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My positive experience with caging my husband’s cock in chastity and spanking his plugged ass has me on a sexual high for several days.
I make love to him, and I mean really make love several times each day during those days.
I had worried that I would think less of him, that he would no longer seem as manly to me, but I discover that I can’t keep my hands off him and I aggressively undress, cuddle, kiss, suck and fuck him as soon as we get home from work and again before sleeping.
I know that he has his first ‘date’ with Faun, his new mistress, during this time.
It’s just a lunch date and they don’t have sex, but he comes home that evening extra happy and that only makes me more horny.
She reports that she will soon hint her readiness for an affair with him and I look forward to hearing her next report.
I want to help her give him what he needs and to learn more about his unspoken desires and their possible causes.
His fascination with nuns just seems to deserve to be explored.
I turn first to my closest expert on him, his former mistress Dee.
She reveals that Dan has talked Sister Twisted, but only as a fantasy.
Dan described her differently though, as if she looked very much like Dee.
So he’s changing his story to flatter the listener.
Dee suggests that I call Celine to get the truth.
To get Celine’s number, I must first call Dan’s oldest sister, because Dan has not kept in touch with his cousin.
“Allo?” “Celine? Celine Geroux?” “Oui?” “It’s Cathy.
Catherine Geroux.
Your cousin Dan’s wife.
” “Oh, hello Catherine.
I haven’t seen you since your wedding.
How’s Dan?” “He’s fine.
You can call me Cathy, or Cate.
” “Cool.
You can call me Leeny.
I must say, I’m surprised to hear from you.
” “Probably about as surprised as I am to hear you speaking French.
” “I live in Montreal, now.
Married a Quebecois.
” “Ah, good reason.
Do you have a few minutes to talk.
” “Sure, what about?” “Dan, of course.
I’m curious about some things he’s said and.
” “Has Danny been a naughty boy?” I laugh.
“Well, no naughtier than me, but I’m curious about a nun he mentioned from your high school.
He said that she was your chaperone when you lived at the school.
” “I’m sorry Cathy, that’s.
she’s not someone I would normally talk to anyone about.
Family business.
” “Can you tell me what she looked like?” “I can tell you that, yes.
She was short, brown hair, brown eyes, a little pudgy, buxom, but not too.
” “Damn, he told me she looked like.
” “You?” “Yes.
Well actually, like Julie Delpy, which means like me, and like you.
” “Oh, and you thought.
No, don’t worry about that.
There’s some history between us, but nothing you need to worry about.
” “Okay, thanks.
Can you tell me why they called her Sister Twisted?” “No, no way.
” “Oh, okay.
” I guess I couldn’t help but sound disappointed.
We shared an uncomfortable silence, because I just couldn’t think of any valid reason to pry and I didn’t have anyone else to turn to.
Finally, she spoke.
“Listen, I’ll be in the states next week.
Last I heard, you guys were in the middle of Ohio.
I know that’s quite a distance, but I’ll have a little free time.
If this is important, maybe we can meet somewhere in the middle.
Somewhere private.
I’m not sure why you’re asking about this, but I love my cousin, so if the reason is good enough, we’ll take it from there.
” “Okay, well, I’ll be in Chicago next week, too.
It’s a business thing.
” We find a night where our schedules don’t clash and agree to meet then.
I don’t really think much about the coincidence of us being in the same city at the same time.
Chicago is a big town and hosts many business conferences due to its central location.
My reason for visiting Chicago is sisterhood business.
It’s veiled under a Society of Women Engineers conference, and I mean literally veiled, because some of the shadow sessions include women wearing burqas.
I’m wearing one as I’m presenting the recruitment tools that my red team has developed.
My audience is a number of other women who are also anonymous.
After the session, Kyra and Liz meet me in the hotel bar for drinks.
We’ve changed out of the burqas, we’re just women in for the SWE conference.
As we’re talking, a blond woman walks up and catches Kyra’s eye.
“Hi Linny.
Come on over.
There’s someone you should meet.
Cedar, this is Mrs.
Linny is my counterpart in Eastern Canada.
Have a seat.
Cate is the woman I’ve been telling you about.
” “I know Cate, dear.
I met you both at her wedding.
” Kyra looks as shocked as I am.
I look at the woman’s conference nametag and see that is says ‘Lini Rouchileau’.
It takes me a few seconds to put the pieces together.
Linny, Leeny, Lini.
“Celine?” She smiles and nods.
“I hope this isn’t too awkward.
” “Well, if what happens in Chicago doesn’t get back to any other Geroux, I don’t think it will be.
It’s just.
too coincidental.
” “It looks like we’ll have more to talk about.
” “Cath?”, Kyra asks.
I look at Kyra and Liz and they’re clueless.
“Sorry ladies, Lini is my cousin-in-law, Dan’s cousin.
We’ve only met once, at my wedding.
Kyra, you were there.
I met a lot of people that day.
Sorry I didn’t remember you, Lini.
” “Oh, no problem, Kyra.
I didn’t remember that I had met you so long ago either, until I saw you here with Catherine.
I obviously didn’t know that she is a member of our cause.
We’re supposed to meet tomorrow night to discuss some family business.
” Kyra finishes her drink and then she and Celine excuse themselves, saying that they have business to discuss.
Liz raises her eyebrow after they leave and says, “Business to discuss,” and then wiggles her tongue suggestively.
“You’re kidding.
Kyra and Celine.
” “You’re not jealous, are you?” “Um, if I was, I would be jealous of both of them.
Now that I know about Lini, tomorrow night might be a lot more fun.
” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I take Lini to dinner the next night.
I’ve dressed elegantly, and I’m pleased to see that she has also.
After we order, there’s an expectant lull in the conversation.
Since I’m the one seeking personal information, I know that I’m expected to broach the topic of Dan and Sister Twisted, but I want to defuse another topic first.
“So, you and Kyra.
‘discussing business’.
” She looks at me suspiciously and then resignedly.
“Damn! Story of my life, a Geroux catches me having sex with someone I shouldn’t.
” “Celine, I’m not judging you! I’ve ‘discussed business’ with her many times.
” It takes her a second to catch the implication of that.
“You?” “Yes.
It’s okay.
We’re just real good friends with good benefits.
Not at all exclusive.
” “So not possessive of Kyra, and not such a good Catholic, then.
” “Not anymore.
Not since Dan.
” “Ah.
Since he cheated on you.
Still, it is a good thing, because now you’ve joined our cause.
” “Yes.
And maybe it’s a good thing for another reason.
Our marriage was headed for trouble anyway.
I see that now.
I got complacent and my fairytale happily-ever-after marriage fell apart.
It took me a while to accept my share of the blame.
I guess I’m still doing that.
That’s why I’m digging into his past.
I want to know what I need to know so our future together will be better.
” “I see.
So not just satisfying curiosity.
” “No.
I think not.
But I am also curious.
I want to know that he didn’t pick me as a substitute for another woman that he really wanted.
I thought that might be Sister Twisted or even you, because we look so much alike.
” “No.
Not her for sure, or me.
At least he didn’t seem too interested in me when we were growing up.
He didn’t fixate on either of us.
I think you don’t need to worry.
I don’t even think he has a type.
He has a ‘thing’ for this or that, but those things are just eye catchers.
Like, I remember learning that he has a thing for itty bitty Asian titties.
” I almost laugh when I hear this.
I never thought of sending him an Asian woman as a gift.
I mentally add it to my list.
I know what it’s like to have a thing for something in particular.
I have a thing for athletic bodies, but I also find that some slender, small-breasted, ginger women take my breath away and cause a twinge in my pussy.
It doesn’t stop me from enjoying sex with others and it doesn’t take away from my love for Dan.
“Tell me that story.
” “There’s nothing much to tell.
He liked an Asian girl in high school but it didn’t go anywhere.
I asked him what he liked about her and he told me it was her IBATs.
Apparently that was something the other guys said about her.
I made him explain ‘itty bitty Asian titties’, even though it embarrassed him.
He knew he could trust me, back then.
The real story between us came later.
And I will tell you that story if I get to know you better.
So tell me, you almost lost him and Kyra became your sponsor.
” I don’t confirm her guess.
It’s obvious enough.
I feel like I’ve moved closer to the inner circle.
I’ve openly met someone who moves money for the sisterhood in a different region, a fellow member who also knows that both Liz and Kyra are members, and that Kyra is likely my sponsor.
My recruitment efforts are getting me a reputation for something other than cock whispering.
So I confirm her guesses by not denying them.
“We have an open marriage now.
I send him gifts and he seems happy enough.
” “Good, I wouldn’t want him hurt.
He was the one Geroux who stuck with me through the worst of it.
Angeline only accepted me back a few years ago.
” “Accepted you back? What does that mean? Were you disowned or something.
” “Interesting term.
Of course I know what you mean, but in order to be disowned, you have to be owned.
It’s very Catholic.
They raised me as one of them.
I felt like a part of the family until one day I learned that I wasn’t even a Geroux.
Look at my eyes Catherine.
” “Oh! They’re brown.
I never noticed that.
” She winces visibly.
“My real mother and everyone in her family had blue eyes.
Caroline Menard was Angeline’s best friend.
They married Geroux brothers, and Angeline raised me like her own daughter.
Dan’s uncle, my supposed father, and all of my Geroux cousins also have blue eyes.
” “Oh.
Oh, so you.
Your father isn’t Dan’s uncle.
” “My real mother died before my infant blue eyes turned brown.
That’s why her husband, Dan’s uncle, left me up for grabs to his brother’s family.
His name was on the birth certificate, and her family was embarrassed about the situation, so he got custody and he chose who to board me with.
Naturally, he didn’t trust her family.
He doesn’t know who my real father is.
Neither do I.
” “So you’re not even Dan’s cousin?” “Nope.
Not related.
Don’t get me wrong.
I’m glad I was raised by the Geroux family and I love them all.
But I have too much guilt for the harm I’ve done to them.
” “I’ve never heard about any of this.
How could your.
your unknown parentage cause you guilt?” “It was my stupid reaction when I learned in school about recessive genes.
I confronted Angeline and asked her what my brown eyes meant.
I think she knows who my real father is, but she must have sworn that she would keep my real mother’s secret.
She confirmed what I knew, that I was not a Geroux, and claimed that nobody knows who my real father is.
” “So what was your reaction?” “Well, it seemed to me like things were different in the family after that, like I wasn’t one of them and had no real family.
I think now that it was just an over-reaction on my part.
I can’t put my finger on anything they did differently.
It took a few years before it came to a boil, but when I was a junior in high school, I fucked Dan’s best friend, another Geroux cousin.
“I wanted to lose my cherry to Dan, but he rejected me.
He said that we had to wait until we were married and that we couldn’t do that until he finished college.
But I didn’t wait.
I fucked Scott, we got caught by his father, and I caused a big fight between the three Geroux brothers.
Even the woman who raised me wouldn’t disobey when those men put their feet down and separated us, but Dan wouldn’t let them do that to me.
He wouldn’t rip me from his life, or him from mine.
“As you can imagine, my life was a mess for a good while after that.
It still is.
I’m on my second marriage and if I hadn’t joined our cause, that would be a distant memory.
I might be able to keep this husband, but only because he’s a lump of flesh.
No ambition to find a better wife.
“So now I am a free spirit, thanks to a novice nun who gained the nickname of Sister Twisted when a girl she probably seduced told a story to a boy from the other side of the wall.
” “You said probably.
Maybe she didn’t deserve this nickname?” “She did.
I know of one other girl she succeeding in seducing.
You’re looking at her.
Nobody else knows about this, so I’m really trusting you here, for Danny’s sake.
Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t exactly ‘girls’.
The other girl and I were both seniors, and I’m pretty sure the other girl was just as willing as I was.
Maritha was only a few years older than us.
So now you probably want to know about Maritha and Dan.
I think I like you enough to tell you, but not here.
Do you like the blues?” “Yes.
I can’t say I’m a big fan, but I like what I’ve heard.
” “Good.
I know a very special place.
It will be a good place for this tale.
” I ponder what I’ve learned as we finish dinner.
Dan was raised with two older sisters and two younger sisters, plus Celine who is a few months older than him.
His best male friend during that time was his cousin, Scott, who was also his age.
Dan was an altar boy and a devout Catholic, but something or someone changed him before I met him.
His connection to the Church became severely weakened.
I think Maritha might be that someone.
He would never talk about those years until I coaxed that fantasy and confession out of him.
Now, I have a hint of the layers I never knew existed.
We leave the hotel in a cab.
She gives the cabby an address, instead of mentioning a bar name.
I have heard about the many famous blues bars in Chicago, but the building we are delivered to is a nondescript old brick building that was once a slaughterhouse.
The sign on the door says, ‘The Sapphire Club’.
Celine shows a membership card to gain entry for us.
Inside is a world I never imagined existed.
It is in many ways a typical bar, with Chicago style blues being played at a pleasant volume from a sound track.
It is the clientele that makes it unique.
The patrons, or maybe I should call them customers or even matrons, are all elegantly dressed women.
Even the bartender and servers are dressed to impress.
I wonder if the name of club implies a connection to sapphic love.
I’m not seeing overt displays of affection, but there’s a sense of feminine intimacy here.
Some of the women do a double-take when they see first Lini and then me as we walk past.
They must think that we are sisters, maybe even twins.
“Is this your first time in a Sapphire Club?” “Yes.
Are there more of them?” “In most major cities.
It’s international.
One of our sisters is a partner in the franchise in Montreal.
This is my first time in Chicago’s.
” The hostess seats us in a booth in a very dark corner.
The room is designed with many booths in many dark corners.
Each table has a small lamp, but the lamps have a shield, so their light interferes with seeing the people behind them.
Celine moves a small figurine from behind the lamp to the front of it and a server shows up to take our drink order.
She’s well versed in their selections and I order a single malt.
Celine orders a blended scotch.
When the drinks arrive, she moves a different figurine in front of the lamp.
“Now we will have privacy.
Please don’t think that I am trying to seduce you.
I will not touch you here and I ask that you not touch me.
Perhaps in the future, after you’ve heard my confession.
” I raise my glass and offer a toast, “To the future.
” I hope that my smile conveys my desire for an ongoing friendship, with whatever benefits come naturally.
She seems pleased and clinks her glass against mine.
After the first fiery sips, she surreptitiously hikes her skirt up under the tablecloth and begins a tale I had no inkling was coming.
her voice has an odd lilt to it.
I suspect it is the influece of time in French speaking territory.
It lulls me right in.
“I’ve told you how I came to be stuffed into a convent.
I’ve admitted that I had a crush on your husband and was seduced by a Novice.
My story ties them all together.
“I was hurt.
broken-hearted and lonely when I met Maritha.
My cousin-sisters wouldn’t talk to me.
The adults were as angry at me as they were at Daniel’s cousin.
They were right to be.
I threw myself at him to hurt Daniel.
Daniel refused to be mad at me.
He was the only one from the family who would talk with me through my junior year and into my senior year.
I told Maritha everything.
Daniel might have escaped her notice if not for his connection to me.
“Maritha and I had been lovers for several months when she brought me to a room in the gymnasium complex during a girls basketball game.
She told me to wait there, hidden in the back, until she came for me.
She gave me a flashlight in case I was afraid of the dark, but she told me to turn the light off when I heard the key in the lock again.
I was only waiting for around five minutes when I heard it and turned the light off.
“After the door closed, I heard her voice saying, ‘Take off your clothes.
‘ Then I heard a much lower male voice, but it was too low to recognize.
About a minute later, I heard her say, ‘I have a surprise for you, but you must wear this.
‘ He protested, but I still could not recognize his voice.
She shamed him into trusting her.
She is very good with words.
She came to the back and took me by the hand to a clear space under the light.
There was Daniel, naked.
forgive me, Catherine, is it okay to be explicit about this?” “Um, yes Celine, this is getting really interesting.
” We suddenly hear the sounds of a woman having an orgasm in a booth nearby.
I try to lighten the mood a little by saying, “I’ll have what she’s having.
” Celine laughs and says, “That will probably happen to me before I finish telling this.
I hope you don’t mind I still feel guilty about what happened, but I have remembered this many times and it always satisfies.
” Since she is clearly now rubbing herself under the table, I hike up my skirt and pull my panties off, tucking them in my purse.
“I won’t mind if you don’t mind if I join you.
I hope it has a happy ending.
” She shrugs and says, “Well, it is not a sad ending.
” She leans much closer to me before continuing.
“His cock was sticking straight out.
I had never seen it before.
The Geroux family was really strict about nudity.
I had never really seen any cock before.
It was too dark when I lost my virginity.
Daniel was wearing a hood so that he could not see me.
I only recognized him because of the appendix scar that was still fresh on his abdomen.
Maritha said, ‘I have a surprise for you Daniel, but she is shy, so control your hands and keep that hood on.
She wants to know what I know about you.
How good you lick a pussy and how fun it is to suck your cock.
We will teach her together.
‘ ‘How do I know she’s really there?’ ‘Smart boy.
I can think of many ways to let you know, but this one will do.
‘ She went behind him and reached under his arms and grabbed his nipples.
‘Now touch his cock, cherie.
‘ “I know that I should have felt guilty.
I should have refused to do everything I did that night.
But I was so curious, so fascinated, and still so infatuated with Daniel that I reached out and touched it.
It felt so warm and so strange.
It made me very wet.
“Maritha said, ‘Use your flashlight.
Get a good look.
Isn’t it beautiful?’ “I nodded my head as I looked at it.
I shone the light on it and touched it everywhere, but she warned me that it might go off, so I stopped.
She told me to take off my panties and sit on the edge of the padded bench.
She took my panties and draped them over Daniel’s head and ordered him to lick me.
He put his hands on my thighs and I let him in.
He was very good.
To this day, no man has licked me better.
” I remember how surprised I was when Dan was good at pleasing me orally after we got engaged.
I remember being upset that he was so much better at it than I was at sucking his cock.
It was the first cock I had ever sucked and I thought he was a total virgin like I was.
Now I knew that he was not.
He may not have ever fucked a pussy, but he knew his way around one.
“He stuck his tongue deep inside me.
I was very hairy back then and it tickled his nose, but he didn’t seem to mind.
Maritha coached him a little because she knew what I liked.
It wasn’t very long and I came.
” Celine stops talking and has an orgasm.
She isn’t loud, just a few pleasant ‘ahs’.
I have not been not rubbing myself fast, hard, or directly on my clit, so I am not close.
I’m just keeping myself at a medium level of stimulation, not even sure that I want to come, but enjoying the story and the understanding I’m gaining of my husband.
Either he doesn’t feel humiliated by being naked with clothed women, or he enjoys the feeling.
When she is finished, she continues.
“After I came, Maritha told me that it was only right that I reward our ‘pet boy’.
She had me kneel on the floor with a piece of padding to protect my bare knees.
My panties were still on Daniel’s head, so I could feel the coolness of the room on my pussy under my skirt.
Online Now! Lush Cams Mitch_Corrigan She coached me to start by kissing the head of his cock.
It had a little liquid at the tip and at first I didn’t want to taste it, but she always threatened to tell everybody that I was a cuntlicker, so that is how I became a cocksucker.
After the first taste, it was fine.
She taught me how to stroke him as I licked and sucked the end until it started to wriggle in my hand and then squirt his cum into my mouth.
She told me to suck it all down and that it was good for me.
“I watched as Daniel’s cock went limp, but she showed me how she could take his hand and put it up inside her shirt and make him hard again.
She had me let him feel my boobs as she slowly stroked him.
Pretty soon I was wet again.
She told Daniel to get on the floor like a dog.
Then she spit on her finger and pushed it into his butt.
He really didn’t like that at first.
He got mad and told her to stop, but she told him to quit whining.
Pretty soon, it seemed like he liked it.
She made him stand up while her finger was still inside him.
He was like her puppet.
Then she made him stroke his cock while we watched.
I was rubbing my pussy and Maritha was rubbing hers.
I think she was also rubbing inside him.
His cum shot out onto the floor when Maritha started to come.
I started right after she did.
” And I started right when she stopped talking.
I stayed fairly quiet, but Celine could certainly tell, and I also heard a feminine giggle from the next booth.
When I was finished, she continued again.
“That was the good part of the story.
After that, I felt really guilty about what we had made him do.
I know that Maritha thought she was doing me a favor, but I could never look at him without remembering how wrong it seemed.
I’m not certain that he didn’t know it was me, and I lost my crush on him and he became more like a brother.
He didn’t seem to mind.
I was already married by the time you married him.
I only ever wanted him to be happy after that.
“Well, Lini, I’m doing my best to make us happy together.
I learned something about him recently that makes me think he wouldn’t be bothered by what you and Sister Twisted made him do.
” I told her Dan’s story about when Sister Twisted caught him trying to peep into the girls’ shower.
I told her how sorry I felt for him, but how he didn’t think there was any problem with what she did and he thought it was ‘hot’.
“I’m pretty sure he would say the same about what you did.
I think I can worm the story out of him and let you know if he seems to think it was anything other than good sex.
” “You would do that for me?” “That and more.
I would share him with you, if you want.
You can have a chance to make it up to him.
” Celine rejects my offer.
She does not want to risk the reality destroying one of her favorite fantasies, and she is committed to exclusivity from other males.
Too ‘dangerous’, she thinks.
But she wants to be friends with her adopted cousin, again.
Just friends.
“There are more important things in life than chasing the whims of my pussy.
But I like you.
If you liked this place, I could sponsor you for membership.
” “Does Kyra know about this place?” “I don’t know.
The topic has never come up.
I would be surprised if Liz doesn’t know about it, so.
?” “I’m interested.
I see opportunity for the sisterhood here.
” I tell her about the lesbian retreat on the shore of Lake Superior and how happy they were to see my blank credit card.
“I can see why they think so highly of you.
Your first thought was for our common cause and not for your own pleasure.
I will submit your name.
Someone will contact you.
” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Back at home, I plan how to worm the story out of Dan.
I dress in the closest approximation to a Catholic schoolgirl’s uniform that my wardrobe can accommodate.
As a result of dressing for corporate success, my taste in clothing runs to the refined, but I always keep some more practical clothing for less formal occasions.
I want to appear old-style girlish, so I choose a pair of plain pink cotton panties that are comfy and not tiny.
My skirt is a dark blue and black plaid.
I top that with a conservative pale blue cotton shirt under which I go braless.
I have to borrow black knee socks from my daughter.
Harlot lipstick completes the look.
It’s not a play night, but when I get Dan in the bedroom, I order him to strip and he does it.
As he stands there naked, his cock rises.
I kneel in front of him and plant a kiss on his glans, making sure I smear lipstick on it.
I tell him that I will reward him with a blowjob if he will sit in the chair and tell me a story where he’s naked with at least two clothed women.
He tells me the same story that Celine told me, leaving out the part about taking a finger up his ass or wearing panties on his head.
I’m curious about those omissions, but I can’t risk digging for the reasons.
I rub myself as he’s telling it, first on the outside of my skirt, then over my panties.
He makes one attempt to rub his straining cock, but I remind him of the blowjob and warn him that he better not blow his load too early.
I reach into my panties and rub my pussy lips.
My other hand is inside my shirt, rubbing, squeezing, and tugging a nipple.
I’m sitting on the bed with my back to the headboard and my legs splayed, with my knees up in front of me.
When he gets to the part about having to masturbate in front of them, I start to frig myself faster and moan as my orgasm approaches.
Suddenly he crawls onto the foot of the bed and pulls my feet toward him.
I squeal in frustration at the interruption, but he just manhandles me over and yanks my hips up into the doggy position, not being particularly careful about how hard he’s gripping me.
I’m not resisting, but I’m amazed by how much strength he’s using.
He scratches my ass a little in his hurry to pull my panties down to my knees.
I can barely get my legs far enough apart to get my fingers back into my pussy.
There’s no swipe with his finger into my pussy to check my wetness or moisten my outer labia.
He just sticks his cock against my hole, wiggles it a little bit and pushes it into me.
There is a lot of friction at first with a little pain as my labia tuck in with his cock, but when he gets it all the way in and wetted with my juices, it slides much more easily.
I rub my clit as he starts to stroke into me.
He’s not going fast, but he’s ramming me hard and shifting his hips from side to side with each stroke, as he pulls and pushes my hips, clearly maximizing his pleasure and not worrying about mine.
The sounds coming from him are fierce, like a straining beast trying to move a heavy load.
He’s using me, making me his fuck-puppet.
It’s rougher than he’s ever been with me, but it makes me feel incredibly irresistible.
He rams into me hard one final time and then shudders with his cock buried deep into me, making short bumping strokes as his muscles contract and his cum sprays into my cunt.
I feel the warmth and the change in slickness from his cum and then my orgasm overtakes me.
My pussy squeezes in time with my strokes around my clit.
When it’s clear that we both are finished, I think the action is over, but then he rolls me onto my back and dives between my legs to lick me to another orgasm, not the least bit concerned that my pussy is full of his cum.
Finally he collapses on the bed beside me.
“Did I hurt you?” “Just a little, Dan.
Don’t worry about it.
That was some hot fuckin’ sex.
You were a beast.
It was good to feel so desirable.
Thank you.
” I suddenly realize that I may never have actually thanked him for a good fuck in all of years together.
“No hard feelings, then?” “Did you do that for you or was it just for me?” “Are you kidding me? I had to have pussy.
You drove me fuckin’ wild.
I waited as long as I could.
It’s hard to pass up a good blowjob, but that was worth it.
” “Good! No hard feelings, then.
We can do that again sometime.
” He had told his story in present tense, like it was a fantasy, but it is so close to Celine’s version of the story that when I ask whether the anonymous girl shouldn’t feel guilty about what she did, his reply seems very sincere.
“Of course not.
She was being manipulated by Sister Twisted, just like I was.
And we both had damn good sex and nobody got hurt.
And until I met you, she had the best pussy I’d tasted.
” “And you’re sure you don’t know who this other girl was?” “I think it might be a girl that Sister Twisted supposedly seduced.
She was the right height and had the same sized boobs, at least they felt about the right size.
” The next day, I tell Celine the good news.
She’s happy and a few days later I see that she has friended Dan on Facebook.
I hop



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