the alarm went off.
Dana slowly woke up and thought about the dream.
That was incredible.
Dana looked over at Chris and saw a smile as they came to consciousness.
Chris reached over and touched Dana’s crotch and felt the biggest morning wood she had ever known.
“What on earth did you dream about?” Chris asked.
Before he could answer Dana was in Chris’ arms and he was poised above her about to enter.
Chris smiled again knowing her boyfriend was about to make love to her, and how good it would feel.
Dana saw the smile and as he entered her he understood exactly what she felt.



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