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The rain caught us by surprise on the golf course.
By the time we made it back to the clubhouse we were drenched.
I left the clubs in the “caddy shack” and we walked across the street to my townhouse in the deluge, hand in hand.
Her soaked pastel blouse revealed how cold the rain was on her skin; her hardened nipples drilled into the fabric like bullets.
Giggling seemed the theme for the day today.
Everything I tried in the shower tickled her and she playfully spurned my sexual advances, very unlike her.
Often after our golf outing we would barely be inside before she would turn into a lusty, sweaty tigress, yelling demands at me, getting me so turned on that we didn’t undress, just yanked clothing aside and went at it like rabbits, both of us screaming at the culmination of our lust.
But today she seemed sleepy, and lazily sprawled on the bed on her stomach, insisting a nap would refresh her for lots of playtime later.
I joined her on the bed, straddling her body with mine, leaning over her.
The windows were open to let the breeze from the rain cool the bedroom and the sound of the rain filled the room.
For some reason, the combination of the soft breeze, the rain falling on the pavement outside and the sight of her tanned body aroused me.
I think we both realized that there would be no nap, at least not right away.
I swept her hair to one side, exposing her neck.
Leaning down, I nibbled on her ear and kissed the side of her neck.
She remained silent, eyes closed, body relaxed as my kisses explored the hollow of her neck.
I inhaled the scent of her skin and moved, kissing her between her shoulder blades.
She sighed softly, whispering into the sheets, “I love how your mouth makes me feel.
” I took my time, kissing down the length of her spine.
I leaned back on my knees, admiring her perfect, toned, heart shaped ass and noticed that she was biting her lower lip.
There were times when she insisted that I buy my face in her softness, whimpering with unexpected arousal from my oral attentions.
Knowing she might be anticipating something, I traced a finger, very slowly, from the top of her crack down through the center, teasing her tiny rim with a fingertip.
She gasped, and her fingers fisted the sheet underneath her.
I removed my finger, moved my body and kissed the back of one knee.
She moaned out loud, music to my ears.
I kissed my way up the back of one leg to her thigh and kissed one buttock, teasing with wet open mouthed kisses.
The trail from the other knee up to her buttock caused her to tense against the sheets as I neared her cheeks.
She reached back with one hand to spread her cheeks, and I sat up and rolled her over onto her back.
Her astonished look amused me.
So many nights she had teased and tormented me until I was an emotional wreck, oozing precum uncontrollably, begging for release.
She loved the control, the power she could have over my body when I submitted.
Today would be a day of sweet revenge; I truly had her attention.
It would be a long afternoon before she would be allowed to nap.
I straddled her body again, grasping her wrists with my hands.
I yanked her hands together over her head and kissed her fiercely.
Her mouth attacked me back as our tongues dueled for a moment.
Then I released her wrists with a warning, “Don’t move; leave your hands where they are.
” A response was not necessary; she wanted what was to transpire and loved the teasing as much as I.
I kissed the hollow of her neck again, on one side and then the other and she closed her eyes briefly.
I moved, lying next to her so that I could attend a breast and nipple with my mouth as I used a hand to knead her other breast.
I pinched the hardened nipple, twisting it slightly until she silently bit her lip.
The tender flesh of her breast was almost cool in my open mouth as I suckled her.
My hand slid slowly from her other breast down across her stomach and easing into the hairy patch below.
Looking up at her face as my lips captured her nipple, I saw her eyes fixed on mine, her lips parted slightly, her sweet breath urging me on.
I moved my mouth from her nipple to her parted lips and her eyes followed me.
My hand below sent a finger slipping easily into her wetness and as she gasped, I planted my mouth against hers.
Her moan filled my mouth and inflated my cock.
I pulled my finger from her and slid it sideways between our joined lips.
Her tongue lashed out, greedily licking her own wetness.
I could not wait to taste her.
When I rose to position myself between her legs, she planted her feet on the bed.
I lay down between her legs, leaning down slowly between her knees until my face was level with her dark brown curls, matted with her wetness.
I lapped up and down her slit and she lifted her hips to meet my tongue, urging me to penetrate her.
Instead I nibbled at our outer lips, secretly aroused by her scent and the taste of her on my tongue.
Finally, unable to withstand my craving for it, I drove my tongue into her depths, seeking to drown myself in that intoxicating substance that only an aroused woman can provide.
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The sensations from my tongue sent shivers throughout my body.
Her hands suddenly were at the back of my head, pulling me tighter against her as she lifted her legs to hook her feet together on my back.
I knew what she wanted, what she needed.
I got up on my knees, sliding her feet off me, and I settled between her legs.
Her hands reached for my hips as I rubbed my shaft up and down her wet slit.
The tip touched her clit with each upward thrust and her fingers dug into my flesh, urging penetration again, only this time with my erection.
I obliged her, slipping into her wet channel and plunging hard and deep into her core.
Her fingernails dug into my hips and she moaned softly, “Oh, yesssssssss….
” I withdrew and dropped quickly on my elbows between her legs again before she could protest.
I locked my mouth over her hood and clit and sucked her into my mouth, pressing my tongue against her clit.
Pressing my arms over her upper legs to hold her still, I flicked my tongue across her clit until I felt her body quiver against my mouth.
Her breathing became vicious panting, gasping as she grabbed at both breasts.
I moved again, positioning myself over her and she reached between us with one hand and jabbed the head of my cock into her.
She locked her legs around me again, not to be denied.
The rain had increased in its intensity, as did our lust and passion.
She was so wet that I could smell her juices and it urged me to take her slowly, and I did.
Ignoring the pleading of her body, moving as carefully as I could to take her to the edge while containing myself, I settled into a slow rhythm that drew encouraging moans from her.
Seconds ran into minutes and the more control I found, the less she had.
When she finally did come, her words were music to my ears, “Oh, my God, oh, my God.
it’s so.
it’s so.
oh!” Her body relaxed and she let her legs fall back on the bed.
I withdrew carefully and moved up by her head.
She eagerly turned her head and pulled my wet cock to her open mouth.
Sucking her own juices as she pumped her mouth on me, she moaned with my cock in her mouth and I nearly lost control.
I pulled away from her and moved back down between her legs.
I hooked my arms under her legs, fastened my mouth to her sex and rolled us over until I was on my back.
She bent her legs as she righted herself and suddenly found herself sitting on my face.
She settled down, feeling my tongue probing her and let me feast on her for long moments.
When I finally turned my attention to her clit again, she leaned forward and began riding against my mouth.
My cock surged to new proportions as she treated us both to her next orgasm, writhing on my face until I thought my balls would burst.
I pushed her up so that I get out from under her but left her on her hands and knees.
I got behind her and she put her head down on the mattress, arching her back.
Kneeling behind her I took advantage of what she presented and I drove my cock into her pussy quickly.
Her hands fisted the sheets as I fucked her with abandon, jamming my body against hers almost violently.
She moaned between thrusts, “Harder; fill me up,” and I pounded my flesh into hers, intent on my goal.
She reached a hand under us and I knew she was going to make herself come.
I wet my thumb in my mouth and then pushed it into her tight anal rim.
Another series of repeated, “Oh, my GOD! Oh, my GOD!’ emanated from her and I kept fingering her with the thumb.
I lost focus only long enough to realize that the rain had stopped, but then she let out a long high pitched whine as she came, God knows how many times because I did not stop until she ran out of breath.
Sweat dripped from my brow and the hair on my chest was soaked but I felt wonderful; like I could fuck forever.
Then her fingers began toying with my balls, and I decided that she had been teased enough.
I backed out and leaned back on my haunches.
Instinctively she swung around, on her elbows in front of me, mouth agape.
I let her take control, which she did.
Her hands did marvelous things to my balls and cock as her mouth slurped over the crown.
Within a few wonderful minutes my seed was spilling from the corners of her mouth as she refused to stop.
I suppose that, given a few more minutes, she could have made me come again, but I wanted to have the last hurrah of the day.
I pushed her off of me and pulled her hands, urging her to stand.
When she did, I slipped my arms under her legs, pulling her towards me.
She slipped one leg over my shoulder and grasped my head with both hands for support.
It took her a long time to come again, much to my delight, and her body shivered and jerked against me, indicating that she might have come more than once.
When she backed away, she flung herself back onto the bed, smiling, and I joined her, lying by her side.
The touched my face gently with her hand, kissed me lightly on the lips and said, “You’re my only client who can actually make me come.



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