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I heard a joke once, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him you have a plan.
” Well, I can vouch for that one.
After three months at sea, working on a Norwegian freighter, I finally signed off in Alicante, Spain and made my way to Copenhagen, my original destination three months earlier.
My plan was to go to Paris and the Left Bank where my favorite expatriate writers lived in the twenties and then to Copenhagen.
After waiting at the Scandinavian Seaman’s Office in Brooklyn for several weeks, sitting in a large barren room with sailors from many countries waiting for a ship, I finally set sail with twenty bucks to my name on a freighter going to Lisbon.
I remember seeing the Statue of Liberty in the harbor, a beacon of hope to millions of immigrants looking for a new life, and here I was sailing off–cynical and disillusioned by the empty materialism, corruption and greed of America, and longing for authentic experiences that would satisfy my idealism.
I was Odysseus on a quest for answers and for happiness.
I had planned to sign off in Lisbon and make my way to Paris.
Unfortunately, two days out at sea, Lisbon was canceled and the first port would be Beirut, Lebanon, three thousand miles across the Mediterranean–so much for that plan.
Then I planned to sign off in Beirut to see if I could get a ship back to Europe, but when I went up to the captain’s cabin to request permission to sign off, he was in the process of flipping out, having a nervous breakdown, and kicked me out of his cabin screaming, “You Americans are all the same! Get the hell out of here.
” So much for plans.
I had come to the realization that life is a random, haphazard set of circumstances that insistently pokes you in the back with its fickle fingers and laughs at the foolish notion of a plan.
So, I spent the next three months peeling sixty pounds of potatoes every day, scrubbing pots and pans, washing the galley floor after each meal, sweating in the one hundred plus degree weather, stopping at ports in Egypt, Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, several backwater towns along the Tigress River, then after Karachi, Pakistan, we were heading back to the Mediterranean.
Soon, I would be in Europe, my original destination.
On the way to Spain, we stopped in Rhodes for one day for engine repairs and that’s where I met Annika, a woman who almost changed my life, (that’s another wild story), but eventually I signed off in Spain.
After a week in Paris, walking the streets, sitting in cafes, eating baguettes and creamy cheese in a shabby fourth floor room, I ended up in Copenhagen one cold December morning with a dollar left from the money I had earned on the ship.
My next plan was to get a job and find a place to stay, but found out I had to prove to the authorities I had three hundred dollars in order to stay in the country and get working papers.
I was broke and so that plan was shattered.
My next plan was to see what would happen, which is not really a plan.
So there I was down and out in Copenhagen, taking one day at a time.
I had learned that the best thing to do when you’re a stranger in a strange land is to keep going to the same café or bar and become familiar.
I found an international cafe, a place where people from all over the world congregated and gradually met people who would buy me a cup of coffee and sometimes a meal.
If I was sitting at a table reading The Portable Nietzsche, one of the books I picked up somewhere, or writing in my journal, someone would sit with me and we’d start talking, telling each other our stories.
I became a regular, made a number of friends and somehow survived, one day at a time.
A young woman named Inge gave me a month’s worth of meal tickets to use at the University of Copenhagen, and I was able to enjoy an-all-you can-eat meal every night and also meet interesting students who made the meals even more enjoyable with lively conversations.
One night, I saw a woman who fascinated me.
She was on the other side of the room, eating and talking with her friends.
She had long blonde hair, sometimes in a pony tail, fair skin, like many Danish women, and had a slim, sexy and enticing body.
Every night when I went to the dining hall, I hoped to see her.
When she came in and took her seat, my heart would thump.
I’d see her in the food line and kept looking at her and noticed she always glanced over at me and several times our eyes lingered, but that was it.
I wished I had the nerve to meet her.
Sometimes she wore really tight jeans, her round ass driving me insane, other times, short skirts with knee high boots.
I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her, and she became the woman in my fantasies at night.
There were other beautiful, sexy female students, but for some reason, I was drawn to her.
I wanted to know her name, to stand close and feel her next to me.
I was much too shy to go up and talk to her, but started finding tables closer to where she was sitting, hoping by some miracle, we would meet and my fantasies would miraculously come true, but it never happened until one night, a month or so later we met in the most surprising way.
It was winter and my month’s meal tickets expired.
At the same time, I left the small room where I had been living, not sure where I would sleep at night, and though I had no plan, fortuitous things always seem to happen, convincing me to trust and embrace the unknown.
Be open to what presents itself.
Anyway, I was telling Han’s, a friend from Holland my situation.
He told me he had a room in a cheap hotel and said he would sneak me in and I could stay there.
We just had to be careful.
Hans was tall with sandy colored hair, a small goatee and had a charming way with women.
All of the young waitresses at the cafeteria were goo-goo eyed over him and would take their breaks at our table, flirting and joking, so I got to meet some gorgeous Danish women just being associated with him.
His room was on the third floor of the Hotel Cicero which struck me as a strange name for a seedy hotel.
He had been staying there for a while and said he knew two young college students named Birgit and Anna who cleaned the rooms and, as I soon found out, did a lot more than change sheets.
When we walked down the hall to Han’s room, two young women were coming towards us carrying sheets and towels.
I was stunned that the blonde was the woman I saw every night at the university.
Not only was I surprised, I couldn’t help but notice how short and tight her black uniform was and that buttons were straining to contain her large breasts.
I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.
Wow, that’s her, I don’t believe it.
When they were in front of us, the dark haired woman named Birgit smiled and kissed Han’s on the lips and hugged him.
While Birgit and Hans were kissing, the other woman smiled, “Hello, my name is Anna.
What’s yours?” After lifting my eyes from her breasts, I told her my name was Peter.
” “You look familiar,” she said, narrowing her eyes.
“Where have I seen you?” “I used to have meals at the university and I saw you there.
” “Ah yes.
I remember you.
” She smiled, gazing into my eyes, and I wondered if she was sizing me up.
I know I was sizing her up.
I couldn’t believe it was her.
While they kissed in the dark hallway, I faced Anna, wishing I could think of something to say.
This is my chance.
Why can’t I say something? During that brief greeting in the hall, Anna smiled at me, her blue, playful eyes looking into mine, but neither of us said anything.
I glanced at Hans squeezing Birgit’s ass while they kissed, then she playfully pushed him away, giggled, whispered something in his ear then turned to Anna.
“Let’s get back to work.
” “Maybe I’ll see you around,” Anna said, as she walked away, her eyes lingering on mine and a slight, playful smile on her lips.
“I hope so,” I managed to say.
I couldn’t take my eyes off of Anna’s ass and her slightly swaying hips as they walked away.
I don’t believe I met her.
This is wild.
“Watch out for Anna,” Hans said, chuckling, “I saw how she looked at you.
” “Thanks for the warning.
” I wondered if Han’s warning was based on experience.
Why is he warning me about her? Han’s dingy room had two beds, a scratched up bureau on one wall, a small desk in the corner, paper window shades instead of curtains and a bathroom with a tiny rusty stall shower.
It was pretty seedy.
I slept well the first night but was awakened early in the morning by the sound of heavy breathing and moaning coming from Han’s bed, and in the dim light, saw the round ass of a woman moving up and down, obviously riding him.
I lay there stunned, then recognized the dark hair and knew it was Birgit.
She was trying to stifle her screams, but not successfully.
I didn’t know what to do as I watched them fucking, but thought I would give them more privacy, so I quietly slid out of bed, slipped into my jeans and softly made my way out of the room, carrying my shoes and closed the door gently.
That’s when I saw Anna coming out of a room down the hall, carrying dirty sheets which she placed in a hamper on wheels.
I was surprised that they started working so early but found out later, being students, they did their work before and after classes.
As I stood outside my door, Anna smiled and motioned for me to come to her.
I was still barefooted, my shoes dangling from my fingers.
“I know why you’re out in the hall.
Birgit’s fucking Hans like she does every morning.
” I was surprised at how nonchalantly she spoke when she glanced over my shoulder at the door I had just closed.
“Well, I thought I’d give them some privacy.
” “Very discreet of you,” she said, then a pout came to her lips, “but now I have to do all the work while she’s having all the fun.
” I wanted to say something clever like how about us having some fun, but was too shy to say anything, when she suddenly grabbed my hand, opened the door of the room she had just left and pulled me in.
“I want to have fun, too, how about it?” Without my answering, she pushed me up against the door and put her arms around me, pressed her body against mine and kissed me passionately, her tongue opening my mouth and there we were, kissing wildly.
My cock was immediately hard and she was grinding against me, moving her hand to my ass, pulling me into her, while I followed her lead and gripped her round ass through her short, skimpy, black uniform and started kissing and humping her harder, both of us knowing we were going to fuck each other crazy within minutes.
While our tongues swirled in each others mouths, she moved her hand to my bulging cock, and then grabbed my balls in the palm of her hand.
At the same time, I moved my hand under her short tight uniform, slid my hand up her soft, smooth thigh, gripped her pussy in the palm of my hand and felt her soaked panties.
“I want your cock,” she gasped.
“And I want your pussy.
” I surprised myself by speaking like that but let my raunchy lust for her take over.
Anna got down on her knees, unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, grabbed my throbbing cock and started licking the tip with her warm, wet tongue, then slowly moved it up and down the entire shaft before taking the head between her hot wet lips.
She was sucking my cock faster and harder.
Her slurping sounds caused me to twist her long blonde hair around my fingers and pull.
“Suck my cock.
Yeah, suck it! Suck it!” Knowing I was on the verge of exploding, I pulled my cock out with a pop, knowing I didn’t want to shoot my load.
Seeing the saliva on her lips, I grabbed her by the arms, pulled her up and roughly pushed her to the bed she had just made.
She was on her back, her feet on the floor with her short black uniform high on her soft smooth thighs.
I got down on my knees, spread her legs wide apart and started licking her pussy through her soaked panties.
She’s so wet.
I could feel her pussy lips as I tried breaking through the barrier of her soaked black panties with my darting tongue while she lifted her ass off the bed, arched her back and pushed her pussy harder against my hungry tongue.
I lifted her legs over my shoulder and tried to pierce the soft material of her wet, silky panties with the force of my stabbing tongue.
Her loud screams and frenzied thrusting against my tongue got me wilder.
I hungrily pulled her panties to the side and started lapping at her juicy pussy like a cat drinking milk.
“Eat me! Eat me!” Her screaming was urging me to suck and lick her clit.
I want to drive her crazy I want to devour her.
My tongue on her clit caused her to shudder and jolt and scream while my thrusting fingers, first one then two filled her tight gripping pussy.
Within seconds, with her hands pulling harder at my head, she convulsed in huge, wild orgasms, her cum pouring all over my mouth before she collapsed in a rapid succession of spasms and desperate gasps.
Tasting her hot juices on my lips, I kept my mouth on her delicious pussy and felt my cock throbbing.
Now it’s my turn.
I quickly stood up, glad I was still barefooted, unzipped my jeans and pulled them off as fast as I could, while Anna squirmed out of her soaked panties, her eyes on my hard cock sticking straight out, while my eyes feasted on her dripping, engorged pussy.
I got on my knees between her legs, now wide apart and pounced, ready to thrust when she suddenly pushed me onto my back and straddled me, crushing her tits against my chest as we kissed wildly, our tongues swirling while she slid her slippery, wet pussy up and down the length of my hard cock.
Grinding and sliding faster and harder, her clit grazing the head of my cock, as our crazed lust got hotter and wilder.
“I have to fuck you,” she shouted then sat up, and lifting herself to her knees, grabbed my cock and came down hard, impaling herself and started riding me like a cowgirl on a bucking bronco.
She leaned forward, her hands on my shoulders then started riding faster and faster, harder and harder, taking control and using my cock like a hungry slut who just wants a good hard fuck.
I looked up at her tits barely contained by her uniform and seeing she had no bra, pulled her shirt apart causing her tits to spill out into my gripping hands.
So big… so soft… such hard nipples.
I squeezed her tits harder, while her blonde hair flailed as she lifted herself higher and came down harder on my swollen pole, riding me like she was galloping to the finish line.
“Ride me! Ride me!” I looked up at her bouncing tits.
“Oh fuckkkkkk, I’m cummming I’m cummming!”she shouted.
Riding me faster and harder, her whole body convulsed in a huge orgasm while her screaming filled the room and her hot cum poured all over my cock.
Her pussy squeezed my cock and I was on the verge of exploding when I bucked her high into the air and flipped her roughly onto her back and without hesitating, pounced, driving my cock deep with one hard thrust that filled her tight, juicy pussy.
“Take me! Take me!” she screamed.
“I’m safe! Cum in me! Give it to me!” My orgasm swept over me like a thundering freight train and I shot gush after gush into her overflowing pussy, my whole body writhing in ecstasy and felt Anna’s pussy gripping my thrusting cock as she convulsed again and again, screaming at the top of her lungs before I collapsed on her, unable to budge and felt her limp body under me as we lay there wallowing in the afterglow of our wild fucking, gasping and unable to speak.
After a few moments of gathering our senses, my limp cock pressed against her wet pussy, the warm sticky wetness between us, I looked into the bluest eyes I had seen and smiled.
“I liked fucking you,” she said softly, returning my smile.
“Did I surprise you?” “Yes, that was so sudden and wild.
” “Wait.
I get wilder and I want more of you.
” “Good and I want more of you.
” “You do, do you?” “Yes, I’ve been lusting after you ever since I saw you at the university dining hall.
” “Well, I like lusty guys like you.
You don’t know how much I love to fuck.
” “Well, maybe I will let you show me.
” “Watch what you wish for.
” She pushed me off of her then grabbed her soaked panties, jumped out of bed and threw them at me, “I’m insatiable,” she laughed.
“Well, so am I,” I said, taking her wet panties from my face and saw her unbuttoned uniform barely covering her breasts which she didn’t try to cover.
“Meet me at the university dining hall tonight at six, I have the night off.
I’ll treat you to dinner there and give you a nice dessert at my place.
” She smiled and cocked her head.
“You will like my dessert.
” “Sounds good.
” I watched her opening the door then smooth out her still unbuttoned uniform.
Damn, she’s beautiful.
” She smiled then just before she closed the door.
“Smooth down that bed before you leave.
” When I left the room to go back to mine, I saw Birgit leaving Han’s room and greet Anna down the hall where both girls giggled and glanced back at me.
Anna smiled and waved at me before going into another room while I thought about the wonderful room service those two offered certain guests.
Hans looked at me as I entered, his head lying contentedly on his pillow and smiled, “Thanks for leaving.
” “Well, I met Anna in the hall.
” “I warned you about her,” Hans said, chuckling.
“Believe me I know.
” “What do you know?” “You’ll find out,” Hans said.
“I just know Birgit and Anna are not very inhibited women.
” “Have you fucked Anna?” “No, but I wanted to,” Hans said.
“But Birgit got to me first and told me how much they both love to fuck and Anna is just as insatiable as she is, so watch out, my friend.
” When I went to the university at dinnertime, I saw Anna in the food line and she waved me over.
It had snowed that afternoon and it was freezing out, not uncommon for Denmark in February.
She was wearing tight faded jeans tucked into cowboy boots, a heavy dark green wool sweater and a matching green cap with her long blonde hair coming down past her shoulders.
“Nice boots,” I said when I got in line behind her, both of us carrying trays.
“I love these boots and American cowboys,” she said, her blue eyes smiling into mine.
Glancing at her round ass straining her jeans, the image of her riding me like I was her stallion flashed in my mind, but disappeared when she interrupted my sudden fantasy by shoving her hip against mine, “I want you to be my cowboy tonight.
” “You do, do you?” “Yes, let’s eat and get back to my room for the dessert I promised you.
” She gazed into my eyes and smiled, her seductive mouth teasing me.
What a sexy smile.
I can’t wait to be her cowboy.
When we sat down at a long table with other students eating, drinking beer, talking, and laughing, I liked the liveliness of the room, the energy of a university.
But feeling Anna’s thigh pressed against mine while we ate made my mind swirl with how lucky I was to be with the sexy woman I had fantasized about and now had suddenly entered my life.
At the same time, I wanted to know more about her.
What was she studying? What are her plans? Is she more than a girl who wants to fuck and have a good time? “So, what are you studying?” I asked, leaning closer so I could hear over the chatter all around us.
“Philosophy and Economics.
” She put a French fry in her mouth.
“Really, philosophy?” It surprised me to hear what she was studying and to find out she had a serious side to her and was not just a sexy woman who loved to fuck.
“I’m also a dancer.
I love to dance.
” “That sounds great…you look like a dancer.
” “Maybe I’ll dance for you,” she smiled and leaned against me, then surprised me by grabbing my hand and placed it on her jean covered pussy.
I don’t believe she did that.
My cock got hard, straining against my jeans.
She reached between my legs and rubbed my cock then squeezed and leaned against me.
“I want this, let’s go.
” Walking back to her apartment through the windy snow, her arm hooked in my elbow, her body pressed against mine, our heads down against the icy wind, we were both eager to get to her room and the warmth of where our lust was taking us.
There was no pretense of romance, or any thought of a relationship, we just wanted each other and the honesty of that was liberating.
We wanted to fuck and not think any further than the night that lay ahead of us.
When we entered her small but warm, nicely furnished student apartment, stomping off the snow, she took off her green wool cap and heavy coat and tossed them onto a chair while I took off mine.
We kissed, wrapping our arms around each other, our hands on each others ass, our tongues swirling before pulling our lips apart with a gasp.
Online Now! Lush Cams AnaHathor She then pushed me gently away, plopped down on her couch and leaned against the back.
“Take my boots off, cowboy.
” I knelt between her legs, lifting her foot and pulled one boot off, then the other, noticing how her tight jeans pressed against her crotch then looked up at her blue eyes looking into mine.
While I was taking my wet boots off, she said, “Let’s play.
We have all night and I don’t have to be at the hotel until eight tomorrow.
” I watched her shift and pull her feet onto the couch then lay back against the arm at one end of the couch.
She reached for me and pulled me onto the couch, then pushed me to lean against the arm opposite her, both of our legs stretched out on the soft couch.
She then moved her wool-socked foot between my legs, pressing it against my hard cock while I did the same thing, pushing the arch of my wool-socked foot against her jean covered pussy, both of us playfully tantalizing each other with our feet, our eyes looking at each other, knowing we were going to have a long night of intense teasing and ultimately, wild fucking.
“So you’re a dancer,” I asked, seeing the pleasure in her eyes from my foot.
“Yes, I love to dance.
” She bit her lower lip and moved her foot up and down my hard cock bulging in my jeans.
“And you’re studying philosophy.
” “Yes, I’m an existentialist.
” “Really, an existentialist? I’ve been reading Nietszche.
” “You have.
I love Nietszche.
He’s one of my favorite philosophers.
” “Really.
” I pressed my cock harder against her jean covered pussy.
It was weird talking about philosophy while tantalizing each other.
“I love his line from the Birth of Tragedy ‘That which does not kill us makes us stronger.
’ I love that line,” she said, arching her back and pressing her pussy harder against my foot.
“I know that line.
So, are you a strong woman?” “Yes, I’m strong and I can tell by your foot you’re a strong man.
” “I like strong women.
Strong, sexy and smart women like you.
” “Good.
” She smiled, our eyes gazing into each others eyes, then glancing at each other’s foot.
When Anna moved her foot faster up and down the length of my bulging cock and I pressed my foot harder against her pussy, we stopped talking.
The only light was a dimly lit lamp on the small table behind her.
As we pushed our feet against each other with growing pressures, she arched her back, thrusting her pussy harder against my foot and squirming like she wanted to fuck it.
I was growing hotter and hotter, her foot moving faster and more insistently, my throbbing cock bursting to break free of my jeans.
I moved her foot aside, unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out, letting her see it standing straight up like a iron pole.
Her eyes widened.
I moved my foot harder against her pussy and pressed my toe against where I knew her clit was and loved how she opened her mouth and gasped, then bit her lower lip, and gazed into my eyes then started fucking my foot harder.
Damn, she really wants it bad.
“So cowboy, are you going to take me for a ride?” I smiled, but didn’t answer and continued moving my toe against her clit.
She closed her eyes as I pressed and rubbed my foot harder and saw her writhing and could tell she was getting closer to an orgasm then suddenly I took my foot away and heard her gasp.
“You’re a bad man, aren’t you?” She narrowed her eyes.
“I might have to teach you a lesson.
” I kept my foot a fraction of an inch away and smiled when she unbuttoned her tight jeans and moved her hand inside, snaking it down to her pussy and I could see the motion of her knuckles straining the seam of her tight jeans.
I watched her fucking herself with her fingers and felt my cock getting harder.
Damn, she’s getting me so fucking hot.
“I want to watch you jerk off.
I like us watching each other.
” I grabbed my cock and moved my fist up and down.
I loved watching her hand moving inside the tight crotch of her jeans and how she was watching my hand moving faster and faster up and down my hard cock, both of us getting hotter and hotter.
I remembered her telling me she was insatiable and knew we might never have another night together.
I wanted to fuck her in a way that neither of us would ever forget.
I’m going to fuck her crazy.
I wanted her closer to me, so I grabbed both of her feet by the ankles and pulled her from the arm of the couch and slid her body towards me, then with my hands on her waist, got her to turn so that she was now leaning back against my chest, facing away, her ass pressed against my cock.
I heard her gasp at my aggressive action.
Her legs were straight out and spread apart.
I suddenly grabbed both of her tits through her sweater and rubbed her warm softness, loving how she moaned as she lay back against me.
After a moment of rubbing, I lifted her sweater and squeezed her tits, then lowered my mouth to her throat, moved her hair aside and kissed her just above her collar bone, sensing that was a hot spot by the way she gasped louder then moaned.
Feeling her ass pressed against my hard cock, I squeezed her tit with one hand, feeling her hard nipple, while my other hand forced itself into her jeans and snaked downward, feeling the pressure of her tight jeans on my hand as I squeezed my way over her soft, soaked panties and gripped her pussy, and watched my hand moving and bulging the crotch of her tight jeans.
These jeans are so tight and she’s so wet.
Anna was squirming to get my finger.
Her desperate thrusting let me know the barrier of her panties was driving her crazy and she wanted my fingers to penetrate her dripping pussy.
Feeling her hunger, I shoved the crotch of her wet panties aside and began finger fucking her and loved how her juicy warm pussy gripped my finger as I moved it in and out, making a soft squishy sound, while she started thrusting harder, wanting my finger deeper.
“Oh fuck, that’s so good.
Oh my God, keep doing that.
” Even with the crotch of her jeans pressed against my hand I was able to thrust one finger then two.
Lifting her ass and arching her back allowed me to fuck her deeper while my other hand squeezed her tit made her even more insane.
I pinched and twisted her hard nipple and felt her body writhing, tensing, trembling as I brought her closer and closer to the edge, her breathing getting heavier before I pulled my finger out of her cunt and loved her desperate voice.
“No! Ohhh no! No! Let me cum! Don’t fucking stop!” Her writhing and breathless gasping inspired me to driver her crazier.
I want her insane and wild.
I want to fuck her like there’s no tomorrow.
Just as I moved my fingers back to her dripping pussy, she grabbed my hand then suddenly, twisting her body to face me, got up on her knees between my legs, looked into my eyes, “Two can play this game.
” She lowered her head and immediately started licking my hard cock, her tongue moving slowly up and down the underside, her warm wet mouth making soft slurping sounds before moving her lips to the head of my cock.
Her tongue started licking the sensitive tip, then gripping my cock, she slid her fist up and down faster, jerking me off, while her mouth sucked the head of my cock with such hungry zeal I thought I would lose it.
The excruciating sensations made me grab her head and thrust harder, fucking her mouth.
Just as I was on the verge of exploding, she broke my grip, pulled her mouth away and looked up at me with those devilish blue eyes.
“You think you can handle me, don’t you, mister.
You think you’re strong.
” Her hand gripped my cock.
“I’m always in control.
” “Is that so? We’ll see about that.
” “I grabbed her head wanting to continue fucking her mouth, but she slapped my hand away, then jumped up off the couch, and looking down at me, squirmed out of her jeans, tossed them at me and dashed down the hall, her wool sweater barely covering her luscious ass.
Stunned at first, her laughter urged me to run after her with my hard cock dangling out of my unzipped jeans.
When I got to her room, she was lighting candles on the table next to her bed, letting me know she really was a woman in control.
She pulled her green sweater off and flipped it over her shoulder, revealing her round tits and hard nipples, then got on the bed and leaned against the propped up pillows piled at the headboard.
She spread her legs wide apart, her knees bent and started rubbing her pussy with one hand and with the other hand lifted her tit to her mouth and started licking her nipple.
She looked at me, teasing me, luring me with her playful sexy, devilish smile.
Watching her, I lowered my jeans and stepped out of them with my hard cock straight out like a sword.
Her eyes were fixed on my weapon and rather than crawling up the bed towards her, I stood up on the bed with my feet on both sides of her thighs and looked down at her like a warrior about to conquer her.
She continued rubbing her pussy, looking up at me, her mouth wide open, her eyes fixed on my hard cock, still wet from her sucking.
“You think you can take me, don’t you?” she said, rubbing her pussy.
” “Just try, cowboy, I don’t give myself to anyone who thinks they can wave their dick at me.
” “Is that so?” “Yes,” she said, looking into my eyes then glanced at my hard cock, her long blonde hair splayed on the pillows piled against the headboard, the only light coming from the flickering candles.
I lowered myself and straddled her chest, her tits pressed against my ass and moved my throbbing cock closer to her mouth, the tip inches from her lips.
I leaned forward, my hands gripping the headboard and hovered over her.
“This is what you want, isn’t it?” I moved my cock closer to her lips, my balls hanging just above her chin.
“Fuck you.
” She looked at my cock then at me.
“You think you’re tough, don’t you.
” I chuckled and saw the fierce hunger in her eyes.
“Yes and strong.
Be careful, I’m warning you.
I told you I’m insatiable and always in control and get what I want.
” “I know what you said and I told you, I’m insatiable too.
” She closed her eyes when I rubbed the tip of my cock against her wet lips, a low gasp escaping as I pressed harder, probing her mouth.
Lowering my mouth to her ear, licking her ear lobe, “You want it bad, don’t you,” I whispered and moved the head of my cock slowly over her moist lower lip, prying open her mouth, then stopped and leaning back,reached my hand behind me and quickly cupped her pussy with the palm of my hand.
She gasped and I knew she was weakening.
She lifted her head and started sucking my cock, hungry for what I was feeding her, her lips tightening as I thrust and she moved her warm wet mouth



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