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Latest stories Straight Sex Rob Vs The Succubus: Round 5

We snuggled together on the floor of the shower.
The water was raining down on us.
We traded acts of affection and aggression, occasionally followed by laughter.
She looked down at my limp dick and said, “Looks like the succubus has defeated you after all.
” I replied, “Just getting warmed up.
Bring it on slut!” I rose slowly to my feet, (a bit weak at the knees admittedly).
I grabbed her and helped her to her feet and out of the shower.
She grabbed two towels and tossed one to me.
I was trying not to stare as she toweled herself off, but I was not very successful at it.
My cock was recovering very quickly from our earlier stalemate as I watched her.
All of a sudden she shouted, “Eww, my ass!” I answered, “What, is it getting even bigger?” She said, “I have your crusty cum all over my ass! And fuck you!” She turned around and waved her ass in my direction.
It looked just fine to me.
“Let me check this out a bit,” I said as I groped her ass thoroughly.
Sure enough, she had some crusties caught in her fine body hair.
I removed them the only way I know of, the hard way.
She screamed, “Ouch” with every tug.
Finally, after much rubbing and picking, I had removed it all.
I said to her sarcastically, “So, sorry about that.
I feel just terrible.
All your fault, though.
” She turned around and slapped me on the face playfully.
She looked down and said, “Tell him no cumming on me in the shower!” I responded, “I’ll get the memo out immediately, Succubus.
” She responded, “Now get the hell out of here! I need a minute!” I walked out of the bathroom and closed the door behind me.
As I was walking down the hall I heard her shout, “And flush the toilet when you are done, you pig!” Women! I cannot win.
I wished that I had flushed it while she was in the shower.
That would have served that bitch right.
I walked back to the kitchen and got another glass of water.
I knew that I might be in for a bit of a wait.
I was ready to go again and this wait was killing my boner.
I felt really good about my situation because I know that I usually last longer each time and that my partners generally cum quicker each time.
I felt like I had her on the ropes and that she was on the verge of some very intense orgasms.
I had a plan in my head of how I could get another quick orgasm out of her.
But, I believed that I could afford to entertain some of my own fantasies while I worked toward completely fulfilling her.
When she finally walked out of the bathroom, I was sitting on the stairs to the 2nd floor.
I was just perched there naked stroking my cock and trying to keep hard.
“Are you bored?” she asked.
I feigned a yawn and said, “Absolutely not.
My cock is getting a bit dry, though.
A little saliva would do it well.
” She responded, “I guess you had better start stretching, then.
” She stood there for a minute, arms crossed.
“Maybe just this once,” she added.
She approached me, dropped to her knees on the stairs, and grabbed my cock with her right hand.
She leaned in slowly and gently licked up the length of my cock.
Once she got to the tip, she immediately opens her mouth and drops back down.
She took about two-thirds of it on the first go.
Ah, I could see what she was up to.
She wanted to get a quick one out of me.
‘Not so fast Succubus.
’ I only wanted to see her pretty mouth wrapped around my cock.
I wasn’t looking for a blowjob.
I have never had a good one anyway, so I don’t usually waste too much time on that.
But, B, might be the exception.
Very quickly, I found out that she knew what she was doing and I have to cut this off.
I reached down and placed my hand under her chin.
I lifted her head up slowly and raised her up to me.
I kissed her deeply for what was probably several minutes.
I pulled back.
“Upstairs! I want you on the bed right now!” I said to her.
She gave me a dirty look.
I added, “Let’s go, this cock isn’t getting any harder!” I was not even sure where her bedroom was, but I guessed that I could figure it out.
I got to the top of the stairs and I located it.
I walked to her bed and lie-down flat on my back.
I gave my cock a couple of “firm-up” strokes.
I looked at her and said, “It’s about time you did some work tonight!” She climbed on the bed facing me and straddled me in position.
My cock was lying flat on my stomach.
I grabbed her at the hips with both thumbs aimed at her clit.
She looked down at my hands, clearly reading my intentions.
We locked eyes and I gave her a nod.
She lifted herself up and grabbed my cock with her right hand guiding it inside her.
Online Now! Lush Cams CHANELLBLUU She started riding me slowly.
I moved my right hand from her hip and lifted it up to her face.
I pressed my thumb inside her mouth and she began to suck on it.
Once it was wet with her saliva, I pulled my hand down.
I steadied my hand on her left hip, and extended my thumb to her clit and began to rub.
She was bouncing on top of me with a bit of vigor, so I wasn’t sure how effective it was, but I knew that it would contribute some.
Next, I grabbed her right breast with my left hand and gave it a firm squeeze.
I pulled my hand back for a second and began to suck on my own thumb.
I returned it to her breast and now along with the squeeze, I was circling her nipple with my thumb.
I let her ride me for a couple of minutes, until I said “Now we will take turns.
You can stop.
” She stopped, but doesn’t seem to be sure where I was going with this.
I grabbed her hips tightly with both hands and said, “You can hold me tight if you want to.
” She hesitated a second.
I began to thrust firmly and she quickly dropped down placing her head beside mine.
She grabbed me at my right shoulder and left ribcage.
As I quickened my pace, she dug her fingernails in my flesh at both the shoulder and ribcage.
I could hear her heavy breathing in my ear.
I continued on for probably two minutes or so and then I stopped.
“Your turn,” I said with a smile.
She raised up and said, “Got it,” with an even bigger smile.
She gathered herself for a second and now we were playing a game of “top that.
” She was quite motivated now and her riding technique had gotten much more aggressive.
Now she was really putting her hips into it, and she was pumping instead of bouncing.
She also was easier to get a hold of, so I returned my right thumb to her clit and began to rub it.
I reached my left hand forward and gave her ass a firm slap.
She closed her eyes for a second.
I could hear her shiver.
‘She liked that.
’ Every time we switched, we added something else.
Her next time down, she buried her tits in my face.
Her next time up I squeezed her tits hard.
The next time down she bit my chest and clawed me several times.
Up again, I cupped her ass tightly and swirled her hole with my thumb.
By the time we finished that round it was obvious we were both getting close.
That had been my intention all along.
In this position, I have the ability to pace myself very well.
If I had really wanted to, I could have let her cum alone.
But, what fun would that have been.
I was o.
with a second tie in a row.
This one we would be able to actually enjoy together, though.
As she lowered herself back down, we were both working up quite a sweat.
Her body was cold to the touch as she pressed it against me.
This time I locked my arms across her back and pinned her body tightly to mine.
I began to pump furiously.
She was lying flat on me, so her head was beside mine.
She buried her face in the bed.
I could hear her muffled moans.
I think that she was biting the bedspread.
I whispered in her ear, “We are going to cum together.
” I could feel her head shake, “Yes.
” She slid both of her arms under my shoulders and clamped her hands on my clavicle area.
At that point, we were both squeezing each other as hard as we could.
I was getting close to orgasm at that point, but I thought that I had a minute or two.
I believed that she had less time, but I knew that her orgasm was going to set me off anyway.
I said to her aggressively, “Beg me to make you cum.
Or I stop right now.
” I was pretty sure that she said, “Please, make me fucking cum,” but I couldn’t really understand her with her teeth clamped down on the bedspread.
She began to screech.
I removed my right hand from her back and cradled her head.
I did not slow my pace.
She began to shake.
Her fingernails dug in on both shoulders.
She raked my skin deeply from my clavicle to my underarm.
The scratches felt like fire.
I was sure that they were going to bleed, but I did not stop.
She turned her head toward me and bit my neck.
She would not let go.
She was shaking hard now and then I lost it.
“Fuck!” I shout as I sprayed her with my load.
There probably wasn’t much liquid there as I had just came twice in the last couple hours, but it felt like I had sprayed a gallon.
That and however much liquid she had released in her orgasm had left her very wet.
So wet that it was dripping out of her.
I had been trying not to cum inside her all night.
But that point, I guess I didn’t care, and neither did she.
I did try to give a few extra pumps, but I was spent.
She unclenched her jaw from my neck and we both rested there for a few minutes breathing heavily and making random groaning sounds.
The second tie in a row.
But, I have control.
  Score: Succubus-3, Rob-4



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