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Latest stories Straight Sex Finally Eighteen: A Sweet Sixteen Birthday Story

Two years of dating, one  pregnancy scare, and countless amount of phone calls, and a deployment, all lead to this moment.
I was finally legal, and John and I were still strong.
We decided that we would tell my parents together.
I was back in Hawaii.
I moved back not long after moving to Ohio.
The biological dad I thought truly wanted to make mends, turned out to still be a deadbeat.
I still flew back and forth to see family, giving me and John time.
Actually, John and I saw each other more than if I lived in Ohio.
For the first time, the roles turned.
He was on leave for two weeks, and was on his way to Hawaii.
I was anxious at the airport.
I wanted him to just exit already.
He finally emerged.
We kissed, and he got in the car.
We pulled into the drive.
I had told my family I was having a friend over, but failed to mention who.
We walked in, and I announced, “Look who I found on the beach!” My dad looked shocked, in a good way.
He had always enjoyed John being around.
I think he was also suspicious of us maybe being a couple too.
He shook John’s hand, hugged him, and welcomed him in.
It was an hour before dinner, and we used that time to talk to my parents.
  “John and I have been keeping a secret.
” My parents looked surprised, and my dad looking intensely at John asked, “What?” John spoke, “We have been dating since she turned sixteen.
I know I shouldn’t have been with her, but we weren’t wanting to wait.
I understand if you two are mad.
” I inserted, “I was the one that wanted to keep us a secret.
” My parents looked at each other and laughed.
I thought it was that they didn’t believe us.
My dad spoke, “We know.
We know you’re moving in a few days, we know you two had a pregnancy scare, we know all of that.
” John and I were the ones that were surprised.
After the initial shock wore off, I asked, “How did you know? Why did you let me continue to go see him? How did you know I was moving out, I purposely didn’t start packing yet for that reason?” “We read your text messages, we get a copy of everyone’s texts.
As for why we let you go see him, he makes you happy, and he’s a trustworthy guy.
” We both stayed mute, unsure what to say.
My mom broke the silence, “Go start packing, the three days will go by quick.
” I did as I was told.
I packed suitcases with clothes, shoes, and accessories.
John helped a little, and talked.
We were both grateful that my parents were on board, and seemed happy for us.
The door swung open.
There stood my tearful ten year old sister, “What does mommy mean, you’re leaving?!” “Yes, I’m moving back to Washington.
John and I are going to live together.
” I held her while she sobbed.
She was close to me, and was devastated that I was leaving.
She would be fine, but her heart needed time to heal.
I looked up to John, but he was gone.
I assumed he was just giving me and her our space to say bye.
  That night at dinner, I learned the real reason he disappeared.
He had gone to ask my parents permission to marry me, which was happily given to him.
Online Now! Lush Cams Loren_Brice He asked me at dinner in front of my family, of course I agreed to be his wife.
*** The days passed, and we finally were in Washington.
Our bags dropped right in the doorway.
He pushed me against the wall and kissed me.
His body pressed against me.
My legs slowly wrapped around his waist.
The bulge in his pants rubbed against me.
It had been seven months without sex, and we were desperate for each other.
  We hurried to the bedroom.
I was on my back, John was on top of me.
He kissed me as he stroked my face and hair.
He removed my sweatshirt, and kissed my breasts and neckline.
His top was off already.
We both pulled our pants off, and wrapped each other back up in our arms.
We laid there gently caressing each other’s bodies, kissing each other.
His cock rested between my slit.
He rubbed it on me a little, his hand rubbing and squeezing my breasts, his mouth kissing and sucking my neck.
I begged him to put himself inside, which he did.
I moaned as he placed himself inside.
He thrusted hard and rough.
My hands reached above, I grabbed the headboard to support myself and keep me still.
He stopped, and pulled out.
“Why did you stop?” He kissed me, and than went down on me.
He licked and sucked.
I came multiple times, and he continued until he felt I had enough.
He laid on his back, and I repaid the oral.
I bobbed up and down on his cock.
I went back and forth with intensity of sucking, I occasionally added pressure to his cock with my tongue.
Before he came, I crawled back into his arms.
We continued to kiss, and I went on top of him.
As I slid down, he helped guide himself inside.
I rode him long and hard.
I reached down once I saw he was watching, and rubbed my clit.
  My strides slowed as I came, “OH! Mhmm! Ahh!” John took control and flipped me to my back.
He fucked my pussy.
I felt him twitch, and started to cum.
We crawled up together.
Wrapped in his arms, he whispered, “Welcome home.
” “Thank you.
I’m so happy to finally be here, permanently.
” We laid there talking caught up in our happiness.
John then pointed out a problem, we had forgotten the condom.
My heart raced a little, concerned with what we were going to do.
  John put my mind at ease, everything would be okay.
Regardless of what the future held, we had each other.
  We dozed off.
*** At few weeks passed.
He had left for work, and I took a pregnancy test while he was gone.
That night he came home to dinner, and a wrapped present on the table.
“What’s this?” “Open it and find out.
” I knew he would be happy to have a baby, so I wrapped the announcement in a gift.
He held the outfit in his hands, tears streamed a bit down his face.
“Really?” I nodded my head, teary eyed myself.
He put the outfit down, and wrapped me in his arms.
We kissed each other, happy for the new chapter beginning.



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