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Cordelia ran at a hard sprint, pushing herself harder, trying to outrun all the emotions that had been building inside her.
When she couldn’t push it any further, she slowed to a jog.
As she slowed to a walk, she started to feel the cool air and realized she should have brought her cloak.
She looked around and saw that she had run a lot further than she had planned.
Cordelia was almost two miles outside of the village.
She stopped and bent over with her hands on her knees, so her head was down when she heard the twig crack.
She didn’t snap her head up, but it took some work not too.
All of her senses were suddenly alive.
She could smell smoke, so there had to be a campsite close by.
She straightened up and put her hands on her hips to get one of her knives.
That’s when she remembered that she hadn’t brought any weapons.
‘How could I have been so stupid?’ she thought to herself.
Cordelia stretched, making it seem like she was unaware of the sounds of something creeping her way.
She didn’t see anything, but knew she had two options; run and hope she made it back to the village where she knew the secret stashes of weapons were, or she could stand and fight.
Her decision was made for her when she heard another set of footsteps; then another.
That made three of whom or whatever was coming up behind her.
If she had weapons she would have fought, instead she broke into a hard sprint.
Her footsteps were loud on the path, but she could hear whoever they were crashing through the branches and leaves behind her.
She had the advantage of knowing the woods, but her lungs were burning and it was so hard to breathe.
They were behind her, so she couldn’t slow down.
She heard them break off and wanted to see, but refused to look back for fear of losing her footing.
Finally, she saw the first few houses, but they were getting closer.
Cordelia saw something she had been praying to see, a light.
There was a light on in Cade’s house.
She wasn’t sure she had enough air left to scream, but she had to try.
“Cade!” she screamed jumping the small pile of wood he had beside his porch.
She hit the door just as he opened it.
He caught her and he swung her behind him, protecting her.
His sword was in his hand and he was ready for a fight.
Cordelia collapsed on the floor behind him and grabbed the knife off his ankle.
“What’s after you?” he asked, softly keeping his eyes focused on the dark.
In between gasps she managed to get out, “Don’t- know-only-heard-at least-three.
” That’s when they heard the howls.
They were soft, but loud enough that there was no doubting what it was; Werewolves.
Werewolves had chased her into the village.
There were a couple of little answering yips that sounded closer.
Her lungs were burning and she thought she was going to throw up, but she managed to stand up and step out on the porch with Cade.
She leaned on the door frame for a moment because her legs were feeling weak.
Neither one of them talked as they walked off the porch.
Four figures were coming towards them through the dark, two from the left, and two from the right.
They placed their backs together to face the figures, and then realized it was four of their men.
“We heard them,” Anthony whispered coming closer towards them.
They were all in various stages of dress.
Anthony was only in his underwear and boots.
At least the other three had pants on.
“Spread out.
Make sure they’re gone,” Cordelia breathed.
They formed a fan and spread out until they found tracks in the dirt.
The remaining five of the team joined them.
“We checked the southern and western side of the village.
No tracks and nothing seemed disturbed,” Matthew said softly.
“You heard them too?” Cade asked.
He was shocked they had heard it all the way on the other side of the village.
“Don’t sound so surprised Cade, that’s what we’re trained for.
I did have to wake the other four though,” Matthew said grinning.
“Shut up Matthew,” they all said.
“Focus,” Cordelia hissed.
“We need to make sure there are no werewolves in our village.
” The tracks showed that there had been three.
It showed them coming in and stopping about ten yards from Cade’s house.
Cordelia’s tracks were the only ones that continued until they disappeared at Cade’s porch.
“They must have stopped when I called you,” she said to Cade.
He agreed, and then he asked what everyone else was thinking, “The tracks are coming from the opposite direction of your house, Cord.
Why were you out of the village so late at night?” “I was in bed and couldn’t sleep so I decided to run.
I didn’t realize I ran almost two miles.
By the time I did I heard the first sounds of something creeping up on me.
I didn’t have any weapons on me so I ran.
” She refused to give them the whole truth.
“You outran three werewolves, Cord?” Anthony said, sounding impressed.
She grinned at him, “I wasn’t sure I was going to make it for a minute.
I couldn’t breathe and my lungs still hurt.
Good thing Cade was still up.
” “I wasn’t up.
I had fallen asleep with the candle still lit.
I heard you call my name, but I wasn’t sure for a brief second.
It sounded so strange.
” They all looked at each other and snickered.
“Yeah, you thought it was a dream coming true, hearing Cordie calling your name,” Anna said.
“Cause that’s the only time he’ll ever hear that,” Luke said, and they all laughed harder.
Cordelia’s face turned red because of what had happened between them earlier.
She was glad that it was too dark for them to see it.
Cade didn’t look at her, so she knew he was thinking it too.
“That’s enough,” she said, “It’s almost dawn.
Go back home get some more sleep because we are going to need to patrol the perimeter tomorrow and see if they have a lair nearby, or if they were just strays that wandered too close and were camping for the night.
” She handed Cade back his knife, “Thank you for opening the door.
” “Anytime,” he said softly.
There was something in his eyes that made her squirm.
“Cordelia, don’t ever go running at night alone and never be foolish enough to go out without your weapons.
You, of all people, know better than that.
” “It wasn’t like I did it on purpose Cade,” she snapped.
“I was a little confused about…” she stopped, deciding she was not going to get into this in front of everyone.
Matthew put his arm around her and said, “Come on Cord, we will walk you back.
” They walked her back to her house, and insisted on checking it to make sure everything was the way she had left it.
Satisfied that nothing had been disturbed and no one was hiding, they left.
She got back into her night clothes, crawled into bed and fell asleep almost immediately.
The next morning Cordelia slept in; something she never did.
She knew she needed to talk to Bishop Lucius before the rumors started.
Cordelia lived behind the church and she didn’t even make it inside before four different people had stopped her and asked if it was true about the wolves.
She had a sick feeling in her stomach by the time she entered the church.
If they all knew then so did the Bishop.
She walked behind Deacon John.
As usual he had his head down writing.
“Hi John, is Bishop Lucius in his office? I really need to talk to him?” When John turned to look at her, she saw how awful he looked.
His thin frame looked smaller and he had dark circles under his eyes.
“Y-yes Cord-d-delia , I w-w-w-will tell h-him.
” He stood up slowly and headed up the stairs.
John looked really bad and she wondered if he was getting sick.
A moment later he came back down and told her to go up.
“Ah Cordelia come in, come in.
I was wondering when you were going to come see me.
” The Bishop was sitting behind his desk and motioned for her to sit in the chair across from him.
“Sorry sir.
I finished my morning prayers and came right over.
I slept a little later than normal.
” “It seems to be going around.
John had a difficult time getting up also.
I was starting to believe he had a virus,” the Bishop said with obvious irritation.
“So tell me your version of last night’s events.
” Cordelia started her story with not being able to sleep, but left out why she couldn’t sleep.
She told him everything else ending with Matthew walking her home.
He leaned back in his chair and steepled his fingers.
“Cordelia, I understand not being able to sleep, it happens to the best of us sometimes, but going running alone at night without weapons was foolish.
” The tone of his voice showed that he was disappointed in her lack of judgment.
“I know sir and it will never happen again.
I would like to gather my men and go look for a resting place; if it is alright with you of course.
” He sat forward and started moving papers around, not looking at her.
“Cordelia, I have already sent the team on without you.
I asked Cade to lead them out this morning when it was clear you were not coming.
” That statement knocked the wind out of her.
She had seen him do that to other leaders as punishment for failing him.
Cordelia had never had it happen to her.
“How long have they been gone? Maybe I could catch up with them,” she asked, keeping her voice steady.
He shook his head, “No Cordelia, they have been gone for about an hour now.
I am sure one of them will fill you in when they get back.
You seem to have been struggling with something the last few months.
Perhaps you should take this opportunity to sort yourself out.
” He finally looked up at her.
“You may go now.
” “Yes sir.
” Her voice came out a lot steadier then she felt.
She was angry and hurt.
‘Why do people keep saying that I am changing?” she thought angrily.
‘I made one mistake, one time.
One time in three years and the Bishop is acting like this.
I didn’t get anyone killed.
All I did was go running without a weapon.
’ She was fuming by the time she left the church.
She was so angry that she wasn’t watching where she was going and slammed into someone.
She hit them hard enough that it knocked her off balance.
Before she hit the ground Micah’s arms were around her.
They stood still looking into each other’s eyes.
‘He is even more beautiful in the sun,’ she thought.
“Cordelia?” “What?” she asked.
“Are you alright?” he asked again.
She realized he still had her in his arms around and quickly stepped back.
“Yes, I’m fine.
Are you alright?” He grinned down at her.
‘He really shouldn’t do that,’ she thought as butterflies started in her belly.
“Yes I’m fine.
I was on my way to get something for breakfast.
Aunt Helen is still sleeping last night off.
Would you like to join me?” She was hungry and deep down she was excited at the thought of spending more time with him.
Plus she had some time to kill before her team came back.
“That would be great.
” He gave her an amazing smile.
” They went to the only inn in the village.
Thankfully it was mostly empty, but the people that were still there were staring at them and whispering amongst themselves.
They ordered their breakfast and Micah looked around the inn.
After a few scans he leaned across the table, “Everyone is talking about us.
” Cordelia smiled, “You noticed huh?” “They’re trying to figure out who I am.
” “More like their wondering why you’re sitting with me.
” His furrowed his brow and asked, “Why would sitting with you be a bigger deal than who I am?” “I never eat with anyone.
” He laughed and leaned back in his chair.
He didn’t believe her, but her expression must have told him that she was telling the truth.
“You’re serious aren’t you? You never come here with Cade or anyone else?” She crossed her arms across chest and sighed.
“I told you last night that Cade and I were just friends and I meant it.
I don’t date because I’m not home enough to date.
” “Other people in the Red Hood date.
Some of them are even married.
Is it that there is no time, or is it a personal preference not to get close to anyone?” “Personal preference,” she mumbled, not feeling comfortable talking her lack of a love life.
“So why aren’t you married?” He looked down and ran his hands over his shirt straightening it, “I was married.
She died.
” His voice was really tight and hurt.
“I’m sorry,” she whispered.
His head snapped up and their eyes locked.
For a brief second she thought she saw true anger.
Luckily their breakfast arrived breaking the tense moment that passed between them.
They ate in silence, he paid and they left the inn.
Once outside Micah smiled her.
“Thank you for having breakfast with me, Cordelia.
I really should go check on Aunt Helen.
” “Yes, well, thank you for taking me to breakfast.
I hope Helen is better.
Tell her I asked about her.
” He leaned down and she felt his breath warm on her cheek as his lips pressed gently to her jaw.
A shudder ran through her and she placed a hand on his arm to steady herself.
He chuckled softly into her ear and she felt it down to her toes.
‘Lord, I need to get away from him,’ she fussed at herself as she suddenly remembered how wonderful it was to kiss to him.
Cordelia let go of his arm and turned to walk away from him.
“Cordelia?” he called after her.
‘Don’t stop walking; just pretend you didn’t hear him.
‘ “Cordelia?” She stopped and turned to face him.
“I will only be in the village for two or three more days.
I was wondering if you would mind showing me around sometime.
” ‘Say no, say no,’ she told herself.
“Um, sure, when would you like to go?” He grinned again, “Maybe tomorrow.
I’ll come by your cabin and if you’re home, we can go then.
” “Okay,” she said and walked away.
There were butterflies in her stomach again at the thought of seeing him tomorrow.
She didn’t know what else to do, so she went to Cade’s house, hoping the men were back.
They weren’t, so she sat on Cade’s porch and waited.
It felt like forever and she was about to give up, when she saw Cade walking towards her.
He wasn’t shocked to find her on his porch, but he did look guilty.
“Cordelia, look I’m sorry the Bishop…” he started, but she held her hand up to stop him.
“I get it Cade.
I screwed up, and he did what he felt was right.
So did you find anything?” “There was a camp a little over two miles from here.
You must have ran right up on them and not known it.
” His head went down and he shook it.
“Cordelia, it’s my fault you couldn’t sleep and went for a run.
I crossed a line with you that I haven’t crossed since we were younger and I’m sorry.
” Cordelia felt so guilty letting him take the blame, but she didn’t want to tell him about Micah.
She touched his cheek and made him look at her.
“Cade, really it’s fine.
We are fine.
Did they leave? Was there a trail?” ‘If all else fails change the subject.
’ “From what we can tell, they left camp after they left here.
They are long gone now,” Cade said, taking the hint.
“To be on the safe side, I think we should take turns patrolling the village for the next few nights.
We should do it in pairs.
Tell the other men to get a nap during the day while they can, because we might be up all night.
I will meet you guys in the center of town by the well at dusk.
” She was walking away but Cade called her back.
“Cord, do you ever think about us? You told me once before that you loved me.
Do you still? Do you still love me, Cordelia?” For a moment he looked like he did when he was sixteen and they were discussing their future plans.
She told him that she would give up her plans to be with the Red Hood if he wanted her to.
He told her that they couldn’t be married, because he had nothing to offer her.
She told him that she loved him more than she had ever loved anyone, and that was all she needed to be happy.
Cade told her that he loved her too, but it would never work because his future was with the Hoods.
At that moment something inside her hardened.
She threw herself into her studies and trained with a passion that couldn’t be matched.
She put her feelings for Cade away and never looked back, but of course she still loved him.
She always would.
It wouldn’t change anything so she didn’t tell him.
“I have to go Cade.
” ‘All this time and he was just now bringing this up?’ she fumed.
All of sudden she realized why Cade was acting so strange towards her.
The reason was sitting on her porch looking absolutely amazing.
‘This must be what the devil looks like,’ she thought looking into his beautiful face.
Micah stood up greeting her with a smile.
His smile faltered when he noticed her expression.
His hand reached towards her face and he used his thumb to rub the crease between her eyes.
“Your face is much too beautiful to look so pensive.
” She stood looking at him as he slid his fingers slowly down the side of her face leaving a trail of heat behind.
She shuddered and her tummy tightened.
“Are you okay?” he asked.
“I’m fine.
Did you need something?” “Yes.
Aunt Helen is out of bandages and I was wondering if you had some.
” “I think I do.
Online Now! Lush Cams MiraElmers I can come over and clean and rewrap her knees if you want.
” “That would be nice.
I’m sure she would appreciate a softer touch than what I could offer.
” Cordelia grabbed the bandages and they walked to Helen’s.
The silence between them grew, but it wasn’t necessarily uncomfortable.
Micah lightly bumped her shoulder and gave her that heart stopping smile again.
“I heard things about you and I heard there were werewolves near the village last night.
I also heard they were chasing you.
Is there any truth behind those stories?” She sighed, “It’s all true.
Well, at least those two statements are true.
What else have you heard?” “I heard you were out of the village and they chased you home.
I heard they chased you and you ran to Cade’s home.
” “True and true.
I couldn’t sleep so I went out running.
I went to Cade’s home because it was the closet house to the entrance of the village with weapons.
I wasn’t running to him specifically.
Anything else?” He was silent for a moment and then said, “I heard you out ran three werewolves.
I also heard…” he stopped talking.
“What? What else did you hear?” “I heard you were one of the captains in the Red Hoods.
I also heard you were the little red riding hood?” The last part was said very softly and he made it a question.
It was Cordelia’s turn to be quiet.
They had stopped walking about ten feet from Helen’s house.
She wasn’t comfortable with him knowing that that was her nickname.
She wasn’t even comfortable talking about her position in the Red Hoods.
“It’s true then.
All of it is true.
I had heard that she had red hair, but I had also heard that she was as big as a tree and the meanest thing alive,” he said, giving a harsh laugh.
“I knew you were part of the Red Hoods and I wondered if it was you when I saw your hair, but you’re not as big as a tree and you do not seem that mean to me.
” He wouldn’t even look at her now.
She took a deep breath, “Helen didn’t tell you or your mother anything about me? I mean really? Even after meeting me last night she didn’t tell you who I was or what I did?” Her voice was harsh and disbelieving.
“Remember I had a falling out with my mother and I hadn’t seen her in years before she died, so no, I didn’t know.
I asked Aunt Helen about you this morning, but she told me it was your story to tell; not hers.
” He took a couple steps closer to her and continued, “Then I walk through the village and I hear everyone talking about you.
They are saying that the Bishop was upset with you for being foolish.
I asked a couple people and they were more than willing to talk about you.
” Micah gave a harsh laugh, “They said you may be the youngest captain ever in the Red Hoods, but you are the most ruthless, the most thorough, and that you would never do anything that stupid.
You would never go for a run without a weapon.
” Cordelia was pacing, than swung around to face Micah.
“How dare they talk about me? How dare they share tales that they have no business sharing? Yes, Micah, I am the Red Riding Hood! Yes, I am the youngest captain ever in the Red Hoods history and you know what? I enjoy killing the monsters, and yes, I messed up!” She turned taking two steps away before turning back snapping at him, “I’m sorry I was a tiny bit distracted last night.
I was kissed by two guys in less than fifteen minutes of each other.
I went for a run; I forgot to bring a weapon.
I made a mistake and the Bishop is mad at me!” His voice was calmer and less accusatory, “Cordelia, you’re allowed to make mistakes.
You’re only human.
Are you really as ruthless as they say you are?” She threw her hands up in the air, so exasperated with this conversation.
‘Why is this so important to him?’ “I have a question for you.
What else have you heard about me?” His expression changed minutely, but she noticed it.
“I know that I kissed you, but who was the other one? It was your friend Cade wasn’t it? I could tell last night that he liked you.
For my part in this, I am sorry.
” “Thank you for your apology, but I would rather not talk about it anymore,” she said, picking up the bandages she had dropped.
“Alright,” he said, and walked to the house.
Cordelia cleaned and bandaged Helen’s leg while she rambled on like she always did, but today Cordelia didn’t pay any attention to her.
Micah was sitting in a chair across the room watching her, but they didn’t speak again until she was leaving.
Not that that was good conversation, she told him she would leave the bandages on the counter and they both said goodbye.
Cordelia went back to see Bishop Lucius because she wanted to make sure he was alright with the team doing nightly patrols.
She walked in and John wasn’t at his normal spot, so she assumed he had gone home sick.
She climbed the stairs and knocked on the Bishop’s door.
She was shocked when Cade answered the door.
He gave him a questioning look and he whispered, “I was filling him in on what we found.
” “Who is it, Cade?” Cade stood aside and she walked inside.
“Cordelia, what a pleasant surprise, come in,” the Bishop said standing up.
“Cade was just filling me in on what they found.
” She nodded at him, but didn’t respond.
“And I can tell by your lack of questions that Cade has already filled you in.
” He gave Cade a look that said how unhappy he was, that he wasn’t the first to know.
“Yes sir, he did.
I waited for him at his cabin to find out,” she said, trying to taking the heat off of Cade.
“What can I do for you?” “I would like your permission to run patrols for the next few nights to make sure they are gone.
We can break up into pairs and patrol throughout the night.
It was my carelessness that brought them here and I would like a chance to make sure nothing bad happens because of it.
” The Bishop watched her for a long time and Cordelia and Cade were sure he was going to tell her no, but he smiled at her.
“Of course Cordelia, that sounds like a good idea.
I appreciate you admitting your fault.
Let your team know that patrols start tonight.
” She bowed her head, “Thank you sir.
” “You both may go now.
” They walked out and didn’t speak until they were out of the church.
“Everyone knows about tonight and should be resting.
I’m headed home to do the same, unless you need anything?” Cade asked.
She told him no and headed home to get a nap before tonight.
They met at the well and she told the team that they would split into pairs.
That left one man out.
Esther agreed to take the first shift by herself because the likelihood of them coming back right at dark was slim.
Cordelia took the third shift and paired herself with Anthony because she didn’t want to be alone with Cade.
Matthew and Klaus woke her shortly after midnight to trade off.
She and Anthony wandered around the town for hours and didn’t hear a thing.
She was glad when their shift was over, so she could go back to bed.
She told Cade to come to her cabin when his shift was over to tell her if he found anything.
It felt like she had just fallen asleep, when Cade came knocking on her door.
She was clad only in her nightgown when she opened the door to let him in.
Cordelia was asleep enough that she didn’t care.
“Did you find anything?” He shook his head no.
“Nothing, it was so quiet out there, almost too quiet.
Hopefully that means all the werewolves are gone.
” “Hopefully, but I still want to keep on patrolling just in case.
Cade, you look dead on your feet.
Go home and get some sleep.
” Cordelia walked him out and told him bye.
She stood there watching him walk away.
‘What is happening to me? I’m happy with my life, aren’t I?’ She sighed and looked towards Helen’s.
Micah was standing there looking at her.
There was an instant ache and her butterflies were back.
She had the urge to go to him.
To go to him and throw herself into his arms just to feel his lips on hers again.
He raised his hand and waved.
She couldn’t help but smile and wave back.
She turned and went back inside before she walked across the field wearing nothing but her nightgown.
She did her morning prayers and exercises, but couldn’t get Micah off her mind.
She wanted to see him, but couldn’t explain why.
She was comparing Cade and Micah when there was a knock on her door.
Her heart rate picked up and she knew it was Micah.
“Micah, hi.
What brings you over?” She stepped out on the porch and closed her door, not letting him come inside.
“Well, I have two things actually.
One, Aunt Helen wanted me to invite you over for lunch, and the second, is I was wondering if you were still up to showing me around.
We have some time to kill before lunch?” Her stomach flipped with excitement.
“Yes to both,” she said, unable to control her smile.
“Good,” he said with a grin.
“I will back in a minute.
” They walked around the village enjoying each other’s company.
They kept the conversation light.
He asked questions about the village and she asked about his.
After their second pass through town, they walked to the lake behind Cordelia and Helen’s houses.
It was far enough into the woods that you couldn’t see either one.
Cordelia sat on one of the logs, but Micah walked to the lakes edge and looked out at it.
“Cordelia, are you sure there is nothing going on between you and Cade? I saw him leaving your cabin this morning.
If there is, I understand and I will back off.
” She walked over to him and touched his arm.
“Micah, we are friends.
There was something between us when we were kids, but there is nothing between us now.
Cade didn’t sleep over.
His patrol had just ended and he came by to tell me about it.
That’s all.
” “Okay.
” Micah picked up a rock and skipped it across the lake.
Cordelia tried and it fell in the lake with a plop.
He skipped another one so she tried it again.
When it made an even louder plop than the first one he coughed to hide his laugh.
“Let me show you,” he offered coming up behind her.
“The first thing you have to do is find a rock that is sort of flat and then you flick your wrist.
” He pressed himself against her back and held her hand.
Then he pulled it back, and flicked it forward.
The rock skipped twice.
“Oh!” she squealed.
“One more time,” he said softly into her hair.
The feel of his body pressed against hers was amazing.
Her skin felt hot wherever his body touched and made things deep inside her tingle.
Micah placed his other hand on her hip as they leaned back, and it caused her breath to catch.
She didn’t see what happened to the rock because she turned to face him and when their eyes met she seemed to lose all coherent thought.
There was only the heat in his green eyes.
His arm wrapped around her, his free hand lightly brushed her face and slid into her hair.
She sighed and leaned into his body, running her hands around his waist.
Micah pulled her head back by her hair and leaned down to kiss her; just a soft brush of the lips at first.
It was enough to make a soft noise escape her lips.
That seemed to encourage him because he held her tighter and the kiss became stronger.
Cordelia’s hands moved up his body feeling the hard muscles under his shirt.
He was so warm under her touch.
He grabbed her by the back of her thighs and lifted her so she could wrap her legs around him.
It startled her enough that she made a little yip.
His mouth was on her neck so his soft chuckle sent shivers down her spine.
Micah softly bit the bottom of her neck causing her to moan again.
Cordelia wrapped her fingers in his hair; it was so soft and thick.
He was biting up her neck and across her jawline, making his way back to her mouth.
The biting excited her in a way that she had never felt before.
Her hips moved, rubbing herself along the front of him.
This time he growled and pressed his body harder to the front of her.
She felt how excited he was and in turn it made her move faster.
Cordelia felt his weight on her as he laid them down on the ground.
His hand slid up her shirt and the heat of his skin on her skin felt as if it would burn her.
She cried out and wrapped her legs tighter around him.
There was a pressure building down below that she had never felt with a man before.
She knew what pleasures were coming and she was too far gone to stop.
Micah ground himself harder into her.
Suddenly, the pressure broke and she bucked against his body.
It was too much to hold back and she screamed into his mouth.
“Oh God, Cordelia,” he moaned against her mouth.
Her eyes were squeezed shut and she was still trembling when she felt cool air and the warmth of his naked body between her legs.
Her eyes popped opened and she was looking into Micah’s face.
Into those very green heat filled eyes.
The look on his face was raw with need, and it was enough to make her start to tingle again.
Cordelia might have been able to ignore it, but that moment she felt the head of him push against her opening.
Another smaller tremor passed through her, and her hips rose up to meet him.
She didn’t want him to stop.
She needed to feel him inside of her.
As she felt him start to push his way inside of her, she managed to breathe out, “Micah, I’ve never done this.
” He paused for a moment and then kissed her harder.
He continued to slowly inch his way inside of her.
When he hit the barrier, he whispered softly into her ear, “It will hurt.
” Cordelia was so excited by the pressure of him sliding into her.
The need for him to take her was almost agonizing.
She wanted him fully inside her; she wanted to feel him fill her completely.
She pushed her hips up a little more encouraging him to do it; to take her.
His answering growl was low, sending the vibrations throughout her body just as he pushed himself through the barrier and f



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