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The water was cold, and dark, but the hands that gripped her ankles and pulled her down were colder.
The babes in her womb stirred.
Her babies were scared.
Anger boiled in Alluna’s veins and her body began to glow beneath the inky black sea water.
The mermaids’ faces looked at her in alarm.
They were not pretty creatures.
Their hair swirled around their scaly fish-eyed faces.
Full lips pulled back to reveal their needle-like teeth as they dragged her deeper.
“Release me,” Alluna ordered, startling them.
One of them swam up to her face.
“How can you speak to us underwater? You should be drowning.
” Alluna gripped the creature’s face and let a surge of power flow from her into the mermaid.
The scales disappeared and her bones shifted beneath her flesh.
The mermaid’s eyes rolled in pain and she opened her mouth to scream.
Nothing but bubbles flowed from her mouth.
She began to thrash against Alluna’s hold until she released herself and swam frantically for the surface.
The other mermaids attacked Alluna, but she struck them all with her power, causing the same distortion to their features.
Soon she floated alone in the dark sea.
Alluna kicked her feet and struggled to reach the surface again.
Now that her anger was simmering down, she felt the press of the water against her lungs and feared that whatever was keeping her from drowning was quickly fading.
She burst up to the surface with a gasp.
Air rushed into her lungs and she coughed up a few mouthfuls of water.
Crying and sobbing caught her attention.
“What did you do to us?” She looked around and saw that all of the mermaids looked like pretty maidens now.
No more ugly scaly skin and fish eyes.
They stared at their hands and face in horror.
“We can’t breathe underwater anymore.
” “Serves you right, trying to drown me,” Alluna spat.
Thunder cracked across the sky, lightning dancing over the water in a surreal display.
“B-but we still have our tails.
What are we supposed to do now if we can’t go back to our underwater home?” Continuous rolling thunder had Alluna gazing up.
The reaper swooped down from the roiling black clouds that had draped across the night sky.
“Zaaak,” she cried out, lifting her arms.
He’d come back.
He’d come to save her.
He swooped lower, reaching down to lift her from the rolling sea.
The mermaids began to hiss and screech.
Jumping up to grab at him, trying to pull him down into the water.
“Kill him.
Drown him,” they screamed.
“Nooo,” Alluna shrieked as they clung to his legs, pulling him down.
He cursed when one of them bit his calf.
Luckily, they no longer had sharp teeth and his boots were thick.
He kicked them loose and gripped Alluna.
They tried to grab her legs to pull them both into the water, but she kicked also.
The reaper pulled her higher into the night sky until they were far away enough that he pulled her up into his arms.
He whimpered and they lost a bit of altitude.
“Zak, what’s wrong?” she cried out in alarm.
He looked into her eyes.
“I need to land.
I’m not used to flying so long.
” Alluna remembered he wasn’t really a reaper and frowned.
What was he? Why did he have black wings? She kept her questions to herself and allowed him to gather her tighter in his embrace.
He headed for the royal ship and landed gently on the deck.
The minute his feet touched the deck, he was surrounded by female guards.
They surrounded him with swords.
Zak went to his knees with Alluna wrapped tightly in his arms.
“No,” she pleaded.
“Don’t hurt him.
He saved me.
” She felt him jerk in her arms and turned to stare at him in worry.
His mouth was open, eyes wide for a few seconds before he crumbled to the deck, unconscious.
A metal pin, as long as her finger stuck out from his neck.
A poisoned dart.
Alluna screamed.
“What have you done to him?” Her hands began to glow again and she looked up at the queen with a snarl.
Queen Lukresh had a long, slender tube in her mouth.
She seemed to lean toward Alluna and blow.
Something sharp pricked her neck and her vision swam.
Alluna raised her hand to the side of her neck and felt a pin similar to the one sticking out of Zak’s neck embedded in her skin.
Oh, no.
The queen’s smile was the last thing she saw before everything went black.
*** Zak’s arms ached, his neck and back were afire with tension.
He groaned and lifted his head.
Pain shot down his arms, making him almost scream.
He was tied between two posts, wearing nothing but his Arborian underwear.
A thin strip of material covering his manhood tied to a strip of leather around his hips.
His hair was unbound and hung over one shoulder.
His back was bare.
Completely bare.
No wings.
He instantly knew the shit had finally hit the turbines.
“Damn,” he sighed, knowing he’d been found out.
So much for pretending to be a reaper.
If he were lucky, they might recognize him as Zak Wilder, intergalactic rock star, and cut him some slack.
Hell, he wouldn’t even mind posing for pictures and signing autographs.
He looked around at the hostile faces surrounding him and gulped.
Seth was an asshole for thinking he’d be recognized on this backwards planet.
His rock star status meant nothing here.
The masked man approached him.
Zak frowned at the pale blue eyes gazing at him from behind the silver mask.
Ice-blue eyes.
“You’re in deep shit now, Goliath,” the man growled in a low voice for Zak’s ears only.
“Who the fuck are you?” The man grinned and Zak gasped.
“No way,” he breathed incredulously.
But as the man turned and presented him with his back, Zak stared at the thick blond braid that hung half way down his back.
Blond hair, a thousand shades of shimmering gold.
“Fucking Lucien,” Zak snarled.
Lucien spun around.
“General Luke Black.
” “Lucien of Angelos.
Son of the angel of destruction.
The dark prince,” Zak spat.
Lucien stepped up to him in two long strides and gripped his neck in a chokehold.
“Careful, Blondie.
Most of the men, including the queen, are crying out for your blood.
As general I managed to bargain for a good whipping instead of an execution.
” Zak stared at him, confused.
“Why?” Lucien laughed without humor.
“If anyone kills any of you, I think it might tip Devon over.
He’d go full demon and start a bloody rampage.
” Zak laughed.
“You’re fucking crazy.
He might have his blood tainted with Davariel’s demon blood, but it’s you who’s fucking evil.
You’re the one trying to release Lucifer.
” Lucien sobered.
“Maybe that would be best.
All of creation has become foul.
To Lucifer we’re an abomination.
Maybe he’s right.
” “You’re sick.
” “Maybe I am,” Lucien whispered.
“Sorry, but I’m supposed to whip you now.
Nothing personal, you know.
” “Fuck you.
” Lucien smiled.
“You always were a stuck up bastard.
Poor little rich boy daddy never loved.
” Zak sneered.
“At least daddy never fucked me.
” Lucien slapped Zak so hard he saw stars before his eyes.
His ears were left ringing.
Lucien walked away.
“Feel free to scream, Zak.
I may just show you a little mercy… maybe.
” Zak spat blood to the ground and glared at Lucien through the white spots that danced before his vision.
*** Alluna blinked open her eyes to stare up at her father’s scowling face.
“W-what happened?” she said sluggishly.
He caressed her cheek with the tips of his fingers.
“An off-worlder tried to abduct you, my child.
” “We need to close this planet off to new comers.
It’s getting more and more dangerous to continue to allow the continued influx of aliens upon our beautiful planet.
” Alluna looked passed the king to stare at a dark man dressed in blue.
Her eyes widened when she recognized the man from the mirror.
The man who’d let the queen suck his.
She struggled to sit up, cringing a bit when the stranger narrowed his eyes suspiciously at her.
“Who is this?” she asked panicked.
“One of Arboria’s most powerful Master Guardians, my child,” the king answered.
” Zak.
Where was Zak? Last thing she remembered, he’d been struck with a poisoned dart.
Where is…” “The man who tried to abduct you was an imposter.
He was camouflaged as a reaper and tried to fly off with you.
Dresh thinks he may be in league with the mages.
They created a distraction while he tried to take you from us.
” Alluna shook her head.
Zak saved me from the mermaids.
They were trying to drown me.
” King Lumar’s eyes narrowed.
“How did you get in the water? The guards said they saw him pluck you from the water before the winds from the storm forced him to land back aboard the ship.
” “We should let her rest, my king,” the queen interrupted.
Alluna turned her head to stare at queen Lukresh.
She hadn’t realized she was present.
The queen stared at her with cold eyes.
Alluna touched the side of her neck.
“Y-you shot me with a poisoned dart.
” The queen’s lips drew up slightly in a wicked grin.
“You were hysterical, sweet child.
I did what was necessary to keep you safe.
Especially after that dragon shifter tried to abduct you.
” “D-dragon?” “The man who tried to take you away is a golden weredragon.
” “Where is he?” Alluna gripped the king’s arms and stared up pleadingly at him.
“Where’s Zak?” “Easy, my girl.
He will harm you no more,” the king said soothingly, but it only served to notch Alluna’s anxiety more.
Outside thunder rolled again, and the branches of the tree they were in scratched against the window as though in warning.
Dresh looked toward the window before turning narrowed eyes to Alluna.
“Interesting,” he said in a low voice.
Alluna glared at the man, not liking him at all.
He gave her the creeps.
“Please, Father.
Please don’t hurt Zak.
He saved me.
” “How did you end up in the water, Alluna?” the king demanded in a more stern voice this time.
She bit her lip and looked at the queen.
Queen Lukresh stared down her narrow nose at Alluna.
If she told them about Aivy and Uuvy sending her down in the lifeboat, they might get in trouble.
The girls weren’t particularly nice, but she didn’t want to tell on them.
Alluna bowed her head.
“I heard the singing and wanted to see what the mermaids looked like.
” “You went down into the water by yourself?” Alluna nodded.
She felt guilty for the half-truth, but couldn’t bring herself to tattle on her stepsisters.
They didn’t know the mermaids would turn on her because she’d coupled with a man… did they? “I’m sorry about what happened.
Punish me, father.
Not Zak.
He saved me.
” “She hallucinates from the shock, my king.
Dresh, put her to sleep again.
” “No, no, please,” Alluna begged, burrowing into her father’s arms.
“Perhaps if we erased her memories of this horrible night, she’ll feel better in the morning,” Dresh suggested, to Alluna’s horror.
“Splendid idea,” the queen seconded.
No more robbing me of my memories,” Alluna cried out.
“Calm, my child,” the king said rocking her gently in his arms.
“No one is going to steal your memories.
On the contrary.
I want your memories returned.
I want to know who left you with child.
” He drew away from her, his eyes burning with fury.
“And when I learn who it is, he will not live to see another day.
” *** Zak clenched his teeth, his sweat pouring down his face.
Another lash ripped into his back.
Still he refused to utter a single sound.
The warriors had stared in stunned silence at first, but after a while, some of them began to cheer him on after every lash.
He might be thought of as a traitor, but they respected the fact that he could take the whipping like a true warrior.
Lucien cut him no slack either.
He felt the bastard lay each mark methodically down his back in stripes spaced a hairline apart.
Lucien had always felt pride in his talent with the whip.
The asshole was the one to teach Zak, but Zak had never liked using things that marked the flesh so harshly on his submissives.
He wasn’t a sadist, just a dominant bastard.
One hundred lashes later, Zak was cut from the posts.
He almost staggered to his knees, but miraculously stayed on his feet.
His hair hung over his face, dripping sweat, little crystalline drops that mingled with the spatter of blood that poured off his back.
The ground seemed to swirl like water around him and he had to close his eyes or fall face first to the ground.
Zak took deep breaths and locked his knees.
He refused to go down.
There was nothing but silence around him.
Once the wave of dizziness passed, he looked up to see King Lumar walking toward him.
The man looked furious.
Zak clenched his fists and stood his ground, valiantly trying to ignore the splotches of light dancing before his eyes.
He’d had enough.
He’d tell the king the entire truth.
To hell with everything.
King Lumar stood before Zak, big broad chest puffed out, shoulders squared, eyes blazing gold through mere slits.
His nostrils flared, chest expanding impressively as he drew a deep breath.
“The princess says you saved her from the mermaids.
” Zak stared at him and nodded.
He opened his mouth and tried to speak, but the world spun and swayed before him.
Darkness crowded around his vision.
Fuck, he didn’t want to faint.
“What have you to say for yourself, warrior?” the king demanded in his deep voice.
“I… I love her,” was all Zak managed to utter before the ground rushed up at him.
Music filled his ears, his heart, his soul.
He’d heard this music before.
It had enslaved him, pulled him almost unwilling to the tower.
His beast writhed beneath his skin, enraged, the feel of the spell dragging him… to her.
Suddenly, he wanted to be bound by the beautiful witch.
She sat in a pool of light, light that emanated from her.
Zak felt cold—so, so cold.
He needed her warmth, needed her love like the air he breathed.
He lifted his hand to her as she played her flute, but found it was bound.
He looked at his right hand.
It was cuffed and chained to a column.
Next to him was Remien, also cuffed and chained, his glittering green eyes staring at Alluna too, mesmerized, unblinking.
Seth was next to him, as well as Anniel, Rowie, Remi’s father and his own.
They were all chained to columns forming a circle.
Horror filled him when he looked up and saw Eriel nailed to a cross suspended upside down from the vaulted ceiling of the dungeon they were in.
His wings hung limply to either side of the cross and a stream of blood poured from his body to the center of the circle, upon an altar.
To either side of the altar were two mirrors reflecting a surging purple-misted storm instead of the dungeon and altar.
There was a dark shadow within the rampaging mist, the shadow of big dark wings, and a hand reaching out to touch the surface of the glass.
A tall dark-skinned woman entered the dungeon with a raven-haired girl.
Behind them was Lucien, his eyes glowing brighter than Devon’s.
He spread his red wings as he stood behind the altar.
The girl was placed upon the altar before him.
Zak screamed for Alluna to move away, to run away, but she only stopped playing her flute and stood to look as Lucien lifted his sword and ran it through the girl.
The girl screamed, arching her back as blood pouring from her chest.
Her eyes rolled up while she twitched in the throes of death.
Alluna’s hands began to glow as she lifted them and began to chant in a strange language.
Zak screamed for her to stop.
He could see the images of a blond, black-winged angel approaching the glass on the other side of the mirror.
Alluna threw her power into the mirror on the right as Lucien struck the mirror to the left.
The mirror on the right cracked into little bits, but the one on the left opened like a portal.
Both angels screamed.
The sound was piercing, making those tied to the columns shriek as well.
The angel on the right was drenched in blood as it tried to pass the glass.
Zak saw the creature’s flesh torn to shreds and explode in a spray of blood.
The one on the left emerged into the dungeon, his eyes black like a sharks’.
It was evil incarnate.
Davariel, but not the true Davariel.
His other, his evil opposite.
Zak jumped up from the bed with a scream of agony.
Fire coursed down his back, making him writhe.
“Easy, Zak,” Seth said gripping his arms.
The pain was excruciating, but it was soon forgotten when he caught sight of Zakreel pacing behind Seth.
Eriel and Lucien lounged on a bed beyond the pacing weredragon.
“What the fuck are they doing here?” Zak snarled.
Seth got in his face, and for the first time Zak noticed how panicked Seth looked.
His stripes were showing faintly on his skin, and Seth’s stripes only showed when he was enraged or scared shitless.
Seth swallowed loudly.
“They’ve disappeared.
” “Who?” Zak frowned.
“Remi and his father.
You’ve been out for more than a day between the dart and then the whipping…” Zak snarled at Lucien.
“Why is that fucker here with us?” Lucien snorted.
“I managed to escape from hell, but not before I heard the demons plotting on stealing themselves some little Alpha Angel babies, pure and powerful enough to help them free Lucifer.
” “I thought you wanted him freed,” Zak spat.
Lucien regarded him a moment.
“Not at the cost of killing babies.
” “Fucking asshole.
And you think that Lucifer is going to spare any baby’s life once he’s set free?” Lucien stared at him a moment with his weird glowing eyes.
As weird as Devon’s.
“Of course he won’t.
That’s why I want to put a stop to all this.
” “That’s not what you were saying before you whipped me.
” Lucien shook his head.
“No, Zak.
I said that perhaps we deserved to be wiped out because we’d grown so foul, but I don’t want Lucifer free.
I don’t want to see the people I care for hurt, destroyed.
” His voice trailed off into a whisper.
Zak snorted.
“I don’t believe you.
I don’t trust you.
” “Zak,” Seth said drawing his attention back to him.
“We’ve got to find Remi and Remuel.
” “Can’t you feel him? Use your power.
” Zak insisted.
“I don’t give a shit about the Arborian Master Guardians.
” “I did use my power, but I still can’t feel them.
” Zak rubbed his face in frustration.
Maybe Greis got them.
They might be off planet.
” Seth scoffed.
“No way a Grei could snag Remien.
He’s an archangel, Zak.
” Zak shook his head.
“Geez, Seth.
This is Rem we’re talking about.
He’s a screwball.
” “I think I know where they might be.
” They all turned to look at Eriel, who’d spoken.
He hugged himself as if afraid.
“That crazy tranny probably got them.
He was looking to collect himself a pair of dragons, a reaper, a weretigri, and a werewolf.
” “The abandoned fortress with the tower where we found Alluna?” Seth asked.
Eriel nodded.
Zak frowned.
“Tranny?” Zakreel spoke now.
The sorcerer that frequents that fortress is male, but dresses as a female.
He lured me with a flute, hypnotized me, and locked me down in that dungeon years ago.
” “She—I mean he, seduced me at Haddasha’s.
Slipped me a drug in our hotel room, and then I woke up in a tiny cage.
” Eriel also said.
“She already had Drakken for years.
Said she purchased him from a guard in the Edenian Mercurian penitentiary.
He’d been blood starved for over three hundred years.
” “Holy shit,” Zak whispered.
“That’s Rowie’s father, isn’t it?” They all nodded.
“Where is he?” “We have him hidden away,” Eriel said.
“I feed him my own blood every night, but he needs to be taken to Vildminoria, where they can help him better.
They have a special hospital there for blood-starved vampires.
” Zak nodded, knowing that first hand.
It was where Imo had recuperated after.
 He glared at Lucien.
Lucien had kidnapped Imo and blood starved him.
He’d also almost succeeded in killing Seth to offer the weretigri as a virginal sacrifice.
The memory of the vampire Liara riding Seth’s loins until he spilled for the very first time inside a female body whispered through Zak’s mind.
Seth had never been the same afterwards.
Lucien grinned, and Zak wanted to leap across the room and bash his face in.
“I’ve reformed,” he said with a smile.
“The poison in the wings no longer has any power over me.
” Zak didn’t trust him.
“We need to find Remi, Zak.
Rowie is pregnant.
She’ll never recover if something happens to that asshole,” Seth said.
Zak looked at him.
It wasn’t because of Rowie that Seth was so desperate to find him.
Zak knew Seth loved Remi as much as he did.
They couldn’t lose him.
The memory of the dream came back to haunt him.
He prayed it wasn’t a premonition of what was about to happen.
He rose from the bed and looked around for clothing.
“What are you doing?” Seth asked.
“I’m going to her.
” He winced as he pulled on a pair of woven leather pants.
“And do what?” Zak’s skin itched and he tamped down the fury that caused him to shift unbidden.
He was the master.
He was in control.
“I’ll figure it out when I’m in front of her.
But I need to see her.
” He closed the ties to the pants, sat, and waved his hands in the general direction of the boots tossed on the floor.
Both boots glided over the stone floor and slid over his outstretched feet.
He scowled up at Seth, daring him to admonish him for using his power.
Seth remained quiet, pale blue eyes looking steadily into Zak’s.
Seth nodded.
” He stood back and let Zak slip out into the night.
No guards were there to stop him, which seemed very strange to Zak.
He’d worry about that later.
For now, he clenched his teeth against the excruciating pain on his back and made his way to the royal tree looming ahead in the darkness.
The others followed behind, swords drawn.
*** King Lumar knew.
Dresh had reluctantly made Alluna recall some of her past, and she’d been forced to admit that Zak was the father of her unborn babies.
Alluna caressed the small bump of her stomach.
She was barely a little more than a month, but already she was showing.
She had three daughters in her belly.
According to Dresh, the golden weredragon’s genes were dominant and the babes in her belly were little dragon spawns.
The king had asked if Alluna’s life were in danger giving birth to three dragonesses and Dresh had said he wasn’t sure.
They had left her alone then.
An Arborian woman had come to tend to her needs afterwards.
When Alluna asked about the dark-haired elfin girl, the woman said no one knew what had happened to her.
Alluna remembered the pretty girl had been pregnant and hoped nothing bad had happened to her.
The black wolf was no longer around either, making Alluna feel lonely and abandoned.
She paced the room, wringing her fingers with growing anxiety.
The air was heavy with a strange presence.
She caught sight of herself in the full-length mirror in the corner of her room and stopped to stare.
Something wasn’t right about the image.
She looked at her reflection but it felt as though she were looking at something trying to pretend to be her.
Leaves rustling outside her window had her turning, heart pounding.
Reaching down to the gold-hilted knife her father had made her wear strapped to her thigh, she stared at the window as it creaked open.
Zak began climbing in, his blond hair spilling about his face in wild disarray.
With a squeal of delight, she ran to him.
He’d barely put one huge booted foot on the floor and her arms wrapped around his neck.
Alluna buried her face in his neck and breathed him in.
If the golden sun had a scent, it would be just like Zak’s.
His scent brought to mind hot sun pouring down upon a breeze swept meadow.
Wild, sweet, fresh, and pure.
Her hands fisted in his thick waving hair as his arms wrapped around her and carried her farther back into the room.
Alluna’s bottom met the edge of a chest of drawers.
His fingers tangled in her hair, pulling her head back with a throaty purr.
“Luna,” he breathed before his mouth found hers.
Sitting upon the chest of drawers put Zak standing between her thighs.
Alluna molded herself to his broad chest and ate at his mouth.
His tongue swirled in and reacquainted itself with hers.
She was whimpering, wiggling, trying to crawl into his skin.
It was only when she scraped her nails over his bare back that he stiffened and drew his mouth away with a hiss.
Alluna drew back as well and blinked at her bloodied fingernails.
She hadn’t scratched him so hard to draw blood.
“You’re hurt,” she whispered.
He caressed her cheek, sapphire eyes glittering.
“It’s nothing.
” His eyes searched hers.
“You remember me?” Alluna’s lip quivered.
“Yes, Mas—“ He placed a finger over her lips to keep her from calling him ‘Master.
‘ “No.
You’re not my slave.
You’re not even my submissive.
” Dread flowed through her.
She swallowed.
“Th-then what am I?” His eyes darkened as his thumb caressed her lower lip.
“You’re the woman I love.
The mother of my children.
” Alluna shuddered.
She barely knew this man, really, yet what they felt for each other had no words.
The babes in her womb stirred against his belly.
It made him lurch back, his eyes filled with wonder.
She watched his hair spill forward, like a curtain around them, as he cupped the little swell of her belly in his enormous hands.
Again, her belly undulated.
He shuddered.
“Oh, God,” he said in a choked voice.
Alluna put her hands over his and they stared at the moving swell.
She felt her daughters’ joy.
They recognized their father and were trying to get close to his warmth.
Alluna giggled at the strange rolling motion within her.
Zak looked up at her, smiling also, but a single tear flowed down his cheek, making her eyes widen.
“There’s something I need to do,” he said, “to make sure…” He stepped back an inch and she gripped his biceps to keep him from going too far.
Already she missed his warmth.
She wanted to feel him against her, skin to skin.
Zak closed his eyes, making a few more tears leak out.
He held his palms up as if offering her something and began to glow.
Alluna felt his power unfold within him, flow out like a current making the hairs on her body stand on end.
His skin shimmered golden and his palms blazed as if holding a tiny sun.
She had to turn her face away from the blinding light.
After a few seconds, she was aware the light had faded.
Turning back to Zak, she was surprised to see him holding out her old golden flute in his palms.
“The first time I saw you, you were playing this,” he said softly.
“I fought the pull of the music until I saw you.
” His fingers closed around the flute, holding it trapped in both fists.
Alluna swallowed and touched the dragon pendant that Mama had placed around her neck.
She had been playing the Dragon’s Lure the day Zak had come to her.
He’d fallen unwittingly under her spell.
“I know now you didn’t mean to do it.
You didn’t mean to cast a spell on me, but I could have fought it.
I’m an Alpha Angel.
Perhaps not the most powerful of the seven, but one of them regardless.
” His eyes grew more intense, and he leaned closer to her.
Online Now! Lush Cams AnastasiaOxana His heat and scent engulfed her.
She stared helpless as his tongue wet his lush lips.
The muscles of his arms tightened as well as his grip on the flute.
He was preparing to break it… and in the same process, break whatever hold she had over him.
No more spell… perhaps no more love from Zak.
Now it was her turn to have tears swimming in her eyes.
She didn’t want to lose him… ever.
What would she do without him? What would become of her, her babies? “I felt alone, Alluna.
I’ve had many, many lovers.
I had never been satisfied having sex in any normal way… until I met you.
You filled that dark void within me, but I need to know it’s real… not some magic voodoo that’ll disappear like smoke on a windy day.
” His face was solemn as he stared into her eyes.
She jumped with a start when the metal cracked and a hot wind blew across them.
Zak closed his eyes with a shudder.
She buried her hands in the thick fall of his golden hair, terrified of what she’d see in his eyes once he opened them.
“No,” she said on a choked sob.
I love you.
You can’t abandon me now.
” He swallowed, but kept his eyes closed.
“I would never abandon you.
You carry my babies inside you.
” Alluna almost reeled back as if slapped.
Was he saying he’d only stay with her because of her pregnancy? “I’ll take you back home.
You can have your own room.
I’ll make sure you and my daughters want for nothing.
” Tears flowed down her face.
It was worse.
He wasn’t even keeping her as his lover.
“Look at me, please,” she begged.
She needed to see his eyes.
Only then would she believe he felt nothing for her… that it had only been the spell that had bound him to her.
He turned away, making her heart break a little more.
The pain was more than she could take.
She knew all she had to do was sing the Dragon’s Lure and bespell him again… but she didn’t want his love that way.
Not forced.
She wiped her eyes and watched as he took a few steps away, head down.
His back was a mass of cuts and bruises.
Alluna opened her mouth, unsure of what to say, but the sound of music stopped her.
It was the flute and it was playing the Dragon’s Lure.
Zak stiffened, and stared at the mirror at the far end of the room.
Alluna’s horrified stare took in the image of her reflection in the mirror.
Only it really wasn’t her reflection.
The other Alluna sat primly upon the chest of drawers playing the flute as Zak lurched forward toward her.
His eyes were wide and vacant.
“No,” Alluna screamed and tried to hop down from her perch to stop him.
To her surprise, she found she couldn’t move.
“No, Zak, stop! Please.
” He didn’t listen, and continued to walk toward the mirror.
Shadows crawled out from beneath the bed, transforming into devils.
The music stopped, making her look back at the mirror.
Mama stood beyond the gold gilded frame of what had once been a mirror.
It was more of a doorway now with Mama’s dungeon on the other side.
Mama laughed as Zak finally reached her.
“Silly girl.
I told you men couldn’t be trusted.
He feels nothing but pity for you.
” Alluna watched as Mama’s long black claws stroked lovingly up and down Zak’s bulging biceps.
“Leave him alone.
You tricked me into luring him the first time.
I won’t let you hur



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