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The streets lights were waking up and the birds going to sleep, houses glowed off the side of the road and few people were left roaming.
The silhouette of a woman dragging her feet was visible from the distance.
She was at least 5’10 with long wavy hair and curves to die for.
She was pulling herself with obvious effort towards the steps of a block of flats.
At the top of the steps she rummaged in her bag, pulling out keys which flashed silver in the light.
She fumbled momentarily before letting herself in through the door and disappearing into her flat, dropping the bag she was carrying onto the floor.
On the side, her phone flashed with several voice mails; she hit play as she started taking off her white shirt and black skirt.
“Hey, Anna, it’s Kelly.
I’m coming to pick you up at nine so be ready.
We’re going out with the new lab tech, so look nice.
I’m bringing Lee with me.
See you later.
” “Great, another chance for her to hit me up with a blind date.
A shift from hell and she still won’t give me a break!” Anna muttered angrily to herself as she slipped off a plain black bra and headed towards the bathroom.
  Other messages continued playing in the background as Anna was in the shower, though she could not hear any of what was being said.
She finished washing her hair and felt around for a towel which usually hung on the rail next to the shower.
“Shit, shit, shit why today of all days did I forget to bring the washing in?” Anna continued to mutter to herself until she got to the back door of her flat.
All of the washing was hung on the line just out of reach from the back door.
She took a deep breath and glanced around.
The coast was clear.
She skipped almost gracefully into the garden, her large breasts bouncing freely, and reached for the nearest towel.
She tied it tightly round her body and headed back towards the house.
As she neared the door she noticed her new neighbor, who she had not yet met, standing in the garden.
Without saying a word she dipped her head and headed indoors.
In the dim light of her room Anna began throwing numerous amounts of dresses onto her bed.
Long ones, short ones, black ones, white ones.
She looked over at the clock.
“Great, one hour to get ready and I can’t find anything that is comfortable enough.
This is another job in itself.
What ever happened to just relaxing?” Anna moved over to her bed and lay down in the middle, carelessly kicking the clothes to the floor.
She took several deep breaths and began smiling to herself.
She moved her hands slowly over the bottom of her stomach and began trailing her fingers down her inner thighs.
After a few minutes, she lent over the side of her bed and pulled a small box out.
From within the box she pulled out a small silver bullet vibrator, no longer than her slender finger.
She turned it on and slowly began rubbing it against her hardening nipples.
She gently moved the vibrator from one nipple to the other, both becoming harder at each pulse.
Slowly she traced the vibrator down her body.
Using her hand she separated the lips of her damp pussy, circling her clit.
As she lay, getting wetter by the minute, she slipped a finger between her folds and started to finger fuck herself slowly, her hips beginning to rise to meet every thrust of her finger.
Anna, writhing around on the bed, then began inserting another finger into her tight slit and started gasping.
Her body visibly tensing up and her pace becoming quicker.
“Fuck, oh God, ohh.
” Anna squirted all over her freshly laundered bed then became still, breathing deeply, glowing in the aftermath of her orgasm.
She moved her sodden fingers up to her soft lips, slowly licking her juices, tasting herself.
She sucked both of her fingers clean enjoying her own sweetness.
Anna continued to lie on her bed in pure bliss.
After what seemed like an hour she lifted herself off the bed and back to her almost empty wardrobe.
“This will have to do.
” She sighed as she pulled out a simple black dress.
It was longer in the back than the front and split into a v over her sensitive breasts.
She picked out a pair of heels and sank on to the seat at her dresser.
She began to apply her dark black eyeliner when the door bell rang.
Dropping her eyeliner back on to the dresser Anna strode over to the door and opened it.
“It’s time to leave and you’re not even ready.
What the hell have you been doing? I gave you two hours notice and you still don’t have the time.
” Kelly grabbed Anna’s shoulders and pushed her into the bedroom and quickly finished applying her make up for her.
Smoky eyes and dark pink lips.
Emerging from the bedroom, Lee, Kelly’s boyfriend looked relieved to see the girls, almost ready to leave.
“Right let me grab my purse and make sure everything locked up.
I don’t know what your worries about it’s just after work drinks pretty much.
Online Now! Lush Cams Charlotte_W Just because you think this lab tech is my ‘soul mate’ does not mean anything will happen.
One of these day Kel you will let me relax after work.
Lee don’t just stand their smirking, keep her on a lead.
” “Only in the bedroom.
” Kelly said winking as the three of them walked out of the block of flats and towards an irritated looking taxi driver.
The journey into town was only about five minutes, although the trio sat in silence in the back of the taxi.
Lee paid as the girls stepped out and headed in the direction of the pubs.
In the pub, Anna and Kelly sank into the lounge like sofas closest to the door.
Although usually a popular pub, it was very quiet with few people wandering around and the sound of people talking filled the air.
Lee appeared smiling holding three drinks.
After placing them on the tables he sank next to Kelly on the sofa.
“So, Anna, Kelly tells me she thinks you’ll really hit it off with Luke.
Any plans yet of how you’re going to ruin the poor guy.
” “Well Kelly may be much mistaken.
We may work in the same lab but I’ve never even met the guy.
Some of us actually do work when we’re there.
I had just planned a nice relaxing night in then get a voice mail telling me what I’m doing.
” “Sorry, am I interrupting?” A tall figure was towering over the three of them relaxing on the sofa.
Broad and tanned with a gleaming white smile.
Kelly jumped up.
“Luke, hey, I see you already have a drink, please sit.
” She gestured Luke into the empty space next to Anna.
“This is Anna and my boyfriend, Lee.
Anna was enlightening me on how you two have not met because obviously it’s only her that works and we just lay around doing nothing.
” Kelly looked across at Anna raising her eyebrows sarcastically.
A few hours had passed and the four of them had moved from the topic of work to one another’s social lives, likes and dislikes.
Kelly was almost sat on Lee’s lap, leaving Anna and Luke to continue talking in an almost childish awkwardness.
Anna looked across to Lee and Kelly.
Kelly was seductively rubbing up and down Lee’s thighs and disappearing for long lustful kisses.
Kelly occasionally came up for air.
Anna noticed that Lee’s trousers had begun to tent upwards and that Kelly was looking flustered.
Kelly caught Anna’s eye.
“Right we’re heading off.
I’m on a promise.
See you both tomorrow.
” Kelly jumped off Lee and pulled him to his feet, whisking him out of the door before Luke or Anna had time to say goodbye.
“I guess we should get going too.
As usual work at 9am leaving only seven hours for a good sleep.
It was good to meet you and I’m sure at some point we shall see each other again.
” Anna began to stand from the sofa and gathered her bag, which had fallen to the floor.
“Where are you going to? We could get a taxi together?” Luke looked into Anna’s eyes for a brief second hoping that he could spend more time with her.
“Not far to be honest, just on High Top Grove.
” Anna had began to get tired and would rather just go home.
“Great, I’ve not long moved there.
We can go together.
It will be nice to know someone in the same block.
I hate meeting new people randomly in hall ways.
It feels like much more of an inconvenience than meeting people like this.
” Anna nodded as she headed towards the door.
A realization had just hit her.
Luke was her new neighbor.
The one that had spotted her darting out into the garden, naked, to get a towel.
They talked casually as they went towards the taxi rank, Anna visibly uncomfortable.
Luke walked Anna to her door, although only opposite his.
“Have I offended you? You went really quiet with me.
I do not want to over step my boundaries with you, Anna.
You are a beautiful woman but you are also my work colleague and I don’t want to jeopardize that.
” “No, it’s just that, well, I didn’t realize you lived right next door to me and earlier, when I had to go into the garden and well, just, never mind.
I’ve had a really good night thanks.
” Anna stood awkwardly bouncing from one foot to another, her face flushed red, facing towards the ground.
Luke began chuckling to himself.
He cupped his hands beneath her chin and lifted her head.
His piercing brown eyes looking down into her dark green eyes.
“That could happen to anyone.
It was a little unexpected but it made my night before I even left the house.
You have beautiful eyes to match that beautiful body.
I hope I am not being too forward.
” Luke leaned in and pulled Anna into him and kissed her passionately at her door step, their tongues dancing with each other.
Luke pulled away from Anna, his perfect white teeth on show as he smiled into Anna’s confused looking face.
Luke looked ashamedly down towards the ground.
An obvious bulge forming in his dark jeans.
“I will see you tomorrow, Anna.
That’s a promise.



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