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Latest stories Taboo Seduced by step mother

Let give a discription of my family.
My dad married this woman whom he met through his friends after he and my mom split when I was 13.
Here is my story.
My dad worked in construction and, as the boss, half the year he was out of town.
There was the odd occasion where he would come into town on Friday night and go back on Monday morning.
This left me in the care of the evil step mom.
A few years have passed now and I am now 17 years old.
My dad is still working out of town, now even more because of the economy.
My step mom is now in her mid 30’s and isn’t too bad looking.
I would say she is about 5’7″ and 120 lbs with brown hair and eyes.
She has a 38B cup chest which is more then enough.
After a long day at school and work I came home to Andrea doing the dinner dishes.
She said “Your dinner is in the fridge.
” I told her that I was tired and didn’t feel like eating and that I was going to go to bed.
I woke up about two hours later and got up to take a piss.
I opened my bedroom door that was right across from the bathroom and noticed that the bathroom door was closed and the light was on.
Andrea must be having a bath because she normally uses the bathroom in her room.
I guess she was in there for quite a while because I really had to take a piss.
I don’t know why I didn’t knock on the door or go use her bathroom but I decided I could still hold it.
The door knob was starting to go on the door so you could see just a crack into the bathroom and I don’t know why but I knelt down and saw my step mother in the bath with bubbles going mid way up her stomach.
I fealt like a pervert but couldn’t pull myself away.
I started to get a hard on from just stairing at her beautiful tight tits.
I must have been there for a good ten minutes just stairing and feeling my cock get harder and harder in my shorts.
 Andrea pulled the plug and stood up to reveal a perfectly smooth pussy.
I had only seen one other pussy and that was on my ex.
I ran back to my room after watching her dry off before she could bust me.
The next day I couldn’t look her in the eyes.
I only wanted to run and hide because I knew what I did last night was wrong.
The day went by with me only thinking of Andrea and how good she looked.
I got home that night and went right to bed after dinner saying that I didn’t feel good.
I turned on my tv in my room and laid down and watched some tv.
A few hours later again I heard the water going in the bath and I hurried over to watch Andrea in the bath again.
I was rock hard in no time and had to do something about it, So with that I reached my hand in the front of my shorts and pulled out my 8 inches and started to slowly stroke my shaft.
With a massive orgasm aproaching I stood up to really get myself off.
Online Now! Lush Cams Holly_Bae I don’t know how I didn’t hear her getting out of the tub, but all of a sudden Andrea opened the door in just her robe and we both froze.
Time stood still as my step mom just busted me jerking off to her in the bath.
She glanced down and her eyes swelled when she caught a glimpse of what I had in my shorts.
I finally got my wits about me and ran into my room and slammed the door.
A couple of minutes later I heard a knock at my door and Andrea walked in.
She said that we needed to talk about what happened.
I realized that she wasn’t going to leave my room unless I talked to her so I sat up on the bed.
She came and sat right next to me and the only words that I could muster were” IIIIII’m sorry.
” She said that she was partly to blame, that she should have had a shower but didn’t think anything about it.
So here I am talking to my step mom in my boxers and her in a robe.
She put her hand on my lap and said to me that nobody can find out what happened today and I agreed.
I could feel the blood starting to pump again in my cock and I think she could too.
Andrea reached over and kissed me on the lips and asked me if I liked what I saw.
I said yes and she replied that she did too.
She asked me if I wanted to touch her and we both knew what the answer was.
WIth that she had me stand up and she eased my shorts off my hips and my semi hard cock came out from it’s dungeon.
Andrea said that this is much bigger then my dad’s and that she must have it in her mouth.
She slowly licked the tip and got it wet and with one fell swoop had it all in her mouth.
MY god it fealt good.
I really had to fight to hold on.
She slowed down and stood up and removed her robe.
She said “Now get over here and taste this pussy.
” I didn’t need to be asked twice and like a shot I was down eating her out.
After doing this for a good 10 – 15 minutes she was ready for it and so was I.
With that I stood up and eased my cock into her enterance and slowly took my time and let her get used to it.
She yelled at me to fuck her now so I did as she asked and slammed into her as far as I could go.
She let out a scream and I just went crazy on her.
She was banging around like a banchee as orgasm after orgasm hit.
I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer and I think she could sense it too.
Like a true pro she put me back in her mouth and went to town on my poor cock.
I finally let out a loud groan and filled my step mom with wave after wave of my seed.
She kept me in her mouth for a while to make sure she got it all and that I was clean.
She swalled every drop and then stood up ave me a kiss and said “I’ll be getting more of that when your father is out of town” I crawled into bed and fell asleep in no time.
Andrea and I have been fucking for over a year now and life is great!



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