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Latest stories Supernatural A Mysterious Woman

Gary White was an introverted man.
  He had social problems and didn’t really connect with women.
  He went out alone at a club and struck out once again.
  Nobody talked with him or even looked in his direction.
It wasn’t that Gary wasn’t attractive, he just didn’t know how to talk to the opposite sex.
  He got very nervous and sometimes would stutter when he couldn’t get his thoughts out.
He had been drinking and decided to take a train home.
  It was raining and foggy and out of nowhere there was the most beautiful woman waiting for the train.
  She was different than most women.
  She had dark curly hair and the blackest eyes you’d ever seen.
  She had a voluptuous body and had the nicest set of knockers.
She was wearing the most revealing outfit and Gary wondered why she’d be alone looking like that.
Gary felt a twitch in his pants while looking at the mysterious woman.
  She made Gary feel excited and hot and his cock was throbbing in his pants.
  He had to muster up the courage to talk with her.
  He had to try and persuade her to stay with him.
  She looked over at him and smiled.
  The woman smiled at him.
  She was wearing thigh high stockings with the shortest black leather skirt.
  She wore a cropped cashmere sweater that showed her amazing tits.
  The neckline was low and plunging.
  Her breasts were round and full.
She had long legs and a nice ass.
  She was tall and smiled when he approached her.
  He wondered what her story was.
  Why was she dressed like that and sitting in a train station alone on a rainy and wet night?  He hoped he would find out.
  His cock was straining in his pants.
  He needed her to love him.
  He wanted to hold her and feel love from her.
He was a nice guy who had a big heart.
  He mostly slept with prostitutes because he didn’t need to talk with them.
  He just gave them their money and they would give him a good time.
  Gary was quite endowed and liked to fuck.
  He liked all kinds of women.
  He just hadn’t been able to connect with one.
  Here was this beautiful woman standing and waiting for a train.
  She was alone and very sexy looking.
  He was horny and wanting her to talk to him.
  He was too shy to even try to connect with her.
  ~~ “It’s such a rainy night.
  You and I seem to be the only one’s out on such a horrible night.
” “Indeed.
” “My name is Karnella who might you be.
” Gary thought she had a very strange name.
  He had never heard of that name.
  He was very excited that she was talking with him.
  She had a sweet voice and her black eyes twinkled when she spoke to him.
“My name is Gary White.
  It’s a pleasure to meet you.
” “The pleasure is all mine.
  Did you have a nice evening?” “Not particularly.
  Just went to a club.
” “A nice guy like you didn’t meet any women to entertain?” “Nope!  Why are you here all by yourself?” “Just waiting for you darling.
” Gary didn’t know what she meant by that.
  She continued to smile and look at him happily.
  “Would you like to get a drink?” “Sure!  We could go back to my house and hang out if you like.
” Gary looked at her with a grin.
  He just met this woman and she’s inviting him back to her house.
  How lucky was he!  Why would she want to bring a stranger home?  Why was she at a train station all by herself dressed to kill? He wasn’t going to complain and was just going to go home with her.
  He was sure that all the answers he had would be revealed to him.
“Sure, I’d love to go with you.
” “Great!  My car is just over there.
  Come with me!” “Car?  Why do you have a car and are waiting for a train?” “I’m not waiting for a train.
  I was waiting for you!” Gary knew he had a lot to drink and wasn’t understanding what she was saying.
  He couldn’t understand that she already had her car and was waiting to take a train.
  Why would she be waiting for a train if she already had a car? Gary took her hand and they walked toward the vehicle.
  She had a limo.
  A long stretch limousine waiting for her.
  A driver got out of the car and opened the door for the two of them.
Online Now! Lush Cams AntonellaLombard The driver shut the door and walked back over to the driver side and sped off into the foggy night.
  Karnella sat close to Gary and leaned over and put her red beautiful lips onto his.
  She kissed him softly and pushed her tongue through his mouth.
  They French-kissed for a while.
She placed her hand on his jeans and noticed his bulge in his pants.
  She giggled and continued kissing him hard on his mouth.
  “Will be home soon, my darling!”              She was speaking to Gary like they knew each other well.
  He didn’t want to think about how weird the situation was.
  He figured she was just horny like him and wanted to fuck.
  He figured she got jilted and wanted to have some fun.
  What was really the reason she was out dressed like she was all alone waiting in a train station.
Karnella and Gary were making out with each other.
  Her kisses were passionate, and her hands were playing in Gary’s groin area.
  His cock was hard and as soon as they got to her house he wanted to fuck her.
  He was ready to be with her.
  She was very aggressive and seemed in charge of the situation.
  Gary liked that kind of a woman.
The car stopped, and the driver got out of his door and opened the limo’s door.
  Karnella got out first and Gary followed behind.
  She lived in a very interesting house.
  It was a Tudor-styled home.
  Gary figured she had lots of money.
  He was intrigued by her and had many questions.
He followed closely behind her.
  She opened the door and turned the lights on.
  They entered her parlor.
  That’s when she threw Gary up against the door and started to undress him.
  She took off his shirt and unbuckled his belt.
  She took off his belt and unzipped his jeans.
  She pulls his boxers down and kissed him hard on his mouth.
  Her tongue was wildly kissing his mouth.
  She grabbed his penis hard which made him moan.
She dropped down to her knees and opened her mouth.
  She pushed his large penis down her throat.
  She held his smooth balls while she worked frantically with sucking his dick.
Gary was in euphoria and held onto the wall while Karnella pleasured him with her mouth.
  She was very experienced and could swallow his entire cock.
  He wondered who this woman was.
  She was gorgeous and blowing him.
  He didn’t even know her, and she was hungry for Gary.
She sucked his cock for what seemed like a very long time.
  Gary never came during the amazing blowjob.
  He was so intrigued by her.
  She was beautiful and adoring his penis.
After a long while, she stood up and took Gary’s hand and led him upstairs to her bedroom.
  She pushed him on her bed and undressed.
  Gary was surprised she didn’t have a bra or any underwear on.
  She left her pumps and thigh-highs on and climbed onto the bed.
She eased down on his cock and rocked herself like a maniac on his dick.
  Her amazing breasts stood at attention while she made love to Gary.
  Gary looked at her black eyes which were now turning a shade of red.
  She smiled at him while she fucked him hard on the bed.
  Her teeth changed into fangs while she rode him wildly.
  Karnella was changing before him into a blood-sucking vampire.
  When Gary finally released his hot sticky come into the beautiful vixen’s cunt is when she bit Gary on his neck.
Karnella was a vampire.
  She was a blood thirsty vampire who fed on Gary’s blood.
  It was strange when she sucked his blood from his neck.
  Gary saw his entire life flash by.
  It was like a slow-motion movie.
  She drank every drop of his blood.
  It took a long time before Gary was dead.
Gary died that evening.
  He didn’t come back as an immortal vampire.
  He was dead as a door nail.
  Karnella needed his blood to survive.
  When she was done, she got dressed and carried Gary down the stairs.
Vampires have amazing strength.
  She had already dug a grave in the backyard and put Gary into the dirt.
  She took the shovel and walked back over to her limo.
  Her driver took the shovel and threw it into the back of the limo and smiled at Karnella.
“Madam, are you ready to find more prey?” “Yes.
I’m still very hungry.
  Find me some more horny men.
  There blood is the most tastiest.
” “Yes, Mistress.
” The limo sped away into the foggy evening.
  Gary was another lost soul who would never be found again.



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