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Latest stories Taboo I Lost My Job, What Will I Do? Part Two

I think I got more than I bargained for.
My stepfather had all these crazy fantasies.
He wanted me to partake in them.
I never dreamed it would end up this way.
I just figured we’d have sex a couple of times a week.
I never thought I’d become his paid whore to act out all his perverted fantasies.
I really have gotten myself into a bit of hot water.
I have to do it.
My mother would be mortified that I lost my job.
So I’ll just have to do whatever he tells me to do.
I know sometimes the things he’ll ask me to do will not be comfortable for me.
But, I guess it’s my own fault.
I should have just not lost my job.
But, now I’ll just have to be the best whore I know how to be.
I don’t want to piss off my stepfather and have him tell my mother.
Knock, Knock “Ellen, it’s me honey.
Open the door.
I have a present for you.
” “The door is open, Peter.
” My stepfather walked in and placed a medium sized box on my bed.
It had pink wrapping paper and a pink bow.
I just smiled at him and wondered what it might be.
“I bought this for you.
Open it up.
My pretty sweet whore.
” I unwrapped the box and inside was a jeweled anal plug and a sleek looking vibrator.
“I want to watch you masturbate for me.
I’ve set up a threesome for you later tonight with two men.
I want to make sure your ass is prepared.
This is my fantasy of seeing you with two men.
I think it will be very exciting to see you with them.
”  I just kind of looked at him dumbfounded.
I could not believe he was actually going to make me do these things.
“Don’t look too shocked sweetie.
I’m going to give you one thousand dollars.
I mean that is good money for a twenty year old.
I promise it’s going to be an amazing night.
I got us a room at the W Hotel.
All the best for my baby.
But, for now your stepfather wants to see you put that anal plug up your ass and masturbate.
Come on sweetie.
Get me hard, so I can fuck you.
” “I don’t really want to have sex with two men.
Do I really need to do this? I just thought you and I would be having sex.
I never thought I’d be having sex with other people.
” “But, this is your job.
You said you wanted to be my whore.
I said I’d pay you.
You said you didn’t want me telling your mother about losing your job.
You know she’d be very mad at you.
Either you do as I tell you to do, or I tell your mother, and she’ll not pay your tuition for college in the fall.
” “But I don’t want to have sex with two strange men.
” “But, honey this is going to make me crazy for you.
You really excite me.
But, I have these fantasies.
Your mother would never do this for me.
But, I’m paying you as my whore to do them.
Don’t act all prim and proper.
You’re a slut.
You love sex and you’ll enjoy this.
Now undress and start playing with the toys that I bought you.
” I stood up and removed my tank top and my shorts.
I pulled down my panties.
“Give me your panties.
I want to smell them and wrap them around my cock as you masturbate.
” I pulled my black panties down and threw them to my stepfather.
I went into my drawer and put some lube on my ass and slid the anal plug into my anus.
It was a vibrating one so I turned it on.
I opened my thighs and took the vibrator and put it onto my clit.
The vibrations felt really nice.
My stepfather removed all his clothes and sat on my chair.
He also took some lube and put it onto his cock.
He was stroking his cock, while he watched me masturbate.
“Kitten, you look so good like that.
Rub the vibrator on your clit.
Make yourself wet.
” I put the vibrator on my clit and then moved it all over my pussy.
The vibrations were strong and it really didn’t take very long for my pussy juices to flow out of my cunt.
“Fuck yourself with the toy.
Make yourself have an orgasm.
” I fucked myself with the toy.
Pushing it deeper and deeper into my pussy.
Then I’d pull it all the way out and then pushed it back inside of my pussy.
  “Play with your breasts.
Pull your nipples.
Show me how sexy you are.
Do it baby!” I used my one hand to play with my breasts.
The anal plug was vibrating inside of my anus, I was fucking myself with the vibrator.
“Oh God, I’m coming.
Oh fuck.
” My stepfather then got off the chair and came to my bed.
He got between my legs and swallowed my pussy juices.
He pushed his tongue right inside of me and tongue fucked me a while.
The vibrations in my anus were making me get very excited.
“Oh Peter, that feels so good.
Oh God!” My stepfather then shoved three fingers into my pussy.
He finger fucked me really hard.
My pussy was making all her squelching noises.
“Are you going to squirt, precious? Squirt for your stepdad.
Please honey.
” My stepfather was fingering me so hard.
The anal plug was making me feel really good.
I couldn’t stand it and let out a huge squirt.
Peter lapped at my pussy like a little dog.
“Fuck that was so hot.
I want you to ride me.
Let me lay on the bed.
Fuck your stepdaddy.
” My stepfather got on his back and I hopped on top of him.
I put his cock into my pussy and leaned down and we shared a deep and passionate kiss.
Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths.
I rocked and moved over his hard cock.
My breasts were swaying as was my hair.
He then started to buck up inside of me.
His cock felt so good.
“I’m going to come.
Get on your back and I’ll shoot my come on your breasts.
” I got on my back and my stepfather stood up and came all over my breasts.
There was so much come on me.
“I’m going to lick my come off your breasts.
” My stepfather licked his come off my breasts.
He then came back to me and spat the come into my mouth and I swallowed it all down.
“That was so hot.
You’re so sexy my sweet slut.
” My stepfather then went into his pants and took out two hundred dollars.
He then left it on my nightstand.
“That was hot.
Thank you princess.
I gave you two hundred dollars.
” “You don’t have to pay me all the time.
” “You’re my slut and my slut deserves a little something for her efforts.
” My stepfather then walked to my closet and pulled out a red dress.
Then he went to my drawers and pulled out a red bra, red panties, red garter, tan thigh highs, and my heels.
I want you to wear this tonight.
Put on your make-up and wear your red lipstick.
Take a bath and get yourself ready.
We’ll be leaving at seven o’clock for the hotel.
” “Thanks for the great time.
I’ll get myself ready.
I promise to do a good job tonight.
” I was scared out of mind.
I couldn’t believe he was making me have a threesome with two strange men.
I was now his whore and this was going to be the job for the evening.
One thousand dollars is a lot of money.
I was trying to talk myself into this.
The only good thing about this was he’d be with me watching.
So that was at least comforting.
I really could not believe I was in this mess.
I really never dreamed that my stepfather was this perverted sexual man.
I thought he was this nice guy and that he and my mother had sex like every other married couple in America.
I never dreamed he was this guy with all these twisted sexual fantasies.
I really needed to take a nap for a few hours.
I was kind of nervous about what would happen tonight.
I have never been with two men ever in my whole life.
I knew that I would be having anal sex.
I have had it before but not when another man is fucking me.
I didn’t even shower.
I just got under my covers and fell fast asleep.
I had all kinds of strange dreams, while I slept.
This was really weighing on my mind.
I knew I had to do a good job for my stepfather.
This was one of his fantasies, so it was my job to make sure it would be just what he was looking for.
He was paying me one thousand dollars.
I woke up three hours later feeling very refreshed.
I then went into the bathroom and filled the tub with hot water.
I poured some coconut bath bubbles into the tub.
I blew up my bath pillow and stuck it onto the bath tub.
I then slid into the bath.
The warm water felt nice on my skin.
I was feeling a little better and actually was now getting excited for the night.
I shaved my pussy and washed my body.
I got out of the tub and wrapped a fluffy towel around myself and went to start getting myself ready.
I went into my room and sat at my vanity table and did my makeup.
I dried my hair and put an elastic band around it.
I put the red bra on.
I stepped into the red panties and pulled them up my leg.
I put the garter around my waist.
I sat on the bed and slowly put my thigh highs on.
I attached them to the garter.
I put the dress over my head.
I then admired myself in my stand up mirror.
I walked down the stairs to see my stepfather.
“Ellen, you look fabulous.
Are you ready to go?” “Yes, I’m ready.
I hope you’ll be satisfied with this fantasy evening.
” My stepfather and I then got into his car, and we drove over to the hotel.
Online Now! Lush Cams VanessaFlowerss We didn’t really talk much.
I listened to the radio and tried to take my mind off of all the nasty and crazy thoughts that were going through my mind.
We drove for a little while.
My stepfather pulled into the hotel lot and we went to valet parking.
We both got out and then walked to the front desk.
It was a very nice hotel.
“May I help you, sir?” “I have a reservation under Davis.
” “Let me look in my computer.
Davis, I see you’ll be staying in one of our suites.
” The clerk then swiped the card on her key pad and then handed the card to my stepfather.
“We hope you enjoy your stay at the W Hotel.
” “Thank you very much.
” My stepfather and I then walked to the elevators.
We weren’t talking at all.
He pressed the button and the elevator arrived and the door opened.
“I’ll order some champagne.
Our guests will be arriving in about thirty minutes.
” “Okay, Peter.
” We finally got to the suite levels.
We got off the elevator and walked to our room.
It was so big inside.
I looked around the room, while my stepfather called room service.
The suite was very large inside.
There was a living room with a plasma television.
A beautiful bathroom with a Jacuzzi style tub and a shower that did not have any doors, but looked just like an open room.
There were two bedrooms.
The first bedroom was a nice size room.
The master bedroom was just beautiful.
There was a four poster bed.
There was also a high back chair.
I assumed that’s where my stepfather would sit to watch me get fucked.
I heard a knock at the door.
I figured it was room service with the champagne.
“Ellen, come have some champagne.
” I walked over to my stepfather and he handed me a glass of champagne.
I drank the first glass down quickly and he filled me another glass.
I also drank that one down quickly too.
I wanted to get a little buzz going so I wouldn’t be so nervous.
He filled my glass again.
I was feeling a little better.
“They should be here soon.
Just relax everything will be okay.
You’re going to make your stepdaddy really excited.
I’ll be watching you all fuck.
Later we’ll have sex.
” Knock, Knock “They’re here.
Let me answer the door.
” “Looking for Mr.
” “Come in gentleman.
” “Hi, my name is Tom and this Jack.
So good to meet you both.
” “I’m Peter and this is Ellen.
She’s going to be with you guys tonight.
” “Nice to meet you both.
” I couldn’t believe it.
The men were identical twins.
They were young men.
I’d say they were thirty years old.
They both had brown short hair and blue eyes.
They had amazing smiles and were muscular in all the right spots.
I couldn’t believe they were twins.
“Have some champagne boys.
” My stepfather poured them each a glass of champagne.
“Let’s go into the bedroom.
Ellen is going to lose her dress and give you boys each a blow job.
” We all followed my stepfather into to the bedroom.
My stepfather undressed and sat on the chair.
I then unzipped my dress and took it off.
I was then left in my lingerie.
I went up to Tom and unzipped his jeans and pulled his pants down.
I took his shoes off and removed his pants.
I did the same thing to Jack.
I was pretty excited that they both had large cocks.
They were as big as my stepfather.
I put my hands on their semi-hard cocks and stroked each of them in my hands.
I moved my fingers up and down their pricks.
They were both shaved smooth.
They had big balls that were hanging down.
“Ellen, suck one of their cocks and jerk the other one.
” I didn’t know my stepfather would be barking out directions, while he jerked off.
I knelt in front of Tom and wrapped my ruby red lips around his cock.
I took him down my mouth.
I sucked, slurped, and gagged on his long dick.
In my other hand, I was stroking at Jack’s cock.
“Oh fuck you have a great mouth.
” “Jack take Ellen’s bra off.
I want you to play with her tits, while she sucks each of you off.
” Jack came up from behind me and unclasped my bra.
I took my bra off.
Both men were looking at my huge tits.
“Shit, you have a great rack on you.
Look at her fucking tits.
” “Wow, you have a hot body.
” “Move to the bed.
I want one of you to play with her tits.
The other one can smell her panties and finger her pussy.
” We went to the bed and I got comfortable.
Tom was on the left side of me and Jack was on the right side.
I gave Tom a deep and passionate kiss and then turned to give Jack a kiss.
Our tongues were dancing in each other’s mouths.
Tom then started to cup and massage my breasts, while Jack got between my legs.
He was kissing my legs and then smelling at my red panties.
“Your pussy smells so good.
” Jack smelled my panties.
He then licked and lightly bit at my pussy in her panties.
He slid the pantie over and licked at my pussy lips.
His tongue brushed against my swollen clit.
Tom was sucking at my nipples that were now long and erect.
He was squeezing them together and then alternating at each tit.
He was biting at my hard nipples.
“Ellen, you look so hot baby.
Finger her pussy.
Make her wet,” said my stepfather.



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